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Godtear is a brand new, fast-paced, high-action combat game for two players featuring a variety of classic fantasy miniatures.
Missed the Kickstarter?
Godtear is a brand new, fast-paced, high-action combat game for two players featuring a variety of classic fantasy miniatures. Missed the Kickstarter?
2,865 backers pledged £340,153 to help bring this project to life.

Reshaping a Champion

Posted by SFG Giblin (Collaborator)

Hey Champions,

Today’s update does not include any rules development or production details but rather some changes we’ve made to the visuals for one of our Godtear champions. Multiple champions have changed slightly between the Kickstarter campaign and the final files that went to production, but one champion has changed quite substantially, and we’d like to share the new design with all of our amazing Kickstarter backers out there.

At the time of the Kickstarter campaign, Grimshalla and her followers were part of the last group of models sculpted and designed. As such, we didn’t have too long to reflect on her design in the lead-up to the campaign, and the artwork and model sculpt weren’t quite as final as other champions. Since the campaign, we have had a lot of time to reflect on all of the models and on the Godtear model line as a whole. For most champions, that led to minor tweaks (or no changes at all), but Grimshalla stood out, and some of you contacted us to let us know you did not think her art and sculpt meshed well with the rest of Godtear. So we decided to change that champion’s aesthetics to better fit the world of Godtear and the initial intent for the model. Without further ado we would like to introduce… Grimgut and his followers.

Work In Progress – Colour shown in this render may differ in production miniatures.
Work In Progress – Colour shown in this render may differ in production miniatures.

We believe the new design of Grimgut and his followers better suits the world we are trying to create with Godtear and more accurately captures our original vision for this champion. We understand that reactions to change are always going to run the gamut. Some of you will be on board with this change right away while others will need a little time to get used to this new look for our follower-munching maelstrom champion.

Either way, we can’t wait to see Grimgut and the rest of the Godtear cast hit the tables and battle over the Godtear crystals once production is complete in 2019.

For anyone wondering if this aesthetic change has led to gameplay revisions, fear not. Grimgut holds the same themes, skills and traits as Grimshalla… it’s just a visual rework!


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    1. Petteri Heino

      I had no opinion before this update about Grimshalla vs Grimgut, but now when i compared them i liked Grimshalla better. Grimgut is like not that grose version of Grimshalla which feels a bit lame. But if you feel that Grimgut is better then i'm happy with that too... it's not like Grimgut is bad.

    2. Missing avatar

      Yronimos Whateley on

      I think a lot of the reactions below were a bit over-the-top, but I can't say I completely disagree with them: the new models are a bit bland and boring compared to the originals, which misguided as they might have been, were at least interesting. The minions really got the short end of the stick - I thought the originals looked fine the way they were.

      I don't really care about the gender or name of the original Grimshalla model, and I don't even care about the obesity - I think the sculpt could have been given a rather emaciated look and still gotten a the "gluttony" theme across, and perhaps been a change that would have made the detractors happy while still having the potential to be an interesting model with at least as much character as the original (I did rather like the original's expression and gaping maw, and would miss that face, along with the detail on the stitches etc....)

      As for fitting in with the other models or the game world, I don't really see the complaint - I didn't think the models stood out as stylistically different, or as inferior in quality (at least in the case of the minions; the original sculpt did have some obvious seams between parts).

      Ultimately, it looked to me like a "not perfect but not broken, don't fix it" moment that was not helped by fixing it anyway. It's a shame this didn't come up earlier in development, or that the backers didn't get an opportunity to offer feedback on possible replacements....

    3. Muunin

      I agree with Froggknight, I hope there will be an alternative option for this because I definitely do not like the new replacement.

    4. Derek Anderson on

      Wow, literally EVERY backer has voiced a negative opinion (and a few neutrals) on this change. SFG please listen to the backers, give us the original sculpt as a KS "bonus".

    5. Derek Anderson on

      I really don't like the new version. 😪

    6. Missing avatar

      dawve30 on

      The replacement for Grimshalla is a horrible, horrible sculpt when compared to the original and other Godtear sculpts. Change it back please.

    7. Missing avatar


      I've never posted on any kickstarter comment section, but this change definitely warrants my input. Horrible sculpt, guys, both for the champion and the minions. they lack ANY character, unlike all the other Godtear champions. Please reconsider this and if the champion's gender is the primary factor for change, just tweak the first sculpt to male, how hard can that be? Definitely keep the fist minions, they look Way more awesome than this blob-with-a-skull thing.
      And if the change is permanent, please please PLEASE consider offering the original grimshalla as a ks exclusive sculpt.

    8. Matias

      The new one looks horrible and not in a good way. By far the worst design in the whole of Godtear - an order of magnitude below anyone else. Please don't leave it like that!

    9. Mike A. on

      @SFG - please process my outstanding refund request. Posting here since you apparently never read the comment section.

    10. Statto11 on

      Terrible decision and design on the new model, I agree with everyone here that the old Grimshalla was so much better. It's not to late to change it back.

    11. Geneseed

      I understand that the original design may no longer be feasible, but please, for the love of Godtear not this.

    12. AJ Carruthers

      I really don't like the new sculpt and even though I wasn't much of a fan with the previous one it seems suspect to suddenly change it like this.

      Also the backstory was rather entertaining which this sculpt ruins. Though why the gender change as well?

    13. Missing avatar

      Sam on

      Look, I understand that SFG needs to market this game to as wide an audience as possible. Even though I liked the original sculpt a lot, I get that they may need to make a change. What really bothers me is that this new sculpt is bad. Really bad. It would definitely restore a lot of my confidence if SFG replied to this outpouring of disapproval with something like, "we hear you, we're working on a new and improved sculpt."

    14. Ant on

      I haven't been able to find any complaints about grimshalla after searching. I'm sure there are a few there but certainly not the type of constant complaining that would warrant this change. Overall this feels like the dancer 2.0. I'm really disappointed in SFG doing this again. Mind you I'm not talking about re-sculpting a miniature, it's their right to do that. I'm talking about lying to us about why. You could just come out and say retailers pressured you, or the figures were coming out at a lower margin than the other champions, whatever the REAL reason is, just don't feed us this BS.

      Regardless of what you do this will be the last SFG product I back at Kickstarter or retail, I simply can't continue to support a company with the lack of integrity you continue to show.

    15. Missing avatar

      Just Me on

      As everyone is commenting, I prefer the original one. If the reason for change was that some backers complaint about the design, it looks like a poor excuse or at least should be considered again (with the community reaction)

      Furthermore, in my humble opinion, it is not fair to change completely a character miniature after collecting the money...

    16. Isaac Alexander

      +1 for making original Grimshalla & Co. KSE

    17. Mike A. on

      It's interesting that SFG puts the redevelopment blame on a few backers expressing concern via private email. And yet someone in comments and this update mentions it was actually retailers pushing back.

      Sounds like SFG may be lying -- again.

    18. Roland

      Where and who are those who complained about the original design? This new sculpt is laughably bad.

    19. Roland

      Veto. I veto this with extreme prejudice.

    20. Missing avatar

      GABARD Julien on

      Very bad initiative to do that ! Why ? It's Just a poor Uncle Nurgle from GW ! I dont want this design ! it's worst !

    21. Braxandur

      I also dislike the change, the original looked much more interesting.

      The fact that you made changes to other models but do not show them is also not making me feel good.

      Maybe you can keep your backers more in the loop?

    22. Nick Lawson

      Disappointed in this change. Went from a unique and interesting concept to a boring trope in one fell swoop.

    23. Missing avatar

      Conrad on

      Please change it back to the original model this one is really bad. It has no identity, all of the other models in the campaign fill a place in the roster this one is just an ugly hunk of plastic. If you want to see what the community really thinks about this change (they think poorly of it btw) then hold a vote old model vs this one. Either change it back to the old one or really redesign this one to make it look good. the original model was my favorite from the roster and her followers had a great look to them as well. I would have never backed the campaign if you had used this model, but let me guess its too late for a refund?

    24. Missing avatar

      Adam Brenton

      It’s pretty dodgy to change something that dramatically after people have paid for it. Although I didn’t back specifically for that miniature, I was quite looking forward to it. You should seriously reconsider this bait and switch.

    25. David Dyson on

      I too do not like the fact you redesigned this character

    26. Missing avatar

      Everett A Warren

      Grimshalla and her original crew are far better for so many reasons already detailed below.

    27. Shea Brogdon on

      I highly doubt I'll ever "get used to the new look". It's an inferior model, and the reasoning behind changing something that's been around since the kickstarter was running is weak. It's forever going to be a cool idea that got downgraded into a generic one that's been done to death.

    28. Missing avatar

      Arseface on

      Those minions are awful. Not only do they have less skeletal character, but the goo itself just looks way less detailed and interesting. I'm a little upset that we're missing out on getting a proper disgusting obese female character in a game, but I'm willing to bet that was the problem they were trying to fix.

      I can imagine that people will get used to the new character because they'll have no choice in the matter. I can't imagine showing people side by side the original concept and the revision and preferring the revision. ESPECIALLY for the minions.

      Oozes and slimes are my hands down favorite fantasy monster concept and I was looking forward to having some minis with real character behind them. I might actually prefer using silly putty as a stand in for the minions. Which is cool I guess, but skeleton goo man.

    29. Mike A. on

      If the retailer buy-in issue is true, then SFG should give the backers an extra KS exclusive OG sculpt.

    30. Missing avatar

      Brian on

      The original was 10x better. I don't think this is a bad model, just a poor replacement for a great model that stuck out and was one I was looking forward to getting.

    31. Didis29 on

      I think you should have ask to the backers if the champions needed a fresh look before going for this one because this one looks boring as hell. It seems to be another one of the cartoon zombie that you've seen in a lot of game and the minions look like gooey skulls that have absolutely no design thinking behind. I hope you listen to your community and ask what we want.

    32. Missing avatar

      Craig D.

      +1 for grimshalla and old art design

    33. Andrew Massoura on

      Apparently not child friendly enough and some retailers said they wouldn't stock it.

    34. Greg Webster on

      Grimshalla was my favorite champion, this definitely feels like a downgrade to me. What did people feel was wrong with her?

    35. Chris Bates on

      The original was better.. to me this one has no design about it and looks more like a blob of plastic.. wrong direction for my tastes.

    36. Missing avatar

      montgomery lolen on

      Hi there. I've been very happy with Godtear on all counts up until now; I absolutely agree with others protesting this change. One of the things I liked about Godtear was how different each faction looked. Grimshalla was one of the best examples for that. This new model, to me, removes a lot of Grimshalla's character. I don't know where you all are on the tooling process, etc. but a possible solution is a 'select your Grimshalla/Grimgut' option? Not sure how to otherwise solve this without just reverting back to the old model.

    37. Ukko Kaarto on

      Noooooooo... Grimshalla was a lot better name. Also the old miniature was not perfect, but had lots more character than this new one.

    38. Raymund Tesoro

      Meh...the original was so much better

    39. Missing avatar

      TJ Roberts

      The minions are definitely he biggest crime here imo. The old ones I think were the best looking in the game, and literally oozed character. These just seem so boring and cartoonish

    40. Andrew Massoura on

      Massive step in the wrong direction for me. That isn't a good sculpt. The original was vastly superior.

    41. Angel Sainz Gonzalez on

      I have to agree with everyone. The original sculpt and name were so much better. But the worst change must be the minions. The originals were cool, this are meh at best.

    42. Jonathan W on

      I’ll chime in to say I agree with most of the other feedback here: I liked the original name and sculpt better. Please change it back.

    43. Kithmaker on

      Original was WAY better.

    44. Mike A. on

      Wow, this is the most united response against a developer change that I've ever seen.

      If they don't change it back, and don't respond to these complaints, I can't imagine backing another SFG project again.

      @SFG - don't take away stuff people like AFTER the campaign is over.

    45. Missing avatar

      TJ Roberts

      Really hope that if this is permanent that Grimshalla becomes available as an alt sculpt or something, she was my favourite model from the campaign

    46. Missing avatar

      TJ Roberts

      Sorry, but that seems absolutely hideous (and not in a good way). I can’t think of a single thing about this that is better than Grimshalla, including the name.

    47. Missing avatar

      Thufir on

      I liked the original much better.
      Pity that it was changed :(

    48. Stephen K

      The old sculpt and name just seemed better, the followers looked more detailed.

    49. Missing avatar

      Terje Erwing Bjelkholm

      I can't speak for anyone else but the old Grimshalla model was the main reason I supported this KS in the first place.