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A robotics and coding kit for kids of all ages. Build, code, play, create the future!
A robotics and coding kit for kids of all ages. Build, code, play, create the future!
A robotics and coding kit for kids of all ages. Build, code, play, create the future!
1,169 backers pledged $246,612 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Robo Wunderkind Creator on June 5, 2018

      Hi @Picquenard,

      The Advanced Kits are being produced at the moment and we're shipping them in mid-June. There will be an update about the production and delivery coming up in the next days, stay tuned :)

      Kind regards,
      Team Robo Wunderkind

    2. Missing avatar

      Picquenard on June 4, 2018

      can you tell us when we will receive our advance kit ?
      Thanks !

    3. Robo Wunderkind Creator on April 23, 2018

      Hi Dina, we have followed up with you per email regarding your package, it is on the way :)

      Kind regards,
      Team Robo Wunderkind

    4. Missing avatar

      Dina on April 22, 2018

      Haven’t received your product yet. :(

    5. Robo Wunderkind Creator on April 16, 2018

      Hi Benjamin, after our next app update (to be released this week), you will be able to see the version of the firmware running on the robot in the settings menu, the bottom left corner. Please get in touch with us if you have questions!

    6. Missing avatar

      Benjamin De Vriendt on April 15, 2018

      Thank you, that seems to do the trick. Is it possible to check which firmware version is running or shouldI try the update again?

    7. Robo Wunderkind Creator on April 15, 2018

      Hi Benjamin, please try to restart the app and the robot.

    8. Missing avatar

      Benjamin De Vriendt on April 15, 2018


      The firmware update is now running for 10 minutes. Have I bricked my main module?

    9. Robo Wunderkind Creator on March 19, 2018

      Hi Christophe,
      Thank you for sharing your feedback and ideas, we are looking into it and we will do our best to provide a good solution!
      Kind regards,
      Team Robo Wunderkind

    10. Missing avatar

      Christophe Calmejane on March 16, 2018


      could you be so kind to include in our coming Advanced/Pro upgrade kits, a small piece of plastic to hold the whole Robo (like I described in a comment below).
      As you know, if you combine too many blocs the weight the the Robo is too much for the connections to stick while the Robo is moving (the wheels disconnect first). I managed to "temporarily solve" this issue by putting 2 of the Lego blocks below the Robo and bridging with an actual Lego part.
      This is NOT a viable solution because:
      1/ It's using the Lego blocks my kid wants to use elsewhere
      2/ The length of the bridge does not exactly match the Lego spacing (I kindof have to force a little bit
      3/ The piece of Lego long enough to bridge is not very large and cannot hold more weight

      With my coming Advanced upgrade modules, the total weight of the Robo will be much more, and I'm 100% certain it won't hold and the connections will break every 10 seconds, which will be VERY frustrating for me and the kids.
      A simple solution would be for you to provide 2 or 3 (of different length I mean) "bridge blocks" (with a connector to fit inside the cubes on each end of the piece) in our kits (and in the futur to include one in the started kit).
      You can reach me by PM if this is not clear enough and if you want a sketch of my idea.

    11. Robo Wunderkind Creator on February 15, 2018

      Dear Mårten,

      Sorry for the issues that you are experiencing, one of our team members has reached out to you to troubleshoot.

      Kind regards,
      Team Robo Wunderkind

    12. Mårten Olsson on February 14, 2018

      Mine started disconnecting from time to time. The orange block won’t play sounds (but works during startup although the speaker sounds broken).
      Bluetooth connection seem shaky. :(

    13. Robo Wunderkind Creator on February 8, 2018

      Dear Pei Ka Siu Thomas,

      As we have mentioned earlier in our Kickstarter updates, we are shipping the Starter Kits at the moment, with the Advanced and Professional upgrade modules to be shipped in spring. Professional Kit already contains the Starter Kit modules, and this is why we have shipped the Starter Kits now. The logic of the upgrade boxes is:

      Advanced Kit = Starter Kit + Advanced Kit Upgrade Modules.
      Professional Kit = Starter Kit + Advanced Kit Upgrade Modules + Professional Kit Upgrade Modules.

      Please rest assured that we know about your pledge and the additional modules will be shipped as soon as they are produced. Sorry for the misunderstanding, we hope we have clarified it now.

      Kind regards,
      Team Robo Wunderkind

    14. Pei Ka Siu Thomas
      on February 7, 2018

      Hello Robo Wunderkind, I backed a professional kit but I received a starter kit today. Could you please check what happened? Thanks

    15. Robo Wunderkind Creator on February 5, 2018

      @Patrick: we will be in touch with you regarding the .apk files.

      @Christophe: thank you for your feedback and ideas! Adding more small wheels is actually a really good one. We are also working on improvement ideas for our universal connector.

      @Björn: one of our team members will be in touch with you to look into the issues you experience. We will do our best to find a solution for you.

      Team Robo Wunderkind

    16. Missing avatar

      bj on February 4, 2018


      today my son and me tried to get something built with the robot after we gave it up last time beause it was just frustrating. We followed the hints from my last comment's reply (…) but it did not help at all.
      The parts disconnect, the robot gets disconnected again and again, robo drives a turn while it should drive straight. And the tutorial app does not work, even if all needed parts are connected. How are you addressing these issues?

    17. Missing avatar

      Christophe Calmejane on February 4, 2018

      I did finally receive my parcel (thanks a lot DPD... never use their service again!!!), and the kids love the Robo.
      Unfortunately I have the same issue many of us seems to have, being the wheels+motor very often disconnecting (after "driving" for a minute or so).
      The main issue is with the "Live" app the kids are mainly using right now. When a disconnect happens, even pressing the wheels together to reconnect so always properly reconnect the link in the app (although the orange block does make the connection sound), and sometimes the motor keeps running on its own. In such a case we often have to either disconnect the Robo from the app and/or reboot the orange block. In both case, the layout in the Live app is lost, which really annoy the kids.

      1/ Maybe try to find a lego compatible bar that we can put below the structure to support the weight (which maybe to can add in the Pro box when you'll send them)
      2/ Maybe add more small wheels block to help support the weight (only one, even for the starter kit seems a little mean)
      3/ Improve the Live app so we can save layouts (or at least remember the previous one when disconnecting/reconnecting)

      The Code app is really nice though!

    18. Patrick O'Brien on February 3, 2018

      Hi - just got my sets! Can you make the Android app .apk files available? I'd like to load them on my kid's Kindle Fire tablets where there is no Google store. If you could upload to the Amazon store that would work too. Thanks!

    19. Robo Wunderkind Creator on February 2, 2018

      Dear Rose,

      Thank you for the feedback! We are happy that you and your son are enjoying your Robo :)

      The connection between the modules is indeed a problematic part, but we are actively working on a solution that will improve the connectivity in the future. In the meantime, please make sure that the blocks are pressed together firmly and that the connectors are also firmly attached to the cubes.

      Thank you for the support!

      Kind regards,
      Team Robo Wunderkind

    20. Missing avatar

      Rose Richmond on January 31, 2018

      We've had the best time with the Robo this weekend! Yes, the connections need to be clicked together again sometimes, but this is a small problem.

      There is still lots for my 9 year old son to discover, like how to program the proximity sensor and stop Robo from crashing into the furniture.

    21. Robo Wunderkind Creator on January 30, 2018

      Dear RonL,

      Thank you for reaching out. Let us follow up in DM.

      Kind regards,
      Team Robo Wunderkind

    22. Missing avatar

      RonL on January 28, 2018

      Still waiting for package. Can you update?

    23. Robo Wunderkind Creator on January 23, 2018

      Dear All,

      Please check out the two new tutorials for projects with Robo Wunderkind:

      We hope they will inspire you for doing more cool projects with your Robo Wunderkind modules. Please let us know your feedback at, we look forward to hearing from you.

      Best regards,
      Team Robo Wunderkind

    24. Robo Wunderkind Creator on January 22, 2018

      Dear Christian,

      Thank you for sharing your feedback! The stability of the connection is a challenge and we are working on solutions how we could improve it in future. Meanwhile, we will be happy to provide you a new servo cube to make sure your kids can build some seriously cool robots!

      Best regards,
      Team Robo Wunderkind

    25. Robo Wunderkind Creator on January 22, 2018

      Dear Marie (Picquenard),

      Thank you for your kind comment. It warms our hearts to know that kids out there are playing with Robo Wunderkind. We are working on the bugs you mentioned and we hope to improve the user experience with our firmware updates.

      You can find the functions of the modules here:

      We are also working on more videos and tutorials, we will publish tomorrow two new ones.

      Best regards,
      Team Robo Wunderkind

    26. Missing avatar

      Christian Camps on January 22, 2018

      Dear Team,

      one addition: I tried to do the Lego support structure. Sadly I cannot bridge from one block to another with a long Lego piece. This is due to the blocks not matching the Lego grid. This was never a USB, still its kind of sad that this is not working since it is only 1-2 mm that break the compatibility :-(

    27. Missing avatar

      Christian Camps on January 21, 2018

      Dear Robo Wunderkind Team,

      I did receive my set a few days ago. The good things first:

      * My kids love the set.
      * The Code app is kids friendly and self explaining. The few English words are easily understood by my German kids
      * The overall look and feel is very good (although it still feels "beta" here and there)


      * I do also have the connection issues which comes down to the green electrical connectors not being perfect. If I build a simple car (main block in the middle, motors and wheels left and right) I can get it to work easily. But with a little bit of force on the main block the whole structure becomes angular and the electrical contact are not good any more --> The system disconnects one or both motors. A simple press on the wheels then mechanically aligns the motor blocks and everything works. Although I have not tried it yet, I could overcome this by using Lego to support the robots structure.

      My biggest problem is a broken servo block. It did work at the beginning, now it does not move any more. This is *very* unpleasant since a lot of possbible cool robots rely on this block :-(

      Best regards,

    28. Missing avatar

      Picquenard on January 20, 2018

      Hi, (sorry for m'y bas english)
      Bravo, this robot is really brilliant. My son has so much fun. Several problems nevertheless: difficulties binding the elements of the robot, the robot logout frequently and it is necessary to wait for a moment or to relaunch the application so that the connection is made. When we use live Robo, sometimes the robot begins turning on itself and impossible to stop it except by (switching off it. I have access only for two tutoriels, is it normal ? We are lacking models to understand well how to use every element. Bravo still, it is not completed but we see well the potential. Small trick: think of disconnecting from an app before using the other one. The robot cannot be connected on both at the same time.

    29. Robo Wunderkind Creator on January 19, 2018

      Hello Mårten,

      Thank you for your feedback. We are trying to improve the stability of the connection on the firmware level, we will keep you posted. Please make also sure to press the blocks together properly before starting the program you have coded.

      Please update your Robo following exactly the steps in the video on this site:

      This update will make tutorials work and improve the overall Robo experience. One of our team members also reached out to you per email. Please let us know if you need help with the update or have additional questions!

      Kind regards,
      Team Robo Wunderkind

    30. Robo Wunderkind Creator on January 19, 2018

      Hello Björn,

      We are really sorry for the troubles you are experiencing with your Robo. You are right, unfortunately, the blocks disconnect easily. We are still trying to find the best solution for this problem.

      Currently, if the Start symbol is grey it means that the Robo cannot see the needed modules to execute what you have programmed. In this case please press the modules together so that they are properly connected. The Robo should now detect the modules again and the run button should turn green.

      To make the tutorials work, please update your Robo following exactly the steps in the video on this site: Also, make sure you connect all the needed modules for the tutorials to your Robo, you can see the needed modules in the tutorial card on the projects screen.

      Our team member has also reached out to you via email. We continue working on Robo Wunderkind to improve user experience and we hope that with our help you will be able to discover what this product actually can.

      Best regards,
      Team Robo Wunderkind

    31. Mårten Olsson on January 18, 2018

      Received it today and agree the connections are a bit weak. It works better if you don’t build on the robot (adding pieces after connecting).
      Also the wheel should have been a bit smaller cause the wheel blocks disconnects easily.

      Will try to update firmware (are there any new?).

    32. Missing avatar

      bj on January 18, 2018

      I received the box a few days ago and made it a gift for my son for his birthday. Unfortunately the joy did not last long. As other backers said, the connection between the modules isn't very stable at all.
      Even worse, pairing between the tablet/coding app and the robot fails like 90-95%. The app shows the symbol for a connected robo and an option to disconnect but a project cannot be run. (The run-symbol stays grey.) Rebooting the tablet and the robot sometimes helps. Oddly enough the live app works almost always.
      FWIW the coding app's tutorials do not work at all.
      Considering these facts, this project is a disappointment at this time.
      I hope you'll find a way to improve it's functionality, otheriwse it'd be a huge waste of $264 which is not a chicken feed for me.

      Best regards

    33. Robo Wunderkind Creator on January 14, 2018

      Dear All,

      We have heard from a few users who have had disconnection issue. Ensuring that the modules stick firmly together, connect, and can be easily disconnected has been one of the biggest challenges in the development of Robo Wunderkind and we are still working on finding the best way to ensure that the modules and the Robo remain connected by working on our firmware.

      In the meantime, the following steps may help to resolve connection issues:

      Try to ensure that all modules are properly connected and recognized by the main block by pressing the modules together. We have learned that this can sometimes be tricky, as you may hear two of the four pins of the connectors clicking in and you might not notice that there is still a small gap between the modules, the other two pins not having completely clicked in. This can cause an easy disconnection when moving the Robo around. So if the Robo is not responding or not seeing modules try to press the modules back together properly and restart the program you have coded. If this does not resolve the problem, try to completely separate the module(s) and then attach them again.

      We have also noticed that when touching the circular contact rings in the middle of the cubes with slightly moist fingers sometimes can cause modules to disconnect for an instant. They will be detected again after removing fingers from the circular contact rings.

      Robo Wunderkind is currently capable of many really cool things: for example, you can use the gyroscope (the motion sensor) in your phone to remotely control the robot using the Robo Live app. We are working on more video tutorials and project ideas and we will be releasing them over the next weeks. In one of our upcoming updates, we will also introduce the function to record audio.

      We are working hard on improving the performance of Robo and your experience and that of your children playing with it. We know that there is room for improvement and we are listening carefully to the feedback we get from you. We are sorry for the troubles some of you are experiencing and are doing our best to address them with future updates of the app and the Robo's firmware.

      Please let us know if this helps and if you have further questions. You can always reach us at

      Team Robo Wunderkind

    34. Robo Wunderkind Creator on January 14, 2018

      Dear Mo_enzo,

      We are really sorry to hear that the first experiences with our robot were a disappointment. We will reach out to you directly to help you with the firmware update process.

      Team Robo Wunderkind

    35. Mo_enzo
      on January 14, 2018


      I received the product, but I have the same problem as Martin.
      It doesn’t work at all. Big disappointment for my son.
      The connection between the blocks is buggy. The blocks stay connected by pressing hard, but it lasts for only 5 seconds.
      The app is a joke (not a funny one).
      Firmware update is not possible, because the mac/pc doesn’t see a usb-drive. I also tried another cable.
      For now I’d like to get my money back. And please take care of the quality when you try to make products in the future.
      After waiting for to long, this is a real disappointment.

    36. Robo Wunderkind Creator on January 13, 2018

      Dear Christophe,

      It is required by any shipping company to put a value on the package. We are very sorry about the situation with import duties. In retrospect, we should have charged all EU based backers a VAT at the time of our campaign. For all Advanced and Professional upgrade kits, we are planning to send them directly from Austria.
      Regarding your tracking number, we will followup with you in a direct message.

      Team Robo Wunderkind

    37. Missing avatar

      Christophe Calmejane on January 13, 2018

      Just got a response from DPD... I gave them an incorrect tracking number (in fact it was easyship tracking number, not DPD's). I searched everywhere and I don't have any DPD tracking number! They say it starts with 1550...
      They say I should ask the sender for the number, so please give me the DPD number, it's been long already.

    38. Missing avatar

      Christophe Calmejane on January 13, 2018


      still no neews from the delivery. Package stuck in Rauheim(DE) since January 8th!!
      Asked DPD the reason but no response yet.
      I don't understand why we would have to pay 25€ fees if the package is a gift? How do customs determine how much we should pay, except if you put a value on the package!
      Since I'm supported to receive the Advanced Kit, it means I will have to pay yet another fee for the next package!?
      This is NOT exceptable and I do hope you'll make up for us when sending the next package (like an upgrade with led display, infrared sensor).
      Thanks for such of nice project... but please stop the disapointments :)

    39. Robo Wunderkind Creator on January 13, 2018

      Dear All,

      We have created two videos to help you with getting started:
      First steps with Robo:
      Firmware update:

      Please check them out and write us at if you need any help.

      Team Robo Wunderkind

    40. Robo Wunderkind Creator on January 13, 2018

      Dear Chris,
      Thank you for reporting this problem, one of our engineers will be in touch with you to find out more.

      Dear Joe,
      Please check your email inbox, we have sent you an email.

      Dear Martin,
      We are really sorry to hear that your experience has not been great so far. We have created videos for the help with getting started:
      First steps with Robo:
      Firmware update:
      More videos and tutorials are coming. We are working on improving your experience with Robo Wunderkind.
      Regarding the disconnection problem: it should be normally solved by disconnecting and re-connecting the modules and it should not happen too often. We will be in touch with you to find out more.
      Please accept our apologies for the issue with customs duties, this is very frustrating also for us.

      Team Robo Wunderkind

    41. Missing avatar

      Martin Kuttge on January 12, 2018

      so far my experience with the robo also has not been that great. I have had frequent issues with the connection both the physical and electronic (probably a result of the former). This lead to a lot of frustration for my kids who wanted to try it but their models would often suddenly fail after moving a short distance.
      Also since the tutorials were not working properly and some functions were absent, programming is quite difficult. e.g. what are the options for the light brick?
      To top things off I received today the bill from customs 35EUR plus 15EUR for handling :-(

    42. Joe Moretti on January 12, 2018

      I haven't heard anything as yet... via email or DPD

    43. Missing avatar

      Chris Brown on January 12, 2018

      @Robo Wunderkind - Is there any reason for the robot to turn that little extra at the end? Have you seen this problem before?

    44. Missing avatar

      Dave S (UK) on January 12, 2018

      Yes, it was in SPAM! Thank you. Paid and now awaiting delivery.

    45. Robo Wunderkind Creator on January 11, 2018

      Hi Dave S,

      Have you already received an email from DPD regarding the customs fees? As far as we know from the information provided by DPD, the shipment is released from Germany when the tax payment is made. Please check your spam box if you think that you haven't received anything. If there is still no sign of any email from DPD, we advise you to contact them directly and ask to resend it.

      Kind regards,
      Team Robo Wunderkind

    46. Missing avatar

      Dave S (UK) on January 11, 2018

      Has anyone in the UK got theirs yet? According to the tracking information mine has been in Raunheim, Germany for 4 days.

    47. Robo Wunderkind Creator on January 10, 2018

      Dear Serhiy and Rebecca,

      We sincerely apologize for not letting you know in advance. We have sent out emails with a notice on that to the first 50 customers who received robots, but we failed to do so while shipping to the EU customers in the next step and it was definitely our mistake.

      Team Robo Wunderkind

    48. Robo Wunderkind Creator on January 10, 2018

      Hi Chris,

      Thank you for your feedback. We are working on developing more project ideas and tutorials in our app. Please stay tuned for our updates. Meanwhile, you can still use the pdf version of our old project book to get started:

      Please note that in this projects book, the icons, the dashboard and the general user experience are different from that of your current app version. At the same time, you can use couple of ideas for what combinations you could build with Robo cubes.

      We are sorry that you feel the product is not ready to meet you kids yet. We will do our best in the coming weeks to get to that level. Thank you for your support and patience.

      Team Robo Wunderkind

    49. Missing avatar

      Rebecca Pearce on January 10, 2018

      I haven't received my kit yet but I did receive a demand for Customs Tax for an unnamed order, which I thought was a scam and ignored, so I am glad to have found out from this latest update that it is most likely a genuine request for money. I do think however that you should have been able to work this out and let us know in advance.

    50. Missing avatar

      Serhiy KVITKA on January 10, 2018

      I understand all your problems during all time - around 2,5 years.
      But now , please find the solution or propose us some another gift or something else (i mean additonal blocks ) for 25€.
      Thank you.

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