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Carmageddon: Reincarnation is a brand new points-for-pedestrians driving game from the indie dev team behind the smash hit PC original.
Carmageddon: Reincarnation is a brand new points-for-pedestrians driving game from the indie dev team behind the smash hit PC original.
Carmageddon: Reincarnation is a brand new points-for-pedestrians driving game from the indie dev team behind the smash hit PC original.
15,736 backers pledged $625,143 to help bring this project to life.

Kick Me in the Private Area!

Hi there Kickstarter CarmaFans!

Today’s Update is in the form of a Trailer, featuring previously unseen footage from the original 1996 PratCam filming sessions! These sessions, filmed in Hi8 video, formed the material used to create the Max and Die Anna PratCam movies. The footage has never been broadcast anywhere else before now (apart from a very short clip of Faye on an ancient videogame TV programme).

So, we thought it would be great to offer exclusive access to this footage to our Kickstarter Backers. The full-length filming sessions will be available to view in HD, from links in the Kick Me! Private Area – the forum on that will be reserved for Kickstarter Backers who pledged $25 and above (those of you at “Very Important Penguins”, “I’m AGOG” and above tiers).

A note about the Trailer: It features our madman stunt lunatic Tony Taylor (of course) as Max, and Faye Morey, schoolgirl superstar turned Die Anna for a Day. Oh, and there’s a brief guest appearance by someone else… Someone who I think you’ll all be very grateful, DIDN’T get selected to play the role of Max Damage… See if you can recognise the young vole faced behelmeted twerp…

Remember, the full length HD movies of ALL the original PratCam raw footage will only be available for our Very Imflammable Penguins,  AGOG tier and above Backers, in the Kick Me! Private Area. And rest assured you really will be AGOG, when you see the use a pool cue gets put to, in order to get the perfect shot..! :)

As if that wasn't AWESOME ENOUGH, as well as access to this super-rare footage we'll have another exclusive treat for you... A Q&A session between you the Backers, and our demon drivers Tony & Faye. YOU get to ask the questions you've always wanted to ask, and they get to answer the questions that they never thought anyone would ask! Both cast members have agreed to come out of retirement for one more interaction with their fans! 

(Note: the Private Area of the will be live from the end of the Kickstarter Campaign, on 8th June. Due to the logistics involved in getting all your email details gathered and entered into the database to allow you access, there could be a slight delay before you have access. We'll do all we can to make it as swift and smooth an operation as possible!)


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    1. Missing avatar

      naryl on

      @Chris: Being able to play a game at all is surely not behind a better in-car HUD for those who don't use Windows.

      @Frank: You can still donate money after the deadline.

    2. Chris Kay on

      I wish they'd focus on the pratcam, as that was one of the major distinctions of the first game. That and the in-car HUD, which was exceptional at the time. I understand the demand for more platforms, but that should come behind quality of gameplay, at least in my honest opinion.

    3. Frank Reinders on

      Great Nobby ! BUT one thing there is only 7 Days left and i would love if we would reach the $750,000 Limit for Split Screen Support for PC & Co-Op Multiplayer!

      I think if we would had 14 days more we would make the $750,000 goal but only 7 days... i don't know if we can make that

      If we could stretch the end date of the goal too atleast 14 days more then i'm certain we can make the $750,000 atleast i'm gonna up my Backing up to alot more because i would love to see the $750,000 goal i'm even MOREEE Excited then before specialy because of SPLIT SCREEN and COOP sorry for CAPS i can't help it :D

    4. Lars Vogel on

      Stephen, Zero Signal (the opening track for Carma 1) is in the Mortal Kombat movie when Scorpion fights Johnny Cage. Yes it's Fear Factory

    5. Missing avatar

      José Hulse on

      Oh, now I come to find out that Faye was a mere 14 when she did this... bad José, no biscuit.

    6. Missing avatar

      Stephen Cain on

      Isn't the music Fear Factory and used in Mortal Kombat?

    7. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    8. theAnton on

      I still remember that track were a farmer and his flock crossed the road. :D

    9. ThomasN on

      flammable or inflammable? :D
      btw.. "Die Anna" means "The Anna.." in german :-)

    10. Missing avatar

      Igoreso.spb on

      Question - what if only recently (before this comment) my email on was different?

    11. Bruno V. on

      Can we read more about Tony and Faye somewhere before we get to the interview? I wouldn't want my first question to be "So... who are you folks?" ;)

    12. Wintch on

      Die Anna is the best! Viva Anna!

    13. Missing avatar

      Drarok on

      As others have stated, please consider those of us that use site-specific or multiple email accounts! :)

    14. dave00dance on

      damn that lass was fine

    15. Missing avatar

      William Morgan on

      I signed up to and Kickstarter with differant Email addresses will that matter If I want to get access to the exclusive private forums on

    16. Razvan Florentin Popescu on

      I admire your modesty, but it would help to place some features/rewards for a bigger sum, maybe some people want to give more, but need incentive (not my case)

    17. MM on

      Nice one guys, you made the BBC for the second time in a month :

    18. Frank Reinders on

      This is really great nobby i would love to see those ppl from their retirement ;)

    19. Missing avatar

      Adi Ratiu on

      @Stainless WIll the actors also take damage during a race? With all the crashing and stunts it would be so nice to see some blood or bruises on them.. Or maybe have the characters die or enter a coma after getting hurt enough?

      While playing I would really enjoy the thought of being thrown through the windshield or frontally hitting and getting injured or killed by it :)

    20. Missing avatar

      José Hulse on

      Was Faye a model/actress or something? If she was just a random employee of Stainless at the time, you were some very lucky sods.

    21. Samuel Vance Joyce on

      Ahh this is an exciting project. I just hope we smash that $600,000 target! I'll definitely give those other videos a watch, it's strange thinking what old technology we worked with back then.

      Also Nobby you look so young and enthusiastic back then. Glad you're still like that now !

    22. Missing avatar

      Adi Ratiu on

      You really picked some expressive actors for the prat cam :D Faye is beautiful and Tony is.. badass :)) It will be really cool to see them again, great work!!

    23. Stainless Games Creator on

      @ TwIsTeDMiNd: Wah! You found my brother! :)

      @ Those of you disappointed that you can't get access to the HD vids: They're not there yet! Please wait 'til we launch the forum after the campaign ends... Sorry!

      @ Those of you having Age Gate probs... Our webmaster is looking into it! (Is anyone still called a webmaster nowadays..?)

      @ Nisei: We'll contact everyone after the campaign ends, to get their email details.

      @ Ed Boucher: Sorry if you consider it spam - we prefer to think of it as continuing to engage with you all, by trying to introduce other new cool little things we can do for you.

      I was really excited to find this old Hi8 videotape in the back of a drawer... I had to source an camcorder and ripping hardware so I could transfer it to PC, because I knew the Carma community would be excited to see it too!

    24. Hugo Pereira on

      I have the same issue with the age gate. Also using Chrome, v20 (beta), Win 7 64bit and 1366x768 res

    25. Vincze Ferenc on…
      I found this Crashday Carmageddon mod while surfing. A Bomb Run mode would be rock!

    26. Joao Ricardo on

      might be the screen resolution. i have that Chrome problem too but i still can select the date. I use chrome in other pcs and its all ok but with higher resolution.

    27. Stainless Games Creator on

      @Peter van Groning: Regarding the age gate issue - Send us a message with details of your bowser, OS, settings etc. and we'll investigate.

    28. Nisei on

      Just wondering: I've signed up to and with the same e-mail address. But my Amazon payment address is a different one. Will that cause any problems?

    29. Eugene Zheng Yong Sheng on

      Music from Fear

    30. Jared Robinson & Erin Cyr on

      doubled my pledge to $30. My brother will love the 2nd copy

    31. John Callihoo on

      can't wait to see it i made sure to sign up to the forum with the same email i used for this

    32. René M Jensen on

      Wow pretty cool.

      The intro music from the original carmageddon sounds like its alot higher quality in this video :P any chance we can get that. Sounds so amazing.

      Really hope this new Carmageddon game, comes with cool intro and music :D

    33. tarasis on

      Btw def not spam

    34. Missing avatar

      Daniel Watson on

      I want Die Anna in the new game. Is that happening?

    35. tarasis on

      I was half expectingajoke around Privates of Parade

    36. Missing avatar

      Stephen Watson on

      can't wait to see the rest of this! I look forward to getting stuck into your private area when it's open!

    37. TwIsTeDMiNd on

      Damn, Neil, you were a little younger on that video and you looks so like one of my friend that I could'nt resist but show you hahah :D

    38. Lyons100 on

      @Michael van Staveren i guess you missed the part about June 8th?

    39. Stainless Games Creator on

      Damn! Well spotted Filip Cornelissen - Imflammable it is! (Even though all I'm doing is repeating a typo that got missed, and couldn't be changed due to the Reward being pledged on. It should, of course, be "Inflammable!") :)

    40. Piotr Kula on

      You guys were mega fit back then... That is you right? [Click to kick me]
      Cannot wait I am so freaking excited

    41. Missing avatar

      Ryan Hamm on

      @Michael van Staveren - the area won't be available until June 8th.

    42. Filip Cornelissen on

      don't you mean 'Very _IMFLAMMABLE_ Penguins'?

    43. Michael van Staveren on

      Where is that area I can not find the HD movie, though I pledged 30 dollars :(

    44. Missing avatar

      Gijs on

      spam? i'm glad they are keeping us as much up 2 date as they can. Makes the waiting for feb 2013, a litle less painfull.

    45. Darkerest_Pontifex on

      AND FUCK YES!!! Tony's almost the same person as Max Rockatansky in Mad Max with these clothes and helmet!

    46. A.A. on

      Looking forward to next week!

    47. Peter van Groning on

      So yeah, the enter you age page is acting kinda weird on, at least in Chrome. The dropdown menu is plastered somewhere along the top and I can't select anything because of it.

      Other than that, looking forward to the vids.

    48. Darkerest_Pontifex on

      Nobby as guest star! hahaha

    49. Missing avatar

      Ed Boucher on

      Well... firstly, can you sort out the audio? It doesn't seem to match up at the end. Secondly... can we have a bit less spam please?