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Star Command is a game for iOS and Android where players can build their own ship, recruit their crew and explore the universe.
Star Command is a game for iOS and Android where players can build their own ship, recruit their crew and explore the universe.
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Star Command Galaxies Beta 1 Released!

Posted by Star Command (Creator)

Greetings Captains! 

Happy holidays to everyone! We are super excited to announce the release of Star Command Galaxies Beta, just in time for a holiday break. We know this is a time of the year when you have a TON of new game options but we hope that you will download the latest update and check out the progress we have made with Galaxies.

So what does Beta mean? It means that all of our features are in the game and we feel that the game is highly stable. Does this mean bug free? Not yet, but close. We still have a ways to go on polish and balance – but we need your help and feedback for those! Please leave any and all forms of feedback on our Steam Discussions forum - we read them all and they can make a HUGE difference to the final game. This is also only one ‘galaxy’ of gameplay. We plan on launching with two or three full galaxies of adventure, danger and intergalactic hangovers.

For those asking what have we been doing, the answer is simple: working hard on Galaxies. We hope that all that work will now start to show as you pick up the latest version of the game and go on your own adventures.

Galaxies was always conceived as a moddable, expandable, starship simulation platform that we could support for years to come. We finally have hit that point. We will no longer be chasing concepts and instead be working on new weapons, new ships, new maps, new missions and tons of surprises.

We have now transitioned into content-creation mode. We have literally been looking forward to this for 4 years and cannot wait to make some awesome adventures for you and your crew to go on.

So What’s New? Everything. 

Below are some of the MAJOR areas of new features or drastic improvements.

  • Completely rewritten support for low-resolution screens. The GUI overall should be much more predictable and stable. 
  • Added 9 new classes to the game: Engineer, Tactical, Science, Handyman, Scout, Doctor, Machinist, Soldier and Hacker. 
  • Brand new crew job menu for choosing your crew members career path. New perks menu for upgrading your crew members 
  • New crew desires. Your crew will continue to want to grow and acquire new things like beds, art and other unique items and experiences. 
  • Over 15 new missions. 
  • Over 15 new weapons, items and upgrades. 
  • New stores, new vendor missions, new stations. 
  • Star Command Report Card: receive bonuses based on your daily performance and pay your crew their daily paycheck (or don’t…) 
  • Completely revised happiness log and events. Crew should be much clearer on what they want and what you need to do to make it happen. 
  • New indicators for helping you decide what each crew member should be using. Healing and repair automation. 
  • Countless cosmetic improvements to every area of the UI. 
  •  Brand new options menu brings the game to the 21st century. 

We also have hundreds of bug fixes, tweaks and other improvements that we won’t bother listing here.

On to top of that, our Trello list is always available to the public, where you can see our daily/weekly/monthly progress. []You can see our current Trello list of things we are working on here[/url].

Modding and Next Steps In the next weeks we will be working on new bugs that are discovered by the larger Beta community as well as polishing the Midorian campaign. We will also be shifting the game to be more area/episode driven and rolling out S.C.I.E.N.C.E. for our mod community (asap). With S.C.I.E.N.C.E. you will be able to build & add your own ships, stations and modify just about everything in the game.

We hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season. We appreciate you sticking with us after all these years. We know that some of you are frustrated with the “timeline” and all we can do is continue to work on making the game the best possible experience we can. We really want to hear from you on the Steam forums if you have thoughts on bugs, balance, missions or just general feedback.

Most of all, enjoy!


Star Command Galaxies Released on Early Access

Posted by Star Command (Creator)
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Star Command Galaxies Released on Early Access

 Star Command Galaxies has been released on Steam Early Access. You can view it on the store here.


If you do not receive the E-mail in the next 8 hours (it does go out in different bunches) please message us on kickstarter and we will make sure you get your copy.

Please, leave reviews on the our Steam Store page. Feel free to twitch, youtube, stream, tweet, blog and help spread the word about the game. Tweet at us @StarCommandGame - we would love to see your reactions, feedback and share your experiences.

So what's in this version of the game? Glad you asked!

This Alpha features most of our core gameplay - albeit buggy, unbalanced and susceptible to crashes. You will see:

  • Brand new GUI 
  • Ability to travel around a procedurally generated galaxy 
  • Alien ships on their own independent routes and goals 
  •  Purchasable hulls 
  • Hirable crew members 
  •  Crew XP and leveling 
  • Missions Rewards 
  • Purchasable equipment 
  • Multiple ship battles 

These and about a thousand other tweaks, fixes and additions to our previous release

So What's Next?

Next week we will be showcasing the game at EGX 2015 in Birmingham, UK. Sobriety will be had by all.

Following that we will be focused on weekly bug fixes and balance while working our first monthly update focused on our central loop based on feedback we get from the community. We will be adding new weapons, balancing the ones that exist and adding new personalities, equipment and ships.

Our November/December release will feature planets and colonies. New missions that focus on supply, demand and growth of each colony will be implemented along with multiple biomes for each of the planet types. Planets will also have day/night cycles and hostile alien life.

As we move into the new year we will be introducing a new race, the Midorians and focus on diplomacy and earning loyalty from other races. You can move up within their ranks and earn victory conditions within the game.

We will also be releasing SCIENCE (Star Command Isometric Enhanced New Creation Editor) over the coming months and begin integrating Steam Workshop for mod support. Galaxies was built from the ground up for modability and we can't wait to see your creations.

We are extremely excited about the future of Star Command Galaxies. But most of all we hope you enjoy your own adventures as Captain. And we want to hear about it! If you twitch/youtube/stream/preview/review or do anything else with our game send us a tweet @StarCommandGame - we would love to see it.


Galaxies now on Steam Greenlight

Posted by Star Command (Creator)

Greetings Kickstarters!

Star Command Galaxies is now on Steam Greenlight and we are planning our release on Early Access on September 17, 2015.

Please vote for Star Command Galaxies here!

This release will represent 2.5 years of extremely hard work from our 7 person team. Many long days, nights and weekends have been spent trying to honor your contribution to an idea we had 4 years ago. We have done our very best to fulfill our original promise: the mobile game on steroids.

Our goal has always been a platform that addresses all the shortcomings of mobile: quick easy updates, non-linear open world gameplay, deep crew interactions and management. What we intend on delivering is a product that will see regular content updates for the foreseeable future. Our first release will focus on combat with a limited number of enemies so that we can take community feedback and improve the core mechanic of the game.

Following that we will be adding in planets, new missions, new races, new hulls and characters along with support for our mod tool, SCIENCE. Many of these features are in their final stages - but we wanted to first put our focus on combat.

Our ultimate goal is exceed your expectations. We want a truly open, sand-box world where you get to command your own ship and go on adventures with your own crew in a world that is both fun, entertaining and challenging.

We understand that many of you may say that the game has taken too long and all we can say is: you have our apologies. We did not set the correct expectation as far as timelines are concerned. But we think the wait will be worth it. Star Command Galaxies is a platform on which we can quickly add new content and act on community feedback - and that was something we set out to do from the very start. We have modeled the game after titles like Prison-Architect, Don't Starve and Kerbal Space Program and we think that the investment will be worth it.

We hope that you vote for our game to clear Steam Greenlight and that you enjoy the Early Access release in a little over weeks.

As always, we thank you all for your incredible support of our game and our company.


Star Command Galaxies Alpha 3: Battlestations!

Posted by Star Command (Creator)

Battlestations! Battlestations! And all that nautical stuff. The newest update for Star Command Galaxies out and the primary focus is, as you can probably tell, ship-to-ship combat.

Planets have been disabled because we broke a bunch of stuff with our new changes. We updated our super objects to support some new features like breakable external walls which, in turn, made things like the villages and antorian fortress look funky.

There are a ton of finicky things (including repair and heal) but this should start to plant a seed of where the combat is headed.

Our next focus is on bringing it all together. Navigation, desires with a purpose, planets to explore, resources to collect, enemies with their own intelligent goals and day to day activities. We are very excited about the momentum we have now. This update has the most "fun" of all of them and the next one should be even better.

Can't wait for you to play! Enjoy!


SendOwls Are Finally Out

Posted by Star Command (Creator)

So this morning got an e-mail this morning from SendOwl. The short of it: their system simply wasn't built for what we were doing. We did vet them before picking a delivery service and other kickstarters like ourselves have used SendOwl for digital delivery, so we felt confident going choosing them. However some of the smaller things like the uploading of CSV files with special formatting were simply not supported. That small problem turned into a 5 day affair.

We have our own internal thoughts about this and overall we have found the situation to be as frustrating as you.

With that said - the last of the list has been uploaded! By now you should have received your SendOwl link. So check those inboxes.


Drop us a message. We know that we asked you to do this once but after we had an influx of 100+ messages we knew it was a larger problem than just a small group of bad e-mails/filters/whatnot. So moving forward - anyone without an invite we will directly address your problem ASAP.

Apologies for the delay. We know its been a long wait. The good news is that once everyone is in the system delivery is easy and painless. We are already hard at work on the next update introducing FESS: Food, Energy, Social and Stress. We will post an update in early January outlining the changes and estimated delivery later that same month. Monthly updates are now our bread and butter.

Cheers and Happy Holidays!
The Warballoon Team