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Dark Souls™ - The Board Game is a strategically challenging, deeply immersive combat exploration game for 1-4 players.
Dark Souls™ - The Board Game is a strategically challenging, deeply immersive combat exploration game for 1-4 players.
31,178 backers pledged £3,771,474 to help bring this project to life.

Backer Kit Re-Opening Time & New Product Reveal!

Posted by Steamforged Games Ltd (Creator)

Hi unkindled,

We have a huge update today as the BackerKit will be re-opening and we can finally reveal our new product we have been teasing for weeks...

BackerKit Re-Opening

The BackerKit will Re-Open at 20:00BST (14:00EST) Today!

After receiving your survey responses and the emails into support it was obvious that a lot of backers wanted to purchase additional Add-On products. We have worked tirelessly with BackerKit over the last few weeks to develop this functionality and we are now ready! A big shout out to BackerKit for their work on creating this new system.

Darkroot Basin Add-On.
Darkroot Basin Add-On.

A small cohort of test accounts will be transferred over at around 16:30BST today prior to the full opening at 20:00BST - this will allow us to fix any errors (if any) that appear before everyone has full access. If you are in the early group you will receive an email around that time giving you access.

We have made the decision to keep the prices of all Add-Ons exactly the same as they were when the Kickstarter launched over a year ago. These products will have a MSRP of considerably higher than the current price - but due to the constant support our backers have provided us its only fair to offer this exclusive level of pricing once again.

Not only this, but any existing Add-On will also have Free Shipping and be combined into your Wave 2 delivery.

For a full list of the contents of each Mega Boss Expansion - we have written up a handy little guide here.

This will be the last chance to access more product via the BackerKit and it will only be up for 2 weeks to ensure we keep with our production schedules - so don't miss out on this opportunity.

Asylum Demon Mega Boss - Can also be used as a Mini and Main Boss...
Asylum Demon Mega Boss - Can also be used as a Mini and Main Boss...

We have also put a brand new product into the BackerKit for Pre Order... we can finally announce a new Dark Souls™ product that will be heading directly to retail early next year:

Dark Souls™: The Card Game

Praise the Sun! \[T]/

We have had a separate internal development team working on Dark Souls™: The Card Game for the last year at Steamforged HQ. We are so glad we can finally announce the product to the world. 

Not only this, but we have decided to offer this product for pre-order via the BackerKit at a discounted price (£29.95, MSRP £35) and delivered ahead of its retail release. 

Delivery is currently planned for February 2018 to backers, with a Retail Release in March/April 2018. This product will not ship with the Wave 2 of Dark Souls™: The Board Game products due to the different planned delivery window. As such, there will be an additional shipping charge if purchasing this product.

This product will also be offered for a limited time period to non-backers of the project (2 weeks) via our normal sales channels so if you have friends who missed out on this Kickstarter but would still like access early to this new product let them know!

Dark Souls™: The Card Game
Dark Souls™: The Card Game

Dark Souls™: The Card Game is a cooperative deck evolution card game for 1-4 players.

Players must explore the Encounters around them, defeating a myriad of enemies to gain Souls and Treasure. They must use these to evolve and adapt their deck to better fight their enemies. 

Players may assume the class of a Herald, Assassin, Knight or Sorcerer - each giving a powerful in-game ability.
Players may assume the class of a Herald, Assassin, Knight or Sorcerer - each giving a powerful in-game ability.

When the players are ready, they must challenge the powerful bosses that lie within. The players must walk a narrow path, however, since their decks allow them to attack their enemies, but also represent their health. 

Haunting foes will stand before you and frustrate your efforts. Each foe has their own unique attack that you must memorise to succeed.
Haunting foes will stand before you and frustrate your efforts. Each foe has their own unique attack that you must memorise to succeed.

Decks are only refreshed when the players rest at the bonfire, so players must defeat their enemies while husbanding their strength for the greater challenges ahead. Thinking quickly and adapting to the enemy’s attacks is key for survival. A misstep can be fatal, but the rewards of success are great. 

Collect items, evolve your deck and prepare to face the dark...
Collect items, evolve your deck and prepare to face the dark...

As you adventure through the Encounters you will be progressing towards the final Boss Battle. In the core game there are 4 Bosses:  

  • Vordt of the Boreal Valley  
  • Abyss Watcher  
  • Pontiff Sulyvahn  
  • High Lord Wolnir 

Each with their own deck of devastating attacks, you will need skill and strategy to survive.

Adapt your deck, evolve your strategy, and prepare to die. 

A tricky boss to take down with a devastating move set.
A tricky boss to take down with a devastating move set.

This box contains everything you need to play, including: 

  • Over 400+ cards featuring - starting deck cards, equipment cards, stamina cards, enemy cards, boss cards 
  • 1 player board 
  • 1 encounter board 
  • 1 enemy board 
  • 60+ tokens 
  • rulebook 

Shipping Update (Wave 1)

  • Australian Orders are starting to be on route to delivery and processed by our shipping partner.
  • We are still processing the remaining Asian orders but we have run into a few difficulties due to non-english characters used in addresses. These are being resolved by our support team right now and tracking numbers emailed.
  • IT/ES - same status as last update and same expected delivery window.
  • Can I change my previous order?
  • No, that order is already under production and allocated. You can however add additional products at this time.
  • Do retailers have access to the BackerKit?
  • Yes! Although some products are not available to the retailers in order to keep our production timeline intact.
  • Will these additional models effect when I get Wave 2?
  • No, we have chosen a specific time length for this re-opening to ensure no additional delay to the project from the increased product production.
  • Will shipping be fixed this time with Wave 2 and The Card Game?
  • We have learnt a lot of lessons from Wave 1 Shipping and we are confident that we will meet customer expectations on Wave 2 and The Card Game.
  • Will I be charged import duties on The Card Game?
  • As with the Board game, the following territories will not receive import charges: Canada, USA, Australia, EU.
  • I missed out on the Kickstarter - can I still get in?
  • Unfortunately not! 
  • Why is the Core Game missing from the Wave 2 Add-Ons?
  • Now that the product is in retail we felt it would be unfair to offer it through the BackerKit - so go check out your LGS to grab a copy.
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    1. Sjeng [] on

      So, backers at the $1 level can't add anything but the card game? I shared a pledge with a friend to save shipping, so if I want anything else I guess I'll need to check with him...

    2. Missing avatar

      Johan Selin on

      Yeah the Dancer change wasn't great, but with a bit of effort (And some scalded fingers) you can get it to look at least passable :)

      @Sif and Arty
      I hope that image isn't to scale between the two bosses...

    3. Denis Maddalena

      Is the large hollow soldier seriously just... a scaled-up version of the regular one?

      And that grammar on the cards, bleh. Pontiff's Authority needs a rewrite. The "it's" should be "its".

    4. Missing avatar

      Freyaldo on

      backer-kit is open for me.

    5. Yig, The Frogdog Whisperer on

      Since the rulebook and the Dancer mini we're horrible I wont trust SFG with anything else beside miniatures that are already fully made. Ill limit myself to maybe 1 add-on just for the miniature to use in D&D, honestly i think my copy of Dark Souls TBG will remain unplayed forever.

    6. Nick Hansen on

      i'd also like to hop on the bandwagon of why this card game is a bummer. I'm picky with my boardgames cause I love to expand; I would have much rather saw a whole new megaboss reveal rather a card game that I'd never pick up due to sharing the same art. Its why I passed on trying Star Wars Destiny when i already had imperial assault. anywho, i think its a bad move thats not going to work out. You could have just done more for your game that we've already shelled money on. Lord Pontif mini? Hell yes plz

    7. Missing avatar

      Stephen Etheridge on

      Disappointed you are beginning a new game when the current game rules need an update to fix core gameplay issues (do you read your forums?)

      Disappointed that you are risking further delay to shipping of existing backer rewards to milk what's left of the product.

      Doesn't fill me with confidence in any future endeavours or the prospect that you'll support the game you haven't finished releasing yet.

    8. Missing avatar

      Charles on

      @Steamforged Games Ltd : how are the mega boss giant tiles designed ? Are they one piece big tiles, or several pieces put together to form the big tiles ? i'm a bit concerned about a giant tile, will be hard to store and easy to damage. Can you tell us how it will come please ?

    9. Naiko Hatesyou on

      Card game looks terrible. I can't believe that design got approved. Thanks for making something so easy to pass up.

    10. CerealKlr02

      This looks amazing. Are we going to be able to order the retail bosses? That would be amazing.

    11. Porlakh Tatsumaki Gurana on

      WOW, Thank you so much for that card game. It's perfect for IT/ES backers to play something before the core game will arrive... :)
      I prefer to improve my DS:TBG ^^, but thanks anyway. Will see in the future.

    12. Nakano

      @Elvis Let's see if there is going to be an email about the reopening, but you can easily just Google "BackerKit" if needed.

    13. Missing avatar

      Elvis on

      How about a link to the backerkit? :)

    14. Daniel Barcus

      Please add extra dice to the pledge manager!

    15. Yhorm on

      Can i use the voucher for the card game?

    16. Missing avatar

      Luke Goodjohn on

      Will the retail bosses be available during the backer kit or will they be available to purchase from your website in the future

    17. Anders H. Pedersen

      I was expecting more information on the expansions, like the last update provided.
      I want to know more about the new terrain and other features if I am going to add anything to my pledge.

      As far as the cardgame goes - the copyright crap on top of the cards is a real deal breaker.

    18. Missing avatar

      Adrian on

      Please add core game to backer kit.

    19. Deacons of the Weel on

      I was hoping that the cards were an additional set of rules to add depth to the combats agaisnt mobs...

      Anyway, in this moment I don't expect to buy anything from SFG anytime soon. I remain angry about the translation disaster and the obscure nature of the comunication in this kickstarter...

    20. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Oleksa on

      Did anybody else notice that the Large Hollow Soldier is just a close up of the Hollow Soldier picture?

    21. Ryuhoshi on

      Yay the backer kit is opened again! I'll take a look again for sure to check if I can add something more... owo

    22. Michael B on

      I have been warning the other half for weeks this could/would/will happen... she'll understand..

    23. Richard Thorp on

      @Schadows THANK YOU!

    24. Dyne1319

      Does each player need a Core set of the card game or does 1 core set have enough cards for 4 players? I only ask because it only comes with 1 player board for a 4 player game that seems odd!?

    25. Simon Saier on

      I agree with Datcu Bogdan Alexandru on the card game.

      I love the Dark Souls artbooks for the games. They are stunning and incredibly cool.
      I want/expect something like this for a pure card game.
      MtG for example wouldn't be half as popular if the art wouldn't be so freaking cool.

      The card shown here? Makes me think you overproduced art for the board game, so you wanted to find another application and re-used a tweaked combat system from the board game.

    26. Missing avatar

      Adrian on

      @frostrogue117 I've now asked this question 3 times between here and the general comments section. No response to this question. A simple "let me look into it" would suffice.

    27. Hackareatech

      Card game: save only £5, but add additional shipping. MSRP is £35, meaning it will be £30 or less online and I'll add it to an order for free shipping. Definitely will wait.

    28. Razoupaf on

      I'm sorry but this card game definitely has outstandingly ugly components. And a plethora of tokens again!
      Ever heard of, you know, dice to keep track of souls and damage instead?

    29. Frostrogue117 on

      Yes shall we be able to use our remaining credit from before? What was supposed to be "vouchers" for a later purchase...

    30. Adam Evans

      Yes, to all the mega bosses! Well the 4 I didn't get initially... but I might wait on the card game... save 5 pound and 1 or 2 month early release... I can wait.

    31. Missing avatar

      Matthew Drummond on

      @sfg can you tell us what the considerably higher MSRP will be for these?

    32. Missing avatar

      Aaron Liebensfeld on

      These extra bits of information about these mega-bosses making it hard to decide on which to get.
      Having some of the deck revealed for Kalameet, knowing that Asylum demon has alt-setups to be used as a mini/main boss.

      Is there a potential that you will provide more comprehensive detail on the Mega Bosses in the backer-kit to help decide between purchases? At least pertaining to their more 'unique' aspects?


    33. Schadows on

      @Richard Thorp Vord model could be seen in July 27th update.

    34. Missing avatar

      Adrian on

      I had leftover credit in the initial backerkit. Will I be able to use it when it reopens?

    35. Schadows on

      Too bad for the missing "Extra Souls Pledge". I wanted to have a second set instead of having to move the game (heavy) from/to work each week, but seeing how much retailers sell the core game (so without any of the stretch oals), I will keep doing what I do currently ^__^'

    36. Ami

      Thank you for keeping the pricing and shipping the same, I really was planning on parceling out most of the expansions (through retail) over the next couple years but I may now buy more than the Darkroot Basin tiles as planned. \[T]/

    37. Primesoft Games on

      "IT/ES - same status as last update and same expected delivery window." I think this is no true.
      You didn't say if the "last" componet has arrived from china, you say "same as last update" that doesn't means nothing.

    38. Matthew Dimalanta

      So the deal for backers when it comes to the card game is to give them money now and they will give us the game when it comes out for 5 bucks cheaper?

      I am trying to make sure I didn't miss anything. No exclusives, no significant discount for backers, just 5 bucks cheaper.

    39. Missing avatar

      claudio canales on

      So, August 21st to finish it/sp production? and a couple of months to receive it i guess. My worst pronostics pointed september, i missed! maybe october?

    40. Steamforged Games Ltd 5-time creator on

      Typo in update guys:

      Asylum Demon Mega Boss - Can also be used as a Mini and Main Boss...
      Should be Mini and Mega


    41. Richard Thorp on

      And by haven't seen I mean have not seen a picture of the model.

    42. Richard Thorp on

      The only mega boss we haven't seen is Vordt of the Boreal Valley right?

    43. Caragorn on

      @steamforged games
      Will the card game be translated to Spanish?

    44. Missing avatar

      Luke Smolinski

      Very excited for all of this! I can't wait to get those massive bosses, especially after the last update explaining the mechanics

    45. Nick Hansen on

      Any word on when retail megabosses will be available such as Lost Giant and chariot?

    46. Missing avatar

      Nigel Swan

      Sounds fantastic. Leaving the backerkit open for only 2 weeks is tight for those going away on holidays. Including me. Going just before it opens for 2 weeks.

    47. Missing avatar

      Daxora on

      Please upload some HQ images of the megaboss minis!

    48. Missing avatar

      Adrian on

      I had leftover credit from the first backerkit. Will I be able to use this when it reopens? I want to get another boss.

    49. Missing avatar

      <insert catchy name here>

      Well handled.
      All the options are fair.

    50. Datcu Bogdan Alexandru on

      I'm sorry but no. Those cards have terrible art. The players? good. Looks nice. The monsters? no way. The grey backgrounds and the huge trademark text are a deal breaker. Unless you fix those i am passing on it.