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Star Command Galaxies is the sequel to the 2012 hit mobile game. Manage your crew and explore a randomly generated galaxy with planets, ships, and more! Join the alpha today for PC/Mac/Linux.
Star Command Galaxies is the sequel to the 2012 hit mobile game. Manage your crew and explore a randomly generated galaxy with planets, ships, and more! Join the alpha today for PC/Mac/Linux.
5,613 backers pledged $151,806 to help bring this project to life.

You Demand Results!

Posted by Star Command (Creator)

And we're going to give them to you!

First we want to thank everyone for their incredible support. But where is that money going to go? Well, we have already made some hires, including another full time developer who can help us finish up the game and make the port to PC/Mac, a full time animator badass and a background artist from Games Workshop. We have effectively doubled our team size - and that's thanks to you.

So for you today you get to see where some of your support is going. We have one of our animators, Carl Douglas, first pieces done, a walking and shooting cycle for the Trilax. Take a look - the death animation is going to be epic.

The next thing we have is three more samples from the sound track for your listening pleasure.

And lastly we have a thank you from the Admiral himself. Now, back to work to produce the results you demand!

The Warballoon Team

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    1. Jason Darby on

      Excellent stuff. Just want to play the game now :)

      Out of interest, how long did the walking and shooting animation take to make?

    2. Missing avatar

      John on

      First two sound great, that third is grating on my ears.

    3. John Dalton on

      These soundtrack samples are fantastic - not only do I doubt I'll be turning off the music in-game, but I actually find myself looking forward to getting a copy of the soundtrack!

    4. Missing avatar

      Nathaniel on

      I'm happy with the progress, I'm looking forward to the inevitable release :D

    5. Missing avatar

      Ws60 on

      I look forward to exploring strange new worlds, meeting intelligent life, and seeing how many creative ways I can get my crew killed off. Not necessarily in that order either. :D

    6. Seth McNitt on

      Really looking forward to this guys. Keep up the cool work.

    7. Johan on

      Awesome art and awesome music!

    8. Aniceto Ron on

      I honestly can't wait for this to be finished. As a backer I will also be purchasing the iOS version upon release. This game brings back many memories from the heyday of my child gaming and this is one project I was most happily to participate in. Keep up the excellent work!

    9. William Goff on are. ;)

    10. Carl Douglas | Animator | on

      Glad to see the community excitement! I'm a fellow backer of this project, as well as the pixel animator mentioned in this update. Thrilled and humbled by all the praise and support, it's that sort of thing that inflates our creative muscles and gets us proud of the work we put into it all - so thank you so much!

      Looking forward to making many aliens die in outlandish ways for you all.

    11. Enax on

      The second music sounds like Ascendancy :…
      Great memories.

    12. Shane Cunningham on

      Sweet. Onward intrepid developers!

    13. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Combs on

      congrats on busting through kickstarter with 151% of your goal ^_^
      I hope you budgeted better this time around :P

    14. Gaston Ragnar Rippinger on

      Any word on cross platform continuity of ships concerning the pets and secret rooms? I only backed the PC version so how would that work?

      Can't wait for the book, the soundtrack and all the other stuff!! (oh...and the game!)

    15. Missing avatar

      Gareth on

      I've never been so scared of Admiral Carter. His grimace does not match the caption. His true colours are shown now. I'll never serve as a member of his crew, he's plain evil and must be destroyed.

    16. Alex Neilson

      Really looking forward to the entire soundtrack after just those snippets :)

    17. Nate on

      When will the ebooks be sent out? I need something to hold me off :)

    18. Peter Jacob on

      ^_^ Lookin' good guys. Eager to see the final deal.

    19. Missing avatar

      Stephane Adam on

      Thanks for the samples, the music is what sold me on the project in the first place.

    20. Rand Chua TL on

      Love the new animations and music now awaiting upated #13

    21. SoulLifter on

      Love the animations and music. CAN'T WAIT!!!

    22. Missing avatar

      Jobbe Smit on

      They work for me...

    23. oscarhardwick on

      animations are working now :D GREAT job so far guys.

    24. patchie patch on

      Animations work from kickstarter site :)

      Great music:)

      Cant wait!

    25. Martin Kramer on

      Animations don't work, what a pity :(

    26. Adam Roberts on

      If you guys ever need a web dev, HTML5/CSS3 - hit me up ;)

      Still, can't wait for this game :D

    27. Scott Clark on

      Awesome music! Where are the animations? They don't show up on here and the links in the email update don't work either. Anyway...I cannot wait to play this game! You guys are the best.

    28. David Shore on

      I love all the music clips and art shown so far. The aliens look great.

    29. BruceP - Chameleon Prime

      Love those music samples!

    30. Missing avatar

      Carsten B on

      Too bad that the sounds aren't working on the iPad.

    31. Chris Shannon on

      Admiral Carter, I like your style. It takes cohones to tell me I'm the best in front of all the others. Ha! You magnificent bastard!

    32. Eric Friesen on

      You have a very talented team over there at Warballoon! God I love the smell of pixel art in the afternoon.

    33. Jörn Huxhorn

      I'm really looking forward for the complete soundtrack. Like it. <3

    34. Missing avatar

      Tychoxi on

      Admiral Carter is one sexy star commander!

    35. Devon Rampe on

      That last one would be a great ringtone if it was longer!

    36. ImpKeeper on

      yep love the project so far :)... looking forward to seeing the beta and the game when it releases :)

    37. Missing avatar

      EOPE42 on

      GW have some great artists: You're aiming high! Also the music guy is going great guns!

      Any more info on an update as to how you're going to increase the firepower on this PC version compared to the mobile versions would be a good one, when available!

      Love all the alien concepts so far.