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AU$ 44,233 pledged of AU$ 50,000 goal
By Stanley Huang
AU$ 44,233 pledged of AU$ 50,000 goal

Freematics is going to Maker Faire Bay Area next month!


Freematics is going to Maker Faire Bay Area (May 17 & 18). We will exhibit the latest version of Freematics OBD-II Adapter and some other open-source hardware products and kits of ours. Last year's World Maker Faire in New York is our very first chance to expose to the spotlight of world-class maker event. 7 months has passed since then. We have performed our very first Kickstarter campaign and have never stopped pushing the project forward.

If you happen to be hanging around Bay Area in May and would like to talk about anything about the project or our products, come to our table in the San Mateo Event Center! Our project number is 20340.

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Thanks for so many pre-orders :-)


We were surprised to see so many pre-orders coming in so shortly. Actually it is a bit beyond our expectation. As some minor and customized part of the product is depending on handwork and done on demand of orders, please forgive us if your pre-order is a bit delayed in shipping. But don't worry the delay won't be long (might be up to a week or so) and we are trying our best to get the work done as on time as possible.

Meanwhile we are still accepting pre-orders for the new Freematics OBD-II Adapter and the payments will be kept in authorized status (instead of complete status) before we are ready to process them. Orders for other products in our online store ( ) are processed normally.

Pre-order Freematics OBD-II Adapter V2 with 15% off for backers


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Freematics OBD-II Adapter V2 is coming!


I am excited to announce that Freematics OBD-II Adapter V2 is accepting pre-order now and we will start to ship next weekend! Yes, I must admit we are so fast, as we are powered by the world's manufacturing center. We will probably present our new version in Maker Faire Shenzhen in April and Maker Faire Bay Area in May. Forgot to mention! All backers will receive a coupon code for a discount.

Our first Kickstarter campaign was over, but our ambition was not over. We have been keeping up pushing the project Freematics forward, though the goal of the campaign wasn’t reached. We have finished comprehensive testing of the engineering sample by last week and the first stock will come in minute.

Engineering sample of Freematics OBD-II Adapter V2
Engineering sample of Freematics OBD-II Adapter V2

The V2 has several changes and improvements. The most important one is the GPS support. One serial UART of STM32 was led out to 4 pins for connecting GPS module. The STM32 processor will process the NMEA data input from the connected GPS module and parse it. We have extended ELM327 AT command-set to provide access to the parsed data. The added commands are:

  • ATBR1 – setting serial baudrate for AT command line interface (default 38400bps)
  • ATBR2 – setting GPS serial baudrate (first setting turns on GPS parsing)
  • ATGPS – retrieving parsed GPS data
  • ATSGC – sending command to GPS module (for changing module parameters)

The second change is that the main controller has been replaced with an ATMega328P MCU. This change was made in consideration of several factors. ATMega644PA is large in size and has too much more hardware resources than is normally needed in most applications. ATMega328P has much smaller footprint so we can have more space on the board for other stuff. It also has lower power consumption. Switching to ATMega328P brings an additional advantage of the compatibility with standard Arduino UNO, so no Arduino IDE addon package is needed any more.

Another noticeable change is that we will open up two slots on the enclosure so that ICSP/SPI pins can be connected and microSD card can be plugged in and out without opening the enclosure.

To learn more about our current work, please visit our blog:

Finally it's over :-)


Finally the goal is not reached but it's so close! Anyway the result has given us enough confidence in what we are doing, which we cherish more than money itself. We have been receiving so many valuable feedbacks, suggestions and information from our backers throughout the campaign period. A big thank you to all of the backers!

It's over but it's not the end. We will definitely continue this project, keep making it better and release our new products on our website once ready. We will also keep updating here. So stay tuned with us.

We will come back that's for sure!