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Carmageddon: Reincarnation is a brand new points-for-pedestrians driving game from the indie dev team behind the smash hit PC original.
15,736 backers pledged $625,143 to help bring this project to life.

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Carma:R progress update!


Hi Carmafans!

I am well aware that just recently our contributions to keeping you all up-to-date have been thin on the ground – borderline non-existent (compounded by the - temporary - suspension of our Twitch output)... Apologies for this. So, it’s about time I gave you all some insight into what’s currently occurring here in Carma central.

Over the past couple of months, what's previously just been a very highly pressured dev timetable for the studio has reached yet another level of high pressure, as the team strove to hit our internally set Alpha date (which we've now done - but not made any announcement about, the reasons for which I will come to shortly). Hitting Alpha has also relied on some MAJOR code re-writes, which have all been part of the push to improve performance. Included in this is some deep work on the shaders, which then knocks on to all the materials that are in the game, which then need to be modified, and so on, and the knock-on of this is that we spend yet more significant time with a game that, while progressing, is either performing or looking worse than it did the day before and continues to do so for an extended period.

And so it remains the case that the single most difficult aspect of this development has been that we all agreed, way back when, to re-write Beelzebub (our own all-singing all-dancing engine tech) at the same time as developing the game. Would we make that decision if we were starting again now? Almost certainly not. But at the time, there was no middleware solution(s) out there that were good enough to achieve what we wanted (I'm pretty sure I've said most of this before - so, apologies for repeating myself).

So as I said, we hit the internal Alpha date and have given ourselves another compressed timescale to get to Beta. But the work leading to a successful Alpha has still left the game currently needing a whole stack of data changes to make it all come together and finally work as designed. And that's why we haven't made any big noise about it.

Meanwhile, our lead programmer - having finally got a window to work on it - is flat out improving the AI, and a group of us (me and Patrick included) has moved on to the small matter of gameplay balancing (for instance, I'm about to get on with the final placement of all the PowerUps in all the events, and by that I mean actually doing it, not pointing at a map and giving orders!).

So, that's a bit of summary of where we're at, and as you've all been speculating, we're now looking at "in the New Year" as our new completion date. But this also means we're currently in busy discussion on the publishing side of the fence too (self-publishing still being a relatively new role for us, one which we are still gaining experience in and so to a certain extent making up as we go along!). So, right now I'm not in a position to make any firm pronouncement on the new release date - and to be completely honest, I don't see that announcement actually coming until early next year.

I’d like to end by reiterating our truly massive lurve for you all, and our appreciation for all the support we get from you guys – because even when there’s grumbling going on it’s clearly just born out of your frustration at wanting to see something new and actually get to play the finished game, and I’m with you 100% on that sentiment, as is the whole team!

Anyway, we’re committed to reinstating the Streams as soon as the builds allow, so we can start to tease you all with the large amount of new content that’s now in the game and reinvigorate anticipation for the game! Plus we’ll have new comps coming along, and a programme of new tasters and so on into the New Year.

Cheers guys,

Sans Comic? Not Any More!


Bought to you by Stainless Games’ brand new publishing house - Douglas Hamster Comics - we proudly present the first episode of our Official comic series. 

“The series is called “Versus”, and it kicks off today with Episode 1, “Yellow Peril”. 

The comics are written by Stainless Games Brand Team Nobby Barnden and Sim McDermott, in conjunction with artist/writer Daniel Tejnický.

The series was inspired by Daniel’s “fan art” comics that he’s been posting on the forums here at under his forum name, “Czechdeath”. We loved his work, and thus began a cunning plot to work together on an official series of comics. The “Versus” comics will feature a series of interlinked episodes scheduled for release every month.

Head over to our comic page in the media section of the website to read the first episode now!

Enjoyed the comic and want to chat about it with other Carmafans? Discuss it below and in the Carmageddon forums! And see more of Czechdeath’s work HERE


Message from nobby!


TerraTech - One For Fans of Vehicular Combat Everywhere!

We called this one out on a live stream a while back - and as the guys are now coming close to the end of their Kickstarter campaign, with still a way to go to secure their funding, I want to bring it to everyone's attention again! The game is "TerraTech". 

It's by Payload Studios - one of the co-founders of the studio is an ex-Stainless guy, Russ, who worked on Carma 2. He's a great guy, and they deserve success with their KS campaign. 

I've backed the game and got the KS demo, which is FUN! It's shaping up into something that's going to be a lot of laffs and I hereby recommend it to ALL... and for a tenner, it's a complete BARGAIN too!

Early Access Title Update 4 – 16 July


Time to cancel your evening plans, ignore the phone and get stuck into some Carma carnality as we bring you ANOTHER exciting Update! This is the 4th Update, as we continue to STUFF your Steam with Carma Goodness - WOO!

This time, we have lots of cool updates and NEW STUFF to check out - such as sexeh fully textured cars, new PowerUps, a new car, and whole new arena to play in! So go forth, download your Update and CHECK THIS LOT OUT: 


  • Stiffshifter (Gameplay Ready) 
  • Volkswerker (Complete) 
  • Bear (Complete) 
  • Tashita (Complete) 


Bleak City - Outskirts 

  • 1 new route – Rushin’ Roulette

MagNuChem – The Core

  • New arena! 1 Route – Core Blimey Mate
MagNuChem - Reprocessor 
  • 3 new routes! 
  • Bridge of Cries 
  • Pier Pressure 
  • Pass the Port 

Dusty Trails – National Park 

  • No new routes - Powerups have been rejigged. 

Frosty Pass – Rig Wreck 

  • New and improved! Now with more girth! 

New Powerups! 

  • Spastic Opponents 
  • Suicidal Peds 
  • Jelly Suspension 
  • Wall Climber 


  • Placeable cameras in AR (check FAQ for how to use) 
  • Updated sound content 

The FAQ and Known issues list has been updated too, so before you make a bug report make sure to check whether it's a known issue already! The FAQ also details how to use the NEW camera in AR! You can find the updated FAQ here.

Finally before I go, just a quick reminder that we have a “Wish You Were Here” screenshot competition going on right now - so if you want to join in and win some Carmageddon goodies, there are more details here

Hugs and big sloppy... giblets, :D 

Sim xxx

Early Access Title Update 3 – 18 June


Grasp your controllers firmly Carmafans! In our efforts to pleasure you regularly with gaming goodness and gore, we bring you ANOTHER exciting Update to our Steam Early Access release of Carmageddon: Reincarnation. We have updated content and also present BRAND SPANKING NEW STUFF to ogle over, drive or destroy….and it's all OUT NOW!

Let’s take a look at what NEW goodies have been added and what’s been IMPROVED in our latest Update (build Pre-Alpha v0.3.0.5621)


  • COMPLETE Annihilator 
  • COMPLETE The Plow INCLUDING driver Don Dumpster! 
  • Revealing The Bear (geometry complete, gameplay ready) 
  • Revealing Tashita (geometry complete except for weapon, gameplay ready) 
  • Revealing Volkswerker (geometry complete, gameplay ready)


Bleak City Outskirts  

  • NEW race routes for you to navigate
  • Building optimisations 

City Arena (Sumo) 

  • Complete and cosy NEW level, designed for future Multiplayer fun 

Dusty Trails 

  • Tear round these NEW race routes 

Rig Wreck 

  • Geometry and Texture WIP 

Snow Arena (Iceberg) 

  • NEW routes, created with Multiplayer in mind 

Industrial A  

  • Textures WIP


  • NEW Wheelspin control; demanded by Carmafans, implemented by us …because we love ya!! 
  • More PowerUps – Discover the hilarious NEW ‘Opponent Ejaculator’ and ‘Opponent Bodywork Vac’ powerups, and revel in the return of some old favourites.


  • Roaring NEW sound effects and engine noise


Optimisation work on our engine and rendering tech also continues, and you should experience further improvements to the performance of the game on medium spec PCs. See the specs details on the Steam Store page for more information regarding tech requirements. We’ve also fixed lots of bugs, however, please remember we’re still in Early Access, and so the oft-repeated caveats concerning game performance and BUGS still apply!

If you already own the game and your Steam update is set to run automatically, then you won’t have to lift a finger; all these new goodies will be downloaded the next time you run Carmageddon: Reincarnation!