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Star Command Galaxies is the sequel to the 2012 hit mobile game. Manage your crew and explore a randomly generated galaxy with planets, ships, and more! Join the alpha today for PC/Mac/Linux.
Star Command Galaxies is the sequel to the 2012 hit mobile game. Manage your crew and explore a randomly generated galaxy with planets, ships, and more! Join the alpha today for PC/Mac/Linux.
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Posted by Star Command (Creator)

Greetings Kickstarters!

This update has been a long time coming and there are so many new features in this Alpha that we are going to list them for you just so you have an idea of what we have been working on.

1. The Nav Map

In the upper left we added a tab for Nav. If your ship and crew is the heart and soul of our game then navigation is the brains. Without the ability to go someplace, a starship management game isn't much fun. And a lot of things happen during travel: crew states are saved, new maps are loaded, old maps are unloaded and the persistence of the galaxy is established. Your strategy is drawn based on proximity, access, routes, threats, allies and landmarks that can present advantages and disadvantages. Which brings us to...

2. Saves

In the world of Galaxies, we have laid the groundwork for a system of rival ships and races with their own tactics, strategies and goals. Each ship will have it's own Captain and be persistent in the universe. Right now you can damage an enemy ship, leave, come back and the ship will still be in existence, with its damage and crew saved and ready. What does this do? Well it's not much more work for us to give them memory and personalities so that they can try and undermine you, become allies or become your nemesis.

3. Conversations and Radial Menus 

Right click and hold on other characters to interact. We now have the foundation to be able to speak with other characters in the universe. Soon, you will be able to hire, bargain, surrender, exploit and hundreds of other things. Through this same menu you can interact with the hundreds of objects in the game and do dozens of actions like attacking, hacking, healing and many other things.

4. Tactical Enemies 

Enemies will now repair their ship, heal their crew, beam to your ship with goals, flee if they are in danger and strategically attack you. We still have a long way to go but, again, the groundwork has been laid for expanding our enemy AI into other tactics, races and strategies.

5. Missions 

Our first test missions are simple tasks like collecting items or killing specific characters in the universe but this will lead to many more complex gameplay features like giving aid to allies, resupplying your colonies, attacking a mutual enemy, capturing rival captains and many more fun adventures all generated by the game and not written by our team. This will lead to more challenges and rewards as the game continues to grow.

6. Tons of Balance 

The game is FAR from balanced, but there is quite a bit more in the newest version. Weapons, ship systems, food, energy and just about everything else has gotten a little bit of love. Overall, the game should have a much more "solid" feel.

7. More bug fixes than we can list 

From shaders to crew logic to turrets and about a hundred other things, we have been hard at work fixing, adjusting and adding tons of little things to make the game more intuitive and fun.

So where do we go from here? The next update should see the return of planet exploration, new races, new weapons, new conversations and the start of our final system: loyalty. This is basically the whole point of the game - earning relationships with your crew, rival Captain's and other races through your actions (or inactions). This will be where you decide whether to stab your Midorian Captain friend in the back or help him against the surging Antorian empire. Where you can attack and crush an Avarian colony making room for your own or help resupply them and make them grow.We hope this will be where the game really comes together and becomes a fully realized universe.

We're very excited about this release and what is to come. Tell us what you think in the comments below. And as always, we appreciate your faith and patience with us!


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    1. Star Command 2-time creator on

      @RS you'll have to pay for the Android version if you want it from the play store. We continue to update the beta version over at

    2. RS on

      some time ago we got an bugy beta of the android Version is there an finished update release available for us backers? or have we to pay at the playstore?

    3. Michael Cooper on


      I haven't checked out Galaxies yet, I'm well aware of how long game development takes so I tend to just check things every now and then so I can't wait to see how its going.

      Incidentally I suggest using lubricant when shoving the .exe up your ass for a smoother experience. :P

      @Other Backers, If you want to download it check your email for the Sendowl from the 9th of May.

    4. Star Command 2-time creator on

      Thanks Antonio! Great feedback - a lot we can work with there.

      We're gonna do our best to address to the character behavior as well as hails with enemy ships (something that we see as a critical feature). Continued work on missions should help make it much clearer what you're supposed to do and give you clear goals and direction. Our tutorial was very makeshift, intended to explain some of the more obtuse features - but definitely not permanent. It will be getting a major refinement as we wrap up our game features and move into the refinement and polish stages.

      Sorry that you feel that 3 years of consistent work and personal investment is a scam. Not sure we agree on the definition of "scam", but you present an eloquent, well-thought out argument, so we will defer to you. And sorry you are so down on Kickstarter projects - hopefully you can find a project that meets your lofty expectations!

      We will also look into putting the .exe up our asses. Not sure if you wanted just want one of us to stick it up our ass or if it should be a team effort, but it is something we will take into account.

      Alpha 5 should be out soon and hopefully it address most of your issues!


    5. Missing avatar

      Ian Koxvold

      Oh god, I laughed so hard. Thank you Antonio.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jabberwok on

      Same question as below, how can I download this?

    7. Missing avatar

      Antonio J. Garcia Lentisco on

      I backed this project some years ago. Can not remember when.
      I have tried to play the alpha 4, and this is a ****** mess.
      Really. The characters do not eat or rest if I do not order them. I can not speak with the enemy ships clicking the message icon on right. I can not guess what I am suppose to do.

      The tutorial is ************************************************* useless.

      I have been very patient with this project, But the alpha 4 is a fucking shit. A fucking shit. Fucking useless. Unplayable. This is not a game, not even an alpha. I have played alphas better done.
      I am done with this. Kickstarter is a dam scam system. I will never kickfuckingstart never again.

      You peaple of Warballoon are damn scamers. FUCK YOU ALL. If you do not know how the fuck make a videogame, do not motherfucking make a game.

      Get the fucking .exe up your ass.

    8. Bobby Hiom on

      How do you download?

    9. Missing avatar

      Jabberwok on

      In the future, will we be able to see part of the exterior when zoomed in to the interior, like a cutaway? Because that would be cool.

    10. Zombra on

      Shouldn't that be "kickstarterers"?

    11. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the update, guys! Sounds like I'm gonna have to give this another try soon.