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    1. Pete S on

      I would like to see game and manufacturing updates.

    2. Doramos

      The morrigan

    3. Missing avatar

      Christian Nordin on

      Rattlebone please!

    4. Missing avatar

      Finbar De Toms-Scott on

      Ideally id like to see some production update. If this is all still pre-production then that doesn't bode well. Rumors arising of Steamforged laying off employees also doesn't help set my mind at ease, especially after going all in for Horizon.

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      Tristan Scally on

      I would love to see Rattlebone.

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      Matthew Gilkison

      The Morrigan

    7. Luke Snell on

      I'm guessing that estimated delivery date of April 2019 was way off the mark then, eh...

    8. Devin Slaven on

      Morrigan next time!

    9. Balgin Stondraeg


    10. Fomorian on

      Thanks for sharing and updating us folks!

      Halftusk is looking really god and his Froglodytes also! I choose Rattlebone for the next update and yeah some more insights of where you are with the overall production and general updates are more then welcome too :) !!!

    11. Jim Ortiz

      Halftusk is looking great, let's see Morrigan next!

    12. Tripepi Marco Luca on

      Rattlebone for the WIN!

    13. Missing avatar

      GF on

      Production updates would be most important for me at this point! We're getting close to the new release date, so would be good to get some updates.

      And for the mini - The Morrigan please.

    14. Missing avatar

      Sam on

      I echo the calls for more information about production, etc. I also think this is my favorite set of minis so far. Great job.
      I vote Rattlebone.

    15. Vegabond on

      This is my favorite set so far!

    16. Torrence Sunbear on

      Let’s see Rattlebone!