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Firebringer is a new musical from StarKid Productions that will premiere during the StarKid Summer Season 2016 with your help!
Firebringer is a new musical from StarKid Productions that will premiere during the StarKid Summer Season 2016 with your help!
3,722 backers pledged $154,670 to help bring this project to life.

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11 Days Left!

Posted by Team StarKid (Creator)

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First LOTR clip unlocked!!!

Posted by Team StarKid (Creator)

For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

You've taken us THERE AND BACK AGAIN!!!

Posted by Team StarKid (Creator)

There's a new incentive for our stretch goal!!!

Last weekend you guys absolutely blew us away by making sure Firebringer will be funded!  THANK YOU!!!  But we've got more work to do!  

As we detailed in our last update, we've got a stretch goal of $125,000.  This is actually closer to the budget of a normal StarKid show, and in some cases still lower than what we've needed in the past!!  You guys have already taken us this far, so if we make it to our stretch goal, we really want to make it worth your while!  There seems to be a lot of interest in our unreleased work from the past, so we're pulling out all the stops this time...

We'll release clips of our unpublished, pre-AVPM show, THE HOBBIT 2: THE LORD OF THE RINGS on our way to $125,000!

Every $3000 pledged, we'll release another clip from our LOTR show EXCLUSIVELY TO OUR BACKERS!

A brief history of this show! While we were in college at the University of Michigan, there were two plays which paved the way for AVPM to happen: The Hobbit and The Hobbit 2: The Lord of the Rings. Neither were recorded in the way AVPM was.  In fact, The Hobbit wasn't even recorded at all!  We've previously released one scene from The Hobbit 2, which you can watch here, in the only episode of our "weekly" series which began in 2009.  The cast of the show includes these now well known StarKids:

Lauren Lopez
Liam White
Eric Kahn Gale
Brian Holden
Devin Lytle
Jaime Lyn Beatty
Bonnie Grueson
Nick Lang
and Joseph Walker

It also features the consistent laugh of Mark Swiderski, the camera operator.  Mark is co-writing the music for Firebringer!  

So enjoy this teaser from The Hobbit 2: The Lord of the Rings! The next clip is unlocked at $107k!

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Posted by Team StarKid (Creator)

We've passed $100,000 in pledges!  

Truly an outstanding benchmark!  And it's all thanks to you!  You guys really rallied and brought in $27k last weekend which is UNREAL!  We were taking by surprise, though we should've learned by now to never underestimate the awesome StarKid fan base :)

As our worries about being able to simply make this show melt away, we can now set our sites on really knocking it out of the park!  Our first big stretch goal is for $125,000!!  Here's what that allows us to do!


  • More Puppets!  As we develop the script there's more room, but more importantly, more of a necessity for puppet characters.  With these extra funds we could make one or possibly two more!
  • Improve the Set!  So far, we know of at least one really important set piece which is in the show! We don't usually go for big set pieces (see Ani and Trail to Oregon), but we really want Firebringer to stand out amongst other StarKid shows, and go above and beyond what we've done before.  Not to mention that we'd like Corey Lubowich, our scenic designer for Firebringer, Holy Musical, B@man, and Starship, to create something to the best of his ability... which is a lot!
  • Make Fire???  SPOILERS!!!! Fire plays a big part in this show.  We would like to find a creative, expressive way to represent this essential part of our story without it being two red pieces of fabric ;)
  • Room/Board  We don't have a cast yet, but we're sure at least some of our crew will be coming in from out of town! Normally, we ask people to do the couch surfing thing, which can be tiring when done over two months! A little extra room in the budget for a bed or EVEN a whole room would be niiiiiiiccce.  
  • High Quality Recording.  We recently found out that due to some circumstances out of our control, our microphone rentals may become more expensive this time around!!! But we can't go back to the old days of AVPM/MAMD/AVPS where you can't hear ANYTHING! 
  • Offsetting Kickstarter/Fulfillment fees.  Every little bit helps here! We anticipate between 10%-15% of our pledges to go towards fees and fulfillment!  So basically $125k turns into $106k!

As you can see there are a lot of areas that can always use extra attention!  We're so grateful for what you've done for us so far.  If you've got the means and the heart to take us a little further, we're in your debt; if not, we're still glad to have you on board!  

To try and really bring this stretch goal home, we'll try to organize a livestream for this weekend, so start thinking of fun challenges!  

And if we meet the $125,000 mark, we'll tell you what we're thinking for $150,000! :)

Thanks, everyone!!! Can't believe we've come this far! Not just in the campaign, but all these 7 years since AVPM.  Thanks for sticking with us!  

- Team StarKid


Posted by Team StarKid (Creator)

We're funded!  We can't tell you how great this feels, but we tried anyway in this little video!  Thanks so much, everyone! We obviously can't do this without you!  Firebringer is going to be awesome!

And we still have a lot more time left in our campaign!  Over the course of the weekend, you guys raised about $27,000 and even got us close to $100k pledged, which is even more than we asked for!  We have some stretch goals that we'll reveal in the next day or two (we didn't expect to hit our goal this fast!).  

For now, enjoy this video and our sincere thanks!

-Team StarKid

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