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When you played a RTS or MOBA, did you ever wish to come down and keep the enemy at gunpoint in dynamic battles? In Universum you can!
When you played a RTS or MOBA, did you ever wish to come down and keep the enemy at gunpoint in dynamic battles? In Universum you can!
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    1. StarworksArt Studio Creator on

      I didn't promised here release on GOG, but I definitely will think about that.
      Universum isn't a beta-version of Warshift. Universum is a fully-functional standalone version. Warshift is a fully-functional Steam version. Both versions come out of the beta stage at the same time and they are up to date. Both versions are identity except some content from upper KS rewards which isn’t published on Steam.

    2. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Hi! So... no chance that backers will see Warshift on GOG? As I can understand now - Universum was just a beta-version of Warshift. Both games on steam, but not on GOG.

      Manual updating of DRM-Free games is not fun. Please bring these games on GOG.

    3. Matt on

      Okay I understand the bit about pledge levels but that feels a little unfair. I mean it feels a bit like you used the Kickstarter to make an beta and then launched an almost identical better polished game that only works with one out of the several platforms you promised :(

    4. StarworksArt Studio Creator on

      @ Matthew Partridge
      You already have got download links for OS X and Linux versions (since Dec 24 2014).
      Warshift is based on Universum but it is a different brand and may differ somehow in the future. Your pledge doesn't includes any updates except tech patches and bug fixes. (Updates starts from 'Guardian Edition' and higher pledges.)

    5. Matt on

      I've sent a message to the contact form for a steam key but I notice that Warshift is Windows only. In the kickstarter you said you'd be making it OS X compatible. Are Warshift and Universum essential the same and will have the same updates etc?

    6. StarworksArt Studio Creator on

      The game currently exists under two names:
      Universum as standalone version.
      Warshift as Steam version.

      Please use this contact form to get a Steam key, or if you have any troubles with a standalone version:

    7. Saul & Katie & Baby Samuel on

      Hey just filled out the form for the key. The name changed? Sorry been out of the scene for a while! How are things?

    8. Missing avatar

      aaron morris on

      Hello, Just stumbled across this, was a backer way back when. Is the game out? I can't seem to find it anywhere and the download link no longer works, the website also takes me to a game called war shift?
      Hope to hear back from you!

    9. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Hi! Please bring this game on GOG.

      You'll get more free testers and great feedback. Some of us don't like DRM and we still want auto-updates and other cool things that GOG provides (like rollback and more). So please give us a chance man! GOG will accept Warshift.

      GOG is even better than steam!

      Just look at the list of features!

    10. StarworksArt Studio Creator on

      Please use this delivery form to get a Steam key:

    11. Squishymaster on

      Did this game ever come out? I remember getting a message about downloading the game but by the time I actually got to clicking the link the file was no longer available. Is there still a way to get the game via download like it was originally sent to us or even as others have mentioned a way to get a steam key?

    12. Missing avatar

      Lukas Huynh on

      Hi Cyril, Would also like to get the steam key (I'm Guardian tier). Was looking for a while how to get it on steam and remembered to look in here. Maybe a good idea to make this information available on your hompage.
      Generally I would love more updated to get through over the Kickstarter update instead to always have to check the forum

    13. Dimitris Panokostas on

      Could I have a Steam key as well please?

    14. Steve S. on

      I'd love to have this in my steam account as well :)

    15. StarworksArt Studio Creator on

      @ zeus
      No, I meant non-gaming KS rewards like art-book and soundtracks, etc. If DLCs/expansions will be published, backers with "guardian" or higher tier will receive it for free.
      Multiplayer will be separated up to the full release.
      Standalone server now works and contain actual version of the game.
      Just sent you a Steam key.

    16. Missing avatar

      zeus on

      hi cyril, from what i did read in earlier replies you said that we wont get our KS rewards on steam, does that mean that if we play the steam version we will have to buy possible dlc/expansions (for the backers with "guardian" or higher tier)?
      also is the multiplayer separated or can the standalone and steam people play together?
      ive wanted to download the standalone version but i cant find a way to do so, the last download link ive found in one of your updates doesnt work anymore.

      but nonetheless, could i also get a steam key please?

      many thanks and greets.

    17. Michael on

      could i please have a steam key as well?

    18. StarworksArt Studio Creator on

      Thank you. Keys has been sent.

    19. Missing avatar

      Brian on

      Hi Cyril, awesome game, keep up the good work. Am I able to get a steam key as well please, cheers.

    20. Missing avatar

      Konstantin on

      What about Linux/SteamOS version?

    21. Missing avatar

      Konstantin on

      Can I have a steam key?

    22. Curtis Myers

      Excellent; thank you, Cyril!

    23. Curtis Myers

      Sorry, I was just running through old Kickstarters and realized I had not gotten a Steam key yet for this. Could you send it to me? Thank you.

    24. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Oh! It was renamed to Warshift! Nice. I like this name. :)

    25. Paul Broad on

      Can I have a steam key? I got the other code from december 2014

    26. Oleg Merkulov on

      Hi Cyril, сan I get the Steam key, never got one? Thanks.

    27. Missing avatar

      Achim on

      Never got a Steam key as well. Great work!

    28. StarworksArt Studio Creator on

      @Garling Beard, thenotcoolone
      Keys sent.

    29. Missing avatar

      thenotcoolone on

      can i get my steam key please? that would be really nice

    30. Garling Beard on

      I never received a steam key also. Do I get one.

    31. StarworksArt Studio Creator on

      @John Nathan Fernandez
      Steam key has just been sent.

    32. John Nathan Fernandez on

      Hello there,

      I've gotten the Kickstarter key from long ago, but never got a Steam key - is that included? Thanks! Hope to see continuous updates and progress!

    33. StarworksArt Studio Creator on

      @Jason Free
      Just sent your key via PM here.

    34. icemann on

      Can I get a key please. Backed this game quite some time ago, and only just discovered that you have the game on steam under the name "Warshift".

    35. StarworksArt Studio Creator on

      Just re-sent your delivery letter via PM here.

      @André Konietzny
      Just sent your key via PM.

    36. Tenebrous on

      Can you please resend my delivery email?

    37. André Konietzny on

      so, steam users get a content lighter version of the standalone kickstarter game? ...y? are they one patch behind, or do they have to play with 10 units less, or do they lack certain skills? why do all the things, thats a shitload of work isnt it?!
      would like to have it on steam, and of course with the kickstarted content! :)
      you can kill the standalone, no?
      i dont like having so many launchers and updaters and things...
      just hoped you get from the standalone to steam without, idk, "this" you are doing now xD

      so, if i want the "full" game, whatever that means, i just play the standalone? so a steamkey would give me only a lighter version, and no DLCs? meh...

    38. Missing avatar

      Yuri Lopukhov on

      Hi, I didn't got a key, can you send it to me?

    39. StarworksArt Studio Creator on

      @Paul Richard Dinkelmann
      Key has been sent.

    40. Paul Richard Dinkelmann on

      Could I get a steam key as well I pledged $20?

    41. StarworksArt Studio Creator on

      @David "Utility" Wilson
      I'm just send steam key to you via PM here. I want to separate basic and premium content on steam via DLC.
      Thank you! I hope it will be on GOG soon.

    42. David "Utility" Wilson on

      hi Starworks I saw your response to joshua johnson - I like steam simply because I can download my game anywhere, anytime - this answer about different feature levels is distressing,and it seems like you want to do a lot of content parsing?

    43. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      I still hope to see this awesome game on GOG. :)

      Congratulations on access to steam! This is great news.

    44. Joshua Johnson

      when I was asking about tier rewards I was thinking specifically about the guardian tier (lifelong access to all future content). I wasn't sure if Universum was being treated as a separate game as Warshift so I didn't know if the future content updates for Warshift would count as part of the tier reward.

    45. StarworksArt Studio Creator on

      @Joshua Johnson
      You have already received your copy of the game and other rewards on Dec 2014. Now you can get a second copy (Steam game), as a bonus to your reward, if you are fan of Steam DRM. (In my message here from 15 Aug I'm already explained how - send me request via PM here.)
      If not, you can still play standalone version that will develop under title Universum: War Front. Of course, Steam key not include any Kickstarter tiers, because you already got it separately, and because Steam version oriented on Steam auditory. It released under another brand and may have any differences or less functions unlike the standalone version in accordance to marketing purposes on Steam.

    46. Missing avatar

      Jonas Bo Jensen on

      @Joshua Johnson
      Wished the same thing, just saw it, thought someone had ripped of these developers since i normaly get these kind of news from kickstarter first. Well heres a hope for a steam key and at least a message from the developer soon. New name and steam release and we are kept in the dark, sounds weird to me.

    47. Joshua Johnson

      @StarworksArt Studio

      hello, just saw the rock paper shotgun article on the steam release, congratz, I wish you had posted an update letting us know, that's pretty big news. I just shot you a question asking for a key

      also, do keys that backers receive include all the rewards of their pledge tier? or do we get those separately?

    48. StarworksArt Studio Creator on

      @Kyle McLean
      Just sent it to you. Let me know if you did not receive the message.

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