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Carmageddon: Reincarnation is a brand new points-for-pedestrians driving game from the indie dev team behind the smash hit PC original.
Carmageddon: Reincarnation is a brand new points-for-pedestrians driving game from the indie dev team behind the smash hit PC original.
Carmageddon: Reincarnation is a brand new points-for-pedestrians driving game from the indie dev team behind the smash hit PC original.
15,736 backers pledged $625,143 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Sjeng on April 25

      Boy, so much negativity here :(
      Glad I backed for the Steam versions only. My Customizatron pledge got me 2 Steam keys and a DRM-free copy (which somehow included a Steam key as well, so me and 2 friends all have the game on Steam, plus all the previous older games too, AND the revised Max Damage edition too!). Best money spent ever.

      I recall getting the postcards in the mail. Sad to read the other physical things and the Linux version never got sent...

      All I can say is: just enjoy the game on Steam, it's fantastic. And hope a Linux release will still get done... Have you guys tried contacting Stainless? Or their forums?

    2. William Koontz on April 17

      Estimated delivery Sep 2012, yet I'm still waiting for the Linux port I backed this project for.

    3. Missing avatar

      rettichschnidi on March 24

      Where is my Linux port?

    4. Missing avatar

      Saúl Tortosa on February 18

      Is there an official message about physical rewards?

    5. schnide on February 1

      Hey, Stained Games! Looks like you're in good company! Do some of these sentences look awfully familiar?

      Yes, she's the one behind the handheld Spectrum scam. At least she made a follow-up to her promise of refunds that would never materialise. You never tried to get out of it. You just ignored it!

    6. ThomasN on January 30

      Heh, speaking of experience, this is the norm here, that is what he means.
      I'm in the same camp, I kickstopped, it's way to stressful to agonize about gone dark game devs.

    7. Martin O
      on January 22

      @Todd Junker :
      Because you don't like how Stainless Games managed this campaign and every other project on Kickstarter is also managed by Stainless Games?
      This doesn't make sense...

    8. Todd Junker on January 20

      This project is why I will never invest in another kickstarter project.

    9. Missing avatar

      Michele on January 18

      I have to correct myself, my notification arrived now. Still not cool.

    10. Missing avatar

      Michele on January 18

      It seems they added a drm-free key for GOG on the Humble bundle page they previously linked ot the backers. Without an update to warn us.

      However it seems it's only one key, I should have more copies of the game but still one drm-free key and the link to gift other copies still don't works.

    11. Missing avatar

      Javier De Cozar on January 5

      What's up with you? Where are the physical rewards? At least you could do it official and say that you just play us all, that way we will stop asking you...what a disappointment...

    12. Missing avatar

      Tyrmorr on January 3

      Still no DRM free version as promised. I paid for this and did NOT receive it.

      I am about as disappointed with Stainless Steel Software as I could be.

      Clearly they do NOT deserve any of the good graces that were heaped upon them by their fanbase.

      Stainless steel has, it seemed, rusted clean away.

    13. Jeffrey Woods on January 1

      Just posting my annual reminder that Stainless is operated by scummy liars and thieves, who fail to honor their commitments or even apologize for being the shady bags of crap that they are. You suck Stainless, but then you must already know that by now right? I mean when you look in the mirror you must say to yourself everyday, "Wow what an embarrassment I am, I sure do suck for not fulfilling my obligations, or apologizing, or offering refunds, or doing any of those things that a good company would do. Yep, I, Stainless, sure do suck.".

    14. Missing avatar

      Lee Dempsey on November 23

      At this point I'll accept a physical reward of watching someone here kick Nobby in the balls.

    15. KRS Deamon on November 21

      Thanks for the one and a three quarters of mediocre games and absolute lack of an honest/open communication regarding the kickstarter campaign I have been a fan since my dad bought me C1, even though I was too young to play it. I have never been more disappointed in a game developer (even with Gearbox/3D Realms and Duke Nukem Forever). And that's not because of not getting the rewards, it is because of the cowering silence you guys have emitted through all of this.)

      I'm not mad at you, just severely disappointed.
      FUCK YOU, Carmageddon is dead.

    16. ThomasN on November 5, 2017

      Haha, you're all like some old grandma who after decades can't believe she's just been robbed.

    17. Jake Harvey on October 11, 2017

      Hi there,

      I am still awaiting rewards from kickstarting your campaign. I put into have a Mac copy of the game, but from previous discussions this will not happen for a while.

      As I have not had anything (or even played the beta) - can someone please sort this out asap!

      Can you confirm my details too - to check shipping address etc and what rewards I'm entitled to,



    18. Navagon on October 8, 2017

      Another person stuck in reward limbo here. Does anybody know what's going on with this company anymore? Bankruptcy? Run over by a combine harvester? Hiding in a fallout shelter until we all go away? Surely at this point simply telling the truth is the best option? I know it might be unfamiliar territory, but they can give it a go, right?

    19. Ultros on October 2, 2017


    20. Kerrash on September 25, 2017

      Meh. I assumed that at this point the physical rewards were a write off and moved on. Risks of crowd funding ain't it...

    21. Todd Junker on September 6, 2017


    22. Gert
      on September 6, 2017

      Still waiting for my physical rewards.

    23. Andrew Pierce on September 2, 2017

      Man I've been waiting patiently for years to get my $150 rewards, the last official response I got said they are coming, but it has been ages and I haven't heard anything since. Please Stainless, if you don't intend to fulfil the rewards just put us out of our misery and let us know rather than continuing to string us along :(.

    24. Missing avatar

      JT on August 24, 2017

      "Stainless said that if they hit $600,000 in pledges before time runs out, they would commit themselves to creating a Linux port of the game, as well as a MacOS port. Today they made it official: the fundraising has come so close to netting $600K overall, with a few more hours left to go, that they are officially committing themselves to creating a Linux port of the new game. PC gamers will get to play Carmageddon 4 first, with a February 2013 release date. The MacOS & Linux versions will follow the PC version later in 2013"

      Mac and Linux Versions in late 2013 HMM 2014 2015 2016 2017 when will we get our refund for undelivered reward.

    25. ThomasN on August 20, 2017

      ZikZak: "Available Now on the App Store and Google Play Store." I cursed them to make very small mobile apps in the future so I'm glad it worked.

    26. Robert Kaye on August 18, 2017

      So where the hell is my reward?

    27. Jouni Lahtinen on August 9, 2017

      It seems we're fast approaching the anniversary of Stainless' last communication to backers. Like I mentioned ages ago, when it comes to gaming I'm pretty positive a fellow, but this is getting dire.

      I've attempted to contact Stainless via KS, Twitter and their help desk system, asking if the rewards are still a thing. I wasn't rude, but polite and chipper, yet every time the answer was pure, concentrated silence.

      It's time to write this one off, I guess. This makes me a sad penguin.

    28. Lestat on August 8, 2017

      Will there ever be a DRM-free version of the game? I still got no reward ...

    29. Mike Dennis on August 7, 2017

      I just noticed that Reincarnation isn't even on Steam anymore... I wonder if unused keys can still be entered...

    30. Gary Minato on August 7, 2017

      These Stainless thieves been spending our money on other games before doing anything about this fiasco;

      Carmageddon Crashers: It’s the antidote to dreary drag strip racing games!

      Where is my Mac version of Carmageddon?

    31. Mike Dennis on August 7, 2017

      ZikZak, I was thinking that too... More money spent on something that didn't involve the physical rewards or anything else they promised and haven't delivered on... Of the 31 projects I've backed, this is basically the only one that has just taken my money and run.

    32. Jeffrey Woods on August 1, 2017

      No Mac version, No linux version, No DRM-free version, No physical rewards delivered with many people paying $150 or more for never delivered items. Thieves, that is who operates Stainless Games... Liars and Thieves.

    33. El Fungus on July 21, 2017

      Still want that DRM-free LAN version! Make it happen Santa!
      Seriousy disappointed here :(

    34. Missing avatar

      ZikZak on July 21, 2017

      What we can keep in mind from this campaign is that next time we see the name Patrick Buckland
      or Neil Barnden we can simply forget about whatever they say and just run away.
      Their company sucks and proofs about how much it does is listed below.

    35. Missing avatar

      Tyrmorr on July 17, 2017

      We'll be using Steamworks for our online services on PC & Mac, so we require Steam for online play. However, we can confirm that there will be a non-steam, DRM-free release available to backers at a later date that supports single player and LAN multiplayer only. Obviously, this version won't have those Steamworks features.

      This. This was the only reason I backed this project. Where is my DRM free version? Where?
      I don't want steam. I never want steam. I am never going to want steam.
      At this point I feel very much like I have been bait and switched.

    36. Missing avatar

      William on July 16, 2017

      Still waiting for a DRM-free version. It'll probably never happen though.

    37. Missing avatar

      Nathan on June 25, 2017

      While the game itself is finally fun and running pretty decently, I am severely disappointed that I paid 150$ for this game.
      If I could reverse the charge I would, but it's too late for that now.

    38. Sami Mannila on June 16, 2017

      @Bob M, Yea this Kickstarter was a blatant rip-off, the worst project I have backed. Instead of delivering on Kickstarter promises, Stainless Games most likely shifted the funds and resources to make the console ports. But that is not what I had intended my money to go towards.

      So basically the Linux version and physical goods haven't been delivered, not because of the developer lacking funds or resources, but because they were dishonest and greedy. If they actually had any intentions of making this right, they would have posted an update or comment

    39. Missing avatar

      Bob M on June 16, 2017

      Can't believe I pledged to this almost five years ago now. This might actually turn out to be the first Kickstarter project I have ever backed that flat out ripped me off by not at least attempting to fulfill what I pledged for. I guess it was bound to happen sometime.

    40. winta on June 11, 2017

      Here one of the idiots thats 150Bugs for nothing.. NO "KICK in THE BOX"
      No Box, no Eagle Car... or other physical Stuff.

      Thats very sad. And i was a absolut hyped guy.

    41. Missing avatar

      Steven Green on June 8, 2017

      Where is the linux version we were promised?

    42. Missing avatar

      José Luis on May 30, 2017

      Another 150$ backer here without the physical goodies. That's a shame! Despite being the ones who believed and had faith with the project! Is there anything we can do??

    43. Heiko Wagner on May 20, 2017

      Another 150$-backer here... no shirts, no model, zilch, nada, nothing.
      Only the keys for Steam.

    44. Jouni Lahtinen on May 9, 2017

      @Mike Dennis - Same. Only one I've backed that didn't deliver was Colossal Kaiju Combat, but in that case they had a pretty darn good reason for folding (lead programmer passed away). On the most part the Kickstarted games have been a delightful - faves being Republique and Satellite Reign.

    45. Porcupine on May 6, 2017

      @Mike Dennis oh, I can give you a list if you wish, and I assure you none of them looked sketchy in any sense at the time. I get the feeling the "golden days" of Kickstarter are over (if they ever existed at all) as lots of experience surfaces about how the typical KS project is likely to end up - delivering significantly sub-par results, no results at all, or simply being an outright scam, and definitely over budget and way, way over deadline in either case. Successful delivery is not unheard of but about as likely as winning the lottery. I think in a decade or two crowdfunding will either need to transform completely getting much more responsible and accountable, or it will be well and truly dead...

    46. Todd Junker on April 30, 2017

      Sounds like e might have a class action suit here folks... we've been ripped off. This is outright fraud.

    47. MrLurid on April 27, 2017

      I backed for 150 bucks, and apart from the steam keys, I got none of the rewards.

    48. Missing avatar

      BSL on April 22, 2017


      They aren't the only ones who've ripped off their fans, I've had devs abandon their projects, release DRM locked games (when promising otherwise) ask for more money when asking to switch platforms, etc. Lots of slimeballs out there. And I agree I back much less than I used too and mostly to devs who have delivered in the past. Had to buy the console version (used thankfully) to actually be able to play this game, that's ridiculous.... >=/

    49. Mike Dennis on April 18, 2017

      This Kickstarter is still the ONLY ONE that I've had where the creators just screwed over the backers and didn't fulfill the rewards of most of the backers. I'm pretty careful about the projects that I back, and even more careful after Stainless did this to us.

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