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Make + Look + Learn = Geometric fun in your hands and mind! Follow this link to get your own copies!
Make + Look + Learn = Geometric fun in your hands and mind! Follow this link to get your own copies!
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Discounted Tickets to East Bay Mini Maker Faire, a Ribbon, and Polyhedra Party Pics!

Posted by Stacy Speyer (Creator)

Hello Polyhedra Party Backers!

For those of you heading to the East Bay Mini Maker Faire in Oakland this Sunday, please stop by and say hi! Message me directly if you would like the code to get 15% off on your tickets. Click here to see my page on the East Bay Mini Maker Faire website.

Doing a Polyhedra Party at the World Maker Faire in New York City was pretty amazing! And the folks there liked the atmosphere and activity of the booth so much that they awarded it a ribbon!

The table was super busy the whole time. I always enjoy doing a Polyhedra Party because there are so many special moments when parents and kids are lost in the happy world of making polyhedra.  

It was also really neat getting to see a few East Coast Backers; thanks for stopping by! 

Last weekend I was so honored to be able to bring a Polyhedra Party to the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute's Celebration of the Mind. MSRI is located in the hills above UC Berkeley and the views are stunning.

Celebration of the Mind has puzzles, games, magic, hands-on math activities, stories, and presentations. It is inspired by Martin Gardner, former Scientific American columnist who opened up the world of recreational math to a generation of enthusiasts and mathematicians. 

In keeping with the Alice in Wonderland theme, I made a few new nets.

MSRI has a fantastic mathematical library that I visited several times when I was researching polyhedra for my book. Now that library has a full set of my books:

Polyhedra: Eye Candy to Feed the Mind

Cubes and Things - #1 Platonics Plus 

Cubes and Things - #2 Platonic and Archimedean 

Cubes and Things - #3 Color Symmetries 

The holidays are coming up and I only have the books in a few stores. Please send me your suggestions if you know of a store that takes books from independent publishers. So far, they have been selling best in small crafty stores whose customers are looking for something different.

This time last year I had just gotten the shipment of books and you were filling out surveys, so I could send them out to you. Wow, what a year it has been; thank you for helping me to make it all happen!



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