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Carmageddon: Reincarnation is a brand new points-for-pedestrians driving game from the indie dev team behind the smash hit PC original.
Carmageddon: Reincarnation is a brand new points-for-pedestrians driving game from the indie dev team behind the smash hit PC original.
Carmageddon: Reincarnation is a brand new points-for-pedestrians driving game from the indie dev team behind the smash hit PC original.
15,736 backers pledged $625,143 to help bring this project to life.

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Kickstarter Rewards Update #3


Hey Carma Backers!

Just a quick update today with regards to our first batch of Kickstarter rewards. As we are now in the process of preparing items to be shipped we need to make sure all Backers on tiers that include physical rewards have their correct information in our Backer site. You will have until Friday 10th January, 2014 to check that your shipping address is correct - after this point you'll be unable to change your shipping address until our second batch of reward shipping.

Our Backer site is accessible on the following link: 

As Kickstarter only allows survey details to be submitted once (and no further edits once submitted) our Backer site enables you to update your information when needed, such as your shipping address and questions related to your rewards. You will have previously received an email with login information so if this is your first time accessing the site please click on the ‘Request new password’ link and enter the email address you have associated with your Kickstarter or PayPal account. You’ll then be sent details via email on how you can login and change your password. Please note that the Backer site has different login credentials to our official Carmageddon website. If you are having difficulty accessing your account, please get in contact with us.

Please check that you have completed all sections of your reward questions. Once all information required from you has been answered your rewards page will display three green arrows to let you know it's complete. We have also recently revealed our poster designs for Backers on our $100 POSTER PAINTER tier and above. Please make sure you have selected which design you would like in our Backer site by the Friday 10th January, 2014. We currently only have responses from a third of our backers on this reward - if a design has not been selected we will send the most popular choice out of the four to you.

Please note that any physical rewards specifically related to the game will be shipped when the game is fully released (not at Early Access launch) - this includes rewards such as the game in a box, alternative models, skins and accessories DLC.

Keep an eye out for your Carmageddon goodies!


Keeping you in suspension!


Hello Carma sexpots, end of the year Sim here! :D

And a wazzing great welcome to the last update of 2013!! As promised ( in my last update) we are going out with A BANG! But first I’d just like to say a BIG THANK YOU for your support over the course of the whole past year, you have all been waiting so patiently to see some in-game stuffs… and your wait has finally come to an end! YAY!!

Christmas Fun was over real quick for us (boo!) and after having a (little) break for Christmas the Carmageddon team are back in this week and working as hard as ever, as we continue THE CRUNCH leading up to the Early Access Release. The guys have been working all hours for months, and their enthusiasm and determination to create something special is unwavering. Bless their little coding and arting SOCKS!

And so the end of year video presentation. What we’ve got for you is a suspension test video, which showcases some of the amazing tech work being done by Patrick, as the man responsible for car dynamics code, damage and STUFF. The environment that you’ll glimpse is a coastal level – the way we have angled the camera will give you some snippets of the geometry of the level, and some of you might just be able to match the area that it takes place in with elements from one of the original coastal levels.

So, important points to note that we would like you to be aware of when watching:

  • THIS IS A SUSPENSION TEST – this video is STRICTLY a suspension test video, and we’d ask you to treat it as such.
  • PRE ALPHA VISUALS – the level has its base textures applied, but still needs extensive additional work now that the mega-texturing is available, plus much additional accessorizing, finessing and playing about with. The lighting levels are not set correctly yet. In short, it’s all PRE ALPHA.
  • TWISTER – the Twister was selected as the most appropriate of our current crop of cars for Patrick to use to tweak the fully independent suspension setup. The chassis and suspension component mesh is complete, but the bodywork has still got to be finally tweaked, detailing added, and finally note that ALL the textures/materials are WIP.
  • HIGHLIGHTED SUSPENSION –Batwick purposely asked for the suspension components to be coloured in bright high-visibility materials because he needed to be able to see it clearly as he worked on the code, and we have kept this material colouring in the video, so we can more clearly demonstrate the individual moving parts to you. There’s currently no smoothing applied to the components either – so that the facets of elements like the drive shafts more clearly indicate their rotation (for testing porpoises).
  • FIXED CAMERA – we’re using the “Car Inspection Cam” in this video, which pivots around the centre of the car and has none of the nice elasticity of the normal 3rd person camera – this is in order to concentrate the view on the suspension. It also means that you only get a “tease” view of the scene… ;D

The Video is available to view below. Please feel free to share and spread the news. So what do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

Additionally If anyone would like to leave a message of encouragement for the Carmageddon Dev Team through the coming crunch time, please leave a message and we will pass the messages on! Thanks for your support again Carmafans, and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Cock & balls

Sim empties Santa's sack for you!


Season’s greetings Christmas Carma fans!

Welcome the Christmas 2013 update! YAY Boy have we got some stuff for you today – it’s like getting one big present and then being told you have more presents to come!

New concepts!

Firstly we have two new concepts to show you! First up, I present…the new Tashita!

I have to admit in the original he is one of my favourites (I have too many)! I really enjoy using Tashita’s oversize tool to shove under opponents and try to flip them hehe. I really can’t wait to see this in game. It was always a fun opponent, fast but satisfyingly easy to give a bloody good twatting! And we all love a huge twat!

And next up is… THE BEAR!

Phwoar!!! Some great detail work by Doug again. The concept is loosely based on an old style Russian Vulva Oops I mean Volga! I really like the front grill and the antennas coming from the top. Love how the barrels on the back make it look like a Russian tank too.

I like how he’s connected the scythe to replicate the functionality of Ivan’s original big swinging chopper – I imagined that was going to be a bit of a challenge to get right, but he nailed it (or rather cut through it like a scythe through a packed shopping mall).

New Wallpapers!

New concepts of course mean new Wallpapers! So the Wallpapers section has been updated and you can grab yourself a Tashita or Bear for your desktop.

Stainless Christmas 2013

So this year we were given probably the BEST EVER party there will ever be… EVER! It really was a truly spectacular event. Everything was organised by Zoe our Operations Manager and she did a fantastic job in surprising us all with the treats and surprises! We had: Carmageddon Cows pulling the Carmageddon Radical that was filled with our Secret Santa presents! A bouncy castle, a surf board rodeo, comedian Scott Charlton, and a special guest… Phil “Tuffers” Tufnell, out of The Jungle and Strickly Cum Dancing! We had an awards ceremony (in which I won “Most Unintelligible Foreign Accent” award haha!), lovely food and a free bar! What more could you ask for? …a sex doll? Giant dildos? Throwing a cow off a balcony? Buoyancy cocks? A dick saber maybe? Or even a penis poncho? Look no further it was all there! We would have invited ALL OF YOU TOO, but hey – let’s do that in Rio next year when Carmageddon: Reincarnation is a MASSIVE WORLDWIDE HIT!

And you can see more photo evidence in our photo gallery.

So a BIG thanks to Zoe – you did a wonderful job, of course we can’t forget to say a BIG thanks to Patrick & all of Management for allowing it all happen. Looking forward to next year!

Just going to leave this here to finish this section off nicely…

It’s Christmas “Guess Who?” Corner!

Just sneaking another piccy into this update… Last week we came across this cracking image of someone with a very close link to the original Carmageddon:

 Can you guess who it is? Let us know your guesses in the comments below!


Hope you like my little collection of news and amuses, and don’t worry; we will be back straight after Christmas, so we can give you a special End of 2013 Update, to see you into 2014! So be sure to check back here before the New Year!

For now I’ll leave you with this special festive image concoction and song that nobby has made for you all. It’s a sweet nativity scene, and we hope you’ll gather around an open fire with the family on Christmas morning and all sing this little Carma Crimbo song (to the tune of “Away in a Manger” lol).

Hope you all have a splat-tastic Christmas and I will see you again before the year’s out!

Sim xxx

Kickstarter Rewards Update #2


Hey Carma Backers!

We’re getting closer to our Steam Early Access launch so we thought we’d give you an update on your long awaited Kickstarter rewards, and even show you a few in pictures!

As we get nearer to starting the shipping process it’s important that all Backers who are on tiers that include physical items check their information in our Backer site to make sure the information we require is present and correct. If you haven’t already logged into the Backer Site and need to know how, please read ‘How do I access the Backer site?’ section at the bottom of this update.


We now have poster designs for backers on the $100 ‘POSTER PAINTER’ tier (and applicable higher tiers) and you can now view and select which one you would like to receive in print form via the Backer site. Don’t forget – you’ll also get PDFs of all 4 designs - so you can print the others yourself if you like!


Backers who pledged on either the $750 ‘PIMP MY THING’ or $1,000 ‘FATAL IMMORTALITY’ tiers will now find options within the Backer site to submit the required information to help us get your rewards into the game.


We shall be contacting Backers on the $2,500 'INFAMY!' tier very shortly so look out for an email in your inbox!


We now have a section on the Carmageddon website displaying credits of all backers ( The website credits list will now also include all PayPal backers so please make sure you update your Backer site account with what you would like your credit to say. If this field has been left empty we will use your name. Kickstarter backers who pledged $15 or more will be also added to the in-game credits list. Please note that the Kickstarter credits list on is updated manually.


They've arrived and currently taking up half the available floor space in what used to be our recreation room! Check out the pictures below of both the bag and the t-shirts.

Hundreds of Kickstarter Backer t-shirts!
Hundreds of Kickstarter Backer t-shirts!
Kickstarter exclusive 'Classic Eagle' t-shirts
Kickstarter exclusive 'Classic Eagle' t-shirts
Carmageddon: Reincarnation bags! For your stuff!
Carmageddon: Reincarnation bags! For your stuff!


Sim’s been hard at work with her gruesome production line and now has a collection of mutilated grannies in her possession!

I was in the war!
I was in the war!


Of all the Rewards, the Eagles have been the ones that caused the most headaches to get manufactured. And the headaches aren't over yet – literally, as we have 1,600 of the little bastards we now have to spray paint for you!

To explain in more detail... Any sort of physical model like this is potentially ruinously expensive to produce and I talked about this in the August Update; to recap on that:

“We finally opted for a 3D printed solution to the question of how we could manufacture these little diddlers in an affordable way. Any sort of die-cast/multi-material option was completely out of the question as it would have bankrupt the project (as we hope you’ll appreciate, we want as much of the Backers’ funding to go to development, and not to fulfilling the cool – but secondary – Rewards scheme)! Even the single material casting/moulding route proved very hard to find at a justifiable price, but in the end we managed to find a manufacturer willing to take on our relatively small run for a reasonable cost per model.”

So, we now have a massive stack of boxes full of little Eagles, each of which looks like… a little Eagle biscuit!

Classic and Custom Eagles!
Classic and Custom Eagles!

YUM! They’re one step up in robustness terms from the “cheese” that we originally speculated they might have to be made out of, when we first offered the Reward! But, that is only marginally more robust. They’re pretty damn fragile, and we’re going to have to be extraordinarily careful how we ship them to you. To that end, current thinking is that they’ll be included in the boxed copies of the game, nestling in little cut-outs in the foam. Before that though, as mentioned before we need to spray paint them. By far the best look we have found is to make them look like they’re HEWN from ROCK (how ironic!) and spray them black followed by a dusting of grey.

We’d love to hand paint every one of them in all the colours – but again, that would mean Carma:R would never get finished!


So, the question you all want answering – when can I get my hands on these goodies! We are looking at starting the shipping process shortly after Christmas so we hope the first batch of rewards will be with you in February. Gib-tastic! Of course we’ll update you exactly when this will take place but if you need to update your survey details (such as updating your shipping address) please use the Backer site - Please note that updating your details will be disabled when we start the shipping process.

Please note as well that any physical Rewards specifically related to the game will be shipped when the game is fully released (not at Early Access launch) - this includes rewards such as the game in a box, alternative models, skins and accessories DLC.

That’s all for now!


You can access the Backer site by visiting Backers should have previously received an email with login information, so if this is your first time here please click on the ‘Request new password’ link and enter the email address you have associated with your Kickstarter or PayPal account. You’ll then be sent details via email on how you can login and change your password. Please note that the Backer site has different login credentials to our Official Carmageddon website.

Squawk! It's The Hawk!


Back in 1996 when Carmageddon was in development, it was decided that we’d give the player the choice of two cars to select at the start of the game. One would be a lighter, softer and faster car, the other heavier, better armoured but less nippy. I drew up side-view images of the cars (sadly, the car manual containing all the vehicle drawings has long since disappeared), and made sure they shared a common look; The Hawk (as the faster one was called) looking like a cab-forward, mid-engined version of front-engined Grand Touring bruiser, The Eagle. The decision was in no way connected to the fact that it meant that once I’d built The Eagle, I only had to shunt a few polys around to make it into The Hawk.

(Of course, the other thing this allowed us to do was introduce the female option for the PratCam, and thus Die Anna was born. Hoorah!)

TBH, the only reasons to pick the Hawk as the player car in Carmageddon were:

  • You liked yellow
  • You liked Die Anna screaming on your PratCam

Once you realised that the actress playing Die Anna was only 14, you felt a bit guilty and went back to driving The Eagle – unless you were also 14 or under.

Aaanyway… That was the story of The Hawk’s origin. The Eagle and the Hawk weren’t based on any existing cars – they sort of flopped out of my brain onto the layout paper via my twitching pencil without referencing any specific manufactured cars, as many of the other Carmageddon cars did. This made the process of following them up with new versions – for The Spat Pack and Carmageddon 2 – feel quite tricky to pull off, and led to updated designs that varied (IMO) in being fulfilled successfully. I think The Hawk in The Splat Pack is… interesting.

 And the one in Carma 2 is okay, but not my finest design moment!

Well, to the present. And a while back, while updating with some news, we accidentally “trailed” a bit of vehicle that we hadn’t actually meant to reveal. It was immediately spotted by you keen-eyed Carmafans and spawned some discussion in the forums. So we decided that we’d nix the speculation and reveal the Doug wonderfulness that is… The New Hawk.

SEX ON TOAST. I’m sure you’ll agree.

Further to this reveal today, I have more breaking news from Brands Hutch (as we call our room) in Carma Towers. And that is to let you all know that You Haven’t Seen The Eagle Yet. Well, you’ll say – that’s bloody obvious. We haven’t seen a new Eagle yet. But the thing is, we kind of had an Eagle. It’s even been partially revealed, damaged, in a screenshot. It was based on an amalgamation of early work that Doug had done for us (which can be found in the Eagle Eyes On blog). And we’ve been using this Eagle for some time now as a test bed for Car setup development; damage, suspension etc. work. But recently, we took a long hard look at it and decided – it could be better. And so, it’s gone Back To The Drawing Board. More on this too… Later, my Carmachums!

(And BTW, I’m thinking that The Eagle and The Hawk should be called the Eagle:R and Hawk:R in order to avoid confusion about what number they ought to be… Whatcha fink?)