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Carmageddon: Reincarnation is a brand new points-for-pedestrians driving game from the indie dev team behind the smash hit PC original.
Carmageddon: Reincarnation is a brand new points-for-pedestrians driving game from the indie dev team behind the smash hit PC original.
Carmageddon: Reincarnation is a brand new points-for-pedestrians driving game from the indie dev team behind the smash hit PC original.
15,736 backers pledged $625,143 to help bring this project to life.

Calling All Kickstarters: Support ALL the GAMES!! :)


There's still other AWESOME games on Kickstarter that are in need of YOUR BACKING!

A couple of our faves are:

Two Guys SpaceVenture

Tex Murphy - Project Fedora

Please give these guys - and the other cool indie game projects here on Kickstarter - the kind of OUTSTANDING support you gave us!
Thanks, Kickstarter FANS! :D


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    1. Joel Nyström on June 10, 2012

      "stay clear"..? the hell

    2. MoonRaven on June 9, 2012

      @Steven Macerak: Go here: you can turn off the emails.

    3. x414e54 on June 8, 2012

      Actually in the FAQ "Unfortunately, the engine does not support Linux. " so I would stear clear of this one!

    4. x414e54 on June 8, 2012

      Nothing clear about Linux support for Text Murphy's Project Fedora so I think I'll pass. But I already backed Two Guys SpaceVenture!

    5. Nisei on June 8, 2012

      @Steven Macerak
      Oh dear, so you've received an average of 1 kickstarter e-mail every day over the past month. That's outrageous! All your important mail must have gone totally lost between all this spam.

    6. Thomas Loeb on June 7, 2012

      @John A I believe they said that it should be ready latest in september but they did expect it to be ready much sooner, so I'd guess around summer

    7. Missing avatar

      John A Amburgey on June 7, 2012

      I wish would give a date for carma :(

    8. tarasis on June 7, 2012

      @Steven it's not spam and you can opt out of a project updates

    9. Bastidge Child on June 7, 2012

      24 updates? What's with all the damn spam guys...

    10. Daniel on June 7, 2012

      @Jochen I'd like *some* updates (like letting us know about genuine progress on the project), I just don't want every minor thought that pops into theirs heads every day... a weekly/fortnightly update ought to be plenty!

    11. Veav on June 7, 2012

      @Jouni My personal dream is for Kickstarter to separate projects that are over their goal from projects that haven't made it there yet. I am happy as pie that projects like Carmageddon and Grim Dawn are being made, but their big fat popular asses do keep other projects from getting exposure that is crucial to success. :P

    12. Jouni Lahtinen on June 7, 2012

      I've been following these for a while, but thanks for the heads up! And I wouldn't mind you guys pointing out more cool projects as the time goes by. Only thing I don't like about Kickstarter is the site navigation; I've found it somewhat a pain to just 'browse' things with the lack of sorting options and filters, so I'm 100% sure I've missed some cool smaller projects.

    13. Missing avatar

      Hernan on June 7, 2012

      Shut it, bitches! More updates, please!

    14. tarasis on June 7, 2012

      I am hoping that the Two Guys get funded though their KS hasn't engaged me like this or Tex Murphy has. Though I love that they've got Rob Paulsen on board.

      Can't decide if I'll back it or not. At present it seems like it might be the first big game KS to fail.

    15. Missing avatar

      Soeren Jensen on June 7, 2012

      Have already backed them both with 15 dollars :-)

      PS: when the original carmageddon is put on GOG...... will we receive an email with special codes or what? (refering to us who have the 25$ on the GOG-thingee)

    16. tarasis on June 7, 2012

      @Porcupine same here, KS is a deadly addiction and I curse and love Double Fine for introducing me too it.

    17. Frogacuda on June 7, 2012

      Thanks for showing some love for these two projects in particular. They're both really awesome and have a lot of the same 90s PC gaming fans.

    18. Porcupine on June 7, 2012

      Already firing on all those cylinders (and a few others...), though my cash needle won't budge from "empty" for a while now - I'm seriously Kick-broke. Also, I think Kickstarting is soon to be classified as a bona fide addiction... :P

    19. David A. Harris on June 7, 2012

      You guys are awesome. You will get tons of Carma in the future! (See what i did there?)

    20. Missing avatar

      iggii on June 7, 2012

      Stretch goal for updates! 11 000. Guys dont be rude - I understand both Daniel and Gary Walker, but dont kill a man for enthusiasm.
      This is what I was looking for - developpers that actually TALK TO COMMUNITY. And it doesnt have to be 100% about 1 project.

    21. S.D. on June 7, 2012


      From the bottom Two Guys hearts... I promise to all future Linux games from Stainless, just for this update, you don't know how much it means to us :-)

    22. Missing avatar

      blehz on June 7, 2012

      Some people can really be asses. What's wrong with a few e-mails?
      It's faster to delete them than to come post like an idiot on here.
      @Garret: said many times already, read the text on the right ------->

    23. Missing avatar

      John A Amburgey on June 7, 2012

      I want to know the same thing I'm itching to tear it up carma 1 style

    24. Missing avatar

      Ryan Hamm on June 7, 2012

      I don't mind this update so much but the spammers in the comments section have gotten old.

    25. Veav on June 7, 2012

      I set up a Kickstarter folder a few weeks ago and a rule to route anything "kickstarter" in the subject. Between all the projects I've backed, updates, succeed/fail/backed notifications, and messages sent, it has... about 600 so far?

    26. Garrett C, on June 7, 2012

      More interested in finding out when we can get our hands on the GoG version of the game as a precursor to the Reincarnation version!

    27. Missing avatar

      MrTent on June 7, 2012

      How is this an update, highly inappropriate.
      I consider this spam.

    28. Frederic Dube on June 7, 2012

      Hurray! keep them update coming up until we reach over 9000!

    29. Mysil Rævsprekken on June 7, 2012

      I, for one, welcome our new Kickstarter updating overlords. No-one else sends me any interesting mail.

    30. Ash Hayes on June 7, 2012

      More Updates!

    31. Keegan B Beinhower on June 7, 2012

      I would like more updates and emails please :)

    32. Missing avatar

      John A Amburgey on June 7, 2012

      STFU! More Updates!

    33. Jochen on June 7, 2012

      @Daniel Lim You can disable email notifications in "Me" => "Edit Settings" => "Notifications" and unmark everything you don't want...

    34. Missing avatar

      fifteen types of goat on June 7, 2012

      I'm with Daniel. I love you guys but *please* relax on the updates. I've had to disable notifications for Carmageddon now as I'm sick of the flood of emails. Have a look at Double Fine, they've had a total of nine updates so far.

    35. Daniel on June 7, 2012

      Can you please ease up on the update/email spam?! I know you're excited and everything, but it's getting a little ridiculous.

    36. Trond Solberg on June 7, 2012

      Already backing them! Something tells me either my wife or my wallet will kill me...

    37. Veav on June 7, 2012

      Here's another: . No big names, no brand recognition, no talking heads - just space pirates and a playable demo.

    38. RacerBest on June 7, 2012

      Meh... Just did Kickstarter for Carmageddon!