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Carmageddon: Reincarnation is a brand new points-for-pedestrians driving game from the indie dev team behind the smash hit PC original.
Carmageddon: Reincarnation is a brand new points-for-pedestrians driving game from the indie dev team behind the smash hit PC original.
Carmageddon: Reincarnation is a brand new points-for-pedestrians driving game from the indie dev team behind the smash hit PC original.
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    1. Missing avatar

      BSL 4 days ago


      They aren't the only ones who've ripped off their fans, I've had devs abandon their projects, release DRM locked games (when promising otherwise) ask for more money when asking to switch platforms, etc. Lots of slimeballs out there. And I agree I back much less than I used too and mostly to devs who have delivered in the past. Had to buy the console version (used thankfully) to actually be able to play this game, that's ridiculous.... >=/

    2. Mike Dennis on April 18

      This Kickstarter is still the ONLY ONE that I've had where the creators just screwed over the backers and didn't fulfill the rewards of most of the backers. I'm pretty careful about the projects that I back, and even more careful after Stainless did this to us.

    3. Justin
      on April 16

      Still waiting on Stainless to fulfill their rewards tiers.
      The DRM-free version is still absent. Last I heard not all platforms offered are covered either.
      Considering the amount of time that has passed and the continued refusal of Stainless to communicate with their backers I've now moved on to warning my friends and fellow gamers about them.

      If they ever shape up and actually deliver on their promised rewards options I'll be sure to let folks know that as well, but I'm not holding my breath.

    4. Missing avatar

      Linaxe on March 13

      For what it's worth I've emailed Kickstarter asking why they condone theft and how I can get my money back. Stainless have ignored my requests for a refund and "reporting" them to Kickstarter was also pointless.

    5. Missing avatar

      ZikZak on March 10

      Still waiting for the "Frequently Asked Question" to be fulfilled:

      Will there be a non-Steam version?

      We'll be using Steamworks for our online services on PC & Mac, so we require Steam for online play. However, we can confirm that there will be a non-steam, DRM-free release available to backers at a later date that supports single player and LAN multiplayer only. Obviously, this version won't have those Steamworks features.
      Last updated: Wed, May 30 2012 2:57 PM CEST

    6. Tomas on February 23

      @Jonathan Sweet: Be careful to do it before 24 hours before the deadline, though. "During the last 24 hours of the campaign, you can’t decrease or cancel your pledge without contacting customer support first — if that action would drop the project below its funding goal. "

    7. ThomasN on February 16

      I write this off as learning money.
      I never again in life get myself in a position where I can get fucked, because I most likely will.

    8. Jonathan Sweet on February 10

      I hope they do another Kickstarter so I can pledge a large amount, crap on them in comments, then withdraw my pledge at the last minute.

    9. Jeffrey Woods on February 9

      Just thought I would hope on here for my quarterly reminder that Stainless is among the very worst software companies in the world for how it treats it's customers. You STOLE from us. THEFT is literally the only way to describe what you did to every single supporter who either runs on Mac or Linux, or who spent even more money on your lying promises of physical rewards. You are scam artists, nothing more, nothing less. WE WANT OUR REFUNDS!

    10. Missing avatar

      ZikZak on January 10

      Another place where you can post your comments:

    11. Ultros on December 22

      This is so ridiculous. They doesn't answer my questions here or the emails i send. I'm so fuckin disappointed. I really hope that the whole Stainless Games goes to ****.

    12. ThomasN on December 12

      And remember Stainless, your future is very, very small mobile apps.

    13. Missing avatar

      Abadura on December 9

      Send them emails asking for our physical rewards and everything that they have not answered on:
      corporate _AT_ stainlessgames _DOT_ com
      It looks like they are ignoring all questions on this page.

    14. Missing avatar

      William on December 2

      I sent the following inquiry to Kickstarter:

      "Other than reporting a project, which apparently doesn't do anything, what other recourse do backers have when a creator refuses to honor their word? There are multiple projects I have backed and whose creators are flat-out ignoring requests for more information and/or explanation. Several of these projects have already been reported, but alas to no avail. Does Kickstarter lack the manpower to look into reported projects? Or is it just that Kickstarter cannot be made to care about backer concerns once a project has been successfully funded? I know it mustn't be so, but at this point it feels like the latter is unfortunately the ugly reality."

      Here's what Kickstarter said in response to my inquiries:

      "Thank you for voicing your concerns with this project. We expect all members of the Kickstarter community to act with honesty and openness. When we find that people are abusing the system or the trust of others, we do not hesitate to suspend their account or restrict certain account privileges, like launching another project.

      On our end, among staff, we track creators' fulfillment histories as comprehensively as possible - from snags to more serious complications - to help ensure creator accountability. We may adjust our policies based on feedback from backers and creators, and/or data aggregated across projects. Additionally, our Integrity Team monitors our system and reviews reports that we receive from our community. While we can’t speak to the nature of specific projects that have been approved or declined, we’re constantly working on improving our vetting process for creators and we are grateful for the feedback that folks like you provide."

      So yeah...reporting a project to kickstarter does nothing. >__<

    15. ThomasN on November 22

      Newsflash: The "report this project to kickstarter" button does nothing.

    16. Joshua Sol Harwood on November 18

      Still no word on a Mac release. Please give me a code to redeem the Xbox game so I can play something. This sucks.

    17. Ultros on November 4

      Hello Stainless Games,
      I still haven't received my Carmageddon: Reincarnation game for my Steam account. Is it still on the way or do i have to forget the whole thing? I've been waiting it for a loooong time now.

    18. Missing avatar

      Leon Moor on November 4

      If you're inclined to go legal over not receiving goods that Stainless advertised for sale on Kickstarter (yes all those terms are correct, no you don't know better, no Kickstarter creators can't legally claim they're not a store and you have no consumer rights if they act like a store) you can contact Citizens Advice or a Trading Standards office in the UK. Though if you're outside the UK you're probably screwed.

    19. schnide on October 31

      ..and I've asked for that refund well over ten times since 2013, FYI. Stainless - such an ironic name!

    20. schnide on October 31

      This link is the only proof you will ever need (though there's far more) of what lying, untrustworthy, money-grabbing "game developers" these manchildren are:

    21. schnide on October 31

      Stainless are indeed scumbags, as I've been saying on here for years. I'm sorry it took so long and so many other people to realise that. Shame on them, ten times over.

    22. Evgueni Baldin on October 30

      Where Linux support?

    23. Spacebug on October 30

      Wait, nobody has got any physical rewards? That sucks.

      I put some extra dollars on my pledge to help get the Mac stretch goal. Even though I'm not a mac user. Pissed off that mac seems to be just not happening.

    24. Missing avatar

      jose1711 on October 29

      linux version or refund!

    25. Ziv Kitaro on October 28, 2016

      At least stop posting here out of respect to those backers you cheated. I mean not delivering on a promise to do a mac version is one thing posting about more versions of the games is another.

    26. Thomas Acton on October 27, 2016

      I have tried loads of times to contact stainless Games to ask where all my rewards are and have had no response. They are a bunch of crooks. I want a full refund. Does anyone know how we can report them for just taking our money?

    27. Christian Gudmann Johansen on October 19, 2016

      this sucks, i backed with 350$ and seeing it all gone suck, i thought they would do right by us, but instead they just screw us......
      i find it ironic that under the "post comment" button it says "be respectful and considerate" they don't deserve neither

    28. Missing avatar

      William on October 14, 2016

      Unfortunately, it doesn't look like reporting will do anything...

    29. Spukky on October 7, 2016

      Reported them to kickstarter aswell, it pains me cause I'm a big carmageddon fan but this is just crazy what they are doing.
      I advice everyone to do the same.

    30. Björn Fallqvist on October 5, 2016

      Reported as well. At long last.

    31. Missing avatar

      William on October 1, 2016

      @Lee Dempsey: Good idea; thanks for the link.

    32. Missing avatar

      Lee Dempsey on September 20, 2016

      Class action might be tricky given the location of Stainless, but it's easy to just contact one in your area. Alternatively if enough of us send "news story" comments to Eurogamer they might get around to giving Stainless the same treatment they did to 22Cans.

    33. Jeffrey Woods on September 18, 2016

      Any lawyers on here interested in turning this into a class action lawsuit? This has turned into a pretty clear case of fraud, especially for those that paid $150 - 300 for physical rewards that were never shipped. This is not a case of a company going out of business and not being able to launch a product. This is a company that is simply refusing to deliver on their promises as they shift energies to make more money on other platforms. FRAUD, that is what is. Plain and simple.

    34. Missing avatar

      loopingz on September 8, 2016

      Pledged 150 and only steam keys here too.

    35. Jouni Lahtinen on September 7, 2016

      As of Sept. 7th, status says "Stainless Games, Last login Jul 26 2016". So I guess there's no hope of getting any reply via this platform. I'm not a negative nancy when it comes to gaming - on the contrary, it's a domain I approach with positive vibes - but I have to admit, this is starting look quite worrisome. I'd ask for ANY update to prove everybody wrong, but... :(

    36. Arthur Maggi on September 6, 2016

      Also waiting on my DRM free version. I'm reporting them too. There's no reason they can't unbundle the version they made for Steam and make it work DRM free in this many months.

    37. Porcupine on August 24, 2016

      Reporting didn't do anything. The only way anyone is going to give a damn is if someone from here has a press contact that can put this into the spotlight: then suddenly things will get done. Otherwise, hopeless.

    38. ThomasN on August 22, 2016

      The name of the publisher for the recently new XBOX/PS4 only title is called, quite fittingly, "sold out".

    39. ThomasN on August 22, 2016

      Still no DRM free version.
      I also did "Report this project to Kickstarter" with "status is unclear.. is not communicating"

    40. Evgueni Baldin on August 11, 2016

      What about Linux support?

    41. Missing avatar

      William on August 2, 2016

      I caved and finally pulled the trigger on reporting this project to Kickstarter. I know plenty of you are already ahead of me on this, but I foolishly clung onto misguided hope. In any case, if you haven't reported this project, you can do so on the campaign page, if you scroll to the very bottom. There's a "Report this project to Kickstarter" link. Dubious if anything will ever come out of reporting, but at least it's something...

    42. Missing avatar

      William on August 2, 2016

      Still no DRM version.

    43. Tomas on August 1, 2016

      @Bob M: I agree. We can't let them get away with fraud.

    44. Missing avatar

      Derek Currie on August 1, 2016

      I donated specifically because an OS X version was promised. No show! Does this constitute a ripoff? Where is it? When is it? Why am I waiting all these years? Was this bait and blowoff?

    45. Emile Knottnerus on July 29, 2016

      Still no physical rewards. Steam keys dissapear and no way to recover (Steam points to Stainless, Stainless points to Steam)
      Very disappointed...

    46. Missing avatar

      Bas on July 28, 2016

      I backed because of the OSX version as well. Guess it will never be there...

    47. Missing avatar

      Bob M on July 28, 2016

      Guys, I think it's time to spread this to the gaming media. This appears to be a clear case of fraud as most of us have not received any rewards and they haven't provided any update in five months.

    48. Jeffrey Woods on July 27, 2016

      We want refunds. You lied, you have not delivered physical rewards nor have you even started working on Mac or Linux versions, while at the same time announcing new console versions that were never part of the Kickstarter. You have treated your supporters incredibly badly. You took excited users who used to love your games and turned us into angry former supporters.

    49. Heiko Wagner on July 20, 2016

      Here another 150$-tier... got nothing exept steam keys... very sad :-(

    50. Missing avatar

      Mikael on July 11, 2016

      Have the developers abandoned the project and community completely?

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