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Carmageddon: Reincarnation is a brand new points-for-pedestrians driving game from the indie dev team behind the smash hit PC original.
Carmageddon: Reincarnation is a brand new points-for-pedestrians driving game from the indie dev team behind the smash hit PC original.
15,736 backers pledged $625,143 to help bring this project to life.

Post Launch Update #2

Posted by Stainless Games (Creator)

Helloooo Carmafans! Nobby here, with news that the latest update for Carmageddon: Reincarnation is available NOW.

And to celebrate this latest Update, we’ve made a new VIDEO!

Since the last Update in August, the team has continued to work flat out to improve the game’s performance even further and continuing to deal with issues reported by our community. Update #2 goes live on Steam TODAY and I’ve got a heads-up for you of what it’s got to offer.

The techies have continued beavering away, and we’ve been diligently testing the results of their labours. Here’s the average results that we’re seeing by testing the Career Mode in normal gameplay conditions:

Minimum Spec
20-35% increase across the board on 720p, standard settings
15-20% increase across the board on 1080p, standard settings

Recommended Spec
50-60% increase across the board on 720p, standard settings
15-25% increase across the board on 1080p, standard settings

Please note that these results are from comparing the new build to the current Steam build (i.e. Update #1).

The latest gains have come (as before) from a lot of general optimisations and bug fixes, but the main boost has been from the first stage of multithreading the game engine – a much-needed engine upgrade that’s been in the pipeline for a long time, and is now under way. The initial stage, “decoupling the renderer” is in this update, and led to significant framerate improvements. Further multithreading work is ongoing and will result in future performance benefits.


You may notice that Carmageddon: Reincarnation looks very different from the last update! We’ve made numerous rendering improvements to give Carmageddon its sexy new look. 

We’ve been improving the ped audio, they should now sound far more terrified! The peds have been given some attention to sort out some of their dodgy behaviour.

We’ve added some extra ramps and bridges to the city levels, which should help some of the heavy vehicles navigate the rooftops. Many of the gaps in the Snow levels have been filled in, this was done to help reduce the frustration of driving around these areas. And in the Rig Wreck level, some snagging issues on ramps have been fixed.

Multiplayer Balancing
We’ve made several tweaks and changes to car to car combat, as well as changing some of the caps on some of the PUps to make the overall multiplayer experience more balanced and fair. Offensive PUp barrels will now give you a random (offensive) PowerUp. This levels the playing field, so that more experienced players can’t go and farm the most powerful PUps. 

Car Crusher Rule Changes
Car Crusher Repair and Recover costs are now far more expensive to balance the game mode. 

Fox ‘n’ Hounds Rule Changes
We’ve tweaked the Fox ‘n’ Hounds rules in regards to Recovery, based on feedback we’ve been getting from the Community on how to make the MP games even more fun. Now, if you’re the Fox and you recover, either by recovering yourself or from an automatic recovery such as being flung out of the world, you will lose the Fox and it will get transferred to the player closest to you. This change eliminates the “exploit”, where a player can gain an advantage by recovering in various circumstances. (The old rules of the Fox going to the player currently last when wrecking the Fox still stands). And finally, the amount of time lost due to being wrecked in Fox n Hounds is reduced. 

Wobble Recover
As a general improvement (and to avoid the Fox ‘n’ Hounds rule change leading to unfairness), you can now “Wobble Recover” at any speed, including when you are in the air! (You still need to be upside down in order to do this.) 

Save Slots
There are now multiple save slots! This means you can now restart the Career should you so desire to. 

Action Replay
There is a new extra slow modifier for the Camera movement in Action Replay. Press Alt + direction to use it. 

Steam Controller
Good news! We have partial support for the Steam Controller, so if you have one, give it a go! The controls all work, we just haven’t set up Haptic Feedback yet.

We’ve fixed lots of localisation bugs, especially for German and Russian. 

Game Menus
We’ve been improving the overall look and feel to the Frontend menus.

Kickstarter Rewards
Plans are still being finalised for posting out physical rewards, and more news on this will follow very soon. Thanks for bearing with us on this – good things come to those who wait (as you guys are well aware..!). 

That’s all the update news for now folks. We look forward to getting your feedback on Steam and forums, and as ever, please report any bugs or issues here

Hang on to Yer Shiny Helmets! 

Nob out

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    1. Forge on

      I'm still waiting for my DRM-free Linux client, as promised. What news, Nobby?

    2. Missing avatar

      pMt3zud on

      They refuse to give me a refund, but at least I can finally remove their damn games from my Steam Library. Thanks Valve!

    3. K Cullen on

      Like JAAHAS I too would like a DRM version of Carmageddon. Any chance of this being on like the Carmageddon Max Pack and Carmageddon 2?

    4. Stainless Games Creator on

      Hey guys,

      Mac and Linux versions are still planned but we are unable to put a date to this while work still continues on improving the Windows version.

      We'll keep you updated when we have more information.


    5. Paul M Edwards on

      Patiently awaiting a Linux build.

    6. Missing avatar

      JAAHAS on

      Of all the games I have backed here that have reached the release phase already, only this and Elite: Dangerous have failed to offer the DRM-free version at the release or within weeks after it. While I don't usually have anything nice to say about the latter, at least I got to start the refund process before the release, even though it took almost four months to get the money back. from FD.

      There was also the incident with the Shadowrun: Returns being revealed to be DRM-free only to the backers at the release and Steam-exclusive for the others, but at least it had a DRM-free version even though I opted for a refund as I care more about offering others the chance to buy DRM-free games than funding them for my own use. Fortunately the game eventually ended up on GOG so the devs got out of my blacklist and I was happy to resume pledging their projects.

    7. Tomas on

      Communication about the Mac/Linux versions has been really bad. It's perfectly reasonable to complain about this.

    8. _Journeyman_

      Hi, first things first: defining "crybabies" those who backed this project to support both Carmageddon and POSIX gaming and have yet to get their ROI, it's not quite polite, and also simplicistic.
      Personally I'd like to know the status of the port, (besides the "we'll complete it after polishing windows version") as in: "some work is already done", "we are selecting these tech to optimize as they're cross-platform", or even "we're awaiting silently until you forget we've promised that".
      As for the "if you actually be interested" part, I know you'll understand, as you have reached the incredible amount of TWO backed project, that those who backed a couple hunderd cannot follow closely all of them, but must rely on updates - possibly frequent ones - even if they say nearly the same things.

    9. TwIsTeDMiNd on

      Wow what a bunch of crybabies here saying "no linux/mac version, where's my refund". Development status have always been the same... fix what's broken and once Windows version will be up to snuff, move on to the mac and linux versions. I can understand your frustration having to wait for so long, but why would they have to repeat themself over and over again? If you would actually be interested in the game and follow development, you would already know the status of it which has been repeated countless times over at the official game website, the hundred of twitch livestreams recorded twice a week and uploaded on their YouTube account and reports on their official twitter account. There's literally no excuse, Stainless have been fully committed to give us the best experience possible and they're still continue trying to improve game. Patience is a virtue!

    10. _Journeyman_

      Can you guys please share with backers of Carmageddon:Reincarnation what is the status of Mac and Linux version of the game and where is the DRM-Free build of it?

    11. pirx on

      Seems there is no point enquiring about the Linux build, so I won't...

    12. Richard 'maddog' Collins on

      Where is the Linux build?

    13. Christian Dannie Storgaard

      Linux user here. I get that porting in the middle of multithreading your engine might be difficult or that you are running different branches of code for each platform or some similar bad decision, but could you please give some indication as to where the missing Linux and Mac versions are at?
      I would much prefer a "it's coming after the multithreading work" than the current silent ignoring - which feels a lot like you're just running away with the money instead.

    14. schnide on

      @Jeffrey. Don't worry dude, here it is.

      It seems that now there are other people who want refunds aside from those who know that Stainless Games (I'd dispute both words in that choice of name, incidentally) are lying homophobes.

      Where's the refund you promised me all those months ago, you cowardly children? The internet never forgets, and neither will I.

    15. Missing avatar

      ddillon on

      Still waiting on a DRM-free GOG version. Game is worthless to me if it requires Steam.

    16. Missing avatar

      pMt3zud on

      I want a refund.

    17. Jonathan Sweet on

      Still waiting on the Mac version. It's why I contributed.

    18. Ziv Kitaro on

      OS X?
      This is why the guys at harebrained will always get my money and you will never again.

    19. Francesco Policek on

      Bravo team!
      This new update improves MASSIVELY the game.
      Keep up the good work!!!

    20. LepraSK on

      I too wonder about loading times, they were slow even on 850 Pro. Don't get me wrong, i love what you done, but i won't even bother trying it out if you haven't improved them.

    21. Missing avatar

      Wyatt Harris on

      I'll admit, after playing the early Steam releases for Kickstater after the beta phase I wasn't that excited about Carma. I was okay but just lacked that certain something. Holy gamoly, this looks like that something. Way more dynamic and fun looking. The shiny looks shinier and the gritty looks grittyerier.

      Well done Stainless!

    22. Missing avatar

      Simon Vignola on

      Also still waiting for mac version. I would love to try this game. I basically don't back anything on kickstarter anymore due to unfulfilled promises. Shame....

    23. James Simpson on

      Not even a brief mention of a Mac version. This is so frustrating. Overpromise and underdeliver is not the greatest way to build a groundswell of support or a community for a product, guys.

    24. Augusto Breitenbach Diniz on

      Great news, Nobby! Can't wait to get home and play more Carma!

    25. Roy Evers on

      I've been having a lot of fun with the game lately, so it is nice to see it's getting even better! Thanks guys.

    26. Jeff Messer on

      You know what, I don't even play the game that often, but I love seeing you guys still cranking away at it and improving improving improving. That's awesome - looking forward to checking out the changes tonight!

    27. Missing avatar

      Andreas Cederberg on

      Wow that's some hugeass update right there! Quite big leap forward in graphics in a short while and even significant performance upgrade! I'm glad you aren't showing any signs of abandoning this project anytime soon. You've had a rough start and yes you will continue to have backers breathing in your neck for various reasons but don't give this project up! Can't wait to see how it will be once we get the FINAL-FINAL version. :p

    28. Missing avatar

      whizse on

      Pretty cool with a graphics update for a game I have enjoyed on Linux and Mac since it was released in 2013.

      ... oh right.. I'm still waiting.

    29. Missing avatar

      Don Schoeman on

      Looking forward to try out the new patch, thanks! :D

    30. Stainless Games Creator on

      Looks like the video broke! It can be viewed on the following link -…

    31. Missing avatar

      Taalen on

      ...and now you've removed the video.

    32. Phil DeJarnett on

      I'm in the same boat: without a Mac version, I've basically pre-paid for nothing.

      Just to put into perspective how ridiculous this has become, since I paid for the kickstarter, we've had a child who is now celebrating her 3rd birthday. In the time it has taken Stainless to put out this game, a brand new human has come into existence and learned how to walk, talk, feed herself, dress herself and a lot more.

      I'm not even that upset anymore, I just was shocked when I realized how long it's been.

    33. Brent Rose

      Where is the Linux version? The Linux/Mac versions aren't a 'nice to have' or a 'we will get around to it' - it's OWED to your backers. In case you've forgotten, people gave you money for these version specifically. And no, the amount of total Linux/Mac backing doesn't matter - by advertising those builds and taking money for them, you are on the hook for them.

    34. Missing avatar

      Brian Dysart on

      I'm also waiting for the Mac version.

    35. Leon Buijs on

      Three years and eighty PC updates further and NOT A WORD about the Mac version.

      Can I get my money back, please? With interest and an apology.

    36. Missing avatar

      Elias K Gardner on

      Disappointed your updates have no information about a linux version. I backed this project for the sole reason a Linux version would come out. I understand it takes time and the PC version was priority but at least provide a one liner. The Linux port is here....

    37. Jonathan Mousserion on

      Great news! Keep up the good work! I can't wait to play this optimized version on PC, for an upcoming LAN party!

    38. Kostas on

      Looks great and congratulations on achieving this result.

      That said I really don't get why you didn't use an off the shelf engine. This would look so unbelievably awesome in UE4 and it would have freed you up to focus on the brand specific features of your game which are the things the fans are really looking out for. Rather than trying to solve already (optimally) solved problems like "decoupling" and "multithreading the renderer".

      Oh well, no point crying over spilled milk I guess, but maybe something to consider for the sequel. I am sure you *have* considered this too and have your reasons, I just can't personally see what they might be (other than pride/ego fueled friction from specific individuals within the team, which is the usual reason behind such decisions based on my experience, but still never a good reason to base any decision on)

    39. Missing avatar

      Ryan Hamm on

      I'm disappointed, because the guy who asks for a refund every time hasn't posted yet.

    40. Valeriy on

      @Stainless Games:

      Linux? -- No
      DRM-free? -- No

      Maybe it is better to post this uninteresting information on Steamcommunity forums?
      Don't bother me till you have some important information to tell, please.

    41. Missing avatar

      Cley Faye on

      As someone who really enjoy the game, I welcome all improvements, but... are loading time improved in this? It's a real show stopper to have to wait for so long, even when the game load from an SSD.

    42. Missing avatar

      endeveit on

      And again: where is the Mac OS X version?

    43. Jethro Brewin on

      these core changes have clearly paid dividends, awesome work. As for the below comments, we also don't have it on other, much more popular platforms. Work on those first, but be honest and transparent about the order and schedules where possible. :)

    44. deseven on

      The line below states "Be respectful and considerate", so...
      Where the fuck is our OS X and Linux builds? Thanks.

    45. Tomas on

      Another update without any news about the Mac version. This is getting ridiculous.