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Hunt in a distant future where machines roam wild and mankind is no longer the dominant species. In partnership with SIEE and Guerrilla
Hunt in a distant future where machines roam wild and mankind is no longer the dominant species. In partnership with SIEE and Guerrilla
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    1. Chris Anderson on

      Erend and Nil from what I can see, the plates in his hair seem pretty right on, and his very causal careless stance seems characteristic. I'm hoping.

    2. AGN1964 on

      @Derek Perhaps Steamforged should have gotten some approvals from Sony before coming to Kickstarter. This is a Steamforged project. The buck stops with them.

    3. Missing avatar

      Maarten van den Born on

      Looks like Ahsis maybe? At least for the headgear and faulds, the shoulders I'm less sure about.

      I agree about getting a more informational update, I'd love one.

    4. MissChibi

      @Derek Farrell

    5. Missing avatar

      Derek Farrell on

      Before we start blasting Steamforged let’s remember that Sony owns the rights which means they must approve everything going in to this

    6. Khalashnikovf on

      Ok, so another minis. Still no FAQ. Still no rules. Still no details about, well, anything?
      Someone should start bombarding Sony so they could at least do something about it! Otherwise I see here one big boring scam on all the ppl. (BTW I really would like to go with allIn pledge and I have no problem with that, just give me more details).

    7. Joel on

      Looks like another Carja Hunter. Same weapon different pose.

    8. AGN1964 on

      @Paint'Riot. I thought the last SG was Dervahl. I don't get the joke ...

    9. Paint'Riot Studio

      @AGN1964 : i just saw last stretch....not KS exclusive....for sure it's a machine....
      Maybe a terminator (joke)....

    10. Missing avatar

      Derek Farrell on

      @Cubeo good call on the weapon! Most of the sculpts have been based on the concept art and there is a generic carja hunter that is kinda posed like that but with a different weapon. I don’t know, closest I could find

    11. AGN1964 on

      +1 for machines.

      Perhaps if you explained the game play behind the humans, backers would be happier to get them.

    12. Cubeo on

      Based on the assumption it is a Carja, the closest resemblance I could find is Palaved.

    13. Cubeo on

      Well, the last silhouette is definitely Carja, or at least uses Carja weapons, as seen on Carja Guards:…

    14. Paint'Riot Studio

      Last stretch is maybe Sylens....
      @Michiel Pillards : i can maybe paint them for you as comisssion ;)

    15. Tomáš Thales Přibyl on

      So far we unlocked a lot of nicely looking miniatures. Any chance we'll get update with more info about other components or game mechanics during this whole campaign? Sharing nothing more than announcing unlocked miniatures without any further detail about how they add to the game itself can't be considered a serious update. I understand the rules are not done yet, nor the FAQ, but it would be nice to share something when it's 5th(!) day of the campaign. Majority of people is not going to read and look for answers in almost 3000 comments - that's impossible.

    16. Michiel Pillards on

      17 days to go, and we already have +150% of models in the base game.
      My only complaint is this: "How am I going to paint this?"
      So, put your backs into it, and offer to come and paint them at my place. ;-)

    17. Karo on

      More Carja, Banuk, Nora and corrupted machines guyyyys, please! I love Oserams, especially Erend (duh), but bunch of generic mercenaries is enough already!

    18. Missing avatar

      Derek Farrell on

      Jabb I’m sure they will add everything they can when they can. We need to remember that SFG is working with Sony a Guerrilla on this. Plus SG are on us now we need to hit the targets. A lot of KS make you buy the SG after they are unlocked SFG is throwing them in for free

    19. Arhiman82 on

      You can do better news ... updating my pledge to 1£.

    20. Missing avatar

      Jabb on

      Humain? Again????. Really hope all robots will be unlocked at the end (and a 2nd bellowback), or i guess you ll loose lots of people ( including me), and mostly all in pledge...

    21. Peter Woodworth

      Don't mind the negativity, Steamforged. Some of us are quite happy with what's been provided so far and not going to complain about all the extra free stuff we're getting. :)

    22. Todd Ferrullo on

      @SFG: This is another really lazy excuse for an update. Every single update reads exactly the same way. You unlocked x guess what y is going to be. How about actually telling us something about what was unlocked. What is it for those not familiar with the video game and something about its game play value for all of us.

    23. MissChibi

      Lots of Oseram SGs lately, I hope there are also more Carja, Nora and Banuk to look foward to! :)

    24. Florian Berto

      This is close to some of the most lifeless updates I've ever read on KS. 😅
      Come on Steamforged Games, you can do better <3

    25. NoobleBear on

      Stretch goals are becoming extremely underwhelming. :(

    26. Jake on

      Hmmm... could it be Ersa?

    27. Iavor Ianakiev (inkozi) on

      Detinitely more terraine and some qusts may be. If you collect x .. receive y .. or something like that .. kill x machines .. receive y experience or else ..

    28. Pascal Willemen on

      Come on with (corrupted) machines, terrain or upgraded solutions for stats tracking and tokens or so, no tons of different tribes