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Sneaky Ninja is a 'Mario' meets 'Mark of the Ninja' 2D stealth platformer for PC/Wii U. The kind of stealth game Nintendo would make!
Sneaky Ninja is a 'Mario' meets 'Mark of the Ninja' 2D stealth platformer for PC/Wii U. The kind of stealth game Nintendo would make!
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10 Days Left! Plans for Final Week and Final 24 Hours Livestream!

Posted by Starfall Studios (Creator)

(We don't like to have updates that are all about business, so stick with us until the bottom for a small update about the game too!)

So here we are, with just ten days left! We're in a good position right now but we have a lot of ground to cover to reach our goal. The good news is, it's very doable! The last week of a campaign is where most of the action happens, so we still have a very good chance! We just need to do a ton of work spreading the word and making sure everyone knows about it.

So what's the plan?

We'll be marketing our butts off, that's the plan! We'll be doing the usual: posting updates, posting on Facebook, Twitter, and forums, and emailing websites, but we'll also be making some appearances at local game events with a demo of the game! There are two you could show up to if you're in the area. The first is in New York City at the NYU Game Center's Playtest Thursday March 5th from 5-7 PM (more details can be found here!) and the second will be at NJIT's MiniCon on March 7th from 12-9:30pm (more details can be found here!). If you're in the area for either of these, come by to meet us and try the game out in person!

We'll also be doing a livestream during our final 24 hours -- yes, for all 24 of them! -- starting Wednesday March 6th at 12pm. We invite all of our fans to join in and have some fun while we do, well, pretty much whatever we want! Demo Sneaky Ninja, give sneak peeks of what we're working on next, talk to fans and answer questions, give away prizes, play random games, and more! We have a surprise event we'll be announcing soon which will also be part of the livestream -- and you can be part of it! More on that soon...

So how can we help?

I'm glad you asked! We appreciate any and all help with spreading the word, and there's a few ways you can do that. First and foremost: share the Kickstarter with everyone you know! Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, forums anywhere and everywhere! The whole world loves Sneaky Ninja -- they just don't know it yet, and it's our job to tell them!

Second, join our Facebook event for the livestream! It'll be a helpful reminder in case you forget about it by then. Invite all of your friends to that too so we can all hang out and have fun as a big happy family!

And as always, you can obey the big buttons and do whatever they tell you to!

Now back to the game!

As promised, here's a small update about the game. We recently added indicators for enemies walking just offscreen -- partially inspired by Super Smash Bros! -- so you don't get surprised by a patrolling Samurai rounding the corner. These can be disabled if you don't think you need the help, and will probably be forced off on the higher difficulties.

If you look closely, you can see the indicators change size and fade away based on how far the Samurai is from being on-screen. Use this to tell at a glance how much of a threat they are!

What do you think, is this something you would use or turn off?

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    1. Steven B on

      I'll probably leave the arrows off in order to make the game more difficult. But with the custom difficultly maybe I'll be able to leave it in.