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Star Command is a game for iOS and Android where players can build their own ship, recruit their crew and explore the universe.
Star Command is a game for iOS and Android where players can build their own ship, recruit their crew and explore the universe.
Star Command is a game for iOS and Android where players can build their own ship, recruit their crew and explore the universe.
1,167 backers pledged $36,967 to help bring this project to life.

Do I Get the Game?

We have had quite a few questions about whether or not the game is included in any reward levels, in particular the Midorian Ambassador level. We do have an item in the FAQ, but it may not have been attention grabbing enough.

So, to be clear: NO levels of endorsement include a copy of the game. Why in god's name did we do this?

First, the iTunes store and Android marketplace. Success on mobile markets is basically measured by one thing - sales. It's very difficult to get your name out there if your not in the top 10 or featured areas of the store. We think we may be featured for having a great game, but we can't guarantee that. So the one thing we can actually (somewhat) control are sales, in particular at launch. Our early, day 1 sales are going to be a gigantic factor in  getting us on the list. If every one of our fans, who we love to death, had the game already, we wouldn't make any sales and probably not chart - so we are counting on our fans to help us move up. If we were developing for PC (and you can probably assume we will eventually), we would have a similar approach as Minecraft - just sell the game digitally. But the mobile market is a different beast.

This leads us to our second point - kickstarter. Kickstarter is not a digital storefront - it is a platform for generating funds to get projects on their feet. We love the idea of giving posters, t-shirts, cool rooms, buttons and all that stuff, but really our goal is to generate enough liquid capital to be able to pay for things like music, additional developers and sfx. These things are bonuses and rewards - and we did calculate the math before any of these things went up to make sure that we would still generate positive cash flow, which was the goal. If you pledged to us to obtain a copy of the game, we would recommend and encourage you to wait for our launch and make a purchase then.

We have done our best to offset this by offering all DLC for the life of the game to you for free. And with the way mobile markets are, this can be very valuable. On top of initial sales, success in mobile is determined by content updates - and we have a robust plan for this. Expansion packs, new missions, new races and lot's of other surprises. We are confident your early investment into Star Command will "pay off" in the long run.

In closing, our intention was never to mislead. If you feel slighted, please, accept our sincere apologies and feel free to pull your funding with a guilt free conscience. We hope that you will support us at launch.

As always, we appreciate your support and really do love our fans and their enthusiasm level. We would never want to exploit that or take advantage of your generosity.


The Warballoon Team

TL;DR: Sorry if you thought you we're getting the game, return your funds, it's all good


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    1. Werehare on

      OK, first up: I have no problem with the developers. They assumed that people wouldn't expect the game. I assumed it was included. We were both wrong. I have absolutely no issue with it and it will in no way affect my pledge. These things happen. This update message is above and beyond what I probably would have done in their place. I commend them!

      My initial response (once I realized my error) was to try and be constructive by suggesting ways to avoid this problem in the future, but a couple of commenters... Wow,

      Do you really think that insulting people who have made an honest mistake, have openly admitted to it, and who have said that it won't affect their support for the developers is the best way to treat a community which has pledged money towards a project which you apparently care about?

      Can we just move on to frothing about the game now?

    2. Wally on

      For anyone that actually read the project before contributing, it was obvious that the game was not included. None of the pledge levels said it was included. I feel bad that the developers felt they needed to be put into this position due to other's incompetence. The game looks awesome and it's going to be a hit. Don't let those that expect Kickstarter to work like a store get you down. Keep up the awesome work.

    3. Michael Matzat on

      the price of the game often has been named to be betwen .99 and 2.99. So it´s not going to be another 25, :-p

    4. Nick

      Yeah - I figured that was the case. Don't really mind paying the iTunes store price cause i know you guys are doing something right here and are willing to vote with my wallet.

      Plus i don't think some people understand/notice that you're a four man op - with the kind of work and finish that you have they probably expect warbaloon to be a hundred man company and are trying to rip em off.

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael Fische on

      As many have said before me, the game looks like it could be one of the best for iOS/Android, and I am more than willing to help it being made. I think the only question that needs to be answered soon (and could diminish backlash) is the price of the game. Thanks again, and i can't wait to play!

    6. Missing avatar

      Sarkazein on

      I think it's a function of the way some other Kickstarter projects have done things. Granted, most of those I've looked through have been PC/Mac projects that can afford to have part of your bonus be a copy of the game, but it's not unprecedented that people might expect the game to be part of the package. However, like Thomas Iwancio, I don't feel cheated and have no problems continuing to back the project. I was quite aware that none of the pledge levels mentioned the game as a reward. Being familiar with the complicated nature of mobile stores, I can see why they need to do it this way.

    7. Missing avatar

      Patrick Montgomery on

      @ Jonathan: Took the words right out of my mouth.

      People throwing money at something they don't fully understand is one (stupid) thing, but people doing that PLUS complaining that what will likely be a $5 -$10 purchase isn't included is straight up entitlement-addled insanity, particularly when you're getting schwag for your backing to begin with.

    8. Missing avatar

      Thomas Iwancio on

      I'll be frank, I expected a copy of the game with the Ambassador level. SUPER INTERGALACTIC PROMO CODE is a bit of a misnomer for something that's worthless without an additional purchase.
      In addition, $25 is an expensive kickstarter of this type.

      All that said, I'm keeping my funding exactly where it is. I want this game to be made and I want to help. I also want to know the expected price though.

    9. Jonathan E. Convoy on

      Wow, just wow. It's funny that people would back something they don't fully understand.

    10. Missing avatar

      Kristin Murphy on

      I am in the same boat, I knew the gaem was not included but I do have a quick question (which may not be able to be answered yet, but...).

      Do you have an App Store price point yet? $1-3, $3-6, $6-10, or higher?

    11. Eric Chon on

      I backed the game to see it get made, not to get a free copy. I will be the first in line to buy a copy as soon as it's available!

    12. Karl J Collier on

      As said in other comments, I fully read the backing levels and I was in no doubt that a copy of the game was not included - I'm thrilled with what I receive even with my relatively small donation ($25 or whatever that is in proper money...£) and I can't wait for the game to be released on the AppStore so I can purchase and enjoy it fully.

      I can't see many, if any, people withdrawing their funding. If they do, maybe they could invest it in some spectacles instead?

    13. palenoue on

      I think part of the problem is that many kickstarter game projects do include a copy of the game, so it's not like the people asking about it are being over-demanding or making wild assumptions.

    14. Matthew Verga on

      Kind of you to clarify, but I think you're original copy was all quite clear. I'm thrilled with the value you're offering for us Midorian Ambassadors. I just can't wait to play this game!

    15. Phil Gaziano on

      I did read the discription and didn't expect that I would receive a free copy fo the game with my donation (after all. the game itself was not listed in the package). I do NOT intend to drop my support for the game and am anxiously awaiting it's release. It looks awesome so far. Keep up the great work guys. Looking forward to Christmas.

    16. Daniel Pauw on

      I can see how the assumption of getting a copy of the game could be made. I'm not backing this to buy the game (I'm buying it when it comes out, duh), I'm backing it so they can make an awesome game for mobile devices and show people coughnintendo'sdismissivecommentscough that you can have great games on these devices.

    17. Skye Knighton on

      Just make this game baller and I don't care WHAT I get.

    18. Missing avatar

      Rodaballo on

      I did read the kickstarter page throughly and DID notice no copy of the game was included.
      Shocked, I just did the most sensible thing : apply for 25$.

    19. Wieger van der Meulen on

      Thanks for the clarification. Any idea how much the inital game will cost?

      Not pulling my back my funding, love this game too much already :).

    20. Michael Matzat on


    21. Michael Matzat on

      Who ever dossent follow Jeremy will get eaten by a pack of rabit wookies.

    22. Star Command 2-time creator on


      You know the rules about assumptions....

    23. TBD Roberts on

      I for one will continue to support you!

    24. Missing avatar

      Acehalo2 on

      I thought it was assumed we would pay for the kickstarter and get the stuff from there, and THEN when the game was released, buy that separately.