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An animated short about an astronaut who mistakes a mysterious bottle for a soft drink and unleashes the power of time travel.

Backspace is an animated short (2D, Flash animation), inspired by Giraffstronaut, our comedy series about a highly skilled giraffe astronaut and her adventures in space. Our future goals include having the Giraffstronaut series produced, and this animated short is the first step in that direction.

The short features Commander Hulp, an ostrich with a few feathers loose, who accidentally unleashes the power of time travel. The carefully crafted script combines wit with wacky humor and even addresses some scientific quandries about time travel.

We've completed the script and the illustrations are nearly finished. The money raised on kickstarter would allow us to hire a storyboard artist and an animator, produce DVDs and premiere the finished work at a local independent theater.

The film will go to storyboard artists in the Spring of 2011, animators in the Fall of 2011 and distributed to the festival circuit in 2012.

Brian Starr and Jillian Starr will write, direct and produce the film. Greg Araya will be animating the film using illustrations provided by Kalina Torino. Kalina worked as art director at Animation Dynamics, and is currently a self-employed artist and illustrator. Greg currently works at Warner Brothers, and has also worked on animation projects at Disney, Cartoon Network and on the HBO Ricky Gervais podcasts.

Websites of interest: Our illustrator: Our animator:


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