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Carmageddon: Reincarnation is a brand new points-for-pedestrians driving game from the indie dev team behind the smash hit PC original.
15,736 backers pledged $625,143 to help bring this project to life.

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Hey Kickstarter Backers, nobby here with THE NEWS YOU'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR... Carmageddon: Reincarnation has got a FINAL RELEASE DATE:  

23rd April, 2015

To coincide with this announcement, we've released a NEW PROMO VIDEO!

That's right, the time is fast approaching when you’ll finally get your hands on the FULL PACKAGE! You’ve been through the Early Access Pre-Alpha, you’ve been through Beta, and all along the enthusiasm, support and brilliant feedback of the Carmageddon community has been helping to get us to the holy grail… That is The Game… FINISHED OFF! Yes, we're delighted to announce that the game will soon be going GOLD, and on the 23rd April it'll be showered in all its Steamy golden glory upon an eagerly waiting world! And so once more we’d like to thank everyone who already has the game installed – your patience will soon be rewarded... Tell your friends! Tell your family! Shout it from the rooftops! And if you haven't got it already... NOW'S THE TIME!

Here's whatcha get in the Final Release game:

Career Mode: spanning 16 "Chapters", each comprising 3 or 4 Events. That's 50 events to complete!  

Multiplayer: Up to 8 Players, LAN or online

A variety of twisted Event Types:  

  • Classic Carmageddon 
  • Car Crusher 
  • Fox 'n' Hounds 
  • Ped Chase 
  • Death Race
  • Checkpoint Stampede

24 Vehicles (25 for Kickstarter Backers who get their very own "Special Edition" Red Eagle)

PowerUps: Over 80 crazy PUps  

Pedestrians: A host of vulnerable ped variants for you to pulverise

9 Maps: comprising vast open-world environments and MP arenas

36 Race Routes

A massive mix of Stats, Challenges and Achievements to complete and collect

"Smelly Bush" in-game collectibles

Here are a few handy date-related facts, that should help you remember the launch date:  

23rd April is St. George's Day (killed a dragon. Nutter. Hoorah!)
23rd April, 1982 saw the launch of the ZX Spectrum (we get several requests a day for Carma: R to be ported to it. We're evaluating.)
23rd April, 1616 saw the death of William Shakespeare (who if he was alive today, would be our greatest living playwright but would probably be rubbish at Carma, on account of being very, very old.)

Yes, as Shakespeare's Falstaff memorably said, "It's raining gibs, hallelujah!"

Early Access 'Hot Fix' - 18th Feb

A new Hot Fix is available now (Beta v0.9.0.6674). This will be automatically applied to your game, the next time you run the Steam client. If your game is not being updated, please log out of Steam and back in and it should then start the update.

Data miss match issues when in multiplayer
Data miss matches should be a lot better. If you do experience one, close the game down and re-launch.

Crash when changing resolution
Changing to a higher resolution was sometimes producing a crash. This should now be fixed.

Flickering shadow issues
Sometimes skid marks were causing issues where you would get big patches of what looked like flickering shadows.

Crashes due to audio being triggered when no sound card is present
If you didn’t have a sound card in your PC and the game triggered the announcer audio to play, you may have crashed. 

Crash on start-up
There were issues on some machines where the game would crash as soon as the Max Splash screen appeared. This should be a lot better.

For the full list of Known Issues including issues that have been fixed visit



Yes, it’s the Valentine’s Day Massacre!

Hey Carmafans, nobby here with the news you’ve all been waiting for! It’s the launch of the PUBIC PUBLIC BETA of Carmageddon: Reincarnation! Let the Valentine’s Day Massacre commence! Yes, starting RIGHT NOW you can play the FULL GAME including MULTIPLAYER!!

So if you haven’t already, give yer life partner a quick peck on the cheek and then SLING ‘EM OUT. Get yourself parked in front of the PC with a six pack and a box of man-size tissues… because today it’s all about YOU and the Worldwide Carmageddon Community cumming together for a massive ORGY of red hot throbbing HARD-RAMMING ACTION. You show us your Piledriver and we’ll show you our Cunning Stunt! Is that a Repulsificator in your pocket or are you just Ejaculating? OMG check out that PELVIC THRUST – quick, hit the Pause Button and JIZZ all over their WRECKED’ EM!

The PUBLIC BETA release is the WHOLE DAMN GAME. It’s got Career Mode, Freeplay and Multiplayer. It’s got all the Achievements and Challenges. It’s got a full complement of cars, levels and arenas. And it’s got the Smelly Bush collectibles too! THAT’S PUBICWANG!

So don’t forget, it’s the PUBLIC PUBIC BETA* – we want you to play, play, play and tell us what you think! Go to the thread in the forums and natter about the game, or contact us through our support system if you spot anything amiss!

To coincide with this announcement, we’ve released ANOTHER new promo video to show the world what an AMAZING PUBIC BETA this is! Check out the action and see what a SIZZLING HOT Valentine’s you’ve got to look forward to once the Beta’s downloaded! And while you’re AT IT, you’ll also be hearing excerpts from another of the game’s extensive playlist of music tracks.

PLUS! To further celebrate this momentous moment, there’s a NEW TEE in the Store! Featuring a quote by the famous Bard (and handsome beast) of Carma, Psycho Pitbull, it’s this season’s hot tee! Mmm… Hot tea. So get over there now to order yourself a “PedPulpinWreckMakinPiledrivinPUpLovinBushHuntinMileMunchinFoxPwninEagleOwninNeverGivinHotRodPISsin Carmageddon” t-shirt. Tee Hee!

*Note: As this is a Beta release, from time to time between Beta and full release there may be patches and updates to the game, which may result in your Save game being reset and Career progress lost – including Leaderboard positions (we will do all we can to avoid this, but it’s possible). At the same time, any Challenge progress would also be reset. But that just means you get to have ALL the fun over AGAIN! (Any Achievements that have been unlocked will remain so.)

Valentine’s Day Massacre!


Steam Public Beta Launches SOON!

Hey KS Carmafans! Nobby here, with HUGE NEWS of a HOT DATE for your diaries! Love is in the air, and I know every one of you Carmageddon Heads out there is a die-hard ROMANTIC… So that’s why we’ve chosen February 14th – Valentine’s Day – as the launch date for the Public Beta release of Carmageddon: Reincarnation! That’s right, this is going to be the Valentine’s Day Massacre to beat ‘em all!

Why not give the one you love the gift of CARNAGE on this special occasion, by buying them Carmageddon: Reincarnation and smashing them to smithereens in a wanton orgy of multiplayer mayhem! Give them a great big kiss on the backside with your pulsating Repulsificator, or maybe play Twister and screw their brains out! Get them gobbling your giant mutant tail thing while you oscillate up and down to the rhythm of their frantic ejaculations! There’s going to be a whole lot of red hot grinding going on, and we want YOU to come and DO IT with US!

The Public Beta release includes Career Mode, Freeplay and Multiplayer. It’s got all the Achievements and Challenges. It’s got a full complement of cars, levels and arenas. It’s got Smelly Bush collectibles (does that make it the “Pubic Beta”? Course it does!)!

So don’t forget, it’s the PUBLIC PUBIC BETA – we want you to play, play, play and tell us what you think either in the forums, or through our support system.

The release features the cars and characters that the Kickstarter VIP Backers made! Yes, three brand new Carmageddon vehicles, each a highly creative design from the twisted minds of three super-dedicated Carma fanatics! As you’ll see in the pic below, they really couldn’t have turned out any more individual! So, with another huge thanks for their contribution to C:R, we present (from left to right) Snaky Bastard (driver, Nutkenz), Crazor (driver, Roman) Tropi-Kill (driver, Twig ’n’ Berries):

To coincide with today’s announcement, we’re releasing a new promo video that’ll help get you all champing at the bit in preparation for the 14th. Check out the action and see what a SIZZLING HOT Valentine’s you’ve got to look forward to! And while you’re AT IT, you’ll also be hearing excerpts from one of the game’s extensive playlist of music tracks. This track is written and performed by mega-talented musician and massive Carmageddon fan Morgan Hulston, AKA Morgue.

Everyone who has the Early Access build of Carmageddon: Reincarnation installed in their Steam library will find that their game is ready to be updated to the full Public Beta when they check out their Steam games list on the 14th February.

Thanks everyone, and Happy Valentine’s – I’ll be comin’ ta getcha! Nobby

Leftover Turkey


Yes Carmafans, we’re excited to announce yet another NEW post-Thanksgiving celebratory retail opportunity day… Brown Thursday!

So, you know how you can currently get a FREE copy of the Carmageddon Max Pack and Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now for owning Carmageddon: Reincarnation on Steam Early Access. Yeah! What a great bundle deal!

Well, as of today, Brown Thursday, that bundle has goddamn GROWN!

You know that slightly whiffy leftover turkey lurking at the back of the fridge that you’d normally avoid, but might end up eating, usually by accident, usually when drunk? Well, that’s kind of what we have for you here… Although you might recall it by its other name: Carmageddon TDR 2000! Yes, this old bird has been given a quick sluice-out and pronounced almost fit for human consumption… Because, in a move that some are calling “Their Daftest Hour”, we heroically managed to hold down our leftover turkey lunch for long enough to get Carmageddon TDR 2000 working and on Steam! So, altogether now… woo!

Now, being completely honest here, it’s well known that 1) Stainless didn’t develop TDR 2000 and 2) just about everyone we know thinks that it’s a bit POO. BUT, there’s no accounting for taste, and some people have actually asked us to release it. And so, just for those poor souls (plus anyone else who enjoys getting a “full package”) we’re more than happy to plop it into your Carma collection. And for the rest of us, well…. Maybe give it a spin every now and then to remind everyone what a GREAT JOB we did on Carmageddon 1 and 2!

So, you wonderful Carma peoples, you will now find that Carmageddon TDR 2000 has been automatically added to your Steam games list and is available to install and, er, enjoy. 

*Yes, even you fans who think TDR is the best in the series. We still loves ya, even though you’re WRONG. And MAD! Health Warning! 

Please note: Just like that whiffy old turkey, don’t blame us if TDR 2000 consumption is rapidly followed by uncontrollable projectile vomiting and violent diarrhoea!