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Star Command Galaxies is the sequel to the 2012 hit mobile game. Manage your crew and explore a randomly generated galaxy with planets, ships, and more! Join the alpha today for PC/Mac/Linux.
Star Command Galaxies is the sequel to the 2012 hit mobile game. Manage your crew and explore a randomly generated galaxy with planets, ships, and more! Join the alpha today for PC/Mac/Linux.
5,613 backers pledged $151,806 to help bring this project to life.

Quick Update and a Video

Posted by Star Command (Creator)

We, as always, have been very busy. Here's what has been happening:

We're done with crew, enemy, rooms, ships and about 90% done with FX sprite sheets. Our process is basically in order of need - crew and enemy spritesheets are top priority, then special effects (laser cannon shooting, token collection) and then supplemental things like enemy ships being destroyed. Still some sound work to do as well with the final assets, but sound stuff is fairly quick comparatively.

Enemy AI is getting some serious TLC from our second dev team so that each species feels very unique - both in tactics and actual powers and attacks. We have spent all this time building a solid foundation and house and right now we're (finally) putting in all the furnishings.

We also got retina displays working and that added about 50+ bugs. The game looks great, but there is just a lot of buttons off by 2 pixels, low-res backgrounds, things just not appearing anymore type things that come with it. But all you brand new iPhone 5/iPad3/Nexus III should be happy with the results. But yes, these things add time to overall dev time.

Enemy ships can now be destroyed (a lot of people asked about that in the video). Again, with this it was one of those things that was nice to have, but not critical to gameplay. It's all in there now so that should be pretty cool. So cool, in fact, that we attached a video.

Release date is being discussed with the respective stores. We think the game will be done at the end of this month. To release in December we will be competing with the likes of EA, Rovio and Halfbrick - not good for an indie company with no prior releases. The other trick as that your release dates are limited since Apple locks the itunes store for a couple weeks during the holiday season. There is a real fear that we will just get lost in the shuffle competing against things like Angry Birds Star Wars and the Infinity Blades of the world. So right now the biggest influencer of our release date are outside forces. When we decide on one, we promise, you will be the first to know. But its going to be soon.

As always, we appreciate your patience and support. We love you guys and gals and we feel good that the game is gonna be a ton of fun and worth your wait.


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    1. Octopus_Pancake on

      How do I contact these guys, I want a damn refund from my backing. I am horribly unimpressed with the gameplay as I dont care for playing "minigames" to aim my friggin weapons. I was hoping it was more like Faster Than Light where its on a timer and much more cooler and realistic. Unless they change this I will not be playing this game.

    2. Missing avatar

      Greg Polander

      Well, it's 12-1....due for a update as to when we can expect this to be in our hot hands! :)

    3. William Rhys Wortham on

      You don't need to compete with companies like EA as long as you pick a indy venue, like Steam or The community will eat that crap up since they love indy games and anything that caters to retro gaming.

    4. John Mauney on

      I agree with Yulay. Separate the break apart and explosion animations a bit more so that little explosions happen all over the ship a little bit before it starts to break up. Nice, slow progression with big finale.

    5. Yulay Devlet on

      I feel as though it would be better if the ship breaks apart after the laser hits it. It would look better if it gets hit and after a second (as the hit reduces its structural integrity to zero) it breaks apart due to inner explosions.
      Instantly breaking apart as the ship gets hit looks a bit... instantaneous.
      I don't know if this would make sense but, I think progressive change is always better than everything happening at the same time. It gives a greater sense of realism to any animation, and allows viewer to absorb every detail of the action.

    6. Torment- The Enduring Exile on

      I understand waiting out the holiday season, but I suspect you guys are just using it to rationalize waiting even longer before release.

      Oh well. January can't come sooner.

    7. BobbyDylan on

      Given that the iOS version was always intended to be releases first, I'm more than happy with this updated, and happy for the PC version to take a backseat.

      Hoping the iOS version comes out in December, and the PC version early next year!

    8. Gilbert Palau on

      I agree if the PC/Mac portion of the game doesnt require retina display, or any of the constraints of the itunes Store, then you guys should release it in Alpha or Beta so we can start testing it for you. I have beta tested a lot of games through steam itself, so I know Steam allows for the beta testing to happen. You can send us keys and we can download the game with it and when the game comes out whenever then you can convert our beta keys to release or send in new keys or whatever.

      I know that you guys need to keep your main developer in the basement, but we your loyal, humbling, fans, who have erected temples in all your names should be treated with fairness. RELEASE THE BETA NOW!!!! er... Please?

    9. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Krell on

      Aim for right after christmas when people are looking to spend their itunes giftcards people will undoubtedly get.

    10. Will Buckingham

      For the people who don't quite comprehend the situation with releasing an app around Christmas, allow me to fill you in on the typical sales pattern. Around/shortly after Black Friday massive holiday sales begin to happen on the various app stores. EA and Gameloft "game" the system by dropping nearly their entire catalogs to $.99 per game. With new owners getting devices over the holidays, they see all their favorite IPs and recognizable titles up super cheap and the major studios + Angry Birds shoot to the top of the Top 100 Paid app lists. With the app submission process frozen for the holidays, those apps generally stay on top for the entire holiday season. It is veritable app suicide to release something as an indie dev right before the holidays, as EA and Gameloft with their massive $.99 catalogs eat everyone's lunch. It's a method of manipulating the charts that's proven to be highly successful (they wouldn't do it every holiday if it wasn't) and Apple seems have no issue with them doing it, so I completely understand why the Star Command devs want to sidestep that particular problem. You have one big shot to get recognition when you submit, and the month where everyone else is selling at rock-bottom prices and flooding the top charts is not the month to do it in.

    11. Blindcattan on

      I keep thinking I cant wait, I cant wait, but truth be told I can wait. And Ill be happier with a quality game that surpasses my expectations than I will with something has a few irritating niggles that I just have to put up with. Keep up the good work guys, take as long as you need

    12. James Dalley

      I've backed about ten projects here on Kickstarter. I know that they tend to get delayed and I understand. That being said I don't think you should postpone release because of Christmas. Also to be honest EA and Gameloft haven't come out with a decent ios app in a long time. Recently they've just been producing a bunch of in-app-purchase crap. Also I'm looking forward to the mobile just as much as PC and am glad to hear any news you guys have.

    13. Missing avatar

      johnathan nakamura on

      Don't worry about Black Friday none, remember a lotta youngsters will have a little extra cash only AFTER the new year starts!

    14. John Dalton on

      It's looking good to me. Progress is slow but steady, and lessons are being learned along the way. You only get one chance to release, and I'm sure most of us understand that a successful release can mean the difference between this being a one-off project or giving you the freedom to pursue something bigger and better next time.

      Keep up the good work - I'm enjoying the updates and will grab a copy of the mobile release anyway. In the meantime I'll keep playing FTL ;)

    15. Missing avatar

      Carsten B on

      This is awesome. Cant wait to play it. Even if its only the beta, give it to us and we let you know whats not working. Let us be your testers :-)

      Good luck with iTunes, it can be really frustrating sometimes. Just keep pushing!

      Best regards

    16. Jason Truxal on

      @BWarhol: Take a class in game design and you will know why.

    17. Aerouge

      This looks absolutely amazing!

      And dont let those pushy people get you down. Release when it´s ready to release. Because nothing could hurt you more than a dissatisfied crowd. You could release the same day as Skyrim and it would not cripple your sales more than bad PR on launchday ... those "is it worth it" threads on steam get lots of attention.

      Anyway I would wish fore more specific dates on PC Beta and stuff :) So keep us posted.

    18. Don Reba on

      Well, posting the mobile development update on the PC project's page is a little weird, but ok — just as long as you don't post PC updates on the mobile project's page.

    19. David Shore on

      I guess I'll comment on the actual update, since no one else is?
      Way to go guys! Getting the mobile version up before the holidays will be quite an accomplishment. I also like ship explosion; very retro.

    20. Rand Chua TL on

      Hopefully we would see and get to play a beta of the pc game before Xmas.

    21. Wintersong-Tempest of the Obsidian Order on

      I'd agree with the feeling of why news about the mobile version here? Unless the mobile Kickstarter page is not usable. That said, news are news and I'm glad to hear about the game, whatever the version may be. Specially if videos are included!!! :D

      Once PC beta hits, none here is going to care about mobile updates or not. :P

    22. Missing avatar

      EOPE42 on

      >"We already have the mod tools being built and some plans for expanding the mini games to make them much more strategy based (yes, we're reading your comments)."

      ^This. I can wait for PC version, which has MORE POTENTIAL anyway. Eg more screen space to work with and mouse + keyboard user input and generally more challenges based off feedback from the mobile. :)

    23. Missing avatar

      roxtedi on

      I think this updated would be appropriate on the mobile version....

    24. Andrey Ivanov on

      First of all listen to negative comments no matter what. Since you have no games released and asked for money here twice (and said that you asking money for PC because you will have 2 teams and etc. Now i wonder if that was truth since this "mobile first" statement) you are dependent on this crowd... kind of. And if people get frustrated for valid reasons (like you missing the initial release date for mobile devices for an year now) and spread that around the web that can be a serious negative marketing for SC. And yes i count this as a valid reason to be frustrated because this whole thing isn't something like "oh, dudes, take my money because you are so cool and it's all looking great on paper". You offered something i'm interested in and gave you money to do that till specific date...and you not deliver anything at all... just delay reports and some mobile news i don't give a fock already.
      I guess that guy with his letter from one of the previous updates was right after all.

    25. bgannin

      Where do the backer races fit into the desktop release schedule?

    26. PinkiePieAddict on

      Easy Solution: Release in January.

      That's generally a dead time for game releases, and it gives you another month to polish the game.

    27. Xenophon on

      @Kai Because they want to release for mobile platforms at the same time to get the best amount of exposure in the press. That and I'd bet ios will account for way more then half of their mobile sales. Based on their comments and where they are at in development I wouldn't expect the mobile version this year. Hopefully 1Q13 for mobile and 2Q13 for desktop...

    28. Missing avatar

      LeeArac on

      I tend to agree that as part of the group that gave you /one-hundred and fifty-thousand dollars/ very specifically for the PC/Mac version of the game, being told we're not 'the first priority' feels a little... insulting.

    29. Missing avatar

      Remi D. Finjord on

      The description on the home page says the mobile version is supposed to come out before the PC version, so that is not an issue.
      And personally, I don't want you to rush the release like many publishers would force you to, and instead make sure it is ready first, so it doesn't fall into the unfortunate "buggy piece of crap on launch" category and miss the success it should be getting.
      This game is on course to becoming a great game, even if it is a while later than originally intended.
      Looking forward to playing the game when it is ready, keep fixing those bugs! :)

    30. Michael Matzat on

      How are Mod tools shaping up? How high will the level of Moddabilety be?

    31. Rob Merritt on

      Soooo realistically, the mobile version will come out in February 2013. When its out, the priority will still be the mobile version as bugs are sure to be found near launch, As someone who is in IT and software development, it looks like to me you won't start working 100% on the pc port until June 2013. I don't care either way because I backed the concept more so than expecting to get an actual product. You just might want to start talking to other PR people in the industry on how to best deal with missing your release date by a year. Good luck!

    32. Brian Yoshimura on

      I don't think you guys have to worry about competing with EA or other AAA titles priced at $50 plus. Your product is in the $10 range, and I don't see any other major threats in that range.

      You guys need to worry about all the good and will and attention you have had over the past 6 months that is decaying due to delays. End of summer, to now maybe not December is what you guys need to worry about. Updating the game to include a device like the iphone 5 just wasted time as well, that could of been updated after you released the game.

    33. Missing avatar

      Beau Badeaux on

      Don't listen to those first commenters, because I for one am here because I missed the mobile kickstarter, so I'm very glad to here about overall development.

      I won't lie and say I'm not a little frustrated, as I'm terribly anxious to play the game, but I'm glad you're pleased with your progress; I imagine that, with such an ambitious undertaking, you're your biggest critics.

      Regarding release dates, the truth is you're always going to be competing with other games like that, no matter when you release. I'd advise you to push right now and get it out before, otherwise as soon as it's ready.

    34. Justin Garnett on

      Thank you for all your hard work Warballon; you have to cover all your bases and only those with too much free time will fault you for that ;)

    35. Kippy on

      Even if the path is to release to mobile before PC, why should Android release be held back due to Apple's lock down of iTunes. Shouldn't Android be release first?

    36. Zombra on

      Looking forward to the release! But I have other games to play until then, so I am patient. Will settle for nothing less than the final, fully optimized PC version. Hoping to see it in early January? Don't answer. Just do what you do.

    37. Adam Truncale on

      The release of a beta would be very VERY good news. I am a computer science teacher and I've shown you game as a great example of the new explosion of the Indie game scene. If you release a beta I might have to make my student write a report or something :)

    38. Xenophon on

      The release path has always been mobile first followed by desktop. This kickstarter was to help get desktop released following mobile. Give these guys a break, I'm sure no one wants the game done more then them.

    39. Starkillr on

      Don't listen to the cry babies below. Keep doing what you are doing. Thanks guys.

    40. Star Command 2-time creator on

      There is a chance we will release the beta earlier than the mobile or at the same time, with the understanding of course that NO PC optimizations will be in there. It will be the high res version of the mobile game but at least you guys will get to play it without having to get it for mobile. Let's see how this month goes. We're listening to you guys.

    41. Kippy on

      +1000 with BWarhol. This is a PC game. I could care less about retina display and iTunes lockdown. No reason the PC release should be punished because of mobile edition. Release the PC/Mac version first.

    42. Star Command 2-time creator on


      The second mobile is out 100% of our resources are devoted to the PC version. We already have the mod tools being built and some plans for expanding the mini games to make them much more strategy based (yes, we're reading your comments). We have also talked about some other cool stuff for PC including using your phone as a device attached to the PC version - like a away team updater. All up in the air, but mobile is our first priority. Take heart though, it all falls into the same bucket. Basically our retina updates have made the game Mac and PC ready as is since we have the game running in these massive resolutions. PC beta should be very very quick.

    43. Missing avatar

      BWarhol on

      Given that this is the Kickstarter for the non-mobile version, why do we give a hoot about the iTunes lockdown, the Retina display, competition with Angry Birds Star Wars for release date, and other such irrelevancies? In short, why is the PC release date suffering from mobile-only considerations?