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An exciting range of high-quality miniatures that bring the legendary heroes of Vox Machina and the Mighty Nein to life.
An exciting range of high-quality miniatures that bring the legendary heroes of Vox Machina and the Mighty Nein to life.
20,743 backers pledged £908,525 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Robin Fitton about 8 hours ago

      Who is this Mr CrowdOx and where can box this Ox into shape? Is it as big as a water buffalo? Send us another link I can't remember seeing one.

    2. Missing avatar

      Lauren Hilton 4 days ago

      Thank you Chance Kane. Got new email sent. I am all set.

    3. Missing avatar

      Chance Kane 5 days ago

      To Those Who Did Not Receive An Email From CrowdOx, I Found It Easiest To Check Update #22. Within The Third Paragraph, First Line There Is A Link "Pledge Manager" That Will Take You To A Page To Resend The Email. You Can Access Update #22 Through Your Email, Or Through The Update Tab On Critical Role Kick Starter.

    4. Missing avatar

      Andrew Morris 5 days ago

      Frankly I’m sick of hearing very little and receiving nothing, I have messaged you multiple times and would like a refund but you have not responded. Please someone reach out to me I’m tired of this

    5. Missing avatar

      H-D Gronewold 6 days ago

      I think I got everything, but I cannot login into crowdox, my mail is not recognized. How can I check that?

    6. Cole Phillips 6 days ago

      Quick tip. I couldn't find the link either, but there was an email from a few months ago from them that had all the information from when they initially asked for shipping information.

    7. Missing avatar

      David King 6 days ago

      I have never received any communication from CrowdOx regarding this Kickstarter at all. Is there a way to get this link?

    8. Rawb Croteau 6 days ago

      Never received any word from CrowdOx and need that email.

    9. D 6 days ago

      I haven't received an email from CrowdOx either. Can you please send it to me as soon as possible.

    10. Missing avatar

      Sylvia Blanco 6 days ago

      I didn't get an email from CrowdOx either. Is it worth asking them to resend these (at least to people who haven't responded to their email). It looks like many people have the same issue?

    11. Missing avatar

      Odins.Sage 6 days ago

      I have not received any communication from CrowdOx

    12. Missing avatar

      Jack Bush 6 days ago

      I have yet to receive any communication from crowdox.

    13. Missing avatar

      teresa mcdonnell 6 days ago

      I have not had a crowd ox communication.

    14. Missing avatar

      RC3117 6 days ago

      I have not received any communication from CrowdOx regarding this project.

    15. Missing avatar

      xDetroitMetalx 6 days ago

      What exactly is this new ship date? Is it boats from China to shipping hubs or is it shipping hubs to backers? That's an important detail.

    16. Attila Gonda 6 days ago

      Hello Steamforged / Critical Role / Giblin,
      I can't change my country on the side. Can you help me?

      I sent you a DM several days ago too but no response.

    17. Andrew Willis 6 days ago

      we all saw the low res tiny pictures of minis. it didnt help anyone find out if the minis still have terrible faces or not. though from what can be made out by zooming in... they still look terrible.

    18. Missing avatar

      Eric Gunty 6 days ago

      The quality control was addressed in a previous update, I'm guessing you didn't see it.

    19. David Bourke 6 days ago

      i guess instead of getting better pictures we'll just have to look at the minis in person to see if theyre actually any good. if nothing else we can at least recreate the mr kite scene from across the universe.

    20. Missing avatar

      Alex 6 days ago

      Yeahhh best lower your expectations for these...

    21. Jenny Williamson 6 days ago


      The fact that they have not addressed it means no. What you see is what you are getting. If they had addressed it, they would have when they were talking about fixes on the other three.

    22. Missing avatar

      8bitlife 6 days ago

      Yeah, but did you FIX the horrendous face sculpts of Jester, Yasha etc??????