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The comfort and performance of sportswear meets the sharp look of a dress shirt. 4-way stretch, fast-drying and insanely comfortable.
The comfort and performance of sportswear meets the sharp look of a dress shirt. 4-way stretch, fast-drying and insanely comfortable.
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    1. Stantt™ 4-time creator on

      So glad to hear you all are loving the shirts! They are quickly becoming some of our favorites here in the office as well.

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      Shaun Skelton

      I've worn both of my shirts a couple of times, and I am loving them. Seem to be a lot better about wrinkling than previous Stantt shirts too.

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      Abhijit Dasgupta on

      Just got the shirts yesterday. A perfect birthday gift to Self! Love the shirts.. great fit and feel.

    4. Stantt™ 4-time creator on

      So glad you all are loving the shirts!
      @thelamby thanks for the input on the tucking-in. Definitely something we'll keep in mind!

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      Chanvit Rompothong on

      Shirts have arrived and they are fantastic.

    6. thelamby

      My shirt is great so far, moves and stretches nicely. Only negative so far is the fabric is (understandably) slippery and doesn't stay cleanly tucked in my pants that well.

    7. Stantt™ 4-time creator on

      Hi All - Just posted an update. The shirts have started to ship and the remainder will go out in the next 2ish weeks. Can't wait to hear what you think about them!

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      Chanvit Rompothong on

      Any update on shipping, please?

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      Hello: Its been two months since your last update in which suggested that shipping will occur before the end of March. It is now mid-April and we have heard nothing from you. An update with respect to this campaign and shipping schedule is long overdue and would be appreciated. Thanks,

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      Abhijit Dasgupta on

      Hi There, the first week of April has now passed, just wondering if there is an update on shipping?

    11. Bryant Patrick on

      It's the end of March. Any updates on shipping?

    12. Stantt™ 4-time creator on

      Hi Alex - Yes, we can update the shipping address, but there will be an extra charge to cover the extra shipping cost. I'll send you a direct message to coordinate everything. Thanks!

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      Alex Tangkilisan

      Hi, is it possible to change my shipping address to Hong Kong (from the US)? thanks!

    14. Stantt™ 4-time creator on

      Hey Michael - You can honestly wait as long as you'd like. We are going to start production over the next few weeks, but the shirts will be available on an ongoing basis once we get all of the shirts out to our backers. Thanks!

    15. Michael Muzzie on

      When is the latest that I can fill out the survey to specify my Stannt size for my order? I have been working with a trainer and making some good progress, and I'd like to hold off on sending in my measurements until I have bulked up a little more.

    16. Stantt™ 4-time creator on

      Hi Ken - The shirt length is intended to be worn both untucked and tucked-in. However, we can definitely adjust the length to shorten the length of one of your shirts. I'll shoot you a direct message with the details.

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      Ken Shelton

      Looking forward to receiving these items. One QQ I have, is it possible to choose varied lengths for the ability to wear the shirt tucked and untucked? Thanks.

    18. Stantt™ 4-time creator on

      Hey Eightysixer - Yes, we can definitely do 2 sizes. Just include both sizes in the stantt size field along with the color you'd like each size in. Thanks!

    19. Eightysixer on

      Just a quick question about ordering. I ordered the 2 shirt option. I'd like to order 2 different sizes as one is for me and another is for my brother. I don't see an option for this on the survey. Can I just put two different sizes in the "What is my Stantt size?" question? Also, is it possible to mention which color/pattern goes with which size? Looking forward to the shirts!

    20. Stantt™ 4-time creator on

      Donald - The best place to measure is just below your belly-button. The goal is to find the largest diameter or your stomach if you have a bit of a belly or the smallest part if your waist curves in between your chest and hips. Hope this helps!

      Lam - Sorry for any confusion there, but the try-on is only for domestic backers, as the international shipping costs are very high.

    21. Missing avatar

      Donald Crane

      I have a question about the waist measurement. The guide says to measure 2 inches below the belly button, but in the video it looks like the person is measuring around their belly button. Are we supposed to measure around the top of the hip bones? Do you have an image of someone measuring the waist area without the shirt blocking the area?

    22. Missing avatar

      Lam Wai Kit on

      Hey Stantt. I wanted to clarify one thing for international backers. In the survey, it is stated that there is the try-on shirt for new buyers. Is this option available for international backers at no additional charge as well?

    23. Stantt™ 4-time creator on

      Hey Bryant - We're sending them out this week, so stay tuned. Thanks!

    24. Bryant Patrick on

      When are surveys for orders rolling out?

    25. Chip Malt on

      Love Stantt! We're funded...lets goooooooo!

    26. Stantt™ 4-time creator on

      Hey Kartikeya - We weren't able to get it into this round, however, it's in our list of upcoming styles! We're really excited for it.

    27. Missing avatar

      Kartikeya Jha

      Hi team. Any word on including the Blue, white and green tattersall colorway? Would love that (ohh, I already said that earlier) ;) :).

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      Ali Demir

      I am really curious if this will work like shown; incredible product and could change the way of dressing... :-)

    29. Missing avatar

      brandon on

      Can you post a picture of someone wearing a white dress shirt with a tie? Im curious to know how it looks with a modern tie. Thank you.

    30. Stantt™ 4-time creator on

      Yes, we can add a front pocket for you!

    31. Missing avatar

      Ying Jian Chan on

      Is there option for a front pocket?

    32. Missing avatar

      Kartikeya Jha

      Amazing. Thanks, @creator!

    33. Stantt™ 4-time creator on that colorway! Just shot it over to our design team.

    34. Missing avatar

      Kartikeya Jha

      Great, thanks. Am excited for the shirts. Would you consider a Blue, white and green tattersall shirt option? Looks very classy and I'd really really (really!) love to have a well fitting shirt in this colorway. A picture for this here for reference:

      Have also sent an email with the picture for your reference. Would be great if you please consider this.
      Thanks and best wishes!

    35. Stantt™ 4-time creator on

      Hi Kartikeya - We are a sort of in between option where we match you to one of our 75 sizes using your chest, waist and sleeve length. However, we can definitely use your existing shirt measurements to find the best size for you and we can make certain adjustments to the size as needed. Thanks!

    36. Missing avatar

      Kartikeya Jha

      Are these made to measure or they come in fixed measurements/sizes? One of the perennial problems has been the sleeve length which I need comparatively shorter for my collar size (off the rack shirts run exceedingly long in the sleeve for me). Moreover, I like the shirts to be very slim fitting. So if you're not needing all measurements, how are you ensuring a perfect fit? Do we have an option to provide all of our measurements so the fit is just spot on as we like or do we just need to stick to one of your available sizes? Thanks and best wishes!

    37. Stantt™ 4-time creator on

      Hi Rob - Yes, all duties and taxes are included in shipping cost. Thanks!

    38. Rob Haazelager

      I have question about the international shipping cost. Does it include duties and taxes as it did in your last Kickstarter campaign?

    39. Stantt™ 4-time creator on

      @Dan - Yes, the shirts have a front placket. Feel free to shout with any other questions!

    40. Missing avatar

      Dan on

      Do the shirts have a front placket? It is hard to tell from the pictures and I think partially from the pattern of the shirt.


    41. Stantt™ 4-time creator on

      Thanks so much for the support Julius!

    42. Missing avatar

      Julius on

      I own one of their shirts, that is why I am pledging for 2 more. Great fit and design.