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Hunt in a distant future where machines roam wild and mankind is no longer the dominant species. In partnership with SIEE and Guerrilla
Hunt in a distant future where machines roam wild and mankind is no longer the dominant species. In partnership with SIEE and Guerrilla
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    1. Missing avatar

      Maeglin16 on

      Rost and Helis then more machines...please please please! 😩

    2. SFG Sherwin Collaborator on

      @Michiel That's an excellent suggestion. Probably Margo Shĕn if you wanted more machines...

    3. Michiel Pillards on

      Do you suggest making sacrifices to the Old Ones in order to get more SG? And if so, to which one?
      Asking for a friend.

    4. SFG Sherwin Collaborator on

      @sawor Well, its early days for the campaign right now... and I'm sure we'll see some more SG before too long!

    5. Missing avatar

      Sawor on

      Will there be more machines in SG Unlock, or only various types of bandits?

    6. Missing avatar

      Caio Soares Pascoal on

      If you see the game hunters and "good guys"are brown, and enemies like machines, bandits and eclipse are white, Dervhal probably is a boss!

    7. Missing avatar

      Samantha Emma Riley on

      I've no idea how to work it into the game, or what purpose it would serve, but I'd love to see a tallneck added as a stretch or even add on. My favorite machine for some strange reason!

    8. Paint'Riot Studio

      Dervhahl is a rival ? how it works ?
      Need Rost as stretch !!!!

    9. Missing avatar

      Jabb on

      Need mooooore machines XD

    10. Missing avatar

      Ivy on

      Yaaay, Erend!

    11. Missing avatar

      Caio Soares Pascoal on

      this game needs a Rost, Helis and a behemoth!

    12. JKenn

      Rost is dead

    13. Anthony on

      A second bellowback and Rost are a must but this is appreciated.

    14. Jake on

      Agreed. Had to figure that Erend was coming, but it’s conceivable we don’t get Rost.
      That would be tragic! We definitely need Rost!

    15. Johnny Freedom

      Omg please please make a Rost figure!!!

    16. Roch Jonathan on

      Ça commence à être intéressant

    17. Isaac M

      i need know the size of everything for add all add-ons. I need more info that a rander.

    18. John on

      Can’t wait til we get to the faro machines/corruption mechanic, looking forward to taking down a deathbringer in this game!

    19. MissChibi

      @Ben Vt
      I think it's currently £273 with early bird (£278 without) for the Seeker Pledge and all add-ons, I think it was in update number 6 that they gave a breakdown of everything :)

    20. Missing avatar

      Ben Vt on

      How much do I need to pledge to get everything so far? I got the early bird but I want all the things!

    21. Missing avatar

      Daniel Rodrigues on

      Please make more machines as plege goals !

    22. MissChibi