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Carmageddon: Reincarnation is a brand new points-for-pedestrians driving game from the indie dev team behind the smash hit PC original.
Carmageddon: Reincarnation is a brand new points-for-pedestrians driving game from the indie dev team behind the smash hit PC original.
Carmageddon: Reincarnation is a brand new points-for-pedestrians driving game from the indie dev team behind the smash hit PC original.
15,736 backers pledged $625,143 to help bring this project to life.

We Passed the Half a Million Mark! CatArmHumpTastic!!!1!!

Honestly, I don't think ANY OTHER KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN will EVER be able to match this celebration of a milestone. Do you?

Sorry, the (terrible quality - thank you iPhone) video is too long, and somewhat rambling because I'm a bit drunk - but hey, what can beat a KITTEH ARM HUMP as a celebration of getting to the half a million milestone? NOTHING! That's what.

See you guys tomorrow Kickstarter CarmaFans - and WOW, THANKS THANKS THANKS AGAIN, from me and my RANDY LITTLE CAT! :D


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    1. Missing avatar

      Matt Dambrosio on June 16, 2012

      The eagle needs to get more damage on hidden power-ups (paulines knockers, humping hobbes)...from a true carma fan, plus love my new t-shirt!

    2. Lord Jason Mackay on June 4, 2012

      Oh and I must say that's an awesome video, It reminds me of my 'now sadly deceased' cat Stretch who was also 'Fixed' but still insisted on humping anything furry, I often laughed my ass off when he'd get it on with a cushion or stuffed toy...Classic :-)

    3. Lord Jason Mackay on June 4, 2012

      I would prefer a power up called Humping Hobbes where any car you hit will be 'mounted' and humped to death :-) LMAO!

    4. Robert Loo on June 4, 2012

      Hey Nobby I have a new stretch goal in mind in honor of Hobbes, at 650K have a new power up added called "HOBBES SICKNESS" that cause all of your opponent cars stop and cough up a victim ball and roll over. I buy that for a dollar.

    5. Chris Patterson on June 3, 2012

      I realize that the Multi-player is a "Stretch" goal, and while I'd love to see you hit it before the three days are out, if by chance we don't, is there any chance you'll end up making it an addon later in the games life?

    6. Toxic on June 3, 2012

      Would 'Catmageddon' feature Kitten Kong? (I'm showing my age there ;-P )

    7. ThomasN on June 3, 2012

      @Ben Maas: Proves the point that only people who are able to creatively explore the reptile brain, gain true stability in life in own accord.

    8. Missing avatar

      Edward Ted Wilson on June 3, 2012

      Just in case nobody has mentioned this, can we please have an improved "Cow Poker"??
      That was one of my favorites from Carmageddon 2, though the spurs were a bit heavy!
      please please please please????

    9. Ben Maas on June 3, 2012

      You know what i really like? You are making one the most violent video games in gaming history and you are like a big teddy bear, living with his wife, cuddling his cat while drinking a nice glas of wine. War on the screen, peace in life :)

    10. Björn Fallqvist on June 3, 2012

      Upped my pledge a bit to cover shipping costs as well, even though it's not really needed. :)

    11. Wintch on June 3, 2012

      From "THROBBING" to "DOUBLE WHAMMY" in one click. Linux/MacOS versions are the next goal!

    12. Kerrash on June 3, 2012

      Kitteh peds would always land on all fours of course. Could make pushing them off buildings interesting. :P

    13. Missing avatar on June 3, 2012

      I think the most of them have already pledged....

    14. Stainless Games Creator on June 3, 2012

      Hehe! Thanks for the overwhelmingly positive comments on the Update vid, folks! Hobbes has been looking very pleased with himself today - as if he knows that the whole campaign's success is actually down to his, um, "performance"...
      @ Peter Gumbrell: Catmageddon! Genius - I bet we could use that for some sort of kitteh related PowerUp! :D Heh, I'm slightly disturbed at the idea of a giant hybrid of me and Hobbes, though... ;)

    15. Sérgio Canuto on June 3, 2012

      More 86k and we will have a linux version! Come on linuxers!

    16. Missing avatar

      Peter Gumbrell on June 3, 2012

      Ha, should have said 'Hobbes' not 'Nobbes', although a hybrid man-cat might also be terrifying :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Peter Gumbrell on June 3, 2012

      New powerup called 'Catmageddon', where a giant Nobbes suddenly looms over the environment like Godzilla or King Kong, and paws at the tiny cars to try and flick them off the racetrack. PuP lasts 30 seconds and getting caught = end of game, so all drivers have to try and hide.

    18. Missing avatar

      Andrew Walker on June 3, 2012

      @ Eskil Lauritsen That sounds amazing. Stainless, get onto this right now !

    19. ThomasN on June 3, 2012

      Maybe Hobbes The Second just wanted to change the battery of your watch :-)
      Congratz for celebrating with style and showing it. You rock!

    20. MM on June 3, 2012

      Heh, you looked like an evil genius for the few minutes, than we saw quite who the real genius was! :P

    21. Eskil Lauritsen on June 3, 2012

      hey kitty, I just upped my pledge because of you

      kitty must be in the game, I think: a beach map called Kitty Litter

    22. Kerrash on June 3, 2012

      Awesome. You guys deserve twice that amount. Congratulations.

    23. Missing avatar

      Chris Hoy on June 3, 2012

      Hobbes the opponent who humps other cars to death : D

    24. Missing avatar

      Stephen Watson on June 3, 2012

      Nobby and Hobby, what an hilarious video, you couldn't have planned it. I wonder what the cat will do for 600k?

    25. Joakim Johansson on June 3, 2012

      YAY,,, 500K naughty video

    26. tarasis on June 3, 2012

      Thankfully all 4 of our cats are female and they don't get up to shenanigans like that; thankfully.

      Now Nobby, why does that cat think your a chick?

    27. Missing avatar

      Jared on June 3, 2012

      yep, they see them guys trollin

    28. Missing avatar

      Pappaboy on June 2, 2012

      Some people are probably trolling with the pledges. :)

    29. Richard Hodgson on June 2, 2012

      So if this hits half a mil again, do we get another vid of your cat humping your arm?

    30. Ståle Slettjord on June 2, 2012

      I love it, people are really pulling together to get an awesome game :D
      I just hope we get to see some damage model vids soon!

    31. Missing avatar

      Karim on June 2, 2012

      yeah why would they do that? we need to get to 600.000!!!!

    32. Chris Dennett on June 2, 2012

      The total donated dipped back below half a million -- some people might be managing their pledges and choosing lower amounts :/

    33. Missing avatar

      matt valent on June 2, 2012

      awesome cat. almost as awesome as mine. kitty should definitely be included in the game somehow unharmed.

    34. Frank Reinders on June 2, 2012

      nice video nobby hehe

    35. Missing avatar

      Daniel Neufeld on June 2, 2012

      Well that's a first in kickstarter update vids lmao

    36. RageRiot on June 2, 2012

      congrats on to 500k milestone, I'm going to increase my pledge to $50. if only we could have your cat as a prat cam (as long as he isn't hurt during the filming process) I'd scrape the barrel and up my pledge if you could :P

    37. Dennis Jones on June 2, 2012

      Tried to get my cat to hump my arm at the same time,,,,,was not having any of it! even tried catnip success.............WHAT IS YOUR SECRET GURU NOBBY???

    38. Missing avatar

      João Paulo on June 2, 2012

      omg what is this ! haha

      Comgrats !

    39. James McKendrew on June 2, 2012

      Just say it with me... "Good kitty."

    40. Yves Claessens on June 2, 2012

      I have seen a lot of things on the internet over the last decade, but this is definitely One of the weirdest things. :D Congrats on your half million and I really hope you make it to 700.000. Even if it just is to see you explain your promise to Sim and Faye...

    41. Stainless Games Creator on June 2, 2012

      @ MickiFrom Johannsen: Hobbes will from this moment on worship you, and all his arm-humpings will pay homage to your pledge...

    42. Micki From Johannsen on June 2, 2012

      Because of this super special occasion, and because I like your sadistic cat, I'll up my pledge with an additional $10, that is $160.99 from me, with the already incredibly generous 0.99 cents I threw in originally..!

    43. Missing avatar

      Jeremie on June 2, 2012

      Nobby's Cat should be an Opponent!

    44. Nisei on June 2, 2012

      Watch out what you're saying about Faye nobbster. Talking about her in the nude probably won't persuade her to come back and she'll probably give you an arse-kicking as well next week. ;)

    45. Stainless Games Creator on June 2, 2012

      YEAH! $700k - and beyond... Sim and Faye nude TOGETHER!*

      *I probably shouldn't promise this. And will probably be given a good arse-kicking in the cage by Sim. Again...

    46. Nisei on June 2, 2012

      By the way nobby, that was indeed the demurest celebration ever!