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Make + Look + Learn = Geometric fun in your hands and mind! Follow this link to get your own copies!
Make + Look + Learn = Geometric fun in your hands and mind! Follow this link to get your own copies!
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Digital Polyhedra Party!

Posted by Stacy Speyer (Creator)

Hello Polyhedra Party Backers!

At long last I've finished the PDFs and I'm going to begin sending them out to everyone later today! My apologies at needing additional time, but putting together the Color Symmetries Net Book required much more time then expected. Organizing all the files, fixing a thousand little details, labeling the edges and colors, and going over everything for mistakes was a really big job.

File numbers info:

Both the mini and the full sized book are a bit bigger then originally intended. The full Net Book has all 32 shapes from the print version, plus 2 extras. The nets cover 39 pages, each page in 3 different versions. With the addition of the instructions, it became a 124 page document.

Originally, I was had planned to put two sets of the 5 Platonic solids in the Mini Color Symmetries, but instead I decided to have 10 different shapes, plus an extra cube. There are 9 pages of nets (each in 3 versions) with the instructions. They add up to be a 35 page document.

The PDF of Polyhedra: Eye Candy to Feed the Mind also will be shared with all who picked a reward that included it.

Thank you for your patience and for backing this project. Please let me know what you think of the PDFs and send me pictures of the polyhedra you make.

I hope you enjoy your own personal Polyhedra Parties as much as I've enjoyed doing this Kickstarter Polyhedra Party with you! 




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    1. Stacy Speyer 2-time creator on

      Hello Jim,

      OOooo, that sounds neat! I had not thought about this, but there are a huge range of plastics that are thin and would work fine. What matters is that you can color and bend them (maybe use a blade to score the fold (unless you have access to a CNC cutter). I have made polyhedra with transparency paper, but I cut out every face. There are kinds of transparency paper that can go through a printer or copier, so you could print out the lines (and color).

      I'm not sure about the adhesive. I used to use transparent tape on the transparency, but I don't know how long that would last outside. You might have to experiment with what adhesives work best with the kind of plastic you choose. You could make rectangular tabs out of the extra transparency paper (score it for the fold) and glue them to both sides.

      Please send me pictures of your outdoor polyhedra!



    2. Missing avatar

      Jim Parker

      Stacy, what material would you recommend instead of paper if they are to be displayed outside? I was thinking plastic sheet but I'm not sure what type of plastic or thickness.