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Godtear is a brand new, fast-paced, high-action combat game for two players featuring a variety of classic fantasy miniatures.
Missed the Kickstarter?
Godtear is a brand new, fast-paced, high-action combat game for two players featuring a variety of classic fantasy miniatures. Missed the Kickstarter?
2,865 backers pledged £340,153 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Vegabond on

      I have to say I’m not extremely happy about changing a sculpt most of the way through the campaign. Also I don’t see anything wrong with a large fat female miniature. She doesn’t have to be totally nude. And finally if this was a French company there would be no problem with a large fat female miniature! Lol But the US and the UK seem to have hangups on nudity.

    2. Derek Anderson on

      I hope the original is available to backers or put in as an extra gift, it was so amazing looking. I wonder if it was just more expensive to produce due to size and details? I haven't heard anyone actually complain about the original.

    3. Isaac Alexander

      As long as you aren't going to use the original Grimshalla sculpt, please give us the .stl files for it so that we can print out our own. Otherwise I'm going to have to sculpt my own Grimshalla, and then I'm likely to go overboard with the saggy tits. Like you can't have too many, amirite?

    4. Ant on

      Can you address why the followers were changed? Nothing in your update explains that as you simply mention Grimshalla's design. The original followers are arguably more in line with the other godtear models and in no way appear inconsistent with Grimgut.

    5. Missing avatar

      Jamie Mason on

      I didn't like the old sculpt at all, and the minions looked terrible. The new one does look a little too much like the goblin king from the hobbit for my liking, but it's a much better sculpt (IMO). Plus, SFG's explanation makes a lot of sense to me.

    6. Angel Sainz Gonzalez on

      Make Grimgut the retail champion and Grimshalla the KS exclusive Alt model.

    7. Missing avatar

      Craig D.

      please bring back Grimshalla!! new models are terrible.

    8. Missing avatar

      Eric Harris

      The original sculpts fit the theme perfectly. They are far superior to the new versions. From the comments I read backers uniformly disliked the change. In my experience, most companies that use kickstarter when confronted with such a response from backers are wise enough to listen to the collective wisdom of the backer community. It's hugely disappointing to be faced with being provided inferior figures that are vastly different from what was advertised during the campaign. Kickstarter rules state"Projects that involve the development of physical products must feature explicit demos of working prototypes. While you can run a project focused on the creation of a prototype, you can't offer the product that is under development as a reward." This situation is the very reason for such a rule. Very poor form Steamforge.

    9. Kithmaker on

      Ryan Gadsby: in the initial news of the change, it was more than 60 people who voiced their dislike of the new model - and few or none who voiced they liked the new one better.

    10. Patrick O'Dell on

      Can I get someone to link a closer image of Grimgut? I can't seem to find a decently close image to see detail to compare.

      I definitely think the minions are better with the Grimshalla but I don't dislike the ones with Grimgut, they're just less detailed versions of the same thing.

      So far, I seem to be in the minority because I don't particularly care about the change as much as everyone else. I think as long as the mini plays well and is fun to play and looks decent enough (which I believe it does) it should be fine but that is just my two cents.

    11. Missing avatar

      Tim on

      I think the new sculpt is worse than the original both in concept and execution. The minions as well are even less pleasing. Backers should have the option of switching an add-on champion instead of Grimgut when they were expecting Grimshala as originally designed.

    12. Missing avatar

      Kyle on

      "It’s great to see families taking part in demos at shows and playing the game at home using the Early Access kits, so this is something we’ve been extremely conscious of moving forward."

      Thank you! So few game creators on kickstarter give a second thought to people who want to play with children (and with children in a public setting).

    13. Missing avatar

      Dawngreeter on

      I'm just here to say that I truly and honestly don't care about the change and the explanation sure sounds reasonable to me. I assume there are a lot of people with that opinion. It's just that no one wants to waste energy engaging Random Angry Adolescent Men Of The Internet.

    14. Conglacio on

      Previous was meant to say " original sculpt"

    15. Conglacio on

      Anyway that we could get the sculpt as a alt Kickstarter exclusive? Or paid add-on that is at cost?

    16. Missing avatar

      Conrad on

      Saying "We appreciate the feedback from backers be it negative, positive, or somewhere in between" is ridiculous I saw not one positive comment on the change because everyone hated it, and "appealing to a wider audience" is no reason to change the model. It's not what we payed for. Either remake this new model or give the original one as a ks exclusive.

    17. Ryan Gadsby

      People who liked the original obviously aren'y going to show up and complain. If some 20 people out of nearly 3K backers show up and complain that doesn't mean that SFG is somehow ignoring the will of their player base by sticking to the rework. Has it occurred to you folks that you might be the tiny fraction of players who actually liked the old Grimshalla? Do you think SFG would rework it without significant feedback to back up the time and money spent doing so?

      I for one hated the old Grimshalla design. I'm not sure this is that big of an improvement, but I don't really think this is anything approaching a "refund my money because 1 out of the 12 champions I'm getting got a visual rework". You people need to get a grip.

    18. Missing avatar

      GABARD Julien on

      It is very unfortunate that you put a lot of effort into ignoring the opinion of at least 90% of the contributors who by the way allowed the funding and the emergence of this project! You should seriously consider editing a version of the KS game and another for the traditional trade with its modifications!
      It will be bad for the image of the society and the confidence of the contributors not to consider them! You bait us with a visual and a concept and change it radically once we can not return to our pleges ... it's more than awkward! Personally and I'm certainly not the only one, I will not follow you in the future on other projects if you act in this way!
      What does Games Workshop think about your version of Nurgle's filthy ...?

    19. Ben Richter

      Bad idea to make such a significant change after the fact. Grimshalla and her minions looked fine. Grimgut and company do not hold a candle to her or the other sculpts. Please reconsider going back to the original sculpt that you presented in the campaign.

    20. Roland


    21. Laniston

      Sadly, the redesigned models are boring, uninterested in, and have changed from no broad appeal to no appeal whatsoever.

    22. Ukko Kaarto on

      I appreciate the explanation although you should have come forward worth it before you made the change. But it doesn't change the fact that the new sculpt is awful. And why did you had to change the minions and the name too. I'm very disappointed.

    23. Crazy Celt

      @Steamforged Game, while I understand what you have said about why you changed the miniature, I am still very disappointed. I really liked the original sculpt, and this one just is bland to me. I understand you trying not to want to disenfranchise some backers, but that is what you have done by doing this change. My frustration is that more and more companies are doing the same thing, and doing it after collecting the money. If people are offended, they should not have backed the game to begin with; not expect everyone else who backed it to have to change to something other than what they signed on for (and I am talking miniatures now, not rules). While I do not expect you you to change your mind and go back to the original sculpt and make the new one an alternative that people could use if they were offended, I did want to express how I felt and why I will be passing on other KS offerings you may bring forth in the future.

    24. Missing avatar

      James Eldridge on

      So far 5 against, 0 for the new sculpt.

    25. Missing avatar

      Arseface on

      You explained the main sculpt, which was along the lines of what I expected.

      You did nothing to address the god-awful minion redesign. If the terrible little jello skulls won't look out of place I don't know what will. Can we at least get those back?

    26. Mike A. on

      @SFG - please process my emailed refund request from weeks ago.

    27. Kithmaker on

      How does one go about requesting a refund in KS?

    28. Missing avatar

      Andrew Green on

      While it's appreciated that you've explained why you've changed from female to male, and your choice to remove clothes and armour, the model isn't liked by so many commentators - a shame you've not appeared to listen to those comments rather than just explaining why we've now got this disliked model.

    29. Missing avatar

      James Eldridge on

      Can one backer who actually likes the new model speak up? I could be wrong but it seems pretty unanimous that the new sculpt is pretty bad. I personally don’t mind the gender change. The main problem is the new sculpt and the fact we were all attached to the old one. It does not look out of place. Also, the new name is just plain bad. Grimshalla would work as a male name as well. Just keep that. Stop changing things that drew backers in after you already have our money. Im considering asking for a refund.