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Dark Souls™ - The Board Game is a strategically challenging, deeply immersive combat exploration game for 1-4 players.
Dark Souls™ - The Board Game is a strategically challenging, deeply immersive combat exploration game for 1-4 players.
31,178 backers pledged £3,771,474 to help bring this project to life.

Guardian Dragon Expansion - Print Proof Copy

Posted by Steamforged Games Ltd (Creator)

Hi Unkindled,  

The SFG Community Team have taken over the Kickstarter Updates! We’re the guys who answer your questions on Facebook/Twitter, and we’ll keep you up to date on everything going on with Dark Souls™ - The Board Game (and let the Project Team focus on making sure we stay on track). If you’ve not seen the timeline for the project, you can view it HERE.  

SFG have been sent through the ‘Print Proof’ boxes for Black Dragon Kalameet, and the Guardian Dragon Expansions for Dark Souls™ - The Board Game. These are the copies that get sent to the Project Team from the factory in China, so they can check everything is how it should be. We managed to pry the Guardian Dragon away from them and get some photos. When they go on lunch tomorrow we’ll grab Black Dragon Kalameet and show that off too!!  

Guardian Dragon Expansion

Guardian of the passage to the Dragon Aerie from Lord Aldia’s Keep, this creature is not truly a dragon as those Everlasting were but is, rather strictly speaking, a drake. It is no less mighty or fearsome for its breed, however, and its kind rule the skies far above the earth, unquestionably the predominant predators of their domain…  

SPOILER ALERT: If you want the gameplay experience of the Guardian Dragon Expansion to be entirely unexpected do not read the text, just look at the pretty pictures.  

Obligatory Spoiler Alert out of the way…let’s have a look at what you get in the box.  

  • 1x Rules Insert  
  • 1x Guardian Dragon Miniature  
  • 1x Guardian Dragon Health Dial  
  • 1x Guardian Dragon Data Card  
  • 11x Guardian Dragon Behaviour Cards  
  • 4x Fiery Breath Cards  
  • 2x Guardian Dragon Treasure Cards  
  • 4x Level 4 Encounter Cards  
  • 1x Mega Boss Game Board (Double Sided)  

Level 4 Encounters  

For starters, before you can take on the Guardian Dragon you have to complete a Level 4 Encounter. If you thought fighting 2 Hulking Hollows, 2 Hollow Soldiers, 2 Crossbow Hollows in a room with barrels and traps was tough…you should take a seat. There are SO many foes in your way that a Level 4 Encounter can only be completed on a Mega Boss Game Board and uses pretty much your entire grunt collection from the Core Game. For example, the Dragon Shrine encounter has:  

  • 1x Sentinel  
  • 3x Crossbow Hollows  
  • 3x Silver Knight Swordsmen  
  • 3x Hollow Soldiers  
  • Traps  
  • 2x Gravestones  
  • 1x Chest  
This won't be easy...
This won't be easy...


Your reward for completing this fiendish Encounter is a whopping 8 Souls per Player, and entry into the Mega Boss Encounter.   

Guardian Dragon Mega Boss  

We don’t want to spoil too much of the encounter as fighting a Mega Boss should be a new and exciting (and difficult) fight. However, be warned that the Guardian Dragon not only has a Mega-Boss Behaviour Deck but also a deck of Fiery Breath cards which can relocate the Guardian Dragon and reign scorching hot fire onto the intrepid adventurers. Each Mega Boss Expansion includes it’s own custom gameplay elements that bring unique challenges and opportunities to Dark Souls™ - The Board Game players.  

Out of the frying pan, into the fire.
Out of the frying pan, into the fire.

That's all for today everyone join us tomorrow for a look at Black Dragon Kalameet.

Praise the Sun \[T]/


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    1. Knarf

      Does anybody know the card sizes and counts for all-in?
      I send an pm last week but no reply

    2. Kenta on

      @SFG still haven't received my core game. Just saying as a reminder...

    3. Missing avatar

      Lumpyguernsey on

      @sfg is there no way of adding this boss and the iron king to my pledge? I missed the manager by a day and by the time I received a response it was to late. Especially now as these two bosses are exclusives

    4. จ่าสิบเอก บารอน ซิมิ on

      @SFG You delete my comment on facebook when I ask for my core games

      Your Suppport always answer "Shortly" every month for 3 months now

      I want my games

    5. Fire-Dragon-DoL on

      My wife is concerned of how much space this game takes. We'll need to change home considering how many addons I bought.
      Ohhhh dear.


    6. Misfiring Chong


      Wave 2 only contains Add Ons, not SG. Thus the package will be big but not insane.

    7. Missing avatar

      Dietmar on

      Just out of curiosity, what is the size of a expansion box?
      And how big is the package going to be for people, who get all of the expansions? (All stretch goals + Darkroot Addon + 6 Mega-Bosses)

    8. Porlakh Tatsumaki Gurana on

      @Jesse, My group finish main bosses always with a:
      -Assassins 4 dodge dices and a powerfull node magic/ bleeding Avelynn (fucking luck...)
      -Knight with 3 blue dices on defense (I'm this one :D It's my favourite ^^)
      -Herald with great balance of heal and defense
      -Warrior with node damage. This is the weaker character in our opinion, but his first turn+node damage it's insane.
      I think level 4 encounters are very good balanced.

      But we need more weapons!!! A lot of more weapons!! jejeje I'm really loving this board game ^^

    9. Missing avatar

      Paul Cooke on

      Dammit, that looks amazing!!! If I'd known you got a different encounter tile I might have got on these dragons...any chance of reopening the pledge manager?!

    10. Juri on

      This is looks Amazing, the box is awesome. Can't wait to see what you have done with all the other boss. Hope everything will be in time.

    11. Jesse Lopez on

      @sfg it mainly depends on your loot drops. You can be max lvl, but if all the loot you got is low level, and you have a large team, that lvl 4 encouter is gonna hurt. Haven't played in a while, but I've had sessions with great loot making the game easy, and sessions with terrible loot, making it a real challnge

    12. Steamforged Games Ltd 5-time creator on

      @Francesco - Drop me a line of SFG Facebook or Twitter - if you've emailed I can give them a nudge to get your core copy out. - SFG Jamie

    13. Francesco Foradori on

      i've still not received the core and u don't answer me...

    14. Missing avatar

      james cheshire on

      Looks great. I can't wait to play it when it arrives sometime in the next decade

    15. Steamforged Games Ltd 5-time creator on

      @Jesse Lopez - Git Gud?

      You've just beaten a Main Boss to get here. You should be pretty well geared...

    16. Jesse Lopez on

      Lvl 4 encounters seem a bit unheatable. You uave like 9 enemies activating when you enter

    17. Ami

      That sculpt looks amazing!

    18. Greg on

      I'm honestly most impressed with the box; I didn't know each boss had its own elaborate packaging.

    19. Jesse Stern on

      Not a huge fan of the look of the game board, but everything else looks great =)

    20. Missing avatar

      Kyle Rickert on

      Why would guardian dragon require a level 4 encounter? Guardian dragon is basically a trash boss you stomp on the way to better things.

      I mean, its nice to add that value to an expansion. Just contextually GD is no where near the level of OnS or 4 Kings, Kalameet, etc...

    21. Liam Brennan on

      Looks cool! Might be the extra content the game needs to bring it back out if the cupboard.

      Is it just me, or does the update end sort of abruptly...? Like there’s a whole section missing at the bottom. Just a sign-off would be more professional!

    22. Andrew Huang, hunting PIN-UP monster

      Wow need to start thinking of space in my house to keep all the expansions!

    23. Lehane Richards

      I can't believe how late this game is.