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An exciting range of high-quality miniatures that bring the legendary heroes of Vox Machina and the Mighty Nein to life.
An exciting range of high-quality miniatures that bring the legendary heroes of Vox Machina and the Mighty Nein to life.
20,743 backers pledged £908,525 to help bring this project to life.
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      mathew paulus on

      Sorry I meant a Cadueces mini

    2. Missing avatar

      mathew paulus on

      I wish they would add a Molly mini to make up for the pushed delivery and lack of updates.

    3. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      These honestly look like shit. Hope CR learns not to work with steamforged after this fiasco, nothing has been met as far as expectations of quality and timeliness. FFs

    4. Daniel Evanson

      so I have received several of the guest character miniatures.... when do we get the actual cast characters miniatures?

    5. Missing avatar

      Jon on

      Any news? Has any of them shipped?

    6. Missing avatar

      Alan Dexter Bruce on

      The note below the box to enter a post says "Be respectful and considerate" ... perhaps these instructions need to be passed along to SFG?

      The resin masters they showed looked great. The final product was beyond poor. A delay in shipping was the right answer. Remaining silent for 2+months is neither "respectful" nor "considerate".

      I want to wait this out and see if they can pull this together and deliver something close to what I supported ... but that means they need to tell me what they are doing.

    7. Missing avatar

      Daisy on

      How much longer can we expect an update on progress it’s been since February since we’ve last Hurd any news I’d really like to know that my product is coming along as promised

    8. Missing avatar

      Mike Fennell

      Any updates? It's been a couple months now.....

    9. Missing avatar

      Stephen O'Hanlon on

      Does Kickstarter do refunds? Because these are shockingly bad and I’d like my money back. If I’d have known this was going to be the quality of both the minis and the customer communication, I’d never have backed it. Really disappointed.

    10. Missing avatar

      Ryan R. Yarmula on

      I wont lie, because of how badly this kickstarter has been I didnt back the animated series one because I kinda fear the quality of the rewards and if they will be delivered in time. I was hoping to have these minis for a campaign I've been wanting to start at least as place holders for my players but the delays have put a damper on that. I hope we get more updates soon and and more transparency.

    11. James Laughlin on

      I, for one, am glad they are taking their time to get these right. It's tough working with suppliers who don't care about your product and brand as much as you do.

      Get it right SteamForged. I can wait.

    12. Missing avatar

      Stephen on

      I backed this project since it's conception and it's been almost a year. It's great that you guys need to revise the products because quite honestly it is disappointing, but give us an update. It's been 2 months. Wtf is going on? A simple explanation would be fine, just keep us updated.

    13. William kirby on

      I am starting to lose faith in Steam forged on this Project too. with no updates on this project since February 13th.

    14. Missing avatar

      Derek Farrell on

      Yeah and adults crying about little plastic toys is not pathetic.

    15. Missing avatar

      mike p on

      no updates since Feb. 13th? losing faith in Steamforged. Will not buy any further of their products or Kickstarter projects at this point. Any update on timing or process would have been helpful, the further silence is both unprofessional and pathetic.

    16. FellowsBrokenknee on

      Any updates on revisions to the molds or the next run of figure samples? I know it's 4-6 weeks to revise an injection mold (would assume the same here), Lose 2 weeks to Chinese new year, so I assume we're close to an update? People are concerned that you're ignoring this project, I picked up Dungeons and Doggies on the basis that the models you are doing limited run on look great, and I'll admit, the quality on the Dungeons and Doggies set while not as crisp as the models, was still solid. I'm hoping we see similar here once you're satisfied with the samples. Has anyone from SFG pushed the vendor on an update? Sometimes overseas mold makers over commit on projects and let them dangle without in person visits or conference calls.

      For everyone here concerned, as I was typing this I remember injection mold cavity change lead times and it tempered my concern. Hopefully it helps others to know how long the revision process can take. It's longer if they have to make new cavities instead of modifying. Here's hoping the wait yields the quality we all would like.

    17. J Womack on

      Still no word.

      At this point I assume that SFG either a) doesn’t care about our complaints and is ignoring this entire situation, or b) are essentially clueless as to how to operate a business. Hint: this is a bad way to do it.

      Even a non-substantive update would be better than echoing silence from the company. A mere “hey people we are still working on a quality issue” or “production has not yet begun but we planned on that” or even “look, we screwed up hugely.” But nothing? Even to direct contacts via their website?

      I think lawyers are involved. And that does not bode well for completion of the project.

      Critical Role really needs to reconsider their association with this company.

    18. Betakanim on

      The silence on your end is deafening and worrisome.
      Do you plan to update us on this project or continue to leave us wondering if we should just chalk up the money we gave you as a loss? Delays are understandable but we got a delay due to quality and the new models weren't much better at all and...
      ugh I've got a headache now.

    19. Daniel Mildren on

      New CritRole models have been released since this project was funded, they are limited quantity, I'm sure, but higher quality.
      We overshot the goal by 4500+% and while we expected the renders to not represent the final product, this is reaper bones, low quality plastic level.
      On top of that, we've not received word from the project runners since the delay caused by the Chinese New Year, which was expected. I think almost all of us are willing to wait longer for higher quality, but I also think steamforged has shown a significant disdain for their customer base by going completely silent.
      In my eyes you've damaged your reputation and are hurting the reputation of Critical Role with their business choice to deal with you, I can only hope you communicate further with your base and that CR takes this as a learning experience, moving their licensing to another company.

    20. Charlie Damien Healy on

      Super unimpressed with the lack of an update, the renders for these models are light years ahead of these very poor quality productions. I was annoyed enough that other models were produced after the campaign ended that could have / should have been stretch goals but now its clear despite smashing the targets the quality will be poorer rather than getting an upgrade. If production is not complete yet then you should be offering refunds.

    21. Missing avatar

      Attila Stark on

      I just love that you did an update about making your Customer Service better, and then go silent for 7 weeks after an update makes a large disturbence in your backers.

    22. Missing avatar

      Brendan on

      Are you guys just going to leave us in the dark in regards to these delays? It is really frustrating and disappointing to see how poor the communication has been every since this last update, it definitely puts me off from wanting to back any other of your products. The CR team is being so transparent about their KS so I have a hard time understanding why you can not also do the same

    23. Missing avatar

      Jennifer on

      Ive moved recently and need to change my shipping address and cant find where to change it on my end. Can I give you the updated address?

    24. Missing avatar

      Brian Oldroyd on

      Any update on this? Crazy to see how open Critical Role is with their kick starter and for this project to go silent after a delay design difference.

    25. Blunderbuss on

      I like to think that I have been patient.

      When this update came out nearly seven weeks ago, many were loud in their disappointment and displeasure. I gave SFG the benefit of the doubt and even offered defense for the discrepancy between the digital renders, the limited resin figures (which they have continued to promote throughout this fiasco), and the current iteration of Kickstarter miniatures. Even without assurance that there would be any further improvement, I was still hopeful for what this PVC miniature line might grow to be. Optimistic, even. I like to think that I have fair standards; I was prepared to accept what was presented, and was looking forward to hopefully getting even more minis as the line continued to evolve.

      But seven weeks without any new communication, frankly, is inexcusable. Laughable, even, in the face of the update ONE WEEK PRIOR, where SGF openly acknowledged its inadequate customer service AND PROMISED BETTER going forward.

      I’ve moved on now. Just pulled the trigger on a bunch of unpainted WizKidz miniatures, which marks the beginnings of my D&D miniatures collection. I’m doubling down on WizKidz to provide the miniatures that I need, because I no longer have faith that SFG can grow the Critical Role miniature line to what I had hoped it would be.

      I’m not asking for a refund. I’ll get what I pledged for, eventually. But at this point, I fully expect that this marks the end of the Critical Role PVC line, and I’m not going to wait around anymore for announcements that aren’t coming.

    26. Hans Winterfeldt on

      I think the right thing to do from SFG is to give us the STL files to all the backers as well to amend the poor execution of the project.

    27. Missing avatar

      Tnerb Notpit Itanram on

      I've lost my faith in this project.

      Things are behind?

      Ok. But as I've always been told: being behind is a reason to be MORE communicative with your customers, not less.

      What's going on?

      Out with it already!

    28. J Womack on

      Its been six weeks since this disappointing update. Failure to take Chinese New Year into account when you're dealing with Chinese manufacturing is, at this point in the history of Kickstarter, just an unacceptable answer.

      I'm very disappointed with Steamforged Games and their handling of this project. And while the quality of the newer miniatures is much better, that's saying little since as even you pointed out, the quality of the originals was simply unacceptable to anyone beyond perhaps a casual boardgamer.

      All in all, an indefinite delay of anywhere up to six months for a project that is relatively speaking this small (I mean, look at the Reaper Bones IV project... it's behind schedule as well, by about three weeks. And they give regular updates).

      You guys dropped the ball. Honestly, I'd as soon have my funds returned.

    29. Missing avatar

      Ola Danckwardt on

      Im really sorry to say this, but if this is the quality you are planning to deliver. Just don´t bother, this is not even close to the product promised.

    30. Missing avatar

      Ben Stapleton on

      We need an update on this please. Even if it's just to confirm delays and give a more definitive date - looking at the comments, I'm sure most of us would rather have a longer wait if it means the quality will be better, because honestly, these images look terrible; you raised nearly 50x your original goal, and a production of scale should (theoretically) make the per-unit price much cheaper on your end, so I am desperately worried about what the quality *would* have been like if you had only made 1x your original goal.

    31. Missing avatar

      Ben on

      Please update all the backers of this project, Steamforged, as to what is currently going on with the set back that occurred.

    32. Missing avatar

      TwentyScoops on

      New update is needed on this please.

    33. Missing avatar

      MarcusS on

      Been 6 weeks since last update, where are you with mini updates and delivery schedule

    34. Missing avatar

      Mary Winter on

      Hopefully there will be an update soon. Been over a month since the last one. :/

    35. Missing avatar

      Derek Farrell on

      @Bryce there was more than 20,000 backers so no where near “most” want their money back.

    36. Missing avatar

      Bryce on

      @Steven Those are retail $15. This is a kickstarter. Bones KS gives a MASSIVE discount on their KS and with all the stretch goals are 1/4 of what the retail would be at most. This campaign didnt have any and got the critter love, but so far has not shown that that money has nor will be put into the product. At this point, most people want their money back, as judging by these comments.

    37. Missing avatar

      mike p on

      Please oh please post an update, and more pictures of what is actually going to be produced. Steamforged best not mess this up - deliver what was promised or pull the project and refund the money.

    38. Missing avatar

      James on

      The quality for both versions shown here look waaaay down from the original samples we were shown at the launch of the campaign. This is starting to feel a bit shady.

    39. Missing avatar

      Steven Sites on


      Because the limited minis are resin which is more expensive than plastic. The limited minis are roughly 15 US dollars each give or take whereas all of these Miniatures totaled 60 US dollars or roughly $2.72 each.
      I'm sure the decision was made for the sake of inclusivity as many people would not have hundreds of dollars to spend on these miniatures.

    40. Missing avatar

      Stephen on

      Hey there, I noticed alot of complaints about the amended minis and the delay. My question is why haven't you just used the same casting technique that you used in the limited edition minis? are these not going to be limited edition as well? The Vax mini I received was TOP NOTCH and form the looks of it, the miniatures I'm seeing are less than so. I just want to understand the process and am still excited for these. Thanks.

    41. Missing avatar

      Ashley Lindsay on

      Would definitely wait longer for quality that is closer to your original designs.

    42. Missing avatar

      Charles on

      Is there anyway we get an update soon?

    43. Ian on

      the revision and Caleb looks fine, and even Molly, but can you guys talk about wtf is going on with Jester's face? It looks like she's going into anaphylactic shock. I mean even the one on the right isn't passable what so ever, you guys have to realize that.

      I know we're already in march, but I'd rather prolong delivery a little while longer to make sure that gets sorted out.

    44. Missing avatar on

      Eh brah, bump up the quality of these minis to the standard promised in the launch... don’t play games with us.

    45. Raakam on

      I've been too busy to check but yikes, this looks terrible. I'll echo other people's comments that a generic 3d printer achieves similar results to the proofs shown above. I've asked for a refund based on the shots above and will be happy to buy whatever miniatures they release in their "global release".

      Since packaging and shipping have not yet started, I am expecting a full refund minus the processing fees.

    46. Kevin McIntyre on

      Like everyone else I have been waiting patiently and anxiously for these to be released and sent to me. Looking at the update and the images I am not very impressed at all. I had hoped of a much higher quality than this from such a stupendously successfully backed kickstarter. I can say this because I can 3d print mini's in my garage that have much higher quality than what has been shown so far, and those are printed on a $200.00 printer. Even some of the free .stl files I have used have been superior than what was listed and shown printed here.

      I still stand hopeful however and will jump for joy when they finally arrive, I just hope that as much love and perfection that Matthew Mercer and crew have put into their product this company will supply that quality that we have come to love and enjoy from them.

    47. Missing avatar

      Tnerb Notpit Itanram on

      Very happy with how much attention is being paid to the quality!

      Any updates in the last few weeks?

    48. Missing avatar

      Jenpai on

      Quality to the merch is most greatly appreciated. Much love for watching out for us critters <3

    49. Quoctu Duong on

      Thank you taking your time for the best quality =) I rather wait longer too for what was promised. Keep up the good work =)

    50. Missing avatar

      Jacob Hocken on

      hi, how do i go about changing my shipping address?