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Dark Souls™ - The Board Game is a strategically challenging, deeply immersive combat exploration game for 1-4 players.
Dark Souls™ - The Board Game is a strategically challenging, deeply immersive combat exploration game for 1-4 players.
31,178 backers pledged £3,771,474 to help bring this project to life.

Funded in 3 Minutes!!!

Posted by Steamforged Games Ltd (Creator)

Amazing guys!

Funded in 3 Minutes!!!

The journey has just begun - what an amazing start.  Stretch goals update coming soon seems several have already been smashed!


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    1. John on

      I wasn't lucky to be an early backer, but I'm in and ready for the painful ride :)

    2. Lt.Katana on

      Already on boat, more stretchs goals please...

    3. Derek Johnson on

      We've been waiting so long for this. You guys probably have no idea . . .

    4. Erik Harring on

      Retailer exclusives? Lets hope that is the only one...

    5. Raider363 on

      I think the retailer exclusive add-on is a good idea. It gives retailers who often dislike kickstarter because it can hurt sales of a game post kickstarter a real reason to back. Also it gives us players a reason to support our FLGS while still getting a good KS price on the core game.

    6. Char Aznable on

      You need to drop the retailer exclusive add-ons, all content needs to be available during the Pledgemanager, this is terrible.

    7. Sharkey on

      I'd be happy to see retailers get big discounts on their items, but I really would like to buy it all for myself ASAP from you guys, which goes toward stretch goals! :D

    8. Rolling Solo on

      The retail exclusive add-on's aren't a good idea. Ditch that idea. Everything else is looking good though!

    9. Missing avatar

      Josh on

      Great job guys. Lets hope for more bosses

    10. Dyne1319

      Ditch the retail stuff, all of us want it all

    11. Steven Thresher on

      Looking forward to tracking this obsessively over the next 26 days!

    12. Bones BSmith

      He he, BONKERS, barely got me fat fingers through me pledge and it was funded! Hurrah, me lad is chuffed to bits

    13. Andrew Hayford

      Try jumping.

    14. nems on

      Crazy! PRAISE THE SUN!

    15. Clayton Falconpunch on

      Well done guys :) Sooooo hyped on this!

    16. Stuart Buck on

      Praise the sun!

    17. Paint'Riot Studio

      the stretch the stretch !!!

    18. Missing avatar

      Travis on

      Are you really that surprised?

    19. Psientologist on

      I just hope these add on Stretch goals come in at a reasonable price. That and I need a Catarina Knight!

    20. Sharkey on

      Praise the Sun! I'm hoping to see a Faraam armored player character, can't wait to see all of the planned unlocks! XD

    21. Missing avatar

      Lunasea on

      Praise the sun!

    22. Rappletek on

      Hyped!! Now let's see how far this goes and what your stretch goals look like! :D