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Carmageddon: Reincarnation's video poster

Carmageddon: Reincarnation is a brand new points-for-pedestrians driving game from the indie dev team behind the smash hit PC original. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on June 6, 2012.

Carmageddon: Reincarnation is a brand new points-for-pedestrians driving game from the indie dev team behind the smash hit PC original.

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Beef curtains…pink, medium or well done?

Hey Guys!

Boy, have we got something juicy (but not Jones!) to show you today. Want to see some teats sway? You’re in the right place! Our artists have been busy modelling and mapping the bovine geometry, and today I'm going to show you what they have been up to at the animation stage!

But before we get to that, what I’d like to share first is some background about how we get to the point where an artist does the animation of a cow pooing itself. And in order to do that, I’ll be showing you some of the internal documentation that we’ve written, specifying the way peds will work.

Central to the artists’ tasks for creating the new peds for Carma: R and animating them is the list of requirements for what the peds will actually have to do in the game. What peds do is governed by their Behaviours, which the coders implement, based on what we’ve specified in the GDD (Game Design Document). In the GDD, it describes how Ped Behaviour is defined:

Before becoming scared, the peds exhibit a range of Normal behaviours:

  • Standing
  • Walking
  • Sitting

So, to our example; the cow’s “normal” State. Cows generally stand up, lie down, chew cud and walk around a bit. Our first video reveal could be called “the starter”. A little something to ease you into the main course (note: all courses will contain beef!). So first up is the Cow’s walking animation:

Cow Fact: A cow can walk upstairs but not down! Haha!

In order to become scared, the peds will have to see something that scares them. These Scared behaviours will be triggered by:  

  • A fast approaching car
  • A fast approaching part of a car
  • Other scared peds approaching/passing them 

There will also be a chance of a ped being scared by seeing an injured ped, a dead body or body part. Alternatively they might be curious and stand looking (We don’t think Peds need to be scared by accessories flying towards them – we think it’ll be funnier if they’re just taken by surprise by an accessory hit!).

They want to get away from what scared them. They will exhibit Scared behaviour and:

  • Get up (urgently – panicked), if they’re sitting
  • Run away from what scares them

Their flight will take them in random trajectories away from the thing scaring them, deviating from “ped friendly” materials and traversing all the accessible level geometry.

While running away, there will be a chance that they’ll Interrupt their flight. They will stop, and:

  • Cower (crouching, arms over head)
  • Get out of breath, stop panting with hands on knees

Which brings us to the main course this evening; organic beef which has been processed through emotional states… So you can literally taste the fear! By which I mean… Next up is a video that demonstrates a combination of the ambient (laying down), scared run and slip animations as described above.

Cow Fact: They have nearly 360 degree panoramic vision. They maybe be able to see you coming, but they can’t escape death!

PUps will also effect peds in many ways; from giving them giant heads, making them dance or even making their feet stick to the ground!

For every ped effecting power up there will be animations and effects for each pedestrian!

So what could top this meal off? A nice indulgent dessert…

In the event of the ped being hit, or hitting something, they will react with the Impact behaviour (severity of impact will determine the type of behaviour):

  • Stagger and recover 
  • Fall over 
  • Rag-doll with constraints 
  • Full Rag-doll 
  • Explode

After scared
Uninjured Pedestrians and Peds that have been hit but are uninjured return to Normal behaviour. They won’t attempt to return to where they started, but they’ll head for the nearest ped-friendly material.

Pedestrians who have been bloodied or partially dismembered by a car will adopt a Distressed state:

  • Hop along on one leg 
  • Drag themselves along, if they've been doubly unfortunate and lost both legs

Of course, after all that rich dessert, there comes a point when the dancing has to stop…

Cow fact: they don’t have 4 stomachs - they have 1 stomach with 4 sections!

And, after all that dancing it’s time for an invisible shit… (WIP)

(Visible shit will be supplied via a dedicated defecation particle effect…)

That’s all for now, brown cow! Special thanks to Carmageddon Art team… especially character artist James Clarke for our amazing performing cow!

Sim xxx

P.s (Don’t forget to share the cow love)

Siamese Dream - Part 3

Hi Carmafans! Nob here again!

So, I have a short but significunt update for you today… with some news and pics of progress on my beloved Siamese Dream!

As you’ll know from the various updates and progress reports, extensive work on the final stages of the in-game renderer have continued to frustrate our wishes to get you some juicy in-game stuff to see. But, that is set to change very soon. In the meantime, what I’ve got for you today is a sample of the progress on the vehicles – which is moving on apace now. The development of the methodology for construction was completed some time ago, meaning the cars are now able to move fully through the art pipeline and be ready for their debut in the game itself looking all shiny, textury, painty (and damagey… oooh so damagey, when appropriate).

So, going back to the example I’d previously been showing you in development, that of Siamese Dream. When we last spoke of the car, it had been superbly sketched by me (er-hem), and then concepted by one of our suite of vehicle artists, Stu.

Since then, it’s been modelled and textured, and can now be driven in the game. You can smash it up. It buckles, it bends, bits fall off and it gets all scuffed and battered. However, all I am going to reveal today (I’m such a tease) is how it looked at the end of the modelling and texturing process.

First up, here’s the model of the vehicle:

Oo! Next, a series of views of the Siamese Dream with all its clothes finally on. All modelled and textured:

And of course, that huge turbine engine with its afterburner is going to have some lovely effects belching from that massive gaping orifice, with the power of the thing and the nature of its propulsion having fascinating potential for affecting its handling!

It’s now also the case that each completed car is set up for damage, and also has its suspension and IK systems set up. So, the cars crush and fall apart, and their suspension systems and running gear (steering rack, driveshafts etc.) are all in full working order. And the development and implementation of these systems will be the subject of future update articles.

Cor! The next stage of our reveals will include a sneaky peek at textured car, in textured scene – as I revisit another of our previously revealed cars and show how things are progressing, on a larger scale!

Nob out!

Update Schmupdate: Hot Threesome

Hiya guys and gals, Sim here!

So the reason for no update last week was because we have been really busy with the Carmageddon: Reincarnation section! This area was a little neglected so we have now updated it and added more info and concepts. We also gave it a little revamp too make it look a bit more sexeh!

So now if you want to check on anything Carmageddon: Reincarnation it’s all in one place! And from now on we will maintain and update this area as much as possible as we release new stuff about the game.

There are quite a few new areas and features to check out, I will let you discover them, some of the notable ones being:

  • The Dev Tasks Display: Giving everyone a deep and meaningful insight into the actual development tasks that are currently being worked on, every second of the day, seven days a week.
  • Concept art: A gallery of all the concept work revealed so far, we have also added social network icons to concept art so you can easily share with friends. And as a Special treat to celebrate this landmark update, we are including 3 – yes, BLOODY THREE – ALL NEW never seen before concepts that you have never seen before!!)
  • Photos: All the photos from blogs and posts have been put in one place.

That’s just a few examples of how the updated section is ordered and what can be found there.

We also took this opportunity to add a Credits page for our Kickstarter Backers and Paypal Pals. So if you’re reading this and you are a Backer head over to find your name in the absolutely massive list of people! 

Don’t forget, if you have any feedback or ideas for any section of, then please let us know in the feedback forum.

Also remember there is a fan art competition going on ATM and we would love to see your Carmageddon:Reincarnation ideas! It’s ending soon, so get scribbling!

Sim xxx

Kickstarter Rewards Update

Hey all, it’s Shane here with an update on the progress towards shipping out your Kickstarter rewards! We've been beavering away in the background making/sourcing everything that was in the Rewards list, and now we’re getting close to having it all ready to send out to you all.

Our plan for shipping the rewards out to you is to do so in two batches - items we can send prior to the release of Reincarnation, and then everything else! Due to the worldwide spread of Backers, it’s important that we are able to get everything together to ship in as few bundles as possible – or the cost of postage would rapidly overtake the cost of development…

Here's a quick breakdown of where we are with getting the first batch ready to send out.

T-shirts & Bags

These are ordered, and we’re just waiting on the imminent delivery of all 2,000 t-shirts! Due any day now…

Splatted Granny

Sim now has a massive box of plastic Zimmer-frame grannies at home, ready to be transformed by her gruesome production line into an army of mutilated old biddies! Each one is hand-dismembered and so no two are alike! You’ll all be receiving a unique piece of Sim art… that isn’t a drawing of a cock! Awesome!

Bummer Stickers

Despite us going a little OTT at Eurogamer Expo last year decorating our booth and every available surface of Earl’s Court (including urinals) and getting told off, plus handing out a whole heap of freebies to lucky visiting fans, we've now got some more! Lots more! And they’re ready to ship!

Carmageddon Card Game

Our epic Carmageddon ‘Trumps’ game has been manufactured, boxed and is ready to be shipped.

Postcards, posters and concept art!

We have cool creative concept chap Doug (and other artists) working their magic on the concept art that will be turned into printed loveliness to hang proudly on your wall.

Double Eagle Models

The Double Eagle models have all been made now and will be shipped to us soon. We finally opted for a 3D printed solution to the question of how we could manufacture these little diddlers in an affordable way. Any sort of die-cast/multi-material option was completely out of the question as it would have bankrupt the project (as we hope you’ll appreciate, we want as much of the Backers’ funding to go to development, and not to fulfilling the cool – but secondary – Rewards scheme)! Even the single material casting/moulding route proved very hard to find at a justifiable price, but in the end we managed to find a manufacturer willing to take on our relatively small run for a reasonable cost per model.

First Aid Kits

We’ve raided the medical cabinet and put together the First Aid Kits. Health and Safety guidelines met (sort of), and they’re all ready to ship!

Pimp my thing, Fatal Immortality and Infamy Backers

For Backers on these tiers, with rewards such as being a pedestrian in the game, designing cosmetic add-ons or being in-game celebrities, we are in the process of producing specifications which will detail what you need to provide us, in what formats and by what date. We'll be in contact soon to discuss the next stage with you.

Please remember that any physical Rewards specifically related to the game will be shipped when the game is released - this includes Rewards such as the physical box, alternative models, skins and accessories DLC.

Once we have all the items here at Stainless HQ we'll be able to provide an idea of delivery dates for getting this first bumper batch of Rewards out to you all! In the meantime I hope this update has been informative – if you have any questions then please feel free to discuss them with us in the forums.

If you need to update your survey details (such as updating your address) please use our Backer site - Please note that updating your details will be disabled when we start the shipping process.

That’s all for now!


A message from Batwick

Greetings Carmites from Batwick, the one true hairy one, custodian of the beer gut of doom, Stainless co-flounder and lead code copy-and-pasterer on Carma 1 and 2.

Despite now being engorged with nearly 90 lovely juicy staff at Stainless, I'm also still trying to keep my binaries-a-bubbling, and code on Carma: Reincarnation when I can - which is as much as possible. I'll always rather be up to my elbows in physics code than attending a management meeting or discussing the colour of replacement stair carpets for the office (admittedly because I destroyed the old ones by throwing Nobby’s 42" plasma telly down the stairs one Christmas party...).

What this dual role does do however (if I can attempt to be serious for half a sentence), is to give me a clear perspective on the balance between the needs of running a business and the creative forces behind the best games. Which, are to be honest, one and the same in the end, as you can't create great games without being able to pay your staff to do so!

What I am increasingly aware of with Reincarnation though is how little we have been able to show you in the way of visible progress on the game up ‘til now.

This is resulting in people being understandably frustrated (and in a few cases ANGRY!!!!). Whereas within Stainless we understand the reasons why, and that it's for the good of everybody including all of you out there, we've been too busy getting on with writing the game to appreciate the paucity of communications with you all. So I'm going to make an attempt at setting the record straight here.

So, firstly, why the delay? Why have we not got off of our fat arses and released the game yet?

This is due to two reasons, one a lot bigger than the other (in which respect, and this respect only, they are reminiscent of some men’s testicles).

The little reason is that we needed to get Carma classic for mobile things out to all of our fans. And with over two million downloads and counting across iOS and Android, it’s proved to be a great success and an excellent way to re-establish the Carma Brand.

But the big reason is that the whole scope of the project expanded a great deal. From our original plan of using Kickstarter to fund a game that would get Carmageddon back on the map, in a fun but ‘indy’ way, the project has grown into a ‘proper’ game, that will blow everybody’s socks, underpants, and peep-hole bras off.

This was due to the budget increasing considerably. Why did the budget increase? Well it was a side-effect of the support we received from Kickstarter. Because this showed that you, the lovely juicy giblet-filled public still loved the game, our shareholder and ex-Bullfrog meister Les Edgar became willing to put serious additional funds into the project, as was Stainless itself. We have ploughed almost all of our profits into Carma: Reincarnation. Which means that I’ve still got a mortgage the size of an elephant’s arse. But it’ll be worth it. Les has put his money where his mouth is, and so have I.

So we now have the sort of funding to do something that is fitting to the brand. Something REALLY REALLY COOL. But, these things do take time. Reincarnation is no longer the short project that it was originally meant to be, because we can now afford to make it not so.

Which all means a BETTER GAME for all of you! Why am I SHOUTING? SHUT UP!!! Sorry.

It also means a better game for us. Which is good, as we can’t wait to play it either. No really, we actually can’t wait. We were still playing Carma 2 networked in the Stainless offices for years after its release. We want another one, but unfortunately we have to write the damned thing first. How inconvenient.

By the way, I’d like to allay any fears brewing out there that any console versions of Carma: Reincarnation are in any way impacting the schedule of our PC (and subsequent Mac and Linux) releases. They are not – there is nothing but BIGGERness and BETTERness of the desktop version behind the prolongification of the schedule.

Really – I cannot stress this enough: we are aiming much higher than we’d originally planned for, due to having the money to do it. We are going to make this game vibrate with tasty goodness. Get nailing your socks onto your ankles, as they’re gonna blow. As are your pants, but that might just be due to “old lady problems”, which let’s face it, are entirely your concern, not ours.

But, we just don’t want to show the game to anyone, until we feel it is good enough to survive scrutiny. And ironically enough, it’s our fans and (especially) Backers who we feel the most sensitive about showing something to prematurely.

This has then been exacerbated by the additional budget. How come? Well because the bigger scope has allowed us to be considerably more ambitious with many targets within the game spec – including the visuals. We aren’t using any graphics or physics middleware - we explored the options extensively, and concluded that it would be better to continue developing our own. But this has meant an enormous rewrite of our engine tech. Which in turns means that right now, the game looks untextured and well, a bit shit to be honest, surprisingly far into the project (on the surface – but it’s all in the schedule). Eventually though, everything will come together and then it will blossom into the knife-wielding butterfly that we are all longing for.

So, thank you all SO MUCH for your patience. It will be worth it in the end, we promise. And we also promise to start showing you STUFF just as soon as it meets our quality thresholds. Frustrating though this may be, if we didn’t have such high standards, the eventual game wouldn’t be so amazing either. No, each splattered piece of granny liver must be hand-crafted with care, attention and diligence before we are prepared to fling it against your monitors.

Yes, I’m making a Big Fat Hairy Batwick Promise to repay your confidence in us... Whilst revolting your mother/wife/lover/sister/etc. as they stand there watching over your shoulder, the cup of tea they’d been bringing up to you smashing to the floor in sync with their lower jaw as the screams of the innocent are cut short by the circular saw mounted on the front of your car, severing both legs and flinging them so hard into the awaiting flank of a nearby cow that it is knocked straight into the path of an oncoming train.

Killing things has never before been so much fun! Isn’t that great? We think so! We’re performing a service to humanity, but to be deeply offensive in such a technically accomplished manner takes time.