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If real food and convenience had a baby, it'd be a Squarebar! But babies are expensive, which is why this baby needs your help to grow!

The Intro:

Welcome to our Kickstarter page...and for some of you, welcome to Squarebar!

For those of you that don't know us, Squarebar is an organic, balanced nutrition bar in the shape of a square! 

If you're a supporter of the organic and non-GMO movement, are tired of eating bars that are just sugar and fat without the protein, have had to eliminate food allergens like gluten, dairy, and soy from your diet but find it difficult to eat on-the-go, have an affinity for the environment, and/or don't mind really long sentences, then we need your help...

The funds and support we raise will go towards getting Squarebar from our launch, to a self-sustaining operation ("homeostasis" for all you biology fanatics out there). We just completed a successful pilot run, and are in the process of getting USDA Organic and Gluten Free Certified before launching our bars in March. Which brings us to today. 

The Goods:

Sweetened with the world's most sustainable sweetener organic coconut nectar, powered by organic brown rice protein, and real organic chocolate coated, Squarebar comes in THREE varieties to suit your snacktime needs.

Cocoa Crunch. Little bit crunchety, lotta bit chocolatey. Organic brown rice crisps give Cocoa Crunch half it's name...the other half, well, that's a secret. Gluten? I don't think so! Dairy? Sayonara! Soy? Shah, right! Insert lame tagline here: Simple never tasted so good!

Cocoa Coconut. Anyone's mother ever tell them coconut is "bad for you?" That it's high in bad saturated fat? Guess what were wrong! Technically considered a drupe, this superfruit is taking it's health back. You won't find any natural flavors here - just organic shredded coconut and organic coconut oil, giving Cocoa Coconut that subtle tropical taste inside all that chocolate coating!

Cocoa Almond. Who here goes tree nuts when they hear the word "chocolate?" Just the right amount of crushed organic almonds, with a subtle hint of spice, and a whole heck-of-a-lot of awesome. Crunchy, chewy, firm, soft...all at the same time. It's an enigma, wrapped in chocolate, surrounded by snackers!

Naked Squarebars. Pilot run bars in a sample display caddy.

Chocolate covered awesomeness. Nuf said.

The best and worst part of Squarebar: the last bite.  :)  :(

Packaging in the works. Squarebar film is in the final stages of completing display caddies.

The Swag:

Because we know food is ephemeral (especially really, really, ridiculously good food), for those that get all bigtime with their donations, we'll be kicking some super cool Squarebar swag your way. Like...

100% Organic Cotton American Apparel Squarebar T-Shirt. Men and Women's styles available, not only are these sweatshop free, but they are devoid of conventional cotton (keeping your beautiful skin and our environment away from chemical fertilizers and insecticides). 

The Outro:

In all seriousness (because for anyone to have read this far down, they obviously mean business), we thank you for your visit and support, and can't wait for you to get your hands on a Squarebar. Please help us spread the good word...

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And most importantly, stay golden.


  • The way we structured the rewards was in an attempt to give maximum benefits to the pledgers (i.e. covering your shipping costs). This becomes a little more complicated when adding the crazy increase for shipping outside the US. Having that said, we’re offering to pay part of the international shipping, with USPS flat rate service being our best route. Here’s what the Canadian style breakdown would look like…

    For anything up to a $110 pledge, please add $15 to your pledge (EX: if you want the $35 reward, please pledge $50 and claim the $35 reward).

    For the $200 pledge, please add $25 to your pledge.

    *For the $500 pledge, please add $50 to your pledge.

    *And in case you are feeling super duper generous, for the $1000 pledge, please add $100 to your pledge.

    For international shipping beyond Canada, please message us directly for appropriate rates.

    Any and all feedback/input about this breakdown is very much welcome!

    *rewards would need to be consolidated into one or two shipments.

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  • Women's styled t-shirts...

    Women's Small: Size: 0-2; Chest: 30-32 inches; Waist: 25-26 inches

    Women's Medium: Size: 4-6; Chest: 32-34 inches; Waist: 27-28 inches

    Women's Large: Size: 8-10; Chest: 36-38 inches; Waist: 30-32 inches

    Women's XL: Size: 12-14; Chest: 40-42 inches; Waist: 33-35 inches

    Women's XXL: Size: 16-18; Chest: 44-46 inches; Waist: 36-38 inches

    Men's styled t-shirts:

    XSmall: 30-32 inch chest; 28-30 inch waist

    Small: 34-36 inch chest; 30-32 inch waist

    Medium: 38-40 inch chest; 32-33 inch waist

    Large: 42-44 inch chest; 33-34 inch waist

    XL: 46-48 inch chest; 36-38 inch waist

    XXL: 48-50 inch chest; 40-42 inch waist

    3XL: 50-52 inch chest; 44-48 inch waist

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  • Heck yes Squarebars are vegan...they are also awesome, in case you were wondering about that as well. We invite you to take a gander at our ingredients/nutritionals on our website:

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  • Pledge $8 or more
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    39 backers Limited (61 left of 100)

    Because your'e clearly an early adopter, you will receive one of the first Squarebars...ever!! Fresh off the pilot run, limited edition, Cocoa Crunch in a shiny silver wrapper. What up! (Shipping Included - Domestic Only)

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  • Pledge $20 or more
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    75 backers Limited (50 left of 125)

    Because one bar just isn't enough, we'll be kicking FOUR Cocoa Crunch limited edition pilot run bars your way. Three square meals, meet four square snacks. (Shipping Included - Domestic Only)

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  • Pledge $35 or more
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    28 backers Limited (97 left of 125)

    We'll be sending you EIGHT Cocoa Crunch limited edition pilot run Squarebars...that's early adoption times 8 (or Squarebar The Ocho)! (Shipping Included - Domestic Only)

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  • Pledge $50 or more
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    31 backers

    Squarebar will send you THREE of EACH FLAVOR from our very first production run! That's 3 Cocoa Crunch, 3 Cocoa Almond, and 3 Cocoa Coconut, all in official Squarebar packaging. (Shipping Included - Domestic Only)

    Estimated delivery:
  • Pledge $80 or more
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    14 backers

    You will receive FIVE of EACH FLAVOR from our first production run! If you eat as many bars as we do, stocking up is essential (of course, sharing with a bff or kiddo is permissible). (Shipping Included - Domestic Only)

    Estimated delivery:
  • Pledge $110 or more
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    15 backers

    Not only will you receive FIVE OF EACH FLAVOR, but you’ll soon be sporting a limited edition 100% organic cotton (NO GMOs or slave labor) American Apparel Squarebar t-shirt! Super soft; super cool; does not go well with melted chocolate! (Shipping Included - Domestic Only)

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  • Pledge $200 or more
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    9 backers

    For your awe inspiring (aka awesome) contribution you will get ONE CASE OF EACH FLAVOR!! That’s right, 36 Squarebars! We'll also throw in a Squarebar T-Shirt...100% organic cotton, 100% organic awesome. (Shipping Included - Domestic Only)

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  • Pledge $500 or more
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    3 backers

    You, my friend, get a 6-month subscription to the Squarebar Gold Club! Translation: we will mail you TWO cases of bars each month of your subscription (144 bars coming at ya)! And as if that’s not enough, we will teach you the super secret Squarebar club handshake, and outfit you in an awesome Squarebar T-Shirt. (Shipping Included - Domestic Only)

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  • Pledge $1,000 or more
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    1 backer

    A 6-month subscription for you, and a 3-month subscription for a friend to the Squarebar Platinum Club (THREE cases of bars each month - a case of each flavor - for a whopping 324 bars total)!! But don’t think we’ll be leaving your wardrobe hanging - we’ll be sending 100% organic cotton (still NO GMOs or slave laboring) Squarebar T’s for both you and your besty (or two T’s for just you if you’re rolling lone wolf pack). And let's not forget...the Triple S (Super Secret Squarebar) handshake. (Shipping Included - Domestic Only)

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