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Carmageddon: Reincarnation is a brand new points-for-pedestrians driving game from the indie dev team behind the smash hit PC original.
15,736 backers pledged $625,143 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Todd Junker on March 23

      So when is the $150 boxed set going to ship?

    2. Creator M Mason on March 21

      How is the shipping of the physical rewards coming along, Stainless?

    3. Creator Ben W on March 20

      Fu*k the haters, I can't wait! Bring it on Satinless, bring iton"

      And for the DRM-free crowd (of which I'm one), and the MAC/Linux crowd - they made it perfectly clear that would come after the steam edition. So stop whining and start getting excited!


    4. Creator Brian Nielsen on March 18

      @Aaron Ferris - Aaaw, what's a couple of years nowadays.. :)

    5. Creator Aaron Ferris on March 18

      "If we reach our Kickstarter target of $400,000, we'll be able to deliver the first release of Carmageddon: Reincarnation by February 2013."

    6. Creator Vinzius on March 18

      +1 for Mac / Linux. I guess NOT, or they would have said so. Such a shame.

    7. Creator Kevin Weber on March 18

      Will the Mac and Linux versions available on launch?

    8. Creator Esso on March 18

      Woooooooooooooooh!!! Pumped for the release!! LAN protocol is initialized, perfect timing for my bday :D

      Future updates and stretch goals still welcome:
      1) Bring back ball & chain
      2) Add ball & chain to multi-player (yep, I'd pay handsomely for this one!)

    9. Creator Kenth Joki on March 18

      Some people.. bunch of f* whiners.

    10. Creator João Carreiro on March 18

      I would like to know when I'm expected to get the physical rewards?

    11. Creator Brian Nielsen on March 17

      What is the progress of the final to-be-released game? Roughly? Maybe in percentage? :)

    12. Creator ThomasN on March 12

      Guys. The game is not released. When the game is released, and no DRM free version is delivered at the same time, THEN you can start up your anger engines.

    13. Creator Nicholas Barone on March 10

      I tried the key resender and never received an email, also looked through my email/spam and I don't see anything for stainless games or carmageddon about a key.

    14. Creator Vinzius on March 7

      It's funny how you play deaf about the version of mac / linux versions. It wasn't the case when you needed money almost 3 years ago.

    15. Creator Stainless Games on March 3

      To all Backers who have not yet received their digital rewards, as Mikael says you can use the Humble Order Resender to get access to your Humble download page. Head to and enter the email address you used in your Kickstarter survey to send digital rewards to and you'll be sent an email with further instructions.

      If your still having problems accessing your Humble page please send us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


    16. Creator Mikael on February 25

      I see alot of people complaining, but the creator has posted something that has worked for everybody I talked with this far. Try to resend keys from humble bundle with this link:

      Then come back and complain if the key is not there.

      I atleast got mine this way. Great work stainless games!:)

    17. Creator Jay Seldon on February 20

      Result - trawling thought all these posts, I found you can use the Humble Order Resender which sent me an email that allowed me to register my purchase with Steam
      However, checking all my email - I did not receive this previously.

    18. Creator Jay Seldon on February 20

      I'm a Throbbing Member , but feel like a bit of a cock for backing this
      Have I missed something here? I was expecting an email with a Steam key back in February 2013...2 years on, and I don't seem to have received anything.
      Such a shame - I backed these guys as they are local to me, and I loved the original.

    19. Creator irosen on February 19

      I'm also missing a key and the linux version. Where do we get this?

    20. Creator Vinzius on February 15

      I backed for 25$ pledge (for the beta). I'm using a Mac, and after so many month there is nothing (nor even a news) about it.
      Maybe you could try doing what you promised, or at least give info about the ETA!!

    21. Creator Geello on February 15

      When do we get our Steam keys?

    22. Creator David on February 14

      Where is my key!!! DRM Free version as promised. Please contact me.

    23. Creator Barış Altop on February 14

      I pledged for the 15$ version to get the first release and made sure it was way beyond the 400k level so I would get a MAC version, too. Yet here we are at February of 2015, 2 years after the expected first release and yet I could only watch videos on youtube!.. At this point everybody, who hasn't got a beta key or a MAC version is entitled for AT LEAST a refund.

    24. Creator Luigi Catanzaro on February 14

      All I see is the game for Purchase? $29.99?
      Are we supposed to get private links as backers?

    25. Creator Bill Weiss on February 14

      Any word on the Mac and Linux ports? I know it said they would be coming later ( :( ), but I'd love to know how it's coming along at least.

    26. Creator Leandro Sampaio on February 14

      Hey guys, I am a backer from kickstater project but I never received anything(A key or something like that) to play the game! My e-mail is , you can find in your records that this e-mail belongs to a backer!! Please help me to play the game !

    27. Creator Matt O'Dell on February 14

      I was a $15 backer so where do I get my beta key... or do I just get the final game out of beta?

    28. Creator Todd Junker on February 11

      $150 for what? I haven't seen jack shit in over 2 years. KICKSTARTER IS A RIP OFF!!!

    29. Creator tarasis on February 11

      They said there is a massive beta update coming on the 14th Feb

    30. Creator Todd Junker on February 10

      Feb. 10, 2015. I'm starting to think that I'd like to have a refund at this point.

    31. Creator Yoni Sade on January 30

      As a true Carma fan, I was willing to wait a long time for a full stable release of the game, but honestly, two years and a half is enough time.

      Please give us something.

    32. Creator Lee Dempsey on January 22

      I'm getting ready to call this a Duke Nukem Forever. Longest running Kickstarter on my list and longer than the majority of KS game developments I have ever seen. At the least the majority of physical rewards should have been sent out by now - even if the game isn't ready. With Sim leaving and no update on that at all and the lack of any meaningful progress being shown, let's call this one dead and done. Like DNF I'll expect it to be finished when another company buys the rights.

    33. Creator Eric Fortin on January 21

      any info on the final release ? is it coming soon ?

    34. Creator JasonR on December 28

      No keys yet (for any of the games), and the humble bundle key resend says I don't exist. Help!

    35. Creator Michael Kedl on December 22

      Loved the original games. Still waiting for the Linux release so I can play the new one; it just sits in my Steam account unusable.

    36. Creator Anubis on December 19

      Hello, any updates on the issue? Don't know why the game isn't on my account yet.

    37. Creator Vinzius on December 19

      Still no news about Mac/Linux release or beta in steam? Such a shame and disappointment...

    38. Creator McSpuddles on December 4

      Looks like you have to go into Steam inventory to redeem a ticket for TDRwhatever.

    39. Creator Sjeng on December 4

      it's normal apparently:

    40. Creator Anubis on December 4

      It's not in my library yet....

    41. Creator Sjeng on December 4

      TDR2000!! YES!!!! But it's not in my steam library... What gives?

    42. Creator Yves Prignon on December 4

      How can I get the TDR2k it seems like people on steam get it but me from kickstarter can't :(

    43. Creator Sjeng on November 26

      I'm pretty happy I got not only Carma 1, but also Carma 2!! *cheer*

      But Carma:R is still in alpha/beta? Last time I wanted to update it, it bloated SO insanely big, it didn't even fit on my HDD. Over 35Gb, say what!? Can't play anymore...

      I hope the final version is a LOT smaller. Anything over 20Gb for a racing game is just ridiculous.

    44. Creator José Hulse on November 24

      I'm starting to give up hope on this ever being finished. Wasteland 2's kickstarter campaign was around the same time and it's been done for a while (not to mention that is was a freaking CRPG). Elite Dangerous is almost done, and that too had its kickstarter two years ago. Isn't Carmageddon Reincarnation still in alpha? What the heck is taking so long?

    45. Creator Eric Fortin on November 19

      Is the game finally finished ? last time i tried it there was no textures...

    46. Creator Gustavo Vazquez on November 10

      I have Steam, but they say I can't play it. I have a Mac... has the Mac version been released (or will it be)?

    47. Creator ThomasN on November 5

      I didn't see progress reports here for months. Please don't forget the people not having or wanting steam and still wanting to know about the project's progress.

    48. Creator mascarPWNe Huish on October 21, 2014

      Oh nvm... was using wrong email

    49. Creator mascarPWNe Huish on October 21, 2014

      Is there an estimate date for "$15 backers" to receive a steam copy of the game?

    50. Creator Stainless Games on October 9, 2014

      @leigh firth Yes, all Backers on reward tiers that included a copy of the game should have now been able to redeem their Steam copies. Please head to the Humble Key Resender and enter the email you used for your Kickstarter survey and you'll be sent an email with information on how to access your digital rewards. You can find the Humble Key Resender on the following link:

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