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Creating a notebook that brings out the magic in ink.
Creating a notebook that brings out the magic in ink.
1,401 backers pledged $79,090 to help bring this project to life.
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      Louis Ortiz on

      I, like many, have waited over a year for our KS shipment. We are almost into a month and a half from the last Update. Does that mean all KS shipments will be done in the next 2-3 weeks? How about other Hippo order that I did in March 2018 that also included Colorverse and KWZ ?

    2. Squishy-Ink 2-time creator on

      Hello All,

      Fulfillment is in full swing. We posted an update on the 19th of April and have been posting period hippo squad fulfillment photos on social media.

      We are a very small crew and had a tremendous response to the KS. That being said we are manually shipping out all orders and appreciate your patience. We expect to complete fulfillment in 1-2 months. We do have some volunteers we are grateful for, but with the issues we had with the original ivory paper, the double minimum, etc, we are not able to hire help. The #hipposquad has committed to making sure these Hippos go out though and are working daily to that end.

      A greater percentage of the books pledged for were ivory.

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      Please let us know
      1. How many original orders you have yet to ship
      2. How many orders you are managing to send daily
      ? Please?
      It would help my patience level immensely as I'm still waiting and I pledged and pledged and pledged some more... as an original backer- and haven't seen an ivory yet. Thanks.

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      CJ on

      I'd really appreciate an update as well - the notebooks cleared customs and have been in the warehouse since March 30th. Not having any idea what percentage of the original backers ordered ivory, that might not be such a big time frame - but it kinda feels like it. :)

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      Sandor Wade Sklar on

      I'll note that the anniversary of this project has just passed, as it had been funded on April 23rd of 2017, sure would love another update on the status of the original backers' order fulfillment. It doesn't seem like a one or two line update, weekly, is too much to ask?

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      Alyx Walker on

      My brown hippo volunteers as tribute! 💖😜

    7. Missing avatar

      Smita P on

      So excited!!! Can't wait to use my survival book and hippo ink in my passport TN!

    8. Trent Hamm on

      I can't wait to receive these! I was in the first 100 backers and backed for multiple ivory-only Hippos so I haven't even touched one yet! I have a project that I'm waiting to start that's absolutely perfect for one of these!

    9. Missing avatar


      Great news on the continuation of the shipping program as hopefully soon the brown hippos will be out there.

    10. Stephen Miles

      FYI- Brian Goulet of specifically mentioned that the Hippos would fit in the Nock A5 cases in a video he did about the ALT show!

    11. Missing avatar

      Raf on

      @Mary I don't want to speak out of turn but the "I survived the Ivory Hippo Delay" gift was meant for those backers who have pledged for the Ivory Hippos from the very beginning, as in "are still waiting for their original pledge to ship" :^) If you're one of them, I'm sure it's just an oversight.

    12. Mary Bucklew on

      Glad things are going well. Never got the survival book. I added the ivory to my original pledge when you announced you needed more sales because of the larger print order. Was that not worthy of the survival book? I did it to help move us closer to the finish line.