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Carmageddon: Reincarnation is a brand new points-for-pedestrians driving game from the indie dev team behind the smash hit PC original.
Carmageddon: Reincarnation is a brand new points-for-pedestrians driving game from the indie dev team behind the smash hit PC original.
15,736 backers pledged $625,143 to help bring this project to life.

Carmageddon: Max Damage DRM FREE version OUT NOW on GOG!

Posted by Stainless Games (Creator)
Hello there pedestrian-splattering fans!  

We are happy to announce that the DRM free version of the game that we promised our Kickstarter Backers is now available!

Yes, Carmageddon: Max Damage is on the GOG Store and all Kickstarter Backers can redeem a copy for FREE.  

We would like to apologise again profusely for the continued delay in getting the outstanding physical rewards out to our Kickstarter Backers. We assure you the physical rewards are still in the pipeline, and they will be sent out to you all in due course. In the meantime, we thank you all again for your continued patience and support. 

See below for instructions on how to claim your free game.

How to claim your DRM-free copy of Carmageddon: Max Damage:

We use Humble Bundle to distribute the key codes for the game. You’ll need to login into the Humble Backer page you used originally to claim your Steam copy of the game.

Once logged in, you’ll find a new section which details how you claim your copy. If you’ve not previously been to your Humble download page (or it's been a while since you last accessed it) then you should do the following: 

1. Head to the Humble Order Resender page ( 

2. Enter the email address you used in the survey to receive your original digital goods 

3. Use the information in the email from Humble Bundle to access your Humble Backer page and redeem your key(s) If you’re still not able to access your Humble download page please contact 

Thanks again for your support, and enjoy your DRM-free FREE Carma carnage!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Roman 4 days ago

      No physical reward - DOUBLE EAGLE ($150).

    2. taurisince1983 on

      Looks like those physical rewards are never turning up...(sale of carmageddon to THQ).

    3. Mike Dennis on

      Are we going to get physical rewards before this post is a year old?

    4. Missing avatar

      Abadura on

      Still no physical rewards. After 6 years..

    5. Missing avatar

      Olivier on

      Reading these comments, im really quite puzzled why everybody's bitching, ive gotten my physical rewards years ago, and after the not-great launch they actually focused on ironing out bugs and streamlining the whole thing, to a point where it deserved a new subtitle, and we all got that new version too, now that they've gotten around to the DRM-Free version, it can only mean boxed copy (and with that the elusive mac & linux versions) cant be far off now.

      Really people, calm down.

      @Ultros: its not like its automatic, you are supposed to claim your key, this was clearly communicated and i see no reason why it wouldn't still be possible now, look it up and go claim your games.

      @Derek J. Balling: It does show up fine for me, you sure you backed enough for the DRM-Free version? ($100)

      @Mikko Rasa / @Martin O: Yeah the name change / re-launch was due to the bad reviews

      @Stainless Games: Nice, thanks! Any chance you can elaborate on the question from 'Nono' about any crossplay between DRM-Free and Steam? :)

    6. Ultros on

      I haven't even received my main carmageddon game to my steam library. WHERE IS IT! I PAID FOR IT. It now has been 5 years GODDAMMIT!

    7. Derek J. Balling on

      No DRM-free version in my HumbleBundle. Although the Steam keys are there.

    8. Missing avatar

      loopingz on

      Still no physical reward to me...

    9. Martin O

      @Mikko Rasa: I don' think so, they still have to fulfil those promises (but you may get a box which then says 'Max Damage'). I guess it was changed to have a fresh Steam entry without the old reviews.

    10. Mikko Rasa on

      I still suspect that the name change from Reincarnation from Max Damage was done so that somewhere down the line they can just drop the promises of delivering physical rewards and ports. After all, those were promised for Reincarnation, which at some point will be obsolete and no longer supported. Max Damage is a different game and no such promises have been made for it.

    11. Missing avatar

      Hezzard on

      I'll echo Hedonistoic regarding delivery addresses for the (so far mythical) physical goodies - in the near future, will you please ask us all to confirm where we want items posted to if possible? I have also moved house since 2012 and can't recall whether I supplied an updated address at the time.
      Also, I read on the forums that the Eagle models in the $150 tier weren't coming due to quality issues. Well, 3D printing is much more developed these days so please reconsider that option, as it would be nice to receive them. Cheers!

    12. Missing avatar

      blehz on

      Look what I found when digging through the false promises of the past years:
      I haven't seen any physical rewards, although I am a $150 tier backer... .
      At least have some respect for your backers Stainless. At least tell us what's going on. Just be honest, so we can all put it to rest?

    13. PyroZnype on

      Been a fan since the first Carmageddon, went sofar to pledge an serious amount, yet haven't recieved ANY physical objects promised. The only physical things I got are the xbox and ps4 version, had to get them myself.
      Not even some sort of feedback about my face beeing in the game :(

    14. Missing avatar

      BSL on

      Three things happened today.

      1) This kickstarter finally fulfilled my pledge goal of a DRM free version (considering I've had the PS4 version for almost a year, that says something)

      2) I got Carmageddon TDR 2000 free on GoG.

      3) And best of all, I never have to visit this kickstarter page again, I never have to say bad things about you on Twitter anymore for failing to keep your promises (to others you still have failed...a lot) and the one I'm most happy of, I never, ever, have to deal with your company for the rest of my life.

      Shame you've ruined the trust all of us fans put our funding and hope we had originally when this KS was launched.

      The only thing you did was taint our memories of a cool little driving game we all discovered in the late 90's on PC and have fond memories of that. Now all we do is pity the hollow shell you have become and feel nothing but contempt for a company we thought we could trust and who would do right by us.

      If this KS would have been handled much, much better, been transparent, and went well beyond to make up for even a fraction of your mess ups, I'm sure plenty of backers would forgive you, even a few might support you again.

      R.I.P. Stainless Software. Another one bites the dust.

      P.S. One thing you can count on, is no one who's still waiting on anything (or even some of us who are done now) will never support anything your company does ever again, and that is a promise.

    15. Paul Weir on

      Oh hey, it's Kickstarter's most infamous liars, back again after ages of silence and years of broken promises!

      Remember how you said years ago you were working on the Mac version? No, you don't, you even forgot the Mac and Linux versions completely in your update. After being reminded that Mac and Linux versions were promised by you, you've said that you are 'planning to release them'.


      Well that certainly fills me with optimism. Not 'coming soon' or 'being worked on' or 'release date sometime in 2019' or anything that you could possibly be held to. No. Just 'planning'.

      Still, congratulations on organising a DRM-free distribution, something that should take less than a month to negotiate, but which took you 30 months.

    16. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      Releasing a drm-free version after years and when the game is on sale at $5 is not a proper way to deliver a reward.

      I also noticed that my gift copies on the humble bundle pages do not work (they should also have drm-free copies.

    17. Christian Dannie Storgaard

      Great, but what's the status on the Linux and Mac versions? Releasing the game on more stores is a bit useless when you haven't even finished it yet.

    18. Hedonistoic on

      Will you be asking for updated addresses when you get around to the physical rewards? I've moved houses at least 3 times since you asked so I don't want them going to the wrong place!

    19. ThomasN on

      I looked it up. It is Carmageddon Reincarnation, just patched.
      I guess a thanks is in order. Here goes:
      Thank you for 3 years of silence on the topic of DRM free.
      Thank you for releasing it at last, ages after the release to the DRM platforms - I backed this precisely because I wanted to show that DRM free is not for bottom feeders.
      Thank you for 5 years of being left in the grey. Nearly no updates about development, timelines, resource allocation, jack, and shit. I bet that's the name of your manager.
      Thank you for teaching me crowd funding is a bad idea.
      You should have made a DLC where you can run over PR guys and managers of your company instead - no way Hillary and Trump are better pretenders.
      To anybody at Stainless not being full of shit: You done a hard job, especially under the circumstances - be proud - I salute you!

    20. Nono on

      Thank you for that, people at Stainless !

      Could you tell us if a Gog owner can play online with a steam owner ?

    21. Martin O

      @Alejandro Dobeson Beirao: Maybe you have already linked Carmageddon to your Humble account? Search it in your library.

    22. Missing avatar

      Alejandro Dobeson Beirao on

      Well... it's not working for me. I'm pretty sure I put my email correctly back when you asked for it, because I received the Steam key... but no DRM free version.

      What should I do in order to get it?

    23. Martin O

      I'm glad to finally see a DRM-free version of this game!
      The GOG version also seems to fully integrate GOG Galaxy (i.e. Steam-like features) like achievements, leaderboards and, of course, we have multiplayer.

      @ThomasN: Basically yes, Max Damage is an updated and improved version of Carmageddon Reincarnation and replaces it.

    24. Missing avatar

      blehz on

      So, years later you're breaking the complete silence to promise us again that the physical rewards are coming? You didn't even reply on Twitter, your forums, nowhere. And we still need to trust you?
      Added to that, I paid for the box because it had the eagles. And now I have to read here (or be remembered?) that we ain't getting them and get a comic instead? Is that a joke?
      If so, you're going to give that $50 back!

    25. Al-Gustafa As-Suedi on

      Never mind my last comment, I found my key.

    26. Missing avatar

      A. Mull on

      Somebody get the popcorn, this comment section is going to be entertaining.

      Don't get me wrong, I appreciate that you guys are finally getting around to the GoG version...but am still more than a little sour that the most appropriate description is "finally getting around to it". At this rate, I'll have taken out and paid off a mortgage before I get what other backers have had for years.

      If that doesn't drive home the point of "we done screwed up", then consider this, and consider it carefully:

      When the infamous, mismanaged cluster of a boondoggle that is Mighty Number 9 can be announced, fund, screw the pooch, screw the rest of the kennel, short-change high-dollar backers on physical rewards, release a hot mess (stunningly similar up to this point, when you think about it) and then go on to make right on the physical stuff...and do so all in half the time (and counting)...that's really saying something about the way this project has been handled.

      Let that sink in for a minute: Mighty Number 9 was a better-handled project than this one, by a factor of almost 3 years. That's really the only thing that ever needs to be said, but I'm not done yet.

      I'll believe the physical stuff is coming when I get a tracking number, and not a minute sooner. You guys have cried wolf on it too many times for me to take you at your word.

    27. Al-Gustafa As-Suedi on

      Can I have a GOG-key instead of Humble? I would've never backed this if I knew about it being HB instead of GOG.

    28. Missing avatar

      Leigh Stevenson on

      You never have a timeline for anything. I also asked for a partial refund since I got the software, at least, but have no hope you'll deliver any of the physical rewards. You guys couldn't find your way out of a cardboard box, much less print and ship one successfully. Also still salty over the Eagles turning into a comic. I don't want a bloody comic, I wanted teeny cars.

    29. ThomasN on

      So you're saying Carmageddon: Max Damage is Carmageddon Reincarnation?

    30. Stainless Games Creator on

      Today we have finally released the DRM-free version, one of the many rewards promised in our Kickstarter campaign. We mentioned that the physical rewards are also still in the pipeline but failed to mention anything about the Mac and Linux versions.

      We are still planning on releasing both Mac and Linux in the future, however we still do not have a timeline for the release. So please accept our apologies for the continual delay but we have not forgotten!

    31. Muldjord on

      Thanks guys! Now, please tell me you're working on a followup to MD.

    32. Samuel Vance Joyce on

      Thanks! Really happy you haven't given up. All the best to you and the team.

    33. Missing avatar

      RussianNeuroMancer on

      Since there is no Linux version and no communication on ETA I requested refund via support (Request #5597) and asked about this on forum - no answer from Stainless. Guys, What The Fraud is going on here? You doesn't have money to proceed refunds or what?

    34. Missing avatar

      Arno on

      How about that Mac version you promised? Any year now, right?

    35. Steve Fish on

      After many years, I suppose y'all just decided to give up on your promises and ignore the repeated requests for delivery of the Mac version? Lame. Wasted my money on this. Never again, Stainless.

    36. Missing avatar


      Thank you very much! This is the longest tail of KS support I have seen! You all are great!

    37. Missing avatar

      AjayD on

      What's happening with the Linux version? Why doesn't this update even mention it?

      This has been going on too long now guys, either put us out of our misery or give us an update. It's not too hard, just post a screenshot of a compilation error on a Linux system.

    38. Jouni Lahtinen on

      Yay, welcome back :D I have to admit, I was starting to loose hope, but this is great news

    39. schnide on

      When are you going to give me the refund that you promised years ago after your ignorant and homophobic comments? The internet doesn't forget, Stained Games.

      I can dig out the links to all this if you didn't see if the first 20 times I posted it, you scumbags. And it's definitely not because you're busy working on successful new IP.

    40. Simon Vacker on

      I've been wondering about the physical rewards since it had been quite some time since the last update. Thanks for the update!

    41. JasonR on

      MAC version? Refund?

    42. Missing avatar

      Gijs on

      Good to see they are still commited to the project.

    43. Bruno V. on

      What about the Linux version?

    44. Paul Targett on

      Regarding the physical rewards, you just made my day with this update! thank you!

    45. Chris Barrett on

      HOLY. SHIT. I'd given up on this...

    46. Tomas on

      And the promised Mac version you conveniently forgot to mention? Sigh. It's been FIVE AND A HALF YEARS since this project was funded. Jesus.