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A hilarious comedy about Todd Lucas, a naive musician, who moves to L.A. to "make it big" in the 1980's R&B music scene. (feature) Read more

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This project was successfully funded on April 27, 2012.

A hilarious comedy about Todd Lucas, a naive musician, who moves to L.A. to "make it big" in the 1980's R&B music scene. (feature)

About this project

We are making a Movie!  Play the video above to get the scoop and then read all about it below.

UPDATE! NEW GOAL - $55,000

4/27 Update: Goals are good, particularly new ones.

4/23 Update: We're almost there! Almost 73% funded with 4 days to go! Here's a video from Todd Lucas stars Barrett & Myko!

4/20 Update! Writer/Producer Joey Abi-Loutfi answers your Kickstarter questions!

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The Story...

Set in the mid 1980's when synthesized riffs, regrettable fashion, big hair, and sexual ambiguity ruled the music scene, Todd Lucas: Singer / Songwriter blends the comedic flair of Flight of the Conchords (2007) with deadpan humor epitomized by Napoleon Dynamite (2004).

Todd Lucas (Barrett Crake) is a passionate but naive musician from Nebraska, who wears his heart on his sleeve. Todd moves to Hollywood to pursue his life-long passion and hopes to "make it big" playing smooth R&B music.

B.J. Fairchild (Myko Olivier) is a brash, pathetic loner from the valley, waiting out the recession at his parents' house in Los Angeles. Convinced his lifestyle is more glamorous than it appears, he sensually plays his saxophone on the local bar scene.

The two musicians become fast friends and form a band.  With big dreams, heaps of talent, but few prospects, their friend and "hot-tamale," Gina Marie, gets the duo the break of a lifetime.  Their subsequent rise to fame, and eventual betrayal and heartbreak changes the way easy-listening music is made in the late 1980's.

Todd and B.J. define the awkwardness of an era with overly emotional R&B Ballads and the story of their rise and fall as R&B's greatest duo... Eternity.

The Official Todd Lucas: Singer/Songwriter website

Please email us if you have any questions.

Here are some basic FAQs

$50,000 in 25 days?  What if you don't reach your goal?

Although we are fully confident that we have enough interested and charitable friends, family, and local businesses that we will be successful in reaching our goal, the thought of not succeeding IS daunting.  Kickstarter operates on an all-or-nothing funding model where projects must be fully funded in order to receive any money.  Meaning, if we don't reach the full $50,000 goal in 25 days our backers keep their money and Todd Lucas: Singer/Songwriter loses out on the funding.

Who is Sidecar Productions?

Sidecar Productions was founded 7 years ago in San Diego, California when Ian Thorpe saw a gap in the post production quality of video projects in the area.  Since its inception, Sidecar has worked on a number of feature-films and expanded our expertise to include high-end web development and media applications.  With clients such as Titleist, The US Marines, Laguna Productions, Qualcomm, and many others, Sidecar is a top-tier media provider in Southern California.

Checkout Sidecar's show reel...

Why Kickstarter?

Over the past four years Sidecar Productions has been developing the script for Todd Lucas: Singer/Songwriter and for years people have been asking how they can get involved.  We believe that making a movie should be a collaborative effort and we want to include as many of our friends and fans in the process as possible.  Kickstarter provides the perfect method for getting you involved in the movie.  Not only will you be providing the very means for making the movie a reality, but you can get involved in the process as a producer, a member of the crew, part of the cast, the director for a day, or even get a speaking role... That's right, speaking role!

How can you make a feature film for only $50,000?

Unfortunately, we can't make the entire movie for just $50k.  But the good news is that we have investors who have committed to match the money we raise on Kickstarter.  We have set our minimum shooting budget at $125,000, which we will reach if we raise the money we are asking for here, plus the matching investments, plus additional funds we have already raised.  If we are able to raise more then the $125,000 budget, we will be able to significantly increase the production value of the film by attaching top-tier actors, improving locations, sets, and props, and paying our talented musicians.

You said "Musicomedy," does that mean this film contains original music?

Yes it does!  The movie will contain a number of original songs inspired by  1980's R&B hits.  We have released a sing-along version of Eternity's first hit in the film "Make Love, Not Just Sex."  Watch the video and then enter the Karaoke Contest by making your own web video of you singing along, check out all the contest details here.

The original motion picture soundtrack will contain 5 more hit Eternity songs and several more tracks inspired by the film (by contributing just $10, you'll be able to download the album direct from the record company).  We are excited to have the very talented musician and producer Nick Faiella composing and writing all of the original music in the film.

The Key Players

Who is the director Ian Thorpe?

Ian holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and Film Production from the University of California, San Diego. Ian is a natural leader, and his calm and collected demeanor allows him to remain focused and efficient even on the most stressful projects. In addition to numerous film credits, Ian also is an owner and founder of Sidecar Productions; An independent post production facility credited on two nationally distributed movies, 25 to Life and The Yardsale. Additionally, Sidecar Productions worked with Kevin Tostado on Under the Boardwalk: The Monopoly Story.

Who is the producer Eric Staley?

Eric perfected his craft while receiving his degree in Film Direction and Production at the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photography. While working with Director of Photography Ron Dexter, Eric honed his skills and love for classic forms of lighting and large format film. Eric has worked on a wide range of projects in a number of roles from assistant director to effects and script supervisor, and his leadership and organizational abilities always keep productions on course and under budget. Having already received accolades at the Santa Barbara International Film festival, Eric continues to strive to create fresh media that is both technically sound and entertaining.

Who is the writer Joey Abi-Loutfi?

After studying screenwriting and film theory at The University of California, Santa Barbara, Joey began writing for the stage and screen. Joey uses his knowledge and passion of film history, aesthetics, and art direction to influence his creative work. His production credits include projects ranging from independent feature films to national commercial productions. Joey is currently writing the official biographical screenplay for former boxing heavyweight champion Ken Norton.

Who is the producer Kevin Tostado?

Kevin is the founder of Tostie Productions, a video production company based in San Diego, California. Recently, Kevin has worked as a producer, camera operator, director of photography, and assistant director on music videos, webisodes, police training videos, and numerous other projects. Currently Kevin is promoting his feature length, award-winning documentary Under the Boardwalk: The Monopoly Story around the nation. The film has received great reviews and accolades, and is currently available on DVD as well as on Amazon and iTunes.

What has been the evolution of the TL:SS project?

In 2006, Sidecar Productions hired Joey to write 5 treatments to pitch for our next "big adventure" in independent film making.  The idea that caught our attention was a comedy based in 1985, and thus, "Todd Lucas was born." It was the year of Weird ScienceWe Are The World, and Coca-cola's reformulation into New Coke... a golden age, and we knew it would be the perfect stage for our movie.

Joey completed the script in 2007, and from there Ian and Eric made revisions to account for produce-ability, marketability, and rich character development. For the next four years, the script continued to be fine-tuned as additional creative people were attached to and brought in to consult on the project.  By late 2011, the project was finally ready to launch, so producer Kevin Tostado was brought on to spear-head the pre-production process and support the business operations.

Pre-production activities are now in 'full swing' as we are completing the budget and shooting schedule, holding casting sessions, seeking additional investors, attaching key crew members, and producing the music tracks.

Todd Lucas: Singer/Songwriter is slated to begin filming in June of 2012.


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    "Ring, Ring. It's Hollywood calling." You get the band's hit 1985 song, "Make Love, Not Just Sex" as a ring-tone sent directly to your phone. You will also receive monthly email updates informing you about the status of the production all the way until it's release in 2013.

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    "Eternity IS forever!" You get a digital copy of the movie's soundtrack that includes original music from Todd Lucas' band, Eternity, for download to your computer. You also receive the monthly email newsletter that details what's happening with the production all the way up to it's release in 2013.

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    "The ultimate date night movie and a soundtrack for baby making." You get a special double-disc Kickstarter set featuring the Limited Edition DVD copy of the movie plus the original motion picture soundtrack signed and numbered by the Director and the Producer of the movie. The Limited Edition DVD contains bonus footage from the film, casting sessions, behind-the-scenes featurette, and interviews with the key players.

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    You get all of the great stuff above, but your special double-disk Kickstarter set will arrive on Blu-Ray. Sorry not available on LaserDisc.

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    "I'm with the band." You get the special double-disc set above plus Eternity's 1989 summer tour t-shirt, and a signed movie poster. Your name will also appear on a Special Thanks credit at the end of the film.

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    "Ostrich Wrangler, flying in." Ever wonder who the Key Scenic is on the set, or what a Best Boy is? You get everything listed above, plus you get to make up a crew title for yourself and be credited in the film. You could be credited as the Minister of Silly Walks, the Neon Compliance Officer, the 80's Consultant, or anything else you can come up with (subject to Producer approval). We won't require you to actually preform the job, but you will receive all the kudos for being part of the team.

    *This reward is only available at this contribution level and not with any of the following levels.

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    "This is your big break!" You get the special double-disc set, special thanks credit in the film, tour t-shirt, signed poster, and an on-screen appearance in the movie as an extra. On the day of your filming you will be treated as talent, fed meals, and pampered in the "green room." Also, as a star in the film, you and a guest will be invited to the San Diego premiere of the movie with the cast and crew. (travel and lodging not included)

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    "Hey, mister big shot." You get an Associate Producer credit at the end of the film, 4 tickets to the San Diego premiere of the movie with the cast and crew, a personal tour of the set and lunch with the Producers, and one hour of corporate or small business marketing video consulting from Sidecar Productions (travel and lodging not included). Plus you'll get all the swag listed above.

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    "I think it's time to get my SAG card." You get to be a featured (named) extra in the film like "creepy janitor" or "brooding security guard." On the day of filming you will be treated as talent, fed meals, and pampered in the "green room." Your status as a featured actor also comes with 6 tickets to the San Diego premiere of the movie with the cast and crew (travel and lodging not included). Plus you'll get all the swag listed above.

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    "I made him an offer he can't refuse." You get to be an Executive Producer of the movie and credit at the end of the film, a speaking role in the film for yourself or someone of your choosing, and a character named after you. You'll also get 8 tickets to the San Diego premiere of the movie with the cast and crew, a personal tour of the set during production, and lunch with the Producers and the Director (travel and lodging not included). Plus you'll get all the swag listed above.

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    "Move Over Spielberg." You get to be treated as the Director for a day. Ever want to know what it feels like to call out 'Action' on the set of a movie? This is your chance. You get to call all the shots during a day of shooting, plus you'll get on-the-job training and guidance from the movie's director, Ian Thorpe. (travel and lodging not included)

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