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Star Command Galaxies is the sequel to the 2012 hit mobile game. Manage your crew and explore a randomly generated galaxy with planets, ships, and more! Join the alpha today for PC/Mac/Linux.
Star Command Galaxies is the sequel to the 2012 hit mobile game. Manage your crew and explore a randomly generated galaxy with planets, ships, and more! Join the alpha today for PC/Mac/Linux.
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Star Command Galaxies Alpha 2: A Day In the Life

Posted by Star Command (Creator)

NOTE: Alpha 2 is out now, but ONLY for WINDOWS. Our MAC version is crashing, so we will get that up when it is fixed. APOLOGIES!

Reminder: you should be receiving updates from SendOwl about a new download link.

THE BIG BUGS (lots of little ones as well): 

  • After the 2nd or 3rd trip down to a planet the game can crash (memory load issue)
  • Red thought bubbles will not disappear consistently
  • Beds use state is buggy
  • Characters will use objects in non-use spots
  • Combat: Crew accuracy not being ignored (super bad shots right now)

We titled this update after the day to day actions that your crew takes during their adventures. In terms of development we wanted to establish the core "needs" of your crew before jumping into exploring the galaxy, battling alien vessels and visiting all the worlds of the Galaxies. We feel like it's coming along. You can watch the video above to watch a playthrough of the game and read below to find some more details about each of the new additions to Galaxies.

The first new feature you will notice is your crew needs. Crew now require food and sleep (energy) and, depending on how well those needs are being met, a crewmembers' respective mood will go up or down. Eventually there will be appropriate rewards and penalties applied for good and bad moods but for the time being there are no effects.

To be clear, Galaxies will not be a micro manage my crew game - and you can see this with the addition of automation. Crew will take care of their needs from sleeping to eating. The only time these things are a problem is when there is an absence of these resources. All your food get sucked out of the hull during your last battle? Now you have a problem. Bed's caught on fire and now you only have on left? Gonna have some grumpy crew on board.

The next level of each crew member is their "Desires." This represents their hopes, dreams and aspirations and are derived from their personalities. Desires will, in turn, guide the gameplay. The "missions" in Star Command Galaxies are the desires of other characters in the game - your crew, traders, other Captain's, villagers, Star Command admirals - you name it. Your goal is to fulfill these desires. Some may want you to visit a planet. Others may want you to capture the Captain of a trade ship. All of these things will be relayed to you in the form of a desire.

What happens when you fulfill a desire? Two things - first the character's mood goes up. But, more importantly, you earn loyalty. Loyalty is one of the primary metrics for victory. The more loyal your crew the more you will be able to accomplish in the galaxy since spreading your Captain's desires is dependant a loyalty. Ignoring your crew's desires? You might have a mutiny on your hands. Kill a Captain instead of capturing them for Star Command? There could be repercussions with one of your officers trying to take over your command.

Loyalty will continue to expand in the upcoming updates and become more and more central to victory for the player.

Toilets, TV's, beds - all these things and more are now available for your crew to meet their needs and waste their time to help pass the hours of staying on a starship. We have also added object animations! Awesome!

The biggest change (and what you will hopefully see the least of) is on our crew action and cursor manager system. For you, the player, the result will be filters when you commit to actions like repair and heal. But overall the game is way more stable and, for us, ready for some serious implementation of features. Our cursor manager was a huge undertaking and has cleared the way for ship combat, crew conversations, fixing some SCIENCE bugs and lots of other advanced features that just couldn't be completed until the foundation was ready.

Teleporters are two fold. First, they are just simply easier to use than the previous build - which was somewhat unintuitive. Secondly, teleporters have the groundwork for implementation of ship systems (shields, weapons, engines, etc). A ship system won't work until a crew is working at the proper console and, in turn, that console will drain power from your master generator. What that means is we can quickly add things like lasers that drain every time you use them, bars that draw from your food resource, shields that can be destroyed and repaired - basically every core system we need for ship combat.

You also have a brand new ship so that you can see your cargo hold full of food, your kitchen area, crew quarters and other areas that give you more of a window into the experience of running a ship.


long with the new cursor manager mentioned above we have revised map generation. Our map generator was creating many erroneous game objects compromising the stability of the game. This has been much improved. We will continue to refine asset loading and unloading along with game object generation, but for now you should see a pronounced improvement in overall game stability.


Inventory has been removed while we reimagine it. Our initial implementation of inventories existing in the game world was good on paper but not as intuitive as we had hoped. Rather than continuing to try and polish the way your characters use that inventory system we have taken it back to the drawing board. It will likely be a much more traditional "item in a box" system so you can quickly see what your character is carrying.


Because of all the cursor state manager changes we had to push the SCIENCE update off a bit until the SCIENCE cursor states are all revised to match the new system. We are hoping to get SCIENCE revised and out sometime in the next two weeks.

Hope you all enjoy the new update. This update is huge for us as we have a very solid, stable foundation to quickly add content. We still have some big things to tackle like the fact that we are currently topping out Unity's memory management with our asset textures and we will have to address that sooner rather than later, but for now we feel really good about where the game is heading. Tell us what you think!

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Cheers, Warballoon

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    1. Spencer Ryan Barnes on

      If I sounded overly sarcastic please forgive. If the intention is to switch the right hand back and forth from the mouse and keyboard, this feels really inefficient undesirable to me, so I'd like to have the option for arrows to be WASD so I'm always in control of point and click and map scrolling rather than choosing moment to moment for one or the other.

    2. Star Command 2-time creator on

      @ ExoScoriae: Thanks a ton for you, and all the kickstarters support. We are doing this because people gave us their $10, $25 or $2000 and put their trust in us. We hope the final game is badass, and we are keeping on with that goal!

    3. Star Command 2-time creator on

      @ Charles Bonnel - sorry bout that, we are are going to test better to prevent the "oh crap" re-emails.

    4. Star Command 2-time creator on

      @Ian Monde: you have a corrupt save file. Unfortunately a reinstall is the only way we know to get your ship back- known bug

    5. eXoScoriae on

      I'd like to thank warballoon and the rest of those working on Star Command. This project was a failure in many ways last year, along with more than 10 other projects I had backed way back in 2012. I have constantly emailed the creators of these projects and encouraged them to just communicate with their backers and work towards what they promised.

      These guys are one of the few projects that actually re-organized themselves, plotted a plan for what needed to be done, communicated that plan, and began working towards it.

      Backers who were skeptical and cynical had every right to be, as there was no reason to believe this would succeed where the original pitch failed. And that is where it is so crucial for the creators to keep pushing forward and not let their past failure dictate their future as well.

      I'm not saying we have crossed the finish line and should be celebrating yet, but I do believe that warballoon & co deserve credit for rebuilding this gae concept into something realistic and achievable.

      Good luck crossing the finish line guys. I wish all the other failed kickstarters I have been dealing with had the same desire to finish.

    6. Spencer Ryan Barnes on

      WASD please!

      Mouse and arrows? Is that a thing? People do that? For real? Like put a hand on the arrows and on the mouse, having two arms on the right side? I don't get it lol

    7. Ian Mond on

      Any chance of a response to my comment?

    8. Ian Mond on

      I've downloaded the update and my ship seems to have vanished on star-up. In other words the same problem that was reported with the first version. Help please.

    9. Charles Bonnell on

      Is there a way to mabey stop spamming peoples inboxes with 5 emails every time you push an update?

    10. Star Command 2-time creator on

      Mac version is up now! Update through SendOwl!

    11. Missing avatar


      Didn't have the time to watch the video last night, but after checking it out, I'm really excited! Thanks for the update!

    12. Go on

      Looks good. Keep it coming.

    13. Charles Bonnell on

      Is there a reason I needed 8 duplicate emails?

    14. Zombra on

      Watched the video. Very much appreciate the thoughts at the end about subtlety and not just *telling* in text how every character is feeling. I think this should extend to the icons as well. Think about getting rid of them or letting us turn them off. I don't like the sparks shooting out, flying smiley faces, or the jumping in the air "TOYOTA!!" moments. Just let the characters be happy and sad. If I need to know, I can check their character sheet at the bottom. This extends to desires and needs as well. I can check the sheet to see if a dood wants to visit a planet. If a guy is starving, an animation of holding his stomach and frowning a lot is going to look much better than a huge red chicken leg flying over his head for 10 minutes.

    15. Sam Mayo on

      Sooooo Warballoon, you guys just spammed me with 8 broken emails about this. Pretty sure you broke all of the anti-spam laws you could have broken, kudos!

    16. Adam Taylor on

      Honestly, I am not a huge fan of this. I didn't need another Sims game, I just wanted an awesome Star Command game, that basically expanded on the adventure I could find in the original.

      This feels like it's taking away from the fun space exploration and combat and making me focus on each individual crew member. Not a great thing.

      A general moral thing, and maybe having things crew enjoy as well as things they fear could be good... but I don't want to see tons of micromanaging, worrying about food supplies and sleep and all that.

    17. Missing avatar

      johnathan nakamura on

      CANCEL previous! I may never know why, but the download (a couple actually) started several minutes after. I don't get it, but I got it. Sorry.

    18. Missing avatar

      johnathan nakamura on

      Can't get the download. Clicking on the appropriate link does nothing, and right clicking to Save Link As does nothing. I'm out of downloads though. Win7 Pro 64, Google Chrome.

    19. Zombra on

      In fact, it would be great to have an options menu where we can TURN OFF various indicators, flying numbers, and stuff like that. Just a thought.

    20. Zombra on

      Looking fab! Haven't watched the video yet, but I'm worried about one thing. In those little screenshot bites, a lot of characters seem to be walking around with giant thought balloons over their heads ALL THE TIME. I'm going to get sick of looking at those. I want to see the *characters* in the game field, not their status indicators.