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In honor of StarKid's first 10 years, we're producing an all new musical & a reunion concert to celebrate the show that started it all!
In honor of StarKid's first 10 years, we're producing an all new musical & a reunion concert to celebrate the show that started it all!
11,704 backers pledged $547,439 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Karen on

      oh wait how do i buy a digital video...

    2. Missing avatar

      Karen on

      I am definitley going to buy the dvd... but oops I don't have a dvd player;;;

    3. Chyann on

      It would be cool if there was a CD with all the unused songs from all the star kid musicals with commentary about each song before it plays

    4. Chyann on

      I dont even know if they have another stretch goal! They were set on this number and they achieved it in one live stream, but we shall see

    5. Missing avatar

      anna on

      I wonder what the next stretch goal will be???

    6. Missing avatar

      anna on

      SMASHED IT!!

    7. Jessica O'Brien on

      Living in the UK, I was desperately hoping for the 10niversary DVD or such would be a stretch goal, because I really wish to see it some how as it seems totally awesome.

    8. Crystal Rainn on

      I can’t wait for tomorrow! I love you all immensely. 🖤🥳

    9. Missing avatar

      Hannah Lee Smith on

      If ever there was something worthy of my smile, this is it. Thank you for everything.

    10. Missing avatar

      Julia Behrendt on

      Thank you for giving us the opportunity of a dvd release by setting a stretch goal. I really appreciate it! We can do this! :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Samantha Flynn on

      So glad y’all are able to make the shows and I really hope we can meet the stretch goal because while I would love to come see you, I won’t be able too and I have enjoyed all the dvds you’ve made available. Congrats on 10 years!! Here’s to 10 more 🥂

    12. Missing avatar

      Kristi Wong on

      Oh thank DUMBLEDORE the stretch goal is for a filmed version of Homecoming, I was trying to think of ways to finagle my schedule to fit the show in but it just wasn't going to work. I'll see y'all at the $250k mark!

    13. Missing avatar

      Heather Tennant on

      Hooray!! It's probably silly but I felt SO weird about Homecoming being exclusive to those who could travel to LA, but now I can back happily! I'm confident we can get to 250,000 and get the show filmed. Can't wait to (hopefully) see y'all in LA in July!

    14. Danielle Magana on

      YAY!! I’m hoping that I will find a job and can afford to go to the shows, but considering there are two weddings this year that may be a bit difficult, but I have hope!! Congratulations on how well it’s going Starkid and on a wonderful 10 years, here’s to many many more!! Let’s get to 250K!

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      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.