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Dark Souls™ - The Board Game is a strategically challenging, deeply immersive combat exploration game for 1-4 players.
Dark Souls™ - The Board Game is a strategically challenging, deeply immersive combat exploration game for 1-4 players.
31,178 backers pledged £3,771,474 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Connor on

      I've not minded the wait, just happy as long as the stuff arrives eventually :)
      Excited for my stretch goals and tile sets!

    2. Gary Gee on

      should be getting UPDATE 180.anytime now...this should be interesting.

    3. Philippe Gaboury on

      Anyone who thinks this is the worst managed KS in history should go check out Super Dungeon Explore: Legends. They retooled everything after the end of the kickstarter which meant huge delays that cost the company so much money that they are missing $750k to complete it and customers cannot get any refund for something that will never deliver. Steamforged could have done better by us but still, the communication was always transparent and the delivery is on its way. Stop being such spoiled brats.

    4. Akira on

      meanwhile how many other kickstarters have you run?!?!?! oh well at least the game sucks otherwise i might be missing this stuff more. never letting another one of my cents go to your company

    5. Missing avatar

      mutsuto on

      I just want to say how grateful I am for this write-up. The breakdown of each stage of production for each single set and the transparency to do that is always appreciated. Thank you. I look forward to getting the products.

    6. Gary Gee on


      no ones knocking the game!..everyones knocking the way the whole KS has been handled!.
      which part of dumping on the backers who helped finance the company with DS to go start and produce and FULLY deliver another full KS?
      or is it it the starting another KS project.after that one. [again against KS policy].
      or is it the buying the licence to horizon dawn.....that you don't get???
      that's whats got everyone pissed off with it..all the money and models and production of other ks.and very likely made at the same factories the DS wave 3 is still waiting to be made at!.
      this is without doubt one of the worst KS projects up there with the AvP prodos disaster.

      and please before you start swearing at backers.and calling them immature maybe you should use your own intellect and research what has been going on with this sneaky mess.then you just might understand!

    7. Ivan on

      My wave 2 is coming \[T]/

    8. Missing avatar


      God, I'm sick of the whining on this campaign. The game is great, there's lots to do to finish and produce the rest and I'm fine with the delays. People bitching that this is "the worst KS ever" have never actually been on a bad project. Put on your fucking adult pants and act like you have a shred of maturity.

    9. Missing avatar

      Stephen Douglas on

      Before posting a disgruntled comment, try looking at the comments that actually got responded to...

    10. Missing avatar

      Gyoergy Dudas on

      I feel crestfallen ...

    11. Missing avatar


      Still waiting for wave 2...

    12. xfelalx on

      Feeling bad for all the backers who still care for this game. This is the worst a ks-campaign can go. I wonder how many firsttime backers will never be backing another Kickstarter because of this mess. Well done steamforged

    13. sammo21

      I am thankful you're being transparent but this is crazy LOL. I can honestly say I will not back another SF games Kickstarter and I will actively warn anyone I see mention one.

    14. Missing avatar

      Eva López on

      Day 1095: I've ordered at Domino's just to have something delivered. It felt nice. The pizza boy even hugged me when he saw me crying.

    15. Radek Císař on

      Are you fucking kidding me? We bought this as a retail - so 6 pcs. YOU have 1,5 year delay and after that you say.... another year??????????? I will never buy anything other from you and for me, i will tell every friends of mine to not buying anything from you.

    16. Missing avatar

      Storm Dunakin on

      I’ve backed this project 200ish dollars and still only have the base game... waiting for the expansions....

    17. Missing avatar

      Alex Giraldo on

      From Colombia, Still waiting for my wave 2 (spanish). No package, no tracking number, no answers to my emails, no respect to your backers, no money back, no hope. And now the nightmare continues until 2020.....

    18. Gary Gee on

      One thing SFG could do to show good faith with its backers....they could release the rest of the print and play stuff from the extras etc..i know some have been released on their downloads page..although some are only partly done ie:no standees..that at least would give us something whilst we are waiting for wave 3 to finally arrive!..just an idea ?

    19. Da Homeless on


    20. Gary Gee on

      a LOT of backers are asking the same question on here "what have you been doing since 2017?"...that's easy.they have been developing producing and shipping another FULL [addons and everything else ] Kickstarter project!.plus making sure the DS wave 2 stuff hits retail.its not about us backers we mean nothing to them im afraid.unless you are daft enough to buy into further projects of theirs that they are working on,then they are more than happy to keep taking your money!.

      Kickstarter is just a system it gets paid for hosting the project nothing more.Kickstarter itself idnt liable...BUT SFG are!! going to see what the next update brings us..then im looking at seeing what can be done legally against them.

    21. Daniel Barnett on

      What a joke. I really wish Kickstarter would allow us to review creators so we could warn people away from backing projects by SteamForged. I'm starting to believe the theory that they're trying to just wait out their license agreement so they have an excuse to cancel the KS exclusive stuff.

    22. Chris Cæsar on

      Been contacting the support email for a while. no response :(

    23. Andrew colley on

      Steamforged please explain why no progress on wave 3 has been made in over a year!!! Your updates are pitiful

    24. Missing avatar

      FallenElf on

      They're not responding to anything. These guys really are wastes of space. If they worked at my company they'd all be fired for their terrible management of this project.

    25. Gary Gee on

      " we’ll be back in 2 weeks to share any progress that has been made from what’s been covered today."

      haha we wont be holding our breath on that!!..either the communication or the progress! we know your just going to say "it will have to be knocked back another year or two..because we have other kickstarters to do!".and we have taken your money already.
      this company rates along side PRODOS just ripping its backers off!...what a dodgy company unless something happens soon I think we should be getting in touch with the trading standards here in the UK.

    26. Missing avatar

      Alfredo Locarini on

      @Augustin Martinez, I'm from Italy, same here.
      Tried to contact them many times during this long waiting, basically for two main reasons, and I received very different treatment:

      REASON 1 (1 day to reply)
      Q: "Is it possible to open again my backerit to buy some other add ons?"
      A: "Sure!!"

      REASON 2 (never replied)
      Q: "I haven't received my wave 2, can you please help me?"
      A: "......"

    27. Missing avatar

      Jonas Weber on

      This must be a Joke

    28. Missing avatar

      Agustin Martinez on


      I'm from Spain and still waiting for my wave 2. There is anybody in the same case?

      Thanks and regards

    29. AtomicFenix

      Lately I'been thinking on purchasing a RE2 retail version from my FLS, as I decided not to back it based on the frustration I experienced previously with Dark Souls.
      You just reminded my WHY I didn't back it then, and WHY I won't buy it now. Thanks for helping me on my resolve.
      Ah! And I put 1$ on the Horizon Zero expecting You learnt something and as a way to give you another chance.... ERROR.

      Many of us love to back in Kickstarter, but you have made yoyruselves a unreparaible damage, as we are not going to back any of your projects. God job.

      I guess me and my friends will have to wait for our 6 copies of the Strecht Goals. Thanks God they still don't want to kill me for getting them into this mess :(

    30. Paul Joseph Yu on

      Haven’t receive my wave 2 shipment yet. It’s been months. My address is correct as I’ve received wave 1.

    31. Missing avatar

      Steven Huggins on

      @Flavio have you actually read the update you are commenting on? It tells you what is happening with the tiles

    32. KuKoKani on

      This is getting really ridiculous...

    33. Missing avatar

      Alfredo Locarini on

      Still no wave 2 here.
      Still no answer to any of my attempts to contact you by emails/kickstarter/backerkit.

      If you were acting like this in any other job in the world you would have been fired

    34. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Barber on

      I will be so happy when this dumpster fire of a project is done and I can completely forget about this shit company outside of any time I play the game. You guys are seriously bad at this whole thing and should really be ashamed of yourselves. There is no reasonable justification for how long this has gone overdue.

    35. Chris Knibb on

      Game is dull, play time is too long, shipping is delayed, the bigger boss miniatures are meh with parts that don't fit well even after boiling water is applied over and over. Just horrible. Also how many years have you had to design that metal coin and thats the best you came up with? jesus christ.

    36. Albe on

      Still waiting for my wave 2 to come as well up in Canada AND get a response to my e-mail. The part that gets me is the excuse they gave about us Canadians not getting it is due to the Canada Post shut down, yet when i talked to a gentleman not too long ago, he laughed and said that the backlog was sorted out well before Christmas. Since that was the reason as to why our shipment was not delivered in October or November, what is the excuse as to not having it in January?

      What about all of the other backers that are across the world that still has not received it yet? If you can't figure out how to send a package to a single household i am sure lots of people would love to get a refund to get their money back and never spend another $ on anything you make OR they would take that money and go to a local game store that keeps teasing us for many months on end now.

      This surely is not a professional company. Some things can be overlooked but not ignorance that they seem to have.

    37. Monztreink Puasajr on

      Waiting for wave 2 still.

    38. Steve Liu on

      Better ask refunds for Horizon Zero while you can....this shit is going to blow, and by the cost of redelivering it...they might have no funds to probably do Horizon Zero production....

      Or they could snag another KS to be delivered in 2022 , and take those funds to complete it and so forth and so on....

      They couldn't even deliver my stuff after sending countless emails (30+) from Feb 2018. Full of lies and BS to me, from one promise to another.

      I won't even step close to pledge anything from them anymore. Crap communications, rubbish support emails, and a whole load of nonsense shipping with no proper tracking.

      The RE2 my mate had...the plastic and details were so rubbish it brings back the good ol Zombicide season 1 days.... in fact, worse as he told me. Yeah...good luck to you folks.

    39. Stephen Peers on

      That being said, I don’t expect anything from them anymore on this project. If we see wave 3 I’ll be genuinely shocked, they have not managed to gain approval on 9 tiles in 18 months (one month for each face of all the boards!). I do feel that they should genuinely offer a proper apology, get everyone a copy of Manus or some shit, but I doubt they’d even go so far as giving us a crappy metal turn counter to go with our crappy metal aggro token.

    40. Stephen Peers on

      I love the random super positive “great update I’m excited for more stuff” comments in the middle of all the (justifiable) anger. It’s almost like SFG had their staff ask friends and family to come say something positive, heavens knows they are never gonna acknowledge or respond to our Fury, they don’t even think these delays are worth apologising for.

    41. Missing avatar

      Kritop on

      Still waiting for wave 2 here

    42. Dave Rudd on

      I am still waiting to receive wave two!!I leave this comment here in hopes that somebody at steamforged games will get back to me since they won't respond to any of my emails or request for information.

    43. Ravensdale Publishing on

      Great update, thanks! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Q4 is accurate, I can't wait to get more stuff to add to my set!

    44. Missing avatar

      Yale Waller on

      Guys just so you know, they don't read the comments here. They know what we all have to say, they don't care.

      Most of us weren't gonna buy anything else from them anyways. At this point they've probably got the interns working part time on it, judging by the awful metal aggro token.

      Well played steamforged, well played, getting our money and then screwing around with it for three years. I've literally finished my undergrad, gotten a master's degree, married, changed jobs, and moved twice since I backed this project. GG.

    45. Lord Crisp on

      Haha... how did I just know that somehow, with this update, there was gonna be a wave 4...

      I even kinda defended you guys in the comment section of Horizon...
      I told everyone that they should expect their game to be delayed, but that you would at least deliver, since that's what you (mostly) have been doing on Dark Souls... guess you still are...

      But this is too much...
      As many others have said already... there statuses is where everything was at A YEAR AGO when you delayed it for the.... 4 time? Lost count....

      What the hell have you guys been doing in the meantime?
      Being busy coming up with a concept for Horizon so you can get more money for doing in a quarter of the pace normal people/companies work in

      This is seriously pissing me off by now.

      We're at a point where I believe compensation is due.... and not some crappy voucher for 20$ for your own store or whatever....

      A free mega- or retail boss... a free copy of the Resident Evil game... something along those lines...
      Not some crappy voucher that you know most people won't use anyway

    46. JayTee on

      I had no idea the Tory party ran SFG, this level of delay is astounding. 12 months ago you were just awaiting some final artwork, and here we are being told to wait another 9+ months!?

      Very very disappointing.

    47. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Hahahahahahahahahaha. Oh when running jokes become reality.

      Q4? I doubt it. Given SFG's track record of consistently missing every deadline by months, 2020 it's gonna be.

      Far out, it's not even that I've moved house during this KS, it's that I've gotten married, changed careers twice, and going to move a second time.

      Honestly, it's just laughable now. Like I'm not even angry, it's just ludicrously funny.

      If anything, this KS is more entertaining than the game itself.

    48. Missing avatar

      Nathaniel on

      I love this game and quite frankly everything that Steamforged does. I've never before had an issue with any kickstarter delay that I have encountered, but Q4? That's really pushing it. This game had so much promise but now I fear for its future.

    49. Flávio Henrique on

      I still waiting my 9 Tiles Set strech goal.
      I don't know if it was shipped or not, for start.
      Sent mail and no response until now.
      Where do I search for updates regard this matter?
      Thank you.

    50. Missing avatar

      Robert Crewe

      Probably getting Wave 3 in 2020 - ah HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.......... ah. Sorry. Had to get that out of my system. Not even a reasonable apology, let alone an appropriate one for being such an utter disgrace of a company. Let's hope they manage to deliver Wave 3, I'm going to assume late summer/early autumn 2020 - "Oh, we hadn't realised the impact CNY would have on our delivery schedule, because we're incompetent idiots....." And after they've delivered Wave 3, THEN they can go out of business, because god knows, I'm yet to meet a single person who'll ever buy form them again (retail or KS). Grrrrr.