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Star Command is a spaceship management game for iOS, Android and  now for PC/Mac. Build your ship, hire your crew, explore the galaxy!
Star Command Galaxies is the sequel to the 2012 hit mobile game. Manage your crew and explore a randomly generated galaxy with planets, ships, and more! Join the alpha today for PC/Mac/Linux.
Star Command Galaxies is the sequel to the 2012 hit mobile game. Manage your crew and explore a randomly generated galaxy with planets, ships, and more! Join the alpha today for PC/Mac/Linux.
5,613 backers pledged $151,806 to help bring this project to life.

Apologies, Thanks and Status

In about 48 hours we are going to be submitting Star Command to the iTunes store - the product of nearly two years of work and three guys working their asses off on something they love. We want to address a few things on here, because post-launch it's all about the future and what we're going to do with bug fixes, Android, PC and new features to the game. So let's start with the past.

To begin with, I want to emphasize the work portion of the above statement. We have really been working our asses off on this game. Seven days a week for two years. Nights, weekends and holidays - someone has been touching, thinking or playing this game for two years straight. Speaking personally (Jordan that is) I have had another son be born during the making of this game, worked my normal job and put in Star Command just to make things interesting. That process has been challenging, at best. And ever since January of this year we have been nose the grindstone every single day.

This has produced a few things. First, and foremost, we are VERY proud of Star Command. Is it everything we had hoped it would be? Of course not. Probably 30% of the original vision. Originally we wanted different eras of ships starting with mankind first heading into space, to a lumbering Ridley Scottesque commercial fleet to a more peaceful and exploratory Star Trek like experience. Those were the thoughts of drunk men. We wanted research, a robust diplomatic engine on par with civilization, the ability to capture and torture enemies, and eventually the ability to invade other ships and beam down to planets. So understand that the final product is not near our final vision - and that is ok.

The process of creation requires that you get to the core of an idea and remove all else. Star Command could never be all those things. But we do feel like we got to the core of the idea - managing your ship, hiring your crew, making life or death decisions, meeting strange aliens and exploring the galaxy. There are many things we would like to still do, and we will get to those in future updates.

But with the understanding of those circumstance, we want to apologize for few things.

First, we're sorry that the game isn't all those things that you and us wanted it to be. We genuinely did our best, and the thing about a kickstarter process is your giving a design doc to the masses. Your saying "this is our intention" - and when you remove things people naturally get upset. "This isn't what I supported". It always makes us feel better when someones says "you supported the idea more than the final product" which we feel is very true. Take OUYA or Occulus - those are ideas. There is a good chance they may not be the console killer or usher in the new era of virtual reality gaming, but as Kickstarter supporters you're getting behind the idea. These are things that, in principle, you want to see. Star Command is the same. We have done our best to keep the integrity of our original pitch while being as responsible as possible with what we have capability of actually creating. We are very, very happy with final results and genuinely surprised that we got it done at the level that we did, but there will always be a feeling of "but we could add more!"

Which leads to our second apology, which is timelines. Yes, this is our first game. This is not an excuse, just a reality. We have learned more than in the time that we have been working on Star Command than I have the capacity to type out, much of that being the process of making video games. Many of you are going to say that what your about to read is complete bullshit, but we swear on everything it's true: we never once put out a release date we didn't backtrack and think we could hit. That part might offend you or make you extremely weary of our abilities to make schedules, deliverables etc. But it is the truth. We never, ever purposely mislead or just put a date out because it would make people go away. We looked at August of 2011 and said "yea, if we just get this AI going and a copule more assets, this should be feasible." Then, "Alright, well November or December should be right, we just have to get the combat engine polished up, and get contraband working before September...." and that date would pass. None of these things are good and the amount of annoyance you have felt about missed deadlines can be multiplied by a factor of ten for us. We don't like missing dates. You would think otherwise, but again, its true. 

Another apology comes in the form of updates. We genuinely feel like we did our best to keep everyone in the loop, and in the future we will make a conscious effort to make weekly updates from this point out. Almost all of you will be involved with that in the form of the PC beta, and therefore you will experience our work in real time (bugs and all). Again, we did our best in this regard, and are sorry if you felt like you were not kept in the loop enough.

Finally we want to apologize for any threats of physical violence or anything else that we have said that has offended you. Two years is a long time to work on something as closely as we have. Statements like "you haven't been responsible with the kickstarter money" or "you guys are scammers" or "you're purposely misleading" or "you're lying" are offensive to us and, to us, are character attacks. We joke around with our community and we don't take this too seriously - after all, this isn't cancer treatment or open heart surgery - they're just video games. They are supposed to be fun. But we have integrity and morals (very loose) and when someone makes those types of character attacks after two years of hard work - well, it's not too hard to catch us on a bad day and get us to say something stupid. 

We will never go out and hire a PR firm to do our relations - we love talking to our community. We love discussing nerdy stuff, going off topic, making jokes and being honest. You have to take the good with the bad - we are open and accessible but occasionally we are going to say things that offend or make people angry. We are totally comfortable with that. If you are not, we are probably not the game company to engage with. There are thousands of other good games and game companies out there that you can seek out and we would encourage that. We have our fans, we love them and we hope that they accept us, flaws and all. But again, we are sorry for any threats of physical violence. Personally speaking, I have seen Justin punch. It's nothing anyone should be afraid of.

Finally, we want to thank you.  You really have given us the opportunity of a lifetime and we have protected that to the best of our ability. This is our life dream - to make games. Kickstarter has given us that chance and we hope that we get to keep making awesome games for a long time to come. You are the reason that we have that chance. And for that we are eternally grateful.

So what's next?

iOS will be submitted this week. We will show you the receipt for proof. We will continue to make the Android version, with its 10,000 devices to test, and get that out as quickly as possible (we're estimating a month post-launch on iOS). Again, we know this is something we missed on, but it's just a reality. We don't think everyone could wait a whole month for side-by-side release. 

After that we will move to the PC version of the game, which, as we said, becomes our beta platform. We will test new features there, bug fix, release then bring them back to mobile. That method makes a ton of sense. PC gives us a platform which allows for public bug testing that mobile simply does not have (yes, we have testflight, but it's very limited compared to desktop).

Our top feature looks like a sandbox mode. From early previews/reviews everyone wants to just jump around the universe and see whats out of there, so that will likely be our first and biggest feature for the PC market. We still love the idea of research and diplomacy as well as the ability to invade other ships and planets, but those will probably be a bit further down the road.

More to come very soon!

The Star Command Team


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    1. Seth Carpenter on

      um... Why did Google take me to this update?

    2. Seth Carpenter on

      So as Star Command is Debuting on Android PC is coming next!

    3. Missing avatar

      Jabberwok on

      It's a shame there is an element of distrust when it comes to kickstarter (though occasionally understandable). Do you feel like you're writing a report to a boss with these updates? Anyway, excited about the progress. I might buy this on iOS while I wait for the Mac version, but if not, I'll just keep playing FTL. No rush.

    4. Missing avatar

      Tyler Funk on

      I felt a bit flustered by reading this, but as a game developer myself I can completely understand how those years of work must have been. Take however long you want, just make this game awesome!

    5. Jason on

      "iOS will be submitted this week. We will show you the receipt for proof."

    6. Peter

      I think its ok, that first the iOS Version is finished as all effort put into it will result in a better PC version later on.
      But in my opinion you should offer your 25$ PC backers the possibility to get the exclusive room for iOS if they intend to buy that version, as a lot of the money of the PC Kickstarter obviously went into funding the iOS Version.

    7. Missing avatar

      Sebastien Poivre on

      Good luck for the last steps :)

      No problem for the wait, quality (and developers health ! ;p ) are more important than having it NOW ^_^

    8. Jerason Banes

      Here I was being so patient, and then you had to go and announce that it's coming out. Must... control.... reaction.......…

      Seriously, I can't possibly wait through Apple's review process! Arrrrrrrggggghhhh!!!!! ;-)

    9. Spencer Ryan Barnes on

      Congrats and a super human effort in keeping interest in your dream.

    10. C. Aaron Kreader on


    11. Michael Klein on

      Congratulations on finishing the iOS version. I can understand how easy it is to underestimate the effort needed for a project and I won't hold that against you. I have to deal with this at work often. It's how things are, especially when you're doing something large for the first time.

      A lack of communication on the other side is something that's easy to fix. While Kickstarter provides a good platform to realise projects that would not even be considered otherwise, it comes with the cost of "more communication". You do not have one, two or three venture capital lenders, you've got 5.567. I'm pretty sure most of them don't want their money back. What they deserve is information. At this point, you failed miserably.

      From my point of view, i'm primarily interested in getting what i supported. I can live with "took 6 months longer than expected" or even more, if it fits the description i backed. So communication and the fact that you're delivering considerably less than you've promoted is the reason why I'm disappointed. I won't stop to support projects on kickstarter, but I'm not sure if i would support one of your projects again.

    12. Hsun-yu Vuong on

      Wow, did not realize how much discussion has been going on over this project. I just wanted to leave my positive feedback on here. The game looks great and I am very much looking forward to playing it when it releases on iOS and on PC. I understand that the delays have been insane and there has not been much communication, but we are talking about a small team here and one that I can imagine has been highly stressed.

      It is unfortunate that communication had the fall through the cracks and some the features weren't completed, but at least the game is being released. I think that vaporware comment was a bit overboard since there is a product coming out, and they have been fairly transparent about their issues. Heck, at least they didn't take the money and bolt. Good job guys and I am looking forward to playing this game and looking to see what you guys make next!

    13. Phill on

      @james They didn't keep their promises, and people are 'haters' simply because they're disappointed? They misjudged 'how hard it was to make a game', not us, and we hear the same story time after time when developers don't meet their goals on Kickstarter. We've been hearing it for decades from all sorts of developers. Newsflash to everyone from this point on: Making games isn't easy. This isn't an excuse not to deliver.

      We have their original goals and we have the finished product. They don't reflect one another. Anyone who supported this has every right to be upset.

    14. Missing avatar

      Robert Riffel on

      There are some very mixed comments here.
      Since I am in software development myself I feel with you.

      There is always so much you want to put into your software and it really takes a few projects with your tools before you can really tell how long your work will take.
      To all those who are crying about those "meager 30%" that they get - they got no Idea of what great concepts they are missing in other games.

      I hope you keep up your good work - I will judge by the finished game.
      And if I enjoy it, you can count me in as backer for your next project =)

    15. James Finn on

      @Frank Bueckert you sir don't know know just how hard it is to create game.

      to you three developers good luck with the game and well the haters can just 'deal with it'.

    16. Frank Bueckert on

      So let me get this straight: Two years of development, massively missed release dates, utter lack of communication, and you guys have been working your asses off.

      And yet, you're only providing 30% of what was promised?

      I was right. This is vaporware. I'm glad I didn't back your mobile version, and if I didn't get the PC version as a reward, I still wouldn't buy it. You're all talk.

    17. Paul O'Sullivan on

      I must apologize for being over critical, you guys are doing something I could only dream about, you have the motivation to keep pushing yourselves to produce a thing of beauty without a huge team and a big budget admirable!

      Also to all those who are 'Irked' about the mobile release, those dudes have been waiting much much longer for their game, this is part 2 remember?

      This was literally the first project I had seen on kickstarter and the first project I backed and I was all like.. The games almost complete, fuck yeah! I was like okay you have my money.. game me please! Then after a year I was like.. but.. my money? This is not how bartering works : (.

      Then I got over myself and decided bitching about release dates was futile and hurting you guys and your very fragile egos (based off the 30 odd updates containing apologies). Only joking you guys rock.. Seriously. I mean heck could be worse, you could be Sergey Titov (that guys a royal a-hole)

    18. Benjamin Stanley on

      Hey, Star Command Dev Team.

      I fully understand where you come from and Apology accepted.

      I will continue to support you guys until the PC version is finished :)

      I hope that you get positive reviews for the Iphone/Ipad version.

      And Just a thought - Why don't you deploy this to the OUYA if you can. :)

      BTW - Congrats on the child - Is it a boy or girl?

    19. Niggles on

      @Derek notice i referenced the KS for PC/Mac NOT the first kickstarter. All the negative stuff in most of the posts on the update and the main one have to do with the PC/Mac (or lack of). Thats what people are mostly bitching about. The iOS people can sit fine and dandy and have no reason to complain.

    20. Peter Jacob on

      Grr. Hiss. Suspicion of shady dealings. ::gets over it::

    21. Missing avatar

      Taziar on

      I just read the 'threat of violence' post. That is it, seriously? It wasn't even directed anybody, just a frustrated 'wanting to punch someone' comment.

      And a guy threatening to sue because he didn't take two seconds to realize, that the game was first created as a mobile game... Sigh. Perhaps Kickstarter isn't the place for him.

    22. Missing avatar

      Taziar on

      Nigel, They kickstarted the game for Mobile devices first. Notice the title for this kickstarter is Part 2.

    23. Niggles on

      Thanks for the update.
      However while i appreciate this update, i think like a good number of the backers (its a KS for PC/Mac), you can make all the excuses in the world, but the fact is

      1) The game release (let alone work on PC/Mac) was way behind schedule ( people say KS projects are always late, but months and months and months is a bit rich) with little to NO communication. Its well and fine to say its your first game etc but the reality is, people have put their hard earned money into this project and not providing constant updates on what is happening (doesnt matter if there isnt much to say as long as there is SOME form of update) to me is a cardinal sin.

      2) People backed this project because they wanted to see the game on PC/Mac. End of. Simple as that. Everything so far (99%) has been about the iOS game etc. You wonder why people got upset? This is why. Its great there will be a PC beta but thats still later after Android is done.

      3) There has been no (and still no) clarification of what is happening with how the game will be delivered for PC/Mac. That should have been done during the kickstarter so people could make an informed decision (especially the DRM issue) on whether to back or no - believe it or not there is a good number who would base their decision on this.

      4) Looking in hindsight im not sure i would have backed this project if i had known a simple mobile game would take this long to port (let alone be finished) to PC considering the cost of the lowest Tier (comparable with some of the more highly backed and more professional projects - and before anyone says it - some of those are starting from scratch as well)

      I apologise if i sound critical, and i do appreciate your reasoning for what has or hasnt happened. Fine. Move on.

    24. William on

      Don't get me wrong, delays are expected in video games (and most kickstarters I've seen are delayed), but most of the updates seem focused on mobile stuff, not PC. And I backed for PC. And everytime I see an update mostly about mobile news I get more irked.

    25. Missing avatar

      Ni ! on

      - . ThomasN
      " I guess you don't even understand that this was a KS for the PC and Mac version, it says so on the right column and everywhere. We still don't know when and over which distribution platforms it will be available (Forced Steam?), so excuse me if I'm not cheering in awe. "


      I really don't mind jokes, threats of physical violence, the fact you didn't implement 100% of your ideas or reasonably postponed release dates - it's understandable. I even still like you and I somehow know this game will be good.

      But I really don't like this recent KS trend of making different things than that were promised. Two PC "soon to be released" singleplayer games that I liked a lot so I chose "AAA game price tag" tier, two very succesful kickstarters. One is on iTunes, goes to Android and then to "beta platform" PC (that was kickstarted for), the other one is multiplayer only.

      Since now it's always lowest tier possible for me so I don't have to care until release..

    26. Missing avatar

      Brian Mattucci on

      @Star Command, "In the next paragraph we literally say the complete opposite"... uh... you mean literally 3 paragraphs later?

      I understand that you won't hire a PR firm, and you don't need to... but this update is sloppy in many ways. Hopefully the game turns out better, but that's what I mean when I say that it gives me an uneasy feeling.

      Almost no Kickstarter projects meet their deadlines, so I don't fault you there.

    27. William on

      Ok wait, so not only is it 8 months behind, but you aren't even going to focus on PC for yet another MONTH?

    28. IronSpike on

      I've watched that IGN 20-minute preview twice, now (and backseat-gamed the whole time). So excited for the PC version of this game! It looks great, guys. Well worth the wait.

    29. Gary G on

      Wait, what..... there was a release date?

      Dont worry about that :D just release a finished playable game, who cares about a release date, im sure people can wait as its not the only game around.

    30. Rand Chua TL on

      Hopping to play to pc or android version in one or two months time.

    31. Toki on

      "...we are probably not the game company to engage with. There are thousands of other good games and game companies out there that you can seek out and we would encourage that."

      Seriously easy to say after taking someones money. Give it back and then try to say it again!
      Do not get me wrong I have nothing against you, but I am just drawing attention that from a PR perspective, this sentence is a shot in the foot :(
      I dont like It so Please discontinue the use of sucha language...waiting patiently for a pc version

    32. Missing avatar

      EOPE42 on

      @Gilbert Palau - There's various resubmissions due to the apple quality control process, especially for 1st time devs on their app store. Something like that. ;)

      Honesty is always the way forward. Quality update WB. Community just needs standard periodic repeating updates on anything you wish to share (small talk and upwards).

      I definitely think you have the spine for a great game ecosystem: Eg open-world exploration + away missions on planets discovered + offensive away team on enemy ships etc... . And IP spin-offs too :D

    33. Spencer Gerowe on

      Glad you guys are getting the opportunity to follow your dreams! Personally, I haven't been worried when release dates slipped and there weren't many updates because realistically, I figured you guys probably would. I mean, this is your first title and personally I can't imagine trying to give an estimated release date. I'd probably say flip a coin xD

    34. Missing avatar

      Wojciech Flis on

      Grate Job guys, personally you don't need to apologize to me !!! I love the game, I supported the idea and I can wait even longer to get every extra thing you wanted to add :-D. I'm a big FAN of warballon and love your jokes.

      Cheers !

    35. Freyar on

      One of the biggest problems was always a lack of concrete updates. Granted, I fully understand the notion that there's nothing to discuss, but in the case of missed dates, it would have been better to discuss what was causing the hold up (and make sure that it was put in place.)

      I feel for you guys. Anyone who's sane knows that game development (especially for guys who haven't done it before) can take a LONG time. I think the biggest factor for PC guys is that at the moment, it can be very easy to feel like this particular kickstarter hasn't been worked on yet and it's been seven months. (I'm fully aware that base development on the mobile platforms is the "base" for the PC version though so I'm still feeling fairly patient regarding the whole issue.)

      The frustration, I think, is that due to the short turnaround time of projects like FTL. FTL already had a LOT of development done to the point where it had an entry into IGF and a playable demo on Onlive and their whole thing was a minor bit of polish and the various fees associated with bringing the game to market. In the case of Star Command, it's being built from the ground up.

      I still support the game and I still want to see it released. Provided the game's good (because the quality of work reflects on the skills of the team), I'll be back for expansions and other projects. Hopefully we'll see expected release dates (speculated releases) pushed out a bit further to be more realistic in the future if just to help you guys out with the stress of Reddit's smacktalk.

      I have eight crowdfunding projects, of which only one has fully delivered (FTL), the rest are in the long process of development. DFA, FTL, Wasteland 2, Shadowrun Returns, Star Command (PT2), none of these are to the point where they are at a stage for release. Reddit may turn around and argue that the first Kickstarter was before DFA and so on, but let's face it, DFA and so on has a bunch of veterans involved that have the experience to manage release dates and expectations.

      Warballoon is doing alright, in my eyes. Quiet, but alright.

    36. Enrique Hervás on

      GREAT JOB!!

      Don't worry about the deadlines, it's (unfortunately) very common to miss them when making a project this size. And, afterall you might be the first to finish their KickStarter project among the ones I've backed (and some of they were even supposed to be finished earlier).

      Thanks, I'm looking forward to play it.

    37. Aerouge

      An update like this months ago would have removed your nose from the grindstone ... a few inches ;-)

      But you know that if you miss THESE deadlines again someone is bound to set your house on fire (Hey physical violance threats are fun :P).

    38. ThomasN on

      Very cool that in the development you had a child and all.
      Very cool that you submitted an App to Apple.
      I guess you don't even understand that this was a KS for the PC and Mac version, it says so on the right column and everywhere.
      We still don't know when and over which distribution platforms it will be available (Forced Steam?), so excuse me if I'm not cheering in awe.

    39. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Wright on

      Well said Chris S,

      No apologies needed. Thank you for all of you have done to make this happen. Through your talents you all are helping us all keep the dream we share.

    40. Chris Shannon on

      I can only speak for myself, but-- Release dates aren't important on Kickstarter. In a publisher world, where they will release a game on X day, be it ready or not... that's expressly what I didn't give you money for. That's part of a different and broken world. I'm paying you, and other kickstarter projects for the game you want to make. When I get my rewards, I want the game you want to release. I think anyone who rationally sits down and thinks about it can accept that we are in it for the long haul. So don't apologise and don't talk to me about release dates. I don't care. As for the generations and research and stuff-- maybe on the next iteration, or an expansion pack or whatever.

      Provided the game doesn't suck, I'll back that too.

      Just keep on making the games you want to make. That's what made games from the 90's so irresistible, and I'll support someone to the hilt who is willing to walk that path.

    41. Matt Payte on

      No need for the apology (mostly). Star Command looks like a game I've literally been waiting to play for my entire life. I'm more than fine with the wait.

      In regards to the (mostly), I'm glad to see an apology for threats of physical violence, though I wish it had been less qualified. Yes, it's very understandable that making a game is a stressful experience, and I certainly know how I'd feel if I received the accusations that you all have during this process. But threats of physical violence are COMPLETELY unacceptable, ESPECIALLY from a developer to the community. And you're all game makers now. You don't get to say whatever you want anymore, you're in the game now.

      As I said, Star Command is something that I've been waiting for for my entire life. Even so, if I had known about the threats before backing, I probably wouldn't have supported you. I certainly won't going forward if they continue to pop up. Thank you all for apologizing for it. Don't tarnish your excellent work by speaking like some violent asshole.

    42. Gilbert Palau on

      I thought on the last update, you guys said that you had already submitted the app to the app store. Not a lunge, but I got confused. Still happy you guys are going to release very soon. From what I have seen, game looks fun and very solid. My $2.99 is going to be eagerly awaiting to be deposited in your pockets. And for God's sake... give your lead developer a break from the basement you have had him tied to all this time... ;)

    43. Missing avatar

      Kristoffer Habagat on

      Thanks for the update really appreciate it and congratulations on your IOS launch! If I can say one thing thats a little annoying is that we're getting updates only for the IOS version and this is the page for the PC/Mac version which means we wont be seeing the PC one anytime soon.

    44. Dave Kin on

      Thats what Kickstarter was about no?

      You were not exactly expected to be completely professional. But some people have simply made an entire profession out of it.

      All I can say is.. cant wait for it to come out on the PC and the Android.

    45. ezryder914 on

      Well said. I never looked at Kickstarter as a game pre-order kind of thing, I've always seen it as what it is; crowd source investment funding. I never give more than I can afford to throw away on a night out on the town. ;)

      Looking forward to the PC Beta.

    46. Zombra on

      [Insert generic message of support here.]
      Thanks for all you've done. Can't wait for the game.

    47. Chris on

      I agree with Vandigeth. I just don't want all the features that were missing (ie Sandbox) to just be IAP or DLC. I think what upsets me most of all is that the game is scripted more than I would have thought and that there is no real sense of adventure beyond playing it through once. The IGN review kind of let me down but I have high hopes that you guys will pull it off. I would rather wait a few months and have a complete game than have you release half a game and then DLC or IAP me to death for the game i thought I was getting in the first place. Hope you get through this. Also seems your not too involved in the game as you did find the time to procreate LOL. Congrats!

    48. Jake on

      Bring on the PC BETA! I can't wait :)