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Godtear is a brand new, fast-paced, high-action combat game for two players featuring a variety of classic fantasy miniatures.
Missed the Kickstarter?
Godtear is a brand new, fast-paced, high-action combat game for two players featuring a variety of classic fantasy miniatures. Missed the Kickstarter?
2,865 backers pledged £340,153 to help bring this project to life.
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Godtear is a fast-paced, high-action combat game for two players, in which each player takes their warband of Champions and Followers and battles rival warbands for control of the precious Godtears scattered across the land.

Every game of Godtear offers you an intense and exciting tactical challenge, full of cinematic moments. Thanks to a completely factionless system, you'll have total freedom to choose your warband from any of the myriad Champions and their Followers, and build your own unique path to victory.

With high-detail amazing pre-assembled PVC models, everything is ready to play straight out the box. Simply grab the three Champions you feel will tell the coolest story, or perfectly fit your playstyle, or that simply look the most stunning and you’re playing!

Choose YOUR Warband. Build YOUR Legacy.
Choose YOUR Warband. Build YOUR Legacy.

Godtear has been carefully designed to be quick to learn and throws players straight into the action and also offers a huge depth of options and tactics to explore. With innovative and organic scenario mechanics, no two games of Godtear are ever the same. The aftermath of each game will leave you wanting to play again and again; there’s huge replayability for players experimenting with different Champion selections and play styles.

Champions progress and grow in power as you play through a narrative campaign, further customizing your gameplay experience. Built from the ground up for narrative driven campaign style play, Godtear also offers balance and clarity of rules for highly competitive tournament play.

The Ascended Pledge  

The Ascended Pledge contains everything you could ever want to play Godtear (including all Optional Buys, Stretch Goals & Daily Goals!).

The Chosen Pledge

The Chosen Pledge is a great entry point into Godtear - providing backers with a selection of champions + ALL unlocked Stretch & Daily Goals!

We also have available a whole host of Optional Buys as shown below, simply follow the instructions to add these to your pledge!

 Click below or HERE to download the latest playtest rules - completely FREE! Our game has been in playtest and early access now for 2 months.

Choose Champions. Destroy enemies. Claim Tears. Ascend.

The gods have been forsaken...

...their bodies shattered as they wept at the betrayal of their sacred covenant. Their tears fell from the heavens as a magnificent rain, each a crystalline shard containing the raw essence of the divine, borne upon the mortal realm by tragedy and sorrow. These are the Godtear, and in each of these gems lies not only the strength to master the petty kingdoms of mortals but the promise of transcendence.

Yet the power of the gods cannot be so easily usurped. 

Most creatures are consumed by exposure to such wild and untameable energies, their bodies destroyed in an instant. Instead the Godtear wait for the Chosen, those destined by some unknown force as heirs to the gods. These individuals have risen as mighty Champions among their people, able not only to survive exposure to the Godtear but absorb this potency and claim it as their own. 

Allied with other Champions and aided by devoted followers they search far and wide for the remaining shards, each discovery one step further along the path of immortality. The wisest of their number are not fooled by such brotherhood. The ties uniting the Chosen are transient, and respect earned in battle is worth little in this world. It is well known even the most steadfast and honourable shall turn upon each other during the final trials. 

For it is only the legacy of few to claim the mantle of ascended godhood… 

The first step of playing a game of Godtear is choosing your Champions, there are no factions in Godtear so you can choose whichever Champions you wish! 

These Champions are as diverse as the lands from which they hail. Each possesses a unique combination of knowledge, skills, and strengths, all of which will be needed in their quest for godhood. 

Champions are loosely categorised into four distinct classes:

Sneeki Peet, The Maligned
Sneeki Peet, The Maligned

SLAYERS are the most familiar type of Champion. They focus on dealing damage to a single target, but their individual methods vary greatly. For example, one Slayer could make brutal shots with a bow from a great distance while another could smash an enemy’s face with their fists while yet another could whip their Followers into ruthless murder machines. Regardless of the methods they employ, however, Slayers are the go-to Champion class for dealing with tough targets.

Mournblade, The Soulless One
Mournblade, The Soulless One

GUARDIANS concern themselves less with the opposing warbands destruction than with their own warband's longevity. Most Guardians are extremely tough in their own right, but Guardians are far more varied than walking barriers. Guardians can focus on taking hits for nearby allies, increasing damage reduction for themselves or others, healing friendly models’ wounds, or even returning armies of Followers to the battle.

Titus, The Dishonoured
Titus, The Dishonoured

MAELSTROMS place a greater focus on the quantity of their attacks than their individual quality. These Champions can’t deal as much damage as Slayers against hard targets, but they’re more capable of thinning out the ranks of an opponent’s army. Maelstroms also favour a more fluid fighting style, moving from enemy to enemy rather than going toe-to-toe with a single foe. As with any Godtear class, this can take many forms – from fireballs blasting apart clustered enemies to whirlwind style attacks against every adjacent enemy to effects that chain from foe to foe.

Galana, Crystalmancer
Galana, Crystalmancer

SHAPERS, last but not least, weave the flow of battle to give their warband the upper hand. Shapers typically have at least one ability to move other models (friendly and/or enemy), but they’re also the class that interacts most directly with scenario objectives and the battlefield board. Right down to how they make Skill rolls and deal damage, Shapers are a unique breed, but what they lack in raw offence, they make up for with abilities that can change the course of battle at its pivotal moment.

Choosing which classes to include in your warband can be a tough decision with lots of pros and cons to weigh against one another. Once you consider the unique ways each Champion embodies their class, the decisions become even tougher.

Scale image to show just how massive these Champions are!
Scale image to show just how massive these Champions are!
Not just in height...
Not just in height...

With your Champions selected and gathered together to form your warband you’re ready to play! So, how do you win?

A game of Godtear breaks down into 5 turns and will always end between turn 3 and 5. A combination of Turn Tokens and the Battle Ladder are used to show the ebb and flow of a clash between two warbands.

During a turn the actions and movement of your warband will move the Turn Token towards your end of the Battle Ladder. Your token will move as you take out Champions, cull followers and control Godtears. 

Naturally your opponent will be opposing you, trying to drag the Turn Token onto their side of the Ladder. At the end of the turn, the player with the Turn Token in their half of the Battle Ladder wins the turn and gains the number of Victory Points shown on the reverse side of that turn’s Turn Token. Turns increase in value as the action intensifies and then taper off again as the battle nears its conclusion.

The first player to have 5 Victory Points wins the game!

Rangosh, Scourge of the Broken Plains
Rangosh, Scourge of the Broken Plains

To represent the flow of battle Godtear features a unique turn structure with two phases; Strategic and Tactical. In each of these phases warbands activate differently and have different abilities. 

The Strategic Phase begins the turn with a zoomed-out view of the battlefield. Champions plan, set traps and shift their warbands readying for engagement. During this phase each player activates their whole warband.  

The Tactical Phase zooms into the action as the engagement begins. Players take turns activating models from their warbands as the plans from the previous phase are set in motion and combat begins.  

Mastery of both phases is the key to establishing your legacy on your way to ascension.

Front Cover Feature Article in Tabletop Gaming this Month!
Front Cover Feature Article in Tabletop Gaming this Month!

Shipping will be charged after the Kickstarter finishes based on actual costs incurred to ship and is collected via our pledge manager system. This allows us to charge fairly for all backers and avoid a 'one size fits all' mentality to shipping.     

We will ship your pledges to several hubs around the world at our cost. Your pledge will arrive via one of the following hubs:
  • United Kingdom (UK and Rest of the World backers) 
  • USA (US backers) 
  • Germany (EU backers) 
  • Canada (Canada backers) 
  • China (Asia Pacific backers) 
  • Australia (Australia and New Zealand backers) 

Below are our initial rough estimates for shipping the core game (4kg volumetric weight). These are just estimates—costs may rise due to weight increase as more items are unlocked via stretch goals and optional purchases you choose. 

  • UNITED KINGDOM: £8. Channel Islands, Highlands and NI £8-£15 
  • USA: £7-£11 to the contiguous US and the US Virgin Islands. £11-25 to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.  
  • CANADA: £7-£15 to most cities. 
  • EUROPE: £8-£20 to most countries. £25-£40 to non-EU countries. 
  • LATIN AMERICA: £25-£40 to most countries. 
  • ASIA: £18-£25 to most countries. 
  • OCEANIA: £9-£18 to Australia. £18-£25 to New Zealand.
  • AFRICA/OTHER: £25-£50 to most countries. 

Any pledges confirmed after our pledge manager deadline will be shipped from the UK hub at a later date and will likely incur increased shipping costs. Below is the general schedule once the Kickstarter ends so you know when to expect money to be taken and our overall shipping plan. Again these are estimates: 

  • Kickstarter Campaign Ends 0 Day – Pledges are charged. 
  • 1 Week – Survey sent confirming emails. 
  • 1-2 Months – Pledge Manager sent to backers confirming optional purchases, extras and taking payment for shipping. 
  • 1 Month Before Shipping – Pledge Manager deadline - any late confirmations after this deadline will be shipped from the UK after all other pledges are completed and may incur additional cost. 

Shipping Starts 

  • 0 Days – China starts packing EU/AUS/US hub orders. UK/RoW orders are sent to the UK hub by sea freight. 
  • 2-5 Weeks – China begins packing and shipping Asian hub orders. 
  • 6-8 Weeks – UK hub receives items and begins packing and shipping to backers 
  • 9-12 Weeks - EU/AUS/US hubs receive items, ship everything out to backers within 2 weeks. 
  • 13+ Weeks – UK hub completes shipping of the UK and RoW orders. Late confirmation orders and customer service requests for missing/broken items are dealt with via We are unable to ship to PO Boxes.

For retail information CLICK HERE!

Risks and challenges


By pledging on this Kickstarter you acknowledge that the final look and contents of the pledges may change and differ from what is presented at the start of the campaign.

Other Projects & Challenges

SFG is made up of several dedicated project teams working on each game we develop and produce.

These teams are made up from designers, developers, producers, artists, sculptors as required by the project. As much as we would wish it otherwise, throwing more people onto a project doesn’t actually make it progress any faster, in fact many times it has been shown to have the opposite effect.

Here’s an update from our various teams:

Dark Souls
Dark Souls was phenomenally successful at Kickstarter, smashing all of our expectations. Our original roadmap for 12 months of development, manufacturing and shipping was crushed by the efforts of our backers. In fact, during the campaign, the DS KS community managed to unlock 3-4 years worth of content!

Rising to the challenge, our dedicated Dark Souls team have been pretty much permanently crunching since that KS project ended to get through the mountain of development, sculpting and production needed to bring this awesome game to our backers.

With development now largely complete, the Dark Souls project is now entirely in the hands of our manufacturing partners right now, however this is with careful management from our internal production team. With Wave 2 about to ship and into the hands of our logistics teams with Wave 3 to follow.

Currently this means lots of mould testing, box layouts, vac tray design, etc. etc. and so there is lots of going back and forth between the factory and ourselves to ensure the quality is maintained and final products are going to meet our expectations.

As above, Wave 2 is largely complete with final production samples being checked. After this the shipping will take several months (depending on final destination) to get to our distribution hubs around the world (with estimated Arrival in June/July for shipping to Backers in July).

From there, it will be a case of sorting/packing individual pledges and getting them into the post as quickly as we can. We will obviously keep updating you on status as it progresses on the Dark Souls Kickstarter page itself.

Resident Evil
The Resident Evil team have been progressing to plan very nicely. As you all know, via the regular updates on the KS page which have helped keep the community appraised of progress, development is also largely complete on the project and our sights are set on future game ideas in the Resident Evil universe.

Similar to Dark Souls above, the project is in the hands of our manufacturing partners and being carefully managed by the RE production team. Worth noting here, to minimize risk and impact to the timeline of either project we have selected and are working with a different manufacturer to the DS supplier.

We’re very excited by the progress being made on this project and look forward to the reactions of fans getting their hands on the final game later this year.

We are fully aware of potential delays that may happen with products that are produced in China, the common ones being delays in production, shipping, and customs.

We have estimated the delivery of Godtear for April 2019, but please understand this is only an estimate. Due to the global logistics involved in shipping, some regions may receive their pledges sooner than others.

We have prepared as much as possible with our production for a successful Kickstarter; however, we will refund pledges if for some unforeseen reason the game cannot be delivered at all.


Refunds may be given within 30 days of the campaign ending, including fees. After that time, refunds may be given minus the Kickstarter and payment processing fees, as we will not be able to claim those back after 30 days.

We are unable to issue refunds once we have begun the packaging and shipment stages of the project (around 6–8 weeks before the actual shipping date).

Refunds within 30 days are reversed via Stripe to your credit/debit card. Refunds after 30 days of the campaign ending are processed via PayPal only.

This is a GBP Kickstarter and refunds will be processed in GBP for the amount received, excluding any applicable fees dependent on the day on which the refund is processed as detailed above.

Terms and Conditions

If you do not confirm your shipping and pledge details within 10 weeks of our notification via email to confirm them, your pledge will be treated as abandoned. We will, however, look at each case sympathetically and try our best to satisfy each customer.

By pledging on this Kickstarter you agree that our responsibility to you is for shipping your order as entered into the pledge management system. You are responsible for import or other duties that may be payable to relevant tax authorities. You also accept that you are fully liable for incorrect shipping details and will risk your pledge being unable to be delivered or lost in transit.

If you do not accept the proposed terms please do not pledge on this Kickstarter project and wait for the global general release.

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