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Carmageddon: Reincarnation is a brand new points-for-pedestrians driving game from the indie dev team behind the smash hit PC original.
Carmageddon: Reincarnation is a brand new points-for-pedestrians driving game from the indie dev team behind the smash hit PC original.
15,736 backers pledged $625,143 to help bring this project to life.

The 2nd REDDIT AMA is happening RIGHT NOW!! With Nob, Trifle and Sim!!

Posted by Stainless Games (Creator)

Hey everyone, Sim 'ere!

Our last Reddit AMA was a great success, and as we didn’t get a chance to answer all of the questions that night, we decided to do another one! It's happening right now! We are HERE and we will be here for a couple of hours or until our stomachs cant bare the starvation and we need to go home and eat an evening meal. The last Reddit AMA session can be found here - make sure to pop over and look at the questions we have already answered, at the same time if there is something we didn’t answer that you're DYING to know, then bring it to our attention in the new one! We look forward to answering your questions. See you there! 

EDIT: $360k and BEYOND!

WOW!!! While we were busy doing the AMA, you amazing people were punching us through the $360k mark!!! THANK YOU AGAIN! We're blown away by the support and enthusiasm, and now look forward to SMASHING the target and exceeding that Stretch Goal #1!!

The Second Big Reddit AMA Q&A Roundup!

Here's a collection of our answers, interesting comments, etc. from last night's Reddit AMA session.


We haven't set a final release price yet for C:R, but rest assured the Kickstarter backers will have got the game at a good discount!

Regarding Kickstarter $25 Reward - every copy you're entitled to will get early beta access.

Stretch goals - It would seem fair to continue adding to the post KS campaign total with Paypal contributions, towards the stretch goal amount (in the event we hadn't reached it). Progress feedback will occur at Having ported our tech to Mac/Linux, we will be very likely to offer our titles on those platforms from that point onwards

We have updated the Reward Matrix to ease confusion. Because we can't edit Reward descriptions once people have pledged on them, it can be tricky to keep things nice and tidy. We try to keep this up to date, so check it out and refresh every now and then! (We've had some reports Friday night/Saturday that there's still some errors in it, which we're getting ironed out shortly!) 

Carmageddon: Reincarnation

"Episodic Releases" is a good term to describe what we're calling, "iterative development". DLC will also be considered too, beyond the release of the "final episode". Some of the additional content which might have otherwise been DLC we'd expect to be created by the modding community anyway, and to help this happen we'll be trying to get the mod tools in a public release state as early as we can.

Returning features

Drugs Power Up.
Original styley cheats....With Lots of rude words.
Coastal Carnage coming back with 'the Loop'.
There was a glimpse of Big Dump in the Kickstarter video.
Batwick is going to be reprising his role as Vlad (although he doesn't know yet.
Action Replays will be back and they'll be better than ever.
Stainless staff will almost certainly feature as peds. 


There'll be a mix of old new multiplayer modes.
Split screen - When we get around to the consoles question, we'll decide.
Any sort of "catch-up mode" in MP is really difficult to balance. 


Selecting your opponents could be an option for one-off events. Seems sensible!
Number of Police per event? Variable. From none to potentially... Many.
We recoil slightly from the idea of ranged weapons (heh, see what I did there?). Un-aimed is okay, but we don't really want to stray too far from the Carma ethos of "The CAR is your weapon".
The things attached to the car WILL do what they ought to do to the soft things they encounter along the way.
Other cars will activate PUps. Pedestrians will too (it's tough really if you wanted a PUp but punt a ped into it) - if it's an appropriate one then they'll gain the properties of the PUp... Solid Granite Ped, Electro-bastard Ped..!
it's almost certain that the opponents will only be ejected from their car when they're wasted. The game's about car combat, and that fact needs to always be at the core of any such decisions about the implementation of funny set-pieces.
We often briefly mention blood on the windscreen. It would depend on whether we include a true in-car camera view - which we haven't budgeted for. 


Custom cars will shown in MP - They as modded data will be downloaded to the local machine.
Modding will be made highly accessible due to scripting support.
Our suite of modding tools is going to be really comprehensive and encourage extensive messing about with the game.
Including playing around with the physic,this is something that will be fully exposed for the Modding community to play with.
We want to encourage more of the kind of sterling work that the modders in our community did for the old games.
We would like to use as universal Model format as we can so you can import cars/tracks from as many 3d programs as possible. (what that format is, is still TBC)  


Powerup placements were quite unbalanced in Carmageddon2 - expect the unbalanced occurrence of powerups was mainly down to a) slightly broken "random" powerup code, and b) the schedule being so tight that we never really had time to tune the PUp placement, we just shat 'em out and hoped for the best. It was fun in edit mode, driving around plopping PUps out of your car's arse...
For Carmageddon:Reincarnation we would like the AI cars to be more aware of what you as a player is doing, so this is something we want to improve for those that do want to skive


Ragdoll physics for peds? - It's Carmageddon. In the 21st Century. We really, really HAVE to make the most of the technology available to us, and festoon the landscape with livers. And entrails. And beautifully rendered dismemberment.
Peds will be VERY gibbable. We hope to show early WIP footage of this to you all, VERY soon. It's not tidy yet... But very, very funny. 


There will definitely be some new characters. 
We're using our own in-house Graphics and Physics engine.
We're talking to about our back catalogue...
The Steel Gonad o'Death was a physics test of spheroid physics shapes, it was a bit buggy IIRC and so never made it into the released games. "Got 'im in the Bollocks" WAS used - it was the bonus you got if you managed to drive into the Devil's balls in The Splat Pack's final level... Working headlights was probably a bit of Photoshoppery to "enhance" some screenshot or other (GASP!)  But there's nothing to prevent us from having working headlights this time round. Because we now live in THE FUTURE.
Carmageddon and Duels/other work are entirely ring-fenced from each other so that there's no problems with one project adversely affecting another. We have really good production and management staff who ensure this isn't an issue.

Our Favorite powerups?
Nobby: Opponent Repulsificator
Sim: Pedestrian Repulsificator
Trifle: Pedestrian Repulsificator
It seems we are united in our love for various repulsificators 

We'll be making the game tweakable for performance, but its early to tell exactly what our recommended spec will be.
Art direction will be the taking on the more mature look of the original game.
Games Design Document develops over time, lots of design meetings ,note taking and prototyping!
I don't think we'll be able to spend the time on matching the in-car models with the PratCam. The driver models are unlikely to have any range of expressions. But I don't think this is critical. In C2 the drivers were part of the vehicle mesh, which won't be the case in C:R.  

Your Ideas!

Here are some of the ideas that came from the 2nd reddit Q&A that we liked: 

Power Up: "suicidal pedestrians"(Dark_Pontifex & Lord Cyriak)
"Armed/suicide peds might feature... They're on the maybe list of stuff we'd quite like to do if we have time".
Survival waves (Judikator)
Ped launcher (Psyrgery) Our comment: Nice. We have a LOT of ped messing' PUps planned, and you're thinking along the same lines... Unsurprisingly!
Peds on hover boards (Kerrash_) Our comment: Hmm... Liking that idea.  

Awwwww...." Where is Batwick, his absence is felt, we shall be disappointed if he makes his reappearance with anything less than a fully fledged wizarding hat" (registered-user)


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    1. Missing avatar

      Josh on

      I'm not totally clear on the episodic releases ie. "iterative development". So, is the initial release of CR in Feb going to be a beta with incremental updates to follow or will it be a final version with additional DLC/content to follow? Would appreciate any insight on this from Stainless or community members :)

    2. Frank Reinders on

      Yeah the Pedestrian Repulsificator is great :D

      I hope all the old school cars will be included some of them are great :D

      Like the following cars:The Twister,The Plow

      @wibblepot u mean the Squad car & Suppressor? they are great police cars :D

      I hope there will be alot of big cars also like Big Dump etc. not to massive :D but they where alot of fun

    3. Wibble Pot on

      Can't remember it's name but I remember being chased by it a number of times!

    4. Stefan Ernst on

      The Suppressor? Do hope so!

    5. Wibble Pot on

      Is that big arse police car going to be back?

    6. Kerrash on

      We don't talk about them. :|

    7. Krzysztof Bartel on

      It is Stainless Games you want to count on SCI (Eidos and Square Enix) has nothing to do with Carma:reincarnation and kickstarter and Stainless for that matter.

    8. Stanislaw on

      We are counting on you SCI

    9. Caliebre on

      It's here it's here!!! :D

    10. Missing avatar

      Ben Bowles on

      good lord just gone up nearly a grand in 5 mins!!! im so excited now.....

    11. Missing avatar

      Metalmantr on

      Woooo Carmageddon here we come :))

    12. MemoryKill on

      Holy crap only 36k to go! come on w0000p :D

    13. DAF on

      Road to 600k! Muajajaja

    14. Ryan on

      Once I saw this game show up on here I just HAD to donate. I've been waiting for either the old ones to show up on or a sequel to come out. I hope you guys surpass your 400k by a long shot. If I had more money to throw at you guys I would totally do it.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jimday on

      neat! you guys are on fire! go go 400k!!!!