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A giant, round fuzzy puppy plushy from Squishable!  Is there anything better than a puppy? Unlikely!
A giant, round fuzzy puppy plushy from Squishable! Is there anything better than a puppy? Unlikely!
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Tan Shiba Inus!

Hi There Shiba Inu Fans!

The time has come! The sunny-bright Tan version of the Shiba Inu has arrived! Over the next couple of days he'll be shipping out to everyone who specified that they want a Tan Shiba instead of (or in addition to) a Red! Woof! Woooo!

And hey! A lot of people told us that even though they already got their one Red Shiba Inu, they really wanted a Tan one as well! Or they wanted a second Tan Shiba but only kickstarted for one! You can never have enough puppy. We do have a couple extra, so here's what we're going to do, just for all you awesome Kickstarter folks:

If you want an EXTRA Tan Shiba, here's a coupon code you can use when you check out on the website for the next two weeks. It will give you free shipping on the Tan Shiba. It's a little thank-you from us at Squishy HQ - the Shiba has been a really successful design and it's all thanks to you awesome awesome people.


And you can get them here!

We love you! Hugs and cuddles!

The Squishable Team
Melissa, Kendra, Zoe, Aaron, Charles, Beth, and Elizabeth
(Who are now obsessed with Shiba Inus)

Tan Shiba Inu's are on the Boat!

Hi Everyone!

Well, the countdown has begun! Right on time, the Tan Shiba Inu's are on the boat and heading towards the US! Did you request a Tan Shiba instead of Red one? Well then, start your stop watches! They'll take about three weeks to dog paddle over (hur hur), and then once we have them in hand we'll start the process of shipping them out to you!

Thanks everyone! Shiba Inu's forever!!


Big announcement...the Squishy Shiba Inu now comes in two designs!

Good news, everybody! Cuddly, Squishy good news! Zoe here, with a Shiba Inu Kickstarter addendum!

There's been tons of excitement around our Shiba Inu (including a lot of folks who wanted Shibas post-Kickstarter) and some great suggestions on other versions we might make! Some of the suggestions sounded so cute that I've begged and pleaded with the big boss to let us start....a second Shiba design!!

I finally got a yes...which means we get to make two versions of the Shiba Inu! The Red Shiba Inu, which you've seen, and a new Tan Shiba Inu, which will be tan and have smaller white areas over the eyes! And, as our awesome Kickstarter supporters, you have have your option of whichever one you want! The designs are in the picture below!

The good news is that the Red Shibas are on their way now and will be here around Thanksgiving. If you'd prefer the Tan Shiba, we're rushing him through prototype, and we're aiming to have him ready to ship by next February!

Since the Red Shibas are almost here, we'll be sending out the Kickstarter survey requests shortly to ask which you want!

1) Red Shiba fans: confirm your shipping address and that you want the Red Shiba, and it will ship out around Thanksgiving!
2) Tan Shiba fans: confirm your shipping address and that you want the Tan Shiba, and we'll keep you updated on the process, but expect delivery in mid-February.
3) If you ordered two or more, you get to mix and match!

Also! If you're a true Shiba enthusiast who only ordered one but you'd like to collect both breed colors, just email us and we'll send you a coupon to use on the Tan Shiba Inu once it comes out on the website! That way you'll get the same free shipping you got on your Kickstarter Shiba!

Thanks so much guys! We're really excited about both Shibas now and we couldn't have done it without all your feedback and support! You're the best!



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Shiba Inu's are almost here! Woo!

Hello Folks! 

Well, this is super exciting: it looks like the Shiba Inu's are doggy-paddling our way!  The final prototype design ended up very close to the proposed design with only some minor changes to the eye patches!  Goodness...he's so cute!

We'll be sending out requests for everyone's address who will be receiving a Shiba Squishable (or two...or three!) in the next week or two! 

Until then I wanted to take a final moment to thank EVERYONE for being so amazing and supportive!  We've never done anything like this before so we didn't know what to expect - would you like the design? It was a mystery!  But we were blown away by your response, and everyone's sweetness and friendliness has convinced us this has to happen again.  Thanks guys, you mean the world to us.

Zoe, Melissa, Aaron, Charles, and Beth

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Shiba Inu Prototype! Eee!

The very fist Red Shiba Inu prototype has arrived, and it isn't a bad start!  Not bad, but not quite there yet!

We've been listening to everyone's feedback, averaged it all together, and the big thing we've been hearing is that the eyepatches actually need to look more like eyebrows. Well, we've heard you loud and clear! Of course, every single Shiba is different - some have back dots over the eye, some have white eyebrows, some have eye patches, some have none!  But it sounds like the lighter eyebrows are the most common, and incidentally pretty cute, so that's what we're going to do! :)

Want to follow along on the design process as the Shiba goes from sketch to Squishy?  You can do it here! Wish us luck, folks, prototype #2 coming up!