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Carmageddon: Reincarnation is a brand new points-for-pedestrians driving game from the indie dev team behind the smash hit PC original.
Carmageddon: Reincarnation is a brand new points-for-pedestrians driving game from the indie dev team behind the smash hit PC original.
Carmageddon: Reincarnation is a brand new points-for-pedestrians driving game from the indie dev team behind the smash hit PC original.
15,736 backers pledged $625,143 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator nadeem on June 24

      when the linux version will be out i am waiting for long now????????

    2. Creator Tobias Bauer on June 22

      Any news about shipment of physical rewards for tiers $150 and up?

    3. Creator ThomasN on June 19

      How you just ignore the round about 10 people asking for what's up with the DRM free version here and in the thread of latest update speaks volumes, nobby.

    4. Creator Ropya on June 15

      So for those, like myself, getting the fog effect when trying to play the game.

      Its because the game is Direct X11 ONLY.

      It has NO backwards ability for DX10 cards like many games do.
      So effectively, upgrade your card or chalk up the fact you are out X dollars for supporting this company.
      Being a laptop with a 285m, I cant upgrade, so Im toast.
      Requesting a refund, though I doubt anything will come of it.
      Good luck to everyone with this issue, which there seems to be no small number of.

    5. Creator Sjeng on June 15

      @Everyone with questions: head on over to and sign in there. Not sure, but I think every backer has an account. My account says I've backed the KS, and shows an icon with "KS", so I think I had an account somehow, through this KS, or perhaps an email we all got. Can't remember.

      Anyway, the people there will be able to help you, and there's a support function too.

    6. Creator Blake Stephens on June 13

      Sure would love to reiterate how great even a morsel of Mac news would be to hear. Bad news? Good news? Beta? Pre-alpha-dev-shitty-crashes-nightly-broken build? God, literally anything. I think 2 years is being pretty patient. Just something so we don't feel so completely and utterly forgotten about, ya know? I'm a big fan, always have been, since the old days in the mid 90's when you had to get Carmageddon Mac Demo on a CD in the mail. I've bought every version that's been released for Mac, and I bought two copies of this, way early on in 2012. I argued dozens of times in your favor, against skeptical parents and teachers that this game wasn't evil and it was just fun to play. I'm totally on your side here. I trust that you'll (probably) deliver, but I just need something back from this comatose issue. I'm sure there's only one or two devs working on the port, and they probably don't want to fork master until all of the big perf stuff is merged, but why not just say that to your loyal fans? "Look, we're making it, but we want to start porting from the best possible version to make our job with our limited resources more effective, so you get a better product." I... we, would really appreciate it. Please feel free to contact me directly. If it's an issue of money, I can pledge again (others probably aren't so willing) if it's a matter of needing more capital; I just want the game I love, back on a Mac, where it belongs. Played it on Windows a bit and it captured the feel of the old games so well, it really made me miss it.

    7. Creator Halion J Abramovitch on June 12

      when will physical rewards be sent??

    8. Creator William on June 3

      Any estimate on when the DRM-free version will be available? My backer page on HB only shows a Steam version.

    9. Creator gonzo on June 2

      Hi, I have backed the project and I didn't receive my reward. From what I am reading I should use the resender from Humble Bundle. I did, but nothing from you guys is there.

      Is there anything else I need to know?

      It might be something silly, but I can't find it anywhere.


    10. Creator Indyxt on May 31

      Any news about shipment of physical rewards for tiers $150 and up?
      I need a glint of hope in the ocean of doom that is the released game.

    11. Creator TutEvgen on May 29

      Shame on me that I was pledge for creating this shit. My name in title, oooh no, what the shame. never fogive myself for thise. Wound on full life. Ugly fill bugged game, fail of the year 2015.

    12. Creator Bill Colburn on May 28

      Two questions:
      1: How do I collect the bonuses for my pledge level (specifically the Red car and extra digital copy of the game)? HB claimed item only listed Steam key (collected a while back in beta so memory could be foggy on that).
      2. Tech support if anyone knows answer. Using a 21:9 monitor @ 1440p. Game options allow me to choose correct res but Auto aspect and menu only go up to 16:9. WSGF shows full native support so wondering what I'm missing.

    13. Creator Sjeng on May 28

      @dirtyd: well, I think you should try to contact about that, not Stainless. Seems to be a HB account issue.
      And I doubt stainless is checking the KS comments often if at all these days ;)

      I must say I absolutely LOVE the game so far. Addicted from the first play. Feels just like oldschool carma, looks amazing!
      I think it could still benefit from some optimization (slow loading times, occasional freezes, large install >10GB), but I'm happy I can play it.

    14. Creator dirtyd on May 28

      The Humble Bundle key resender is telling me they do not have any orders on record for my email address.

      I posted a message via the contact form on a week ago and haven't heard anything.

      After waiting patiently nearly 3 years, I thought the service might be a bit better now that the game is actually released.

    15. Creator Porcupine on May 26

      Funnily enough, my Humble page still lists the DRM-free version as "available later". Care to comment on why that might be...?

    16. Creator Tumor on May 25


      I must say, now that you claim the game is done. I went to play it again (haven't played it since the first early release on steam) and its is an unplayable mess. You people really need to continue refining this game because most people are pissed about the quality of it. You made the damn game for the PC and it is barely optimized for it.

      Im sorry I pledged my money to help fund this game. It was the first Kickstarter I ever gave money too. How on earth do you get off trying to charge people $30 to play this game that should never have went on to GOLD status. Ughh

    17. Creator Sebultura on May 25

      Ok, I pledged on this game, thinking it was DirectX 9 or 10 compatible, but it seems that it's DirectX 11 only. Is that the case guys? When I launch a race, all I can see is the HUD, then a full grey screen :/ (I don't have a DirectX 11 video card). Can someone confirm ???

    18. Creator ThomasN on May 24

      I quote myself: "Guys. The game is not released. When the game is released, and no DRM free version is delivered at the same time, THEN you can start up your anger engines."
      So... start up your anger engines.

    19. Creator Pilot on May 23

      How can I get my two keys (30USD pledge)? Humble bundle doesn't have my kickstarter email.

    20. Creator Balazs Farkas on May 22

      False alarm, I used the HB resender, and I have it now. Yay!

    21. Creator Balazs Farkas on May 22

      Didn't receive my key either.

    22. Creator asgardcfr on May 22

      We received a request to resend your Humble Bundle orders.
      However, we do not have any orders on record for this email address.

    23. Creator Tijmen Mulder on May 22

      Hya, how can I get the 3 other keys? (I've pledged for a 4-pack).

    24. Creator Xavier Fernandes on May 22

      no key here to

    25. Creator Brian Habets on May 22

      I never received a key ($15 backer), and putting in my Kickstarter email yields nothing. Who/where do I message to get a key? I don't see any contact information.

    26. Creator Josh S on May 21

      Hello. What's the estimated shipping date for the boxed game reward? Did I miss it?

    27. Creator Ropya on May 17

      So are they EVER going to make this game playable?
      Or am I the only one that launches a race, the HUD loads, the Map loads, but the screen is just a milky brown/gray color and nothing renders?

    28. Creator Todd Junker on May 14

      So when is the $150 boxed set going to ship?

    29. Creator Todd Junker on May 2

      So when is the $150 boxed set going to ship?

    30. Creator Todd Junker on March 23

      So when is the $150 boxed set going to ship?

    31. Creator M Mason on March 21

      How is the shipping of the physical rewards coming along, Stainless?

    32. Creator Ben W on March 20

      Fu*k the haters, I can't wait! Bring it on Satinless, bring iton"

      And for the DRM-free crowd (of which I'm one), and the MAC/Linux crowd - they made it perfectly clear that would come after the steam edition. So stop whining and start getting excited!


    33. Creator Brian Nielsen on March 18

      @Aaron Ferris - Aaaw, what's a couple of years nowadays.. :)

    34. Creator Aaron Ferris on March 18

      "If we reach our Kickstarter target of $400,000, we'll be able to deliver the first release of Carmageddon: Reincarnation by February 2013."

    35. Creator Vinzius on March 18

      +1 for Mac / Linux. I guess NOT, or they would have said so. Such a shame.

    36. Creator Kevin Weber on March 18

      Will the Mac and Linux versions available on launch?

    37. Creator Esso on March 18

      Woooooooooooooooh!!! Pumped for the release!! LAN protocol is initialized, perfect timing for my bday :D

      Future updates and stretch goals still welcome:
      1) Bring back ball & chain
      2) Add ball & chain to multi-player (yep, I'd pay handsomely for this one!)

    38. Creator Kenth Joki on March 18

      Some people.. bunch of f* whiners.

    39. Creator João Carreiro on March 18

      I would like to know when I'm expected to get the physical rewards?

    40. Creator Brian Nielsen on March 17

      What is the progress of the final to-be-released game? Roughly? Maybe in percentage? :)

    41. Creator ThomasN on March 12

      Guys. The game is not released. When the game is released, and no DRM free version is delivered at the same time, THEN you can start up your anger engines.

    42. Creator Nicholas Barone on March 10

      I tried the key resender and never received an email, also looked through my email/spam and I don't see anything for stainless games or carmageddon about a key.

    43. Creator Vinzius on March 7

      It's funny how you play deaf about the version of mac / linux versions. It wasn't the case when you needed money almost 3 years ago.

    44. Creator Stainless Games on March 3

      To all Backers who have not yet received their digital rewards, as Mikael says you can use the Humble Order Resender to get access to your Humble download page. Head to and enter the email address you used in your Kickstarter survey to send digital rewards to and you'll be sent an email with further instructions.

      If your still having problems accessing your Humble page please send us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


    45. Creator Mikael on February 25

      I see alot of people complaining, but the creator has posted something that has worked for everybody I talked with this far. Try to resend keys from humble bundle with this link:

      Then come back and complain if the key is not there.

      I atleast got mine this way. Great work stainless games!:)

    46. Creator Jay Seldon on February 20

      Result - trawling thought all these posts, I found you can use the Humble Order Resender which sent me an email that allowed me to register my purchase with Steam
      However, checking all my email - I did not receive this previously.

    47. Creator Jay Seldon on February 20

      I'm a Throbbing Member , but feel like a bit of a cock for backing this
      Have I missed something here? I was expecting an email with a Steam key back in February 2013...2 years on, and I don't seem to have received anything.
      Such a shame - I backed these guys as they are local to me, and I loved the original.

    48. Creator irosen on February 19

      I'm also missing a key and the linux version. Where do we get this?

    49. Creator Vinzius on February 15

      I backed for 25$ pledge (for the beta). I'm using a Mac, and after so many month there is nothing (nor even a news) about it.
      Maybe you could try doing what you promised, or at least give info about the ETA!!

    50. Creator Geello on February 15

      When do we get our Steam keys?

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