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Carmageddon: Reincarnation is a brand new points-for-pedestrians driving game from the indie dev team behind the smash hit PC original.
Carmageddon: Reincarnation is a brand new points-for-pedestrians driving game from the indie dev team behind the smash hit PC original.
Carmageddon: Reincarnation is a brand new points-for-pedestrians driving game from the indie dev team behind the smash hit PC original.
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Kickstarter Exclusive DLC now available!


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Hey there Carmafans, we’re delighted to announce that the FINAL UPDATE to the Carmageddon: Reincarnation Early Access Beta is available NOW!

To coincide with this announcement, we've released a NEW PROMO VIDEO!

Since the release of the Pubic Beta in February the team have been beavering feverishly around the clock, working away furiously on everything that needed attention to keep on improving the game. During the period since the Beta launched, we’ve been able to address many of the issues raised through the support system, and the team would like to send sincere thanks to everyone out there in the Carmageddon community for your feedback during the Beta – it’s been invaluable to us in the process of polishing all aspects of the game.

So, what’s new in this final Update prior to full release? Well, here’s a summary:


  • General performance improvements 
  • Significant improvement in game stability 
  • Significant reduction in crashes (the bad sort, not the fun sort) 
  • MP max count set to 6 cars* 

Multiplayer is the area of the game most beneficially served by this Update. You should find that the experience is FUN FUNNER FUNNEST!

Improvements to cars

  • Tweaks to cars’ comparative specs and performance 
  • Tweaks to car Upgrades 
  • Rims and Skins unlocking works

Improvements to AI

  • AI Pathfinding 
  • AI general behaviour

Improvements to Levels

  • Tweaks to race routes 
  • PUp placement and selection

Improvements to PUps

  • Bug fixes 
  • weaks to timings and frequencies

Tech Improvements

  • Improvements to Virtual Texture performance 
  • Improvements to Visual Settings options


  • Music/audio files can be edited, so players can enjoy MP with custom WAVs/MP3s 
  • Engine volume slider


  • Steam Cloud Save support 
  • Improved localisation

*”But why the 6 Car MP maximum?” I hear you cry. Simply, because it results in a vastly more stable and smooth MP experience. The game has been developed from the beginning around a 6 car grid, and all the early benchmarking for complexity of models and the tech requirements were based on this number. But there was an “aspiration” within the team to push the MP number up. We tried… and it didn’t come off. So, we’ve finished up where we strongly expected to be – with the Multiplayer game being the equivalent car-wrecking experience to the Single Player, and vice-versa. And during extensive testing over the past few months it’s clear that the MP game plays as well if not better by following the Single Player setup. Plus everything fits on the grid screen and Wrecks Gallery properly again..!

So now’s the time to jump in, buckle up, put the pedal to the metal and SMASH SOME STUFF UP… We’ll see you in the MP lobbies, Carmafans!

Nob out

Release Date Update!


Hey Carmafans! Nob here with an update for you on our progress towards release. 

As you all know, we’d set our release date as the 23rd April. Well, despite all our best efforts (and believe me, the dev team have been working around the clock 24/7 to achieve this goal) I’m announcing today that we’re pushing that date out by what is technically referred to as "a tad".

The new date for the Full Release of Carmageddon: Reincarnation is 21st May 2015.

We’ve been making great strides on all fronts, and were within a metric smidge of releasing next week, but in our final "Go/No Go" meeting we all agreed that the extra time was needed. The additional month gives us time to polish various areas of the game even further.

I know that many of you have expressed the opinion that you’d rather we brought you a better game than release too soon. And we agree!

Plus, I can confirm there will also be a further update to the Early Access build before 21st May, which will feature numerous improvements to the game.

So, stick the 21st May into your Carmageddon desk diary and remain in a state of fevered readiness... And we'll see you in the Multiplayer lobbies come that glorious day. Thanks again Carmafans for your continued patience and support!



Hey Kickstarter Backers, nobby here with THE NEWS YOU'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR... Carmageddon: Reincarnation has got a FINAL RELEASE DATE:  

23rd April, 2015

To coincide with this announcement, we've released a NEW PROMO VIDEO!

That's right, the time is fast approaching when you’ll finally get your hands on the FULL PACKAGE! You’ve been through the Early Access Pre-Alpha, you’ve been through Beta, and all along the enthusiasm, support and brilliant feedback of the Carmageddon community has been helping to get us to the holy grail… That is The Game… FINISHED OFF! Yes, we're delighted to announce that the game will soon be going GOLD, and on the 23rd April it'll be showered in all its Steamy golden glory upon an eagerly waiting world! And so once more we’d like to thank everyone who already has the game installed – your patience will soon be rewarded... Tell your friends! Tell your family! Shout it from the rooftops! And if you haven't got it already... NOW'S THE TIME!

Here's whatcha get in the Final Release game:

Career Mode: spanning 16 "Chapters", each comprising 3 or 4 Events. That's 50 events to complete!  

Multiplayer: Up to 8 Players, LAN or online

A variety of twisted Event Types:  

  • Classic Carmageddon 
  • Car Crusher 
  • Fox 'n' Hounds 
  • Ped Chase 
  • Death Race
  • Checkpoint Stampede

24 Vehicles (25 for Kickstarter Backers who get their very own "Special Edition" Red Eagle)

PowerUps: Over 80 crazy PUps  

Pedestrians: A host of vulnerable ped variants for you to pulverise

9 Maps: comprising vast open-world environments and MP arenas

36 Race Routes

A massive mix of Stats, Challenges and Achievements to complete and collect

"Smelly Bush" in-game collectibles

Here are a few handy date-related facts, that should help you remember the launch date:  

23rd April is St. George's Day (killed a dragon. Nutter. Hoorah!)
23rd April, 1982 saw the launch of the ZX Spectrum (we get several requests a day for Carma: R to be ported to it. We're evaluating.)
23rd April, 1616 saw the death of William Shakespeare (who if he was alive today, would be our greatest living playwright but would probably be rubbish at Carma, on account of being very, very old.)

Yes, as Shakespeare's Falstaff memorably said, "It's raining gibs, hallelujah!"

Early Access 'Hot Fix' - 18th Feb

A new Hot Fix is available now (Beta v0.9.0.6674). This will be automatically applied to your game, the next time you run the Steam client. If your game is not being updated, please log out of Steam and back in and it should then start the update.

Data miss match issues when in multiplayer
Data miss matches should be a lot better. If you do experience one, close the game down and re-launch.

Crash when changing resolution
Changing to a higher resolution was sometimes producing a crash. This should now be fixed.

Flickering shadow issues
Sometimes skid marks were causing issues where you would get big patches of what looked like flickering shadows.

Crashes due to audio being triggered when no sound card is present
If you didn’t have a sound card in your PC and the game triggered the announcer audio to play, you may have crashed. 

Crash on start-up
There were issues on some machines where the game would crash as soon as the Max Splash screen appeared. This should be a lot better.

For the full list of Known Issues including issues that have been fixed visit