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Dark Souls™ - The Board Game is a strategically challenging, deeply immersive combat exploration game for 1-4 players.
Dark Souls™ - The Board Game is a strategically challenging, deeply immersive combat exploration game for 1-4 players.
31,178 backers pledged £3,771,474 to help bring this project to life.

Over 21,000 Backers!: Tiles, Models, Exploration Video + More!

Posted by Steamforged Games Ltd (Creator)

Hey unkindled, 

Golden Week is now over in Japan and we now have a whole host of new content for you throughout the final stages of this Kickstarter - we know you have been DEPRIVED recently...

The Deprived - one of the FREE Stretch Goals backers have currently unlocked!
The Deprived - one of the FREE Stretch Goals backers have currently unlocked!

We have achieved another huge milestone - we now have the most backers EVER on a Kickstarter for a board game thanks to your dedication and support. To celebrate this, we have unlocked a new Add-On a lot of you have been waiting for...

Darkroot Basin Tile Work in Progress Design
Darkroot Basin Tile Work in Progress Design

A Brand new set of gaming tiles! These double sided tiles will feature artwork from the Darkroot Basin and Iron Keep environments from the game and will allow backers more options of exploration during their game play sessions. 

Please NOTE that they are NOT required in order to use the Darkroot Basin/Iron Keep Expansions. Simply add +£15 to your pledge if you would like this Add-On.

Speaking of Add-On's we can finally reveal some more images of a model people have been dying to of our Mega Bosses Black Dragon Kalameet:

All our Mega Boss Expansions are £28 (see the main campaign page for more details) - simply adjust your total pledge amount if you want any of them. More will be previewed as the campaign draws towards the final days.

Finally, we have a video of the Exploration aspects of the game. After our write up a few updates ago this video should give people a better visual idea of how the game will play out as you adventure within world.

No Solaire yet? Still 7 days to go.... :)

Praise the Sun \[T]/

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    1. Nikolai Tsekov (BoardGames.BG)

      @Goodsound - you may not want it to be a memory game, yet that's true to the IP, you have to follow patterns in fights, etc. Also it won't be as easy as there are shuffle effects and sometimes you just won't be able to move away. And the system looks great as there aren't many of those. I'm so tired of pointless new dice systems that don't bring anything new.

      And yeah, CMoN, they have huge fan base, especially on the most mindless game they have - Zombicide.

      As for reviews - I don't see that game as ready, so I doubt SFG have a fully working preview. Which doesn't bother me, as the sytem they shown so far allows to easily add more stuff, and variety will come out of encounters and persistance.

    2. Richard Skin on

      Hi all! A question on the last video: what they mean with "and shuffle the rest" tiles? Do you really mean that we have to shuffle these mega-tiles supposed to be with different sizes?? I hope there will be a mini-deck of cards related to every tile-face to shuffle and pick one per time, like in "Gears of War - board game" setting phase :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Gyoergy Dudas on

      Sorry, but I am really upset. You just seemed not to get it. This gameplay video is almost exactly the same in content that wast update 21. I understand that this is a work in progress, but you started it by calling it a "strategically challenging, deeply immersive combat exploration game"... where is the strategy in this game?? You did not explain it to us, I think if you proclaim something like that, you should be able to deliver! I am basically buying this only for the minis at this point and expect to make up my own rules, if you cannot deliver on your promises.

    4. Missing avatar

      Johan Selin on

      Details and stuff on Kalameet looks great, I just wish he had a slightly more dynamic pose :(

    5. Goodsound on

      @Nicolai: check KS from Cool Mini or not ( also great free SG value).
      I am a backer, but at the moment I am still unsure if DS Boardgame is that brilliant as you wrote. It seems that you just have to memorize the moves of a boss and then when the same cards come again you know how to hit and evade. I don't want DS to be a memory game. There is always a reason when designers do NOT let independent reviewers like Rado or undead Viking etc make a review video of their game.

    6. DeeJay on

      I hope we have an option of buying extra set of game tokens. I would be willingly drop £25 for that. Praise the Add-ons!!!

    7. Nikolai Tsekov (BoardGames.BG)

      Seems that I'm one of the few to praise the design so far. Compared to 90% of the uninspird KS coop game clonings, including some of the bestsellers, it's simplisticly brilliant, and true to the IP. Even the farming is there for all I see. People saying they would get bored of repetition either never played DS, or they have some ungodly skills there to boast with (which I doubt they got by birth).

      And anyone whining about prices, plese let me know which other games have the amount of unlocks we got her for free.

    8. The K on

      Anyone knows if the Tiles (that are double sided right?) are one side Iron fortress, and one side Darkroot? Or they will be both side of just one of the 2?

    9. Missing avatar

      Syd Wentz on

      I'm a full supporter of this project... but it seems that charging extra for tiles for an expansion set that is already available... is kinda lame. Like Giles Pound Said earlier in these comments, I'd rather see new gameplay mechanics than tiles I have to pay extra for.

    10. Nick Hansen on

      I agree with most of the comments here. We should be seeing the variety and challenges that tiles offer such as water nodes before this campaign is up or I shall be considering retracting my pledge

    11. Sebastian Faust on

      Now that we have the basin, the Hydra from DS1 would be a supercool Add On Boss! ;)

    12. Dave H on

      hmmm, its funny, 5 years ago these games were giving games workshop a run for their money. Its changed their whole business model. Now those companies are going down the same route

    13. Dave H on

      Yeah, have to agree with some of the others in here. Ive got cupboards full of miniatures. I want an immersive game experience. I know it's not all that simple to create good rules, its a mission. But for 2,000,000 pounds? No excuse for that honestly

    14. KloudChen on

      REALLY want to cancel my pledged after learning the unlocked gaming tiles are add-on.
      THEY are even not contained in expansions, what is that?

    15. Both Sides of My Table on

      As a boardgame player (not a digital gamer)I need/look for an engaging & challenging gameplay. I appreciate the vast number of figures included but with little to show me in the dissapointing video above how the game could play out, it all seems very bland. I would rather see more effort put into gameplay than a barrage of plastic figures, and I'm not convinced that, even with the number of characters/bosses, there will be the variety of gameplay to make each game a fresh experience. I fear it may become very "samey". I get the feeling it is more like a collect able miniatures fanzine for fans of DS rather than a physical version of a computer game (which is fine but leaves me feeling a little disappointed with what promised to be an excellent looking game)

    16. Missing avatar

      PiusV on

      I know SFGs first goal is to earn money and for the 80pounds we already get a lot of stuff. But 80pounds are a lot of money to spend for something you don't know, too.
      I will not buy any add-on before having played the core game and thus I find unlocking those add-ons quit disappointing. I can buy them later anyhow.
      And the video shows nothing really new aswell. And to be honest. Reshuffleing the tiles after defeating the mini-boss... really. Sounds strange to me. And I think that terrain should be a key element of the tiles aswell.
      Well, still 6 days to convince me to keep my pledge.

    17. Eddie Garcia on

      Although some of the people here are being quite ridiculous it would have been nice to see a little more actual gameplay. Everything you explained had already been described in the text, either way I'm still in 100%.

    18. Cordovan on

      Looked at "Middara"-tilesets - i believe this is what many people want for DS.

    19. Flávio Henrique on

      I was about to ask exactly the same thing. Glad to hear from other people too.

      I'm here, waiting for any confirmation these tiles aren't just new background images.
      If I read an official word that we'll get new real tiles, I'll add up my pledge.

    20. Logus Vile on

      @Jesse: because this is a board game they are selling. At least that's what they claim. To quote the front page: "Dark Souls™ - The Board Game is a strategically challenging, deeply immersive combat exploration game for 1-4 players set in the Dark Souls™ universe."

      If you're not concerned with the game that's totally fine, however you must understand that many people don't just want miniatures. You wouldn't believe how many miniatures I have at home but the reason I have them is because they belong to a good game that I bought. I didn't just buy the miniatures themselves because they were pretty. And I think that's what most people here are looking for: the game behind the bling.

    21. Jesse on

      Why are there so many people criticizing and nitpicking? Regardless of whether or not the game will be fun, it's worth it simply for the dozens and dozens of gorgeous minis. I plan to paint them, and use them for a variety of tabletop games for years to come.

    22. Mojomancer on

      Will the tiles be plastic or cardboard?

    23. Joachim Heise

      User quetzalt on bgg voiced the concern with tiles very well, I thought.

      I believe the original concern with the tiles has to do with the variety of terrain in the Darsksouls Lore, not in quantity but in quality.
      You just can't get Dark Souls with half a dozen terrain tiles (unless they're blank and node configurable, as someone has suggested...). Even removing any sense of campaign/ progression. There should be swamps/ lakes which slows your pace, dungeons with tight corridors, holes on the ground, stairs and high grounds to attack or being shot from, forests with trees as osbtacles and what not, Cliffs, bridges and roofs to fall from, not to mention the inumerable traps/ contraptions/ hidden walls/ Shortcuts (gates)/ dark spots...

      "Ok, bosses have their own tiles, but it's not enough. Terrain is a key element of Dark Souls (praise the sun... anyone?). Combat is driven by terrain which is an essencial chessboard/ Lore element in the VG encounters. Unfortunately I still don't see it in the game (for simplicity's sake?). Random and variety is ok, but design is greater, just look at Darksouls lol, each zone and encounter is a game of chess (believe it or not, some people (the grand masters) can make it through naked, without death and withou bondfire).
      So people ask for more tiles and the solution is an add-on, which give you the same tile layout, but with an aestetic revamp. So basically, the terrain issue has not been addressed, not in the expanssion nor the extra tile set."

      Personally, I'd gladly play with standees and some solid tile tactics, than minis and strategically dull artwork on cardboard. If I don't see this within 6 days, I will regretfully withdraw my pledge. It's simply too much money for too much vague at this point.

    24. Missing avatar

      patrickmahan on

      Honestly, if you guys dont show us some actual gameplay I am cancelling my pledge. This 'new' video showed us what we already knew! It revealed nothing at all!

    25. Missing avatar

      ArtSchool on

      @Joaquín Oh, so I have to throw even more money to get some BASIC variety like different node patterns? I'm out of here before I say something unnapropriate. Good luck with you pledges guys.

    26. Joaquin

      Just a general FYI about the tile add-on: In the main comments section the SFG folk have confirmed that the new tiles will have varying node placements with obstacles requiring different strategies!

    27. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      This gameplay demo is incredibly disappointing. Most backers knew how that worked already. We all wanted to see an actual 30-60 minute long video showing tactics of fighting enemies and bosses, something to show that game play is going to be unique and interesting each playthrough. Right now I feel the suspicions of shallow gameplay are well warranted, SFG really needs to show some meat to the gameplay and not just the cards and figures.

    28. xfelalx on

      @ArtSchool +1

    29. Goodsound on

      @ Grediel: you nailed it. Tiles = terrain that must have impact on your tactical decisions, not being just scenery with ever same nodes.

    30. Missing avatar

      ArtSchool on

      How to explain nothing in 4 minutes. Not a single detail on tile differences & strategy. This seems as shallow as it gets. Either things change drastically in 6 days or i'm out. I wanted a boardgame, not a miniature demonstration.

    31. Noel on

      That Deprived is looking pretty beardless SFG, that's pretty disappointing

    32. Goodsound on

      Are all tiles the same size with the same amount of nodes?
      If so, this is not what I expected from "more tiles = more variety".
      They'd better offered one or two as a stretch goal.

    33. Logus Vile on

      @Chang: With 6 days left, don't hold your breath.

    34. Midian on


      I agree with everything you stated. I am not impressed with the tiles either. I find them to be uninspired. No variation, except artwork is different. No different placement of the nodes. Seems kind of boring if every map tile is similar other than artwork. You can make them as pretty as you like, but there needs to be more thought put into the gaming aspect of it, not the art.

    35. chang on

      do we have another video coming? this one didnt explain/show much (anything); the exploration part was pretty clear by text..
      in AMA mat have replied that more detail would be given in gameplay video/updates regarding:
      - spawning / placing enemies
      - battle w mobs
      - leveling up / using bonfire
      - different encounters placing events

      is this happening?

    36. Ludvig

      Seeing the size of those tiles, I get why they're extra.

    37. Vadgil on

      I wish they made the add-on titles unrelated to any other existing expansions. Could have saved themselves some serious headache. Other than that, I'm very happy for this project reaching the heights it is at, congrats.

    38. Aenima on

      @Kenny: Come on man, had the expansion cost 20£ then fair enough. But at 35£ they should definitely come with the cardboard for free.

    39. Your Mama on

      @SFG I know that many backers have have positive and negative opinions. I happen to be very happy with the campaign and I feel that we are getting a great deal, and I feel that all of you have done a stellar job.

      Thank You!

    40. Grediel on

      This may have been answered already but it's clear all tiles are the exact same grid of nodes just with different graphics, so, will whatever is below a node, like water, influence it in any way?, or are there paths you HAVE to follow like a bridge you can't cross to other side it unless you go through it and so on? The problem is that looking at the video the only one that barely seemed like this was that one with a tower, the rest all just seem open areas which actually make them the same exact board with just different useless graphics. This makes me not care at all for the tiles xpac.
      They should be completely different not just graphics, with varied node distributions, paths, obstacles and chasms. And lastly the xpacs should come with their tiles, I know we are already getting lots of stuff free but after KS the rest of the people won't and they WILL have to buy all these stuff separately which isn't fair. And if they actually make tiles different as I stated above a tile xpac will actually make sense since they will be completely new ways to play the game not just more of the exact same stuff with different graphics. Sorry for the long post.

    41. Missing avatar

      scott anderson on

      Wow if the deprived model comes out with that much detail i will be highly impressed

    42. Kenny

      You'd be paying for them either way. if this is what they cost, then the expansions would just have cost more to make. People want more tiles, here they are.

    43. Pier-Luc Tremblay on

      I'm taking the risk to sound ungrateful for all the free extra stuff we get but I'm a bit disappointed that those tiles aren't in their respective expansions and that I would need to pay for them.

    44. Aenima on

      I cannot believe you made these tiles as an add-on and did not include them in the darkroot basin expansion. The video didn't give me any more information that I already knew.

    45. Robin on

      Will there be anything new about these tiles, beside looks?

    46. Mark Hofmann on

      Are the characters all male, or is there a ladies set in the works?

      I ask because.... I don't wanna just paint some guy's butt 20 times.

    47. Ruinaes on

      Wow. Maybe I'm just dumb for assuming the Keep expansion would have Keep tiles. Seems like a cheap cash grab. Even with that aside, will anyone acknowledge how much information isn't in that video. We all knew that already! The video above is absolutely not what backers have asked for. This shouldn't be that difficult.

    48. Jamie Welch on

      I hope we get to see a full gameplay video before the kickstarter ends. I want to see something like TableTop from Geek and Sundry or Table Flip from Game Grumps. Full gameplay with people actually doing a playthrough of the game.

    49. Kenny Nierwienski on

      Kind of petty not to include these tiles in the actual expansions. I don't mind the expensive bosses but this deters me from buying the dark root Basin expansion since I have to buy another add on to have the whole thing.

      Just throw the few pieces of cardboard in with the dark root expansion and I guess make the stretch goal related ones another stretch goal.

      I know we're already getting a lot of stuff for free but I'm not liking the direction this is turning.

    50. Jeffrey Owen

      I'm really thinking of making my own tiles to match the actual battles. I fought kalameet in an elongated valley with a cliff end, smough and ornstein in a rectangular chapel with pillars for cover. I'm going to try it out, cuz every boss fight shouldn't take place in a square room with no cover.