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Funding Suspended
Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter about 5 years ago
Stair-RoverBy Stair-Rover
First created
Stair-RoverBy Stair-Rover
First created
pledged of £50,000pledged of £50,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Suspended
Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter about 5 years ago

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    1. Jesse Sohn on

      Thank you! And good luck, we're all on your side

    2. Stair-Rover Creator on

      Hi Jesse and NY, thanks for your support and concern. We've asked Kickstarter for the reason of suspension many times since we got noticed. We also want to figure out the way to solve it. However, Kikcstarter has their own policy that they are not obliged to, and will not, provide any reasons for the suspension. So, until now, we haven't heard anything from Kickstarter yet. Please follow our website or social networks. As we are working on the other ways to realise Stair-Rover at moment, we will let you guys know the next step very soon.

    3. Jesse Sohn on

      Please fill us in, don't just leave us hanging.

    4. Stair-Rover Creator on

      The Stair-Rover campaign on KickStarter has been suspended.
      We don't know why - and are investigating.
      We remain committed to bringing Stair-Rover to market.
      For updates please register on www.Stair-Rover.com

    5. Frank Lai on

      Why?why kickstarter suspended this amazing project?tell us the reason!

    6. Jeff Jonas Ronald Loftus on

      So close to the goal WHAT HAPPENED?? this product is amazing and I was really looking forward to it... this sucks.. what is the reason??

    7. SP Paul Pan on

      Whats the situation now? I just backed this product and am really looking forward to it. Pls do not cancel it!!

    8. Missing avatar

      Dwayne Mckoy on

      What happened???? Man....I was really looking forward to seeing this become a reality.

    9. Chris Marshall on

      First time boarder here and decided to have fun with this kickstarter by doing the chassis for now and personalise my first board for next year. Out of curiosity - should I wait to receive the chassis before researching the kind of deck/ bearings/ wheels to put on the board?

    10. David Griffin on

      I saw the Stair Rover on The Berrics :o
      You guys are going mainstream now~

    11. Stair-Rover Creator on

      Thanks Dwayne!

    12. Missing avatar

      Dwayne Mckoy on

      This is beyond amazing. Can't wait to shred every staircase on every courthouse and and school in NYC when I get my hands on this!!

    13. Stair-Rover Creator on

      Hi Matthew, Because of the standard procedure of assembly, we are not able to offer choice of chassis colour at moment. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

    14. Stair-Rover Creator on

      Hi Colton, Thank you for sharing! Your blog looks pretty neat. Cool place!

    15. Matotron on

      Hi, As the chassis are the same on both boards would there be any chance of offering the choice of chassis colour on the standard board?

    16. Colton on

      Hello! I just wanted to say I really love your idea here. I also want to congratulate you on your recent success - it seems like you're raising a lot of capital :) I recently posted about you on my company blog @ http://blog.buzzmilk.com. I will be sure to continue to watch your campaigns success - good luck.

      Colton Joseph

    17. NY on

      Cool, thanks for that!

    18. Stair-Rover Creator on

      Hi NY, thanks for support! The Stair-Rover Pro is the upgraded version of Stair-Rover. The deck of Stair-Rover pro is upgraded from maple deck to maple+fiberglass deck. The wheels and wheel-bearings of Stair-Rover are also better than the standard version. The chassis is the same.

    19. NY on

      Hey guys, what's the difference between Stair-Rover and the Pro model? Is it just the colour?

    20. Jesse Sohn on

      This is an incredible design! It's very cool to see your process of modifications, Have you been able to obtain any patents?

    21. Stair-Rover Creator on

      Thanks David, longboarding is really awesome!

    22. David Griffin on

      Finally I have an exciting reason to go get a long board :D

    23. Missing avatar

      Z. Xu on

      I found people talking about you guys everywhere on tweeter and facebook. Awesome!

    24. Stair-Rover Creator on

      Hi Elton, thanks for the comments. I believe you will be Rock-Star if you ride down stairs in you college. If you do so, please let us know, I really want to see:D

    25. Missing avatar

      Elton Young on

      Saw it on gear patrol. it is perfect for me as my college got million steps.

    26. Stair-Rover Creator on

      Hi Brendan, the spacing of holes is same as normal trucks. The truck-base (the measure of the inner bolts to the inner bolts) of Stair-Rover chassis can be adjusted from 20" / 50.8cm to 22"/ 55.9cm. If you would like to mount the deck with longer truck-base, you can easily drill the holes with our mounting template.

    27. Missing avatar

      Brendan Pierce on

      What length of board will this work with and will it work with standard hole spacings?

    28. Ori on

      I don't board, but I love your approach and this looks /awesome/. All the best!

    29. D.C Hs on

      Marvelous idea!! Best luck.

    30. Stair-Rover Creator on

      John, thank you for your support!

    31. Missing avatar

      John Ebel on

      Fantastic design! I love this idea!