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Carmageddon: Reincarnation is a brand new points-for-pedestrians driving game from the indie dev team behind the smash hit PC original.
Carmageddon: Reincarnation is a brand new points-for-pedestrians driving game from the indie dev team behind the smash hit PC original.
Carmageddon: Reincarnation is a brand new points-for-pedestrians driving game from the indie dev team behind the smash hit PC original.
15,736 backers pledged $625,143 to help bring this project to life.

New Reward Tier!

Hi everyone. First of all a massive THANK YOU for the early slingshot towards our target! It's been hugely exhilarating to see the Pledgeometer's rapid progress, and be well on our way in under 48 hours. It's brilliant, and we're all walking around the building with great big grins. BUT we really need to keep the momentum going, in order that we can reach the target, and beyooooond! So, please keep the buzz going for the project out there on the internets. Tweet, FB, Reddit, gaming forums, commenting on articles you're seeing out there... All that STUFF that'll keep the campaign rolling along!

We've been keeping a close eye on your comments, and quickly realised that we needed to adjust the Rewards a little, in order to bring the boxed copy of the game in at a lower tier. And so, we give you (ta-ran-ta-ra-tan-tan-tan-taaaaaaaaa!!):

KICK IN THE BOX: It’s the one everyone’s been waiting for! The GAME. On a DVD. In a BOX! We’ve done the math and it will only slightly bankrupt us. We’re adding the boxed game with the manual and game on a printed DVD in as a $150 level Reward. If anyone who pledged $350 wants to drop their pledge to $150 as a result, then please feel free! If anyone currently going for the t-shirt or bumper sticker level rewards wants to swap their pledge to the boxed game offer, now’s your chance. (+Previous Rewards below $150) (At $350 level, you’ll get all three $150 Reward offers.)

Thanks again everyone, and we'll see you again with another update (possibly featuring VIDEO, if you're particularly unlucky...) SOON!


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    1. Daniel Galvani on May 16, 2012

      C'mon, create some new banner for usc to post @ faebook to try get some more money.

      (sorry for the poor english)

    2. Missing avatar

      Sylvain on May 11, 2012

      I was about to write to you guys about getting a boxed edition at a lower price when I saw this update. Good job guys, you've got my backing.

    3. Missing avatar

      William Morgan on May 11, 2012

      Will the alternate red eagle model and skins ($50 reward)l be included in the boxed version or will i have to download it

    4. Missing avatar

      Emily Smirle on May 11, 2012

      MaddogZenon: says (+Previous Rewards below $150) so I would say so yes.

    5. Missing avatar

      MaddogZenon on May 11, 2012

      Do you still get 4 copies of the game if you go to the $150 pledge?

    6. Missing avatar

      GamerEdie Sellers on May 10, 2012

      And if you're like me and you want to adjust your $100 pledge to a $150 pledge??

      Good call, Stainless. Good call!

    7. Missing avatar

      majorlove on May 10, 2012

      Bringt it on ;)
      I loved all Carmageddon Games!!

    8. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Watson on May 10, 2012

      Boxed game, pffft. I want a Kutter mask at the very least :p

    9. Alexandra Elizabeth on May 10, 2012

      Awesome! :D I'm a PS3 player! It would be great if you could release it on PSN! :D I wonder if this is planned :O!!!

    10. Hubert Vale on May 10, 2012

      Keep going, everyone! Looking forward to being able to wreak mayhem on pedestrians and motorists in Windows 7!

    11. Missing avatar

      Charlie on May 10, 2012

      @Michael Messmann - I think you would like me to think that you were talking about me! I'm smarter than that, because I predicted that you would think that I was thinking that you were talking about me when all along I was really thinking that you were thinking that I was thinking that... fried eggs?! Damn it, now I am hungry.

    12. Daniel Galvani on May 10, 2012

      Let's keep going guys! 48h and we get more than 30% of total. \o/

      (sorry for the poor english).

    13. Missing avatar

      Michael Messmann on May 10, 2012

      Rabble, rabble, rabble. "Look at me!" "No, look at me." "No, I'm smarter." "No, I'm superiorilly smarter!" "No, you're dumb and I'm egg-fryingly intelligentlier brilliant!"
      If you think I'm talking about you, then I am, if you don't, I'm not.

    14. eXoScoriae on May 10, 2012

      @apocraphyn - when confronted with someone whose argument revolves around "explaining how kickstarter works", it is 100% valid to note how many projects one has backed to show this isn't my first rodeo. My point on the cost was, compared to the majority of other projects, $150 is above the typical price tier for a boxed copy. Hell, Ravaged offers one at $39, which seems too cheap to be possible. If my argument were based solely of price, then I would easily argue that even $100 is ridiculous. Even the $50 I am donating appears to be more than this game is worth, as games similar in concept (Blood Drive, Apocalypse Riders) are less than $20 on PSN and Xbox Live. However, I back kickstarter projects to support games I want to succeed, and I gladly pay more than a game is technically worth in order to see that happen. That does not mean however that when a game comes along and offers a box at $150 (more than other other project I have backed so far), that i have ti simply shrug my shoulders and keep it to my self. It may come as a surprise to you that someone can understand how kickstarter works, and yet still have an opinion on if an extra reward is worth upping their donation amount. However, that would require using common sense, which is a rare commodity on the internet. "Phwoar" indeed.

    15. apocraphyn on May 10, 2012

      Ooh, check out the big spender's e-peen! 14?! Phwoar!!

      They were right, though - it's about an extra incentive to donate, not a reward equivocal to the price donated. You could use the very same argument for the $150 t-shirt deal; "$150 for a t-shirt? That's bloody expensive, they usually cost me $3!"

      Anyway, good to have more options available. Looking forward to see how Carmageddon is revitalised.

    16. eXoScoriae on May 10, 2012

      @René Morten Jensen - everytime there is a kickstarter eh? Looks like you have backed 5 projects, and I've backed 14. And most of the projects I have backed were at the $100+ range. So please, do tell me how this whole process works, I obviously have no clue.

    17. eXoScoriae on May 10, 2012

      @Brandon Wright - as a backer of 15 some odd game kickstarter projects, I am very aware of how it works. Most of the other kickstarters introduce box copies around the $100 price range though, which I can swallow. Currently I am at the $50 tier, and it simply is not worth another $100 to put that in a box, however I would have considered upgrading if it was around the $100 price point. I fail to see why it costs more to put the game in a box then it does to give out a poster or a card game.

    18. Missing avatar

      Andrew Mack on May 10, 2012

      I sent a message yesterday asking for big box version, wish granted today and $150 pledged! :-)

    19. René M Jensen on May 10, 2012

      Its funny we encounter this every single time there is a kickstarter.

      You arent actually paying 150$ for the box, you are getting something in return for support them with more money, thats how this place works.

    20. Missing avatar

      Brandon Wright on May 10, 2012

      @Anthony Quarm the point of this is to help fund development of the product. The box, in this case, is meant to be an extra incentive for a larger donation, not a value-accurate price point. If you're looking for bang for your buck, the lower tiers have got you covered.

    21. Missing avatar

      Daniel Watson on May 10, 2012

      As the first person to call for a boxed product at $150, it would immensely hypocritical of me to not up my pledge. So that is what I have done. $150 to you, good sirs!

    22. eXoScoriae on May 10, 2012

      wow, $150 for a box copy eh? cardboard is getting expensive these days.

    23. Tom D.B. on May 10, 2012

      Oh I changed my pledge as soon as I saw this deal! :)

    24. Missing avatar

      Stephen Watson on May 10, 2012

      I love physical THINGS. With my increased pledge my maths say you won't get bankrupt.

    25. Missing avatar

      neorazorx on May 10, 2012

      +1 for Linux

    26. Kaos2K - Diego.A Fernández Martínez on May 10, 2012

      Wow! I'm doing the maths to see if i can change my 25$ initial pledge for this 150$ :D

    27. SXX on May 10, 2012

      @Piotr Stolarczyk
      +1 agreed, I prefer to pu 93% of my money in game, but not physical things.
      Also there should be some additional $$$ for international delivery too, what about that?

    28. Revell on May 10, 2012

      +1 for Mac/Linux versions!

    29. Piotr Stolarczyk on May 10, 2012

      I don't really like physical thinks :p
      an ALL digital award whit 4 copies of the game at around $100 would be nice :)

    30. SXX on May 10, 2012

      Let us answer about Linux version and OSX too...
      I don't care about lame consoles, but I want to see crossplatform PC game :)

    31. Ad van Steenbruggen on May 10, 2012

      mac osx is preferred too :)

    32. Missing avatar

      axet on May 10, 2012

      linux is a must!