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Carmageddon: Reincarnation is a brand new points-for-pedestrians driving game from the indie dev team behind the smash hit PC original.
Carmageddon: Reincarnation is a brand new points-for-pedestrians driving game from the indie dev team behind the smash hit PC original.
15,736 backers pledged $625,143 to help bring this project to life.

Rewards Update

Posted by Stainless Games (Creator)

Today we announced the news that Carmageddon: Max Damage will be released on consoles in mid 2016. We hope you’re as excited as us at the prospect of Carmageddon reaching a wider audience through console, and even better, when Carmageddon: Max Damage is released on PC you will automatically get it too. Yes, that’s another Carmageddon in your Steam library – for free!

However we wanted to make it clear that this news has no bearing on your Kickstarter goods, and that if you have not already received them, you can still expect them as planned. 75% of our backers have already received all their rewards, but we want to apologise again to remaining backers and explain the delay. Issues with the PC release meant that at the point we’d previously been expecting to organise and ship the last of the Kickstarter rewards, all our attention was instead diverted to the game. We also had to find a replacement for the model cars as they were of very poor quality, so we are in the process of finalising an exclusive Carmageddon comic book. We’re also working on a deal for the boxed game – which was the main item delaying the final shipment of rewards.

We understand the delay in sending out these remaining rewards has been frustrating for you and we’re very aware of our responsibility to Kickstarter backers. We don’t intend to let you down, and hope you will continue to be patient with us for a few more months until we can send out your well-deserved rewards!

Visit for more information about the new console game.

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    1. Stainless Games Creator on

      If you need to update your shipping address please send us direct message and we'll get our records updated for you.

    2. Wibble Pot on

      I am in the same boat. Need to change my address in the falawn hope that they ever send anything out.

    3. Missing avatar

      Anders Torp on

      Is there still any chance that us unlucky sods that forked over $150+ are going to get anything else than the game on Steam *before* hell freezes over? My mailbox still longs for all the stuff I was promised... This experience *really* has been a Kick In the Box™ And yes, it hurts :(
      Btw, since all these years have past, I have moved. How do I get to update my shipping address? (Yes, very optimistic, I know...)

    4. .Dye on

      Hmm, not received anything yet. I would like an update on this! Anyway, keep up the good work.

    5. Christian Gudmann Johansen on

      we are not patient anymore, you have wasted all that, and we have no reason to trust you

    6. Jeffrey Woods on

      While I am still pissed off that I will almost certainly never see an OS X or Linux version, which was the only reason for my support to begin with... I am blown away at the audacity of this company to not even ship out any physical rewards to all the poor saps that gave them upwards of $150 or more. I ask... how exactly is this not FRAUD? While we are at it, how is it that Kickstarter can just ignore this completely and never reply to a single one of our "Report this Project" clicks. I will never support another software based KS project ever again, both because of what an incredibly horrible company Stainless has turned out to be, and just as much because of how Kickstarter has simply ignored us all. FRAUD is the only word to describe what has happened here.

    7. Missing avatar

      loopingz on

      Is it normal that I am still without my physical rewards???

    8. Halion J Abramovitch on

      when are our refunds coming??

    9. Missing avatar

      Dan Rushton on

      Backed 2012, supposed to ship 2013, still waiting for OS X copy and you spend all our money on developing and releasing console versions? I would like a refund NOW please.

    10. Missing avatar

      Lee Dempsey on

      With no date for a PC release this KS continues to have no end in sight. Maybe Stainless are trying to outlive us so they don't have to do anything else? With no backers left alive, this Kickstarter just completes itself!

      Will swap: all my undelivered and non-existent physical rewards in the $350 tier for a $250 refund. Send me message or call 01 811 8055

    11. Tom D.B. on

      So anything on this? Been waiting far to long!!

    12. Jeffrey Woods on

      Hey Shane... Mac and Linux supporters flat out do not believe your promises at all anymore. I would prefer to just have my pledge refunded. You guys have shown exactly how not to run a Kickstarter or a company for that matter. In fact your project is the reason that I won't even support software based kickstarters anymore, a textbook way to not run things.

    13. ThomasN on

      Very tight-lip, very professional, again with no word about DRM free release and/or project status and/or progress and/or plan. Well done, big company.

    14. Missing avatar

      ZikZak on

      We will keep an eye on kickstarter, we did so for 4 years now. Though publishing in the comment of an update is not the best way to communicate.

    15. Stainless Games Creator on

      Hi everyone,

      We are still committed to getting backer rewards out to you all and we hope to have more news on this soon. Thank you for your patience whilst we organise the remaining tier rewards.

      We're also still committed to providing Linux and Mac versions of the game and again will update you as soon as we have new information to provide.

      Please keep an eye out on and also Kickstarter for future updates.


    16. ThomasN on

      Bob M:
      "they are simply ignoring requests for information and acting as if they have done what they promised to do"
      I would say business as usual for a big company. But it's kinda shocking I realize that now because up until this kickstarter's money was collected, they acted (yes, I know that now) like they're the guys which understood my kind of humor and provided me with countless fun moments in my past (by playing Carmageddon). Those guys wouldn't lie about DRM free release, right?
      I feel used.
      What's also very crappy they are one of the reasons I about stopped supporting other projects on KS, meaning, they helped destroying the movement for everybody.

    17. Missing avatar

      Gordon on

      Its been 4 MONTHS since this update, what the hell is going on? How can you possibly have time to produce and port a console game but dont have time to communicate with your backers?
      This is ridiculous!

    18. Missing avatar

      Bob M on

      Another month with no update. I would encourage everyone to post on their Facebook page demanding an explanation for where the physical rewards are as well as the promised Linux and OS X versions.

    19. Missing avatar

      Indyxt on

      Ok, so its 8th July now. Just got the mail with console release date "hype". FFS...
      If you dont send physical stuff by that date (150$ tier), I want a fckn refund. And you can delete the game from my steam-library. I only played it for 6 hours (!) since EA.
      Goddamn crooks. Never gonna trust you again.

    20. Missing avatar

      Khorgor on

      Question: Any News on the goodies frokm the original KS?

    21. Missing avatar

      ZikZak on

      So Olivier think it is hard to port a game. Actually if you think about it from the start it is not as build your engine properly around libraries that are multiplatform.
      They did not choose that path and proved they rushed a developpement and delivered a very poor product on windows. Then fixed their product, losing time and digging a gap for the multiplatform port as they fixed only for one OS.
      Ok let's continue with their false promises, now they have a product only available for one OS and they are still not capable of releasing the DRM-free version for this very OS.
      Physical goods are nowhere to be seen and even replaced by something nobody asked for and supported 4 years ago.
      Their communication is terribly bad to say the least and so they give the feeling they ran with the money of the ones who helped them originnaly. A bank would not let that happen but pledgers have no way to get what they wanted.

      TL;DR: they suck!

    22. Missing avatar

      Bob M on

      Olivier: They shouldn't have promised to deliver things they didn't intend to start working on within a reasonable period of time. Many of us still haven't received any of the physical rewards we were promised and yet they seem to have plenty of time to do console versions and get those into retail. Crowdfunding is built on trust and a relationship between the backers and the project creator. That trust has been broken here and rather than trying to make things right, they are simply ignoring requests for information and acting as if they have done what they promised to do. It's pretty disturbing and a poor reflection on their company.

    23. ThomasN on

      Oliver: Please also eat some dick

    24. Missing avatar

      Olivier on

      At everybody complaining, please know that it was most likely you with your complaints that made the Windows version see a much longer development cycle then initially planned, in the end they remade the renderer, partially redid the physics engines, and added more (previously unplanned) vehicles, all because people (strangely enough mostly non-backers) gave them shit for 'not delivering', which was total bs.

      Also note that at the time there was alot of interest from the industry to work on Linux/OSX games, but it didn't really pan out like Valve planned (which in all honesty is what most of the industry was counting on, for Valve to take the lead/make those markets grow) so its alot harder then initially figured to actually get Linux/OSX game developers, people seem to think you can just recompile your software on another platform and hey presto, Linux/OSX versions, but its not that simple, by a long shot.

      Oh and for the ones shouting that they used the money you gave them for a console version, please, give yourself a break, its been clearly communicated that the KS campaign was mostly to show other investors that there was substantial interest in a new Carma game, they already developed the C:R game with mostly funds from investors, what we put into it just helped them trough the first few months.

      All in all, just calm down guys, this in no way means that there will not be a Linux/OSX/DRM-Free version, it just means they're improving 'brand awareness' which in turn will help get devs and funds for the mentioned versions.

    25. Missing avatar

      Richard Hewer on

      I'm surprised to see a console game released and haven't seen any news on Mac release. Dear devs, why are you using my money for this? I see that many others share my sentiment..

    26. Simon Wicks on

      I'm going to say this again, because to me it seems like a good exception, for some people at least.

      As I have a Mac, I've never even managed to play the one I backed way back. My keys are are still unused. I do however have consoles. So, instead of getting another useless PC Steam key for this new game, can I (and maybe others in the same boat) get a console key for it instead?

    27. Narann on

      You should contact Ryan C. Gordon for Linux port, it will save you time and money and his job was actually to port game to linux properly:
      He did this for years and is actually the creator of the SDL library. Not that I don't trust you any-more, just it will confirm the linux version will not be garbage.
      Keep the good job!

    28. Paul Weir on

      You CAN'T BE waiting until you've finished working on the Windows game to start Mac and Linux, because, you went and developed console versions! If you had the resources to develop on console while still working on the Windows version then you had the resources to develop Mac and Linux!

      You guys are full of it. You were overfunded here, you received a massive outside injection of funds, but after all these years you haven't been able to deliver a "finished" Windows game, or most of the physical rewards, and you haven't even started on the promised Mac and Linux versions. What the hell have you been spending the money on, exactly?

      Do you accept that stretch goals are no less a promise than all the other things you say while taking orders? If you promise something and you meet that funding goal, that becomes an equal promise alongside tier rewards, and indeed everything else you say in the description and elsewhere. Stretch goals are not afterthoughts, or optional, or aspirational! Mac, Linux, physical rewards, model cars, the Windows game - all of these are equal promises, under the law and just under common sense and decency.

      What is your problem? You have the money. You have the capability. Deliver on your damn promises!

    29. pirx on

      Well personally at this point I'm just disappointed there is no way we can manifest our anger with how stainless have basically fucked us up.
      Just wanna hurt the fuckers somehow. Run their office over with a steam roller? Sounds appropriate.

      Linux backer, a former Carma fan.

    30. K Cullen on

      I understand that X Box, Playstation, etc. are where the "money's at", but I'll be happier if Stainless would come through on the P.C. versions (windows and Linux as Valter pointed out). And whatever happened to the DRM version (as promised)??
      $625,000 pledged in good faith for the Carmageddon COMPUTER game, not console, or smartphone or whatever. Please don't disappoint.

    31. Valter on

      Linux user here. Really disappointed, that that there still is no Linux release.
      So whats the hold up? Im not really excited about the game on consoles, i backed to get Linux version.

    32. phobos2077 on

      Improved game is fine and all, but Stainless simply don't care about their backers. They got money to reboot this franchise and now we are not needed anymore. Obvious deceit.

      Though the game is fine (good thing I've backend only $25 - no physical rewards to be frustrated about), I will never ever trust this developer.

    33. Mikko Rasa on

      @Stainless How come you are able to announce a new console game then, if work for the Windows version is still ongoing? What are your priorities wrt. Mac/Linux versions and Max Damage?

      I was willing to accept that the game gets "finished" on Windows before porting it to other platforms, but now it looks like you are pushing back the already promised ports in favor of something else that hasn't been even mentioned before.

    34. Tomas on

      @Stainless: No, starting to work on a new game for consoles while you still haven't delivered on your previous promises is not being "committed".

      Software development is never "done". If you're waiting for the Windows version to somehow be "completed" before starting to work on the other platform versions, it will never happen! There is no reason to wait for it; working on several platforms in parallel works fine and is expected. Not enough resources for that? Well, then how can you manage to work on an entirely new game? Stop screwing around and give us what we paid for, or give us refunds. Those are your options.

      Also, you repeatedly mention Mac and Linux, but conveniently forget to talk about the DRM-free version that people also paid for. Honesty is all we ask for, but you keep avoiding answering our questions.

    35. Missing avatar

      ZikZak on

      And we have no idea if this add-on will not break the port to MacOS and GNU/Linux delaying it even more. That's what we call a developpment-hell.
      Even something as simple as releasing a DRM-free version is not achieved, it tells a lot.

    36. Bruno V. on

      A more detailed roadmap would be great indeed. I also still don't know whether C:MD is supposed to replace C:R on consoles and/or PC as an extended version or if it's a separate thing that just happens to reuse the same assets.

    37. Patrick on

      Honestly, I already lost interest in the model cars when I learned they were going to be 3D-printed, which I could have predicted would turn out rubbish if you want to keep things even somewhat affordable...

      That said, would it be possible to release the 3D files to Shapeways or the like so those interested could have them printed themselves? Offer plastics, metals, 'colored sandstone' and several sizes.

      Re. the comic: personally I could live without. I would rather see the resources spent towards the game and rewards that were originally promised.

    38. ThomasN on

      Don't you get it how they using the keep-warm-tactic? We don't even need the exact date. We need a schedule. Don't even need to contain times, just what they still want to do. Instead they say "we can't give exact release date" and gtfo. They really should eat that dick I proposed them in the normal comments.

    39. Mike on

      @Shane - THANK YOU for actually (vaguely) addressing this. PLEASE provide regular updates even if it is just "scheduled but not started". It is not a lot to ask.

    40. Missing avatar

      Josh S on

      I want my money back. What is the process to request a refund? I've been waiting 3 years. You've had more than enough time to fulfill the rewards.

    41. Stainless Games Creator on

      Hey Backers,

      We are still committed to bringing you Mac and Linux versions but whilst work is still ongoing for the Windows version we're not able to give a definitive answer as to when they will arrive. As soon as we have further information we'll share it with you - rest assured we have not forgotten you!


    42. Daniel on

      I don't understand what the difference is between Reincarnation and Max Damage? Also, where is the DRM-free version we were promised? Seems like a lot of other people are unhappy too!

    43. Njordy J. Saltley on

      Where is a f*****g Mac version I'm waiting four years for!

    44. Jouni Lahtinen on

      So basically this is a free update that happens to also allow the game to be released on consoles as well? Nothing wrong with that. While I, too, am waiting for the DRM-less version to arrive, I see platforms as good news. More platforms the game is on, easier porting it to the rest will become.

      Also; Even if the car models were rubbish, you are still free to send me mine. It would fit perfectly next to my rubbish KITT and Batmobile knock-offs from the 80s :-P

    45. Neil Broadley on

      As I'm writing this comment, there's a tagline from Kickstarter that says "Be respectful and considerate."

      Pity that Stainless didn't adhere to the same principle when they fucked over their loyal backers to make a cash grab on the console market.

      Really disgusting.

    46. Missing avatar

      ZikZak on

      April 1st comes very early this year!
      You can't be serious now!

      I supported your developpment with $150, I expected you to fullfil your promises with a DRM-free title, I'm still waiting for it and you start a new game although I never had the chance to play what I supported.
      And even when there is no DRM (physical product) you fail big time.

      4 years later and still waiting... That's utterly ridiculous if you use all this waiting-time of us to start a new developpment without finishing the original title.

    47. Missing avatar

      Lee Dempsey on

      I don't remember ever making a comment on this KS before, but I'm with the rest now. I played the original game at release back in the 90's because I'm old enough to have been nostalgic, but four years of just waiting for this debacle to be finished has successfully killed that feeling, dead. I don't want a comic book, I didn't contribute for a comic book, because you can't put a comic book on your desk and drive it around making noises while you are waiting for a render to complete. Well, you could, but that would make you look crazy. Which I guess is what you be expecting this KS to actually be finished.

      At this point I don't care about the cars, the USB stick, the manual reprint, the shirt, the posters, the bag, card game, the collectible bits and pieces or any of the other rewards I haven't received in the $350 tier. And I really don't care about another version of the same game, which I don't think anyone asked for.

      So let me make this easy for you Stainless, instead of constantly pretending you give a half-hearted shit to accomplish any of this (and to save you the effort of even trying to source products or bothering to pack them for shipping), keep $100 with my blessing for actually finishing the (intended) game and just refund me the $250. I can use it for much more than collectibles I don't care about now or another game I never asked for.

    48. Mikael Joki on

      "We also had to find a replacement for the model cars as they were of very poor quality, so we are in the process of finalising an exclusive Carmageddon comic book."

      WTF!!! Really!?!

    49. Missing avatar

      Indyxt on

      Seriously? Ho's before Bro's, Stainless? No self-respect left?
      Releasing console-shite before fullfiling long-overdue rewards?
      Ah **** it. Dont care anymore.