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Firebringer is a new musical from StarKid Productions that will premiere during the StarKid Summer Season 2016 with your help!
Firebringer is a new musical from StarKid Productions that will premiere during the StarKid Summer Season 2016 with your help!
3,722 backers pledged $154,670 to help bring this project to life.

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5 More Cast Members!

Posted by Team StarKid (Creator)

You guys really got to work! Here are 5 more cast members for you to check out!  Only 2 more left!  This list has some familiar faces and some new ones, too! $2000 more pledged and you'll have the full cast!

Joey Richter as Grunt

Joey is a proud graduate of the University of Michigan BFA Acting program where he also Minored in Global Media Studies. Film/TV credits include: Nickelodeon’s Genie in a Bikini and Henry Danger (The Time Jerker), Disney Channel’s Jessie (Officer Petey), several seconds of Fox’s Glee as Apple #8, The Legend of Korra, Monsters vs. Aliens, as well as Triggerfish’s film Khumba. Online credits include: School of Thrones, Muzzled & I Ship It (Sundance Film Festival). Theatrically, Joey has worked closely with StarKid Productions for the past 6 years since their creation in Ann Arbor, MI. His credits with Starkid include the Very Potter Musical Trilogy, the S.P.A.C.E and Apocalyptour national concert tours, Me and My Dick, Starship, and The Trail to Oregon! (Cherry Lane Theatre, NYC). He is also the cofounder of the Los Angeles based comedy group, The Tin Can Brothers and most recently was a co-writer, co-producer, and performer in their original musical, Spies Are Forever, that premiered at the NoHo Arts Center this year.

Lauren Walker as Kahlo

Lauren Walker is a comedian from Chicago. She has performed throughout the city including the iO theater, the Annoyance and the Laugh Factory. Earlier this year, Lauren became a member of the Bob Curry Fellowship program at the Second City Training Center. She would like to thank everyone at Starkid for this incredible opportunity, and her wonderful family for their undying support!

Lauren is new to the group! She is yet another fabulous Meredith connection who does a lot of improv around the city, including at a theater she helps run called The Crowd!

Jaime Lyn Beatty as Sahra

Jaime Lyn Beatty is a comedian, voice over actor, & singer songwriter currently living in Chicago. As an original member of Team Starkid, Jaime Lyn has been featured in 7 original musicals and 2 national tours including: A Very Potter Musical Trilogy (Ginny/Rita Skeeter), Me & My Dick (Sally), Holy Musical B@tman (Poison Ivy/ Candy), Twisted (Ursula), & most recently, The Trial to Oregon (The Daughter), which had a brief Off-Broadway run at The Cherry Lane Theatre. In addition to her work with Team Starkid, Jaime Lyn performs weekly at The Improv Olympic, has an original EP of music called Dolphin Safe Tunes, & has been featured in national & regional commercials. In her spare time, Jaime Lyn enjoys making silly videos on Instagram and YouTube. If you dare, follow her @JLbeatty (Instagram) & @jaimelynbeatty (Twitter) Most importantly, if bring her a puppy, she will love you 4ever!

Brian Holden as Choka

 Brian Holden ready to have a lot of fun! Yum Yum! Been working with StarKid a LONG time now. Doesn't do much else in fact! Some improv here and there. Fun stuff.  Ok! Thanks! @Brian_Holden for tweets!

Jamie Burns as Sheena

Jamie K. Burns is a comedic actress and voice over artist living in Chicago, IL. She has studied at the iO training center, The Annoyance, and completed the Comedy Studies program at Second City. She is currently performing at iO Chicago with her Harold team. Aside from improv Jamie is also a singer/musician, and has her own youtube channel full of impressions and characters. 

Back Again...with the LAST LOTR clip!

Posted by Team StarKid (Creator)

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The Final Countdown! 32 hours left! Add-ons and Livestream!

Posted by Team StarKid (Creator)

Not much time left now! 

First off, we want to once again say thank you. This Kickstarter has had TREMENDOUS momentum behind it since day one, and that’s all you guys! You’re making this show happen and giving StarKid the means it needs to make another show! We hope you enjoy it :)

For the last four hours of the campaign on Friday, April 15, we’ll be broadcasting a livestream from our YouTube channel. That’s 12pm-4pm on Friday, April 15th! Join us! We’ll try to have as many cast members as have been announced!


We’ve gotten a lot of request for more take home items like t-shirts and posters, so that’s exactly what we’re giving you with these ADD-ON REWARDS!

$12 - Firebringer Kickstarter Poster - For BACKERS ONLY! We will not sell this online or at the summer season so get it here! This poster confirms that you helped Start the Fire!

$30 - Firebringer Kickstarter T-Shirt - Also for BACKERS ONLY! It will probably say something like “We Started the Fire” unless you guys can think of a better phrase which is ALSO a pop song reference.

$10 - Starship Requiem Script - If your backer number is 1227 or lower, you’re already receiving this! If not, you have the chance to get it now!

$15 - Starship Requiem Audio Reading - If your backer number is 1227 or lower, you’re already receiving this! If not, you have the chance to get it now!

$10 - A Very Potter Christmas Script - If your backer number is 2544 or lower, you’re already receiving this! If not, you have the chance to get it now!

$15 - A Very Potter Christmas Audio Recording - If your backer number is 2544 or lower, you’re already receiving this! If not, you have the chance to get it now!

How Add-Ons Work:

  • Go to Manage Your Pledge 
  • Increase your pledge in the Pledge Amount box by the total $ amount of your desired add-ons 
  •  After the campaign ends, you'll get a backer survey to fill out 
  • In that survey you'll specify which add-ons you chose 

REMINDER: If an add-on could bump your pledge into a higher reward tier, be sure not to change your reward selection to that tier or we'll send you everything in that higher reward tier instead of your add-ons! 

Let's finish strong! 

Can't wait to see what happens in this last day+change!  Don't forget! We've changed the rules and you can unlock a cast member every $1000 pledged! Four are unlocked now, SEVEN TO GO!  

Weeoooo! Fire Time!

Posted by Team StarKid (Creator)

Denise Donovan as Keeri

Denise is trilled to be a part of Sarkid's "Firebringer" and to be on stage with her favorite buddies! From "Starship" to "Yes I Am Afraid of the Dark," Denise has found an artistic outlet for her comedy in Starkid Productions. She continues to book commercial work through Deven and the amazing staff at BMG Talent and loves doing projects for The Onion. Denise currently co-owns and is the co-Artistic Director of Off The Ground Dance Studio where she brings story-telling, drama, and comedy to her competitive companies' choreography. Denise would like to thank everyone on Starkid, her family, her cousin/roomate Kristen who runs lines with her and helps her prep for shows, and Carly Carroll, her business partner.

Welcome to the tribe Denise!  

A male cast member AND the last LOTR clip at $131k!

Please Welcome...

Posted by Team StarKid (Creator)

Rachael Soglin as Emberly

RACHAEL SOGLIN is ecstatic to be back with StarKid! In 2007, she graduated with a BFA in theatre performance from the University of Michigan. Since then, she has appeared in regional and national commercials, CWTV’s 90210, Showtime’s United States of Tara, and StarKid’s TWISTED and Trail To Oregon. Training includes “Cherubs”, The Groundlings (LA), UCB (LA) and The Second City Training Center (Chicago). She’d like to thank Stewart Talent and her family for their support!

Hiiiiiiiiii, Rachael! Welcome back!  

Next cast member at $130k! Next LOTR clip at $131k!