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Dark Souls™ - The Board Game is a strategically challenging, deeply immersive combat exploration game for 1-4 players.
Dark Souls™ - The Board Game is a strategically challenging, deeply immersive combat exploration game for 1-4 players.
31,178 backers pledged £3,771,474 to help bring this project to life.

nearly £200k achieved!

Posted by Steamforged Games Ltd (Creator)

nearly £200k! Bloody hell! We are over the moon! So while we wait for final approval of our graphic assets, really need to share with you what has been unlocked so far...

To be included free in your KS core game pledges: 

 - 5 new player characters (Pyromancer, Cleric, Sorceror, Thief, Mercenary)

- enhanced boss behaviour cards or the Dancer and the Executioner 

- 5 legendary weapon treasure cards 

- 5 brand new Lothric encounters plus a mega-Boss add-on: the Gaping Dragon boss mode...can't wait to show you the model tomorrow morning!! 

And the first retailer add-on unlocks at £200k, the might Last Giant mega-Boss! 

Note that the new players characters will have band new models as well as unique cards/stats...they will be included in the KS core pledge, not the final retail boxed product...player characters will be boxed and released to retail for those people that missed out on the KS. 

We’re well on track to making the KS core pledge immense value at this rate... 

Just in case you worried, the breakdown of stretch goals is as follows: 1x every £20k until we hit £500k then every £25k after that until £1m...we have lots and lots of stretch goals planned, including a full expansion to be included in the core KS pledge! Stay with us people :)

As above, we just need final approval on the graphic assets and we can share with you the full rundown tomorrow... 

A few people have asked, the 32mm ‘heroic-scale’ miniatures will come fully assembled...the game and all its components are being manufactured for us by Ludo Fact so we have zero doubts that the quality will be world class!

Tomorrow is going to be a big day...


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    1. Missing avatar


      ????????????? Core set is being mailed out now but only with knight, warrior, cleric, assassin.......................................................what's this rubbish, SFG, about 4 additional classes in the CORE set?

    2. Eddy the Zombie Pandanado on

      Cannot wait to see that expansion!

    3. KuantumSuicide

      OMG, including the expansion would be epic!

    4. John on

      Yeah, you might want to check that figure again ;) try £451k congratulations!

    5. Sarblade on

      Update the stretch goals!

    6. AfroRyan

      I hope we get some more player classes, namely the sorcerer, the cleric, and the deprived. They are pretty iconic, just behind the knight and the pyromancer in terms of "HEY, THAT'S DARK SOULS." I hope to see them as stretch goals soon.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jim Dice on

      This has bolted out of the gates. I hope Steamforged has a set plan and that this KS does not spiral out of control by promising too much in the time frame they are setting themselves. Unbounded KS are typically the ones who have huge delays and failures....

    8. John McMillen

      @Steve Liu
      If you think a one year delay is bad, go read the comment section for 'Robotech Roleplaying Tactics'. That game and SG's were supposed to be released in the fall of 2013. In the fall of 2014 the base game and a few add ons were released. The rest of it will finally be released, god willing, sometime later this year. That's 3 years late.

      Remember, crowd funding isn't pre-ordering it's investing in an idea. And like all investments there are no guarantees and unexpected problems or delays may happen. If you can't deal with that then crowd funding may not be something you should get involved with.

      The right way to crowd fund:

    9. AndreaMing on

      Almost 400.000.. This mean 18 SG achieved.. At this rate we will reach 1.000.000 in a blinl off an eye! Are you reafy to follow US?

    10. Gregor Mascher on

      @cy Fung: if you think so, why back them?

    11. Derek Fung \ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ/ on

      The project seems going far beyond £1m, and they are not prepared for it.
      And seems they plan to put all bosses other than the first 2 as addons....

    12. Michael Morris on

      This is going to be amazing!

    13. Sharkey on

      Oh snap, we're almost at $500k!!! =D

    14. Missing avatar

      Alexander Masashi Fox on

      I'm simply astounded by how quickly this KS exploded. Dark Souls fans are tenacious by nature, and it certainly shows in our desire to get brutalized in a board game setting at that!

    15. Shaun Varsos

      Awesome update. The only news that could make me happier is a certain Abyss Walker. He may have a wolf companion.... *cough* Artorias *cough*.

      For real great update though.

    16. Missing avatar

      Jesse Martin on

      Please, oh pretty please, can we get a Knight Lautrec mini?

    17. Thomas on

      @Steve Liu You are not the smartest to be pissed over a Kickstarter Delay. In Conan you also got a crazy huge amount of free stuff that of course made the progress take even longer. Thats how kickstarters work.

    18. Steve Liu on

      in a small tone...just don't disappoint the backers here... I am already so P!$@ with Conan's 1 year, hopefully you folks manage to set most of the issues down first hand,...get the gameplay smoothen ...and it will be a hit.

    19. Missing avatar

      Kikizosan on

      Any idea of what the RRP for the core set will be/boxed characters/expansion/etc?

    20. Missing avatar

      Sidwick on

      Bonfire ahead.

    21. FaolanHart on

      A friend linked me to the Eurogamer article.
      I jump over as fast as I could.
      What can I say; we Souls fans are a passionate bunch.

      You guys are the 3rd crowd-funded project I've ever backed.
      I'd say good luck but it's obvious you don't need it.
      An epic chest ahead for you it would seem.

    22. SveinAA on

      @Chantal Noordeloos +1 - Odd yes

    23. Toxic Chibi on

      @Agreave you get the privilege of ordering expansion material via retail.

    24. Agreave (carpets ARE required) on

      So, what do I get for stumping up 80 of the Queens, 9 months in advance?

    25. Aerouge

      Thanks Jorge and Kylr ... I just assumed that the stretchgoals reached would be added to the core retail box as in every other KS I backed, and not end up as seperate items to buy... and suddenly this campaign makes a lot more sense to me :D thx

    26. Chantal Noordeloos

      That's what I like to know too

    27. TigerNineThree

      Are there any female sculpts?

    28. Chantal Noordeloos

      Lol, this is definitely one of the oddest campaign I have backed so far

    29. Missing avatar

      Martinatia on

      Now we have the breakdown and the crunch, but where is the fluff? What I mean is, is the game going to be composed of only the fights and dungeon crawling, or will there be some deeper exploration?

    30. Missing avatar

      Jorge on

      @ Aerouge Lots and lots of stretch goals.

    31. Norman Teichmann on

      Really great of you to share the breakdown of the stretch goals, thank you very much for this :)

    32. Kylr on

      @ Aerouge Well, you get all the new player characters and other add-ons all in one package so you do not have to buy them all separately from the store, and you will be getting everything pretty much as soon as you can.

      That, and you'll be contributing to furthering the stretch goals, if you care about that sort of thing.

    33. M.TERAN

      This look very promising!!

    34. SveinAA on

      @PewPewLaserYoda: Yeah will go to bed :) But a final comment; I could have adressed more topics in my comment wicht I didnt. All im trying to adress is that i hope they like many other KS, will give more info on the depht of the game. And that information i think should be ready already at the start of the KS. This is my personal opinion, if im not convinced i can always cancel my pledge. ;)

    35. PewPewLaserYoda on

      @ svein: they still have 26 days to go. Go to bed and come back tomorrow and u might be surprised. If it was at the half of the campaign i could concur, but cmon the project is only 3 hours old.

    36. Aerouge

      Please answere the following question: why should I back this game as a non-retailer? It doesnt seem to have any advantage to back over buying in retail???

    37. Daddy Griff on

      You have made a very fine start... I'm beginning to think that a delivery of my flapjack might be in order ;)

    38. SveinAA on

      First of all: Nahh.. What a totally uninspiring kickstarter. No incentive at all!
      Second: Really disapointed with the information regarding the playability and replayability of the boardgame. Yeah its dark soul, and yeah i've already seen the teaser video with a boss fight that tries to represent a bossfight in the videogame. But really is that your only selling point? Is bossfights all that there is to the boardgame version? Overhyped because of the brandname possibly?
      This KS will cost me 145 GBP inclusive P&P, Taxes and fees.
      So convince me this is not a hype, but a boardgame with replayability that adresseses the exploration itch as stated. More information, examples of play and rules please.

    39. Cziráki Balázs

      Great update, thank you!

      What about the "Hunter" player character?
      On the main page it is seen as the 80k unlocked stretch goal, but here you didn't mention it.

    40. Balgin Stondraeg

      The Hunter is probably the Thief or the Mercenary (looks more like a mercenary to me).

    41. Missing avatar

      Taylor Kowbel on

      So just curious, the update says the 5 new player characters, but it doesnt say Hunter, which the actual stretch goal art shows, is that one still unlocked as well?

    42. Sharkey on

      Oh hell yes, I was dying to see the Gaping Dragon! XD

      I really hope we see some iconic armors and characters show up as playable characters. I'm looking at you Solaire and Faraam armor! ;D

    43. Paint'Riot Studio

      very wiil ! can't ait to see all stretch art tomorrow !

    44. Maglok on

      Woooo gaping dragon! :D

    45. Steven Thresher on

      Great stuff, the Gaping Dragon will be epic! All concerns gone with this update.

    46. Cador

      Very Nice Update!

      I am satisfied :)

    47. Rolling Solo on

      Great update! Looking forward to tomorrow!